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This story is a sequel to Tales of Love Two: Attack of The Shipping

Tales of Love is back and so, is Spike. The young dragon is in for a hard time winning over each mare in a series of One-Shots, with a ex-villain, ex-Wonderbolt and much more. Can Spike survive having all these different types of mares in the third version of Tales of Love.

Spike's about the same size as a grown stallion.

Cover Art Done by:
OmniWriter (FIMFiction)
OmniWriter (Deviantart)

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Tempest Shadow.

Also why Lyra Heartstrings? She has Bon-Bon you know.

Because I don't like Bon-Bon and plus when I wrote down the 30 choices and tried to pick out and good six. I read a Lyra x Spike story before and I wanted to try my hand at the ship.

Both Tempest and Sunset. Just Tempest i HAVE to choose.

Nah, don't need to. Teen is only need if stuff like ponies dying or not shown sex happens. That doesn't and will never happen in The Tales of Love series unless someone else makes a fourth one. In simple teams if I can get away with what I wrote in The Deadly Three (E-Rated) which had The CMC being tortured by Sunset Shimmer then whatever I write in TOL3 is fine.

Okay. Now that I've reached this point I feel I should point out the 3 flaws in all 3 of these:
1. Your grammar-
I can barely tell what you're trying to mean half the time where you either put too much description into something or sometimes not enough.

2. Your sentence structures-
You have most of your sentences arranged in a mish mashed order when you should be tidying them up an figuring out where one sentence begins and the other begins.

3. Your paragraphs are in pieces-
Most of your paragraphs are in a crap order when they need better organization.

If you work better to improve these flaws I think these shorts could work.

Because my editor left and I did my best to look over it and well I'm not the best at editing. I did find someone to look it over, but this is a long chapter and it takes time. I only got a hold of the new editor for Tales of Love Three just a few days ago.

Battling over a guy/girl would never solve everything just made things worse.

It's the Black Book of The GodDragon: All aboard maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!


Bonus: Celebrities: Sapphire Shore, Songbird Serenade, Rara, Photo Finish, Fleur

She is in it if you read the list of mares, you would've seen her name.

Right, sorry I thought we have to vote for one of them

No that's just for Tempest Shadow and Sunset Shimmer it just on who would everyone rather see. Everything else like Trixie and Moondancer and the Rara, Fleur, Sapphire Shores and so on Chapters are happening. That's going to drive me more insane then Pinkie Pie when she thinks she has no friends left.

K. Good one. FOr the photo, Grubber is good friends with Spike, and tells Spike he really wants to go to the bake sale/friendship festival , but he doesn't want to go alone. He tells SPike that he should ask Tempest out so they can go together.

That's a shortened version.

We want to see a prime shipping story of Spike and Tempest/Fizzlepop.

There were a vote between both Sunset and Tempest and well Tempest win if I didn't get bored of the story then Sunset wpuld have arrived but saddly she was the less popular choice.

I got lazy while writing this and during Tales of Love Three was a slow writing block. Plus Lyra was meant to get her own chapter and be apart of the whole harem. So, unlike One and Two, Three isn't getting a final harem chapter.

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