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I'm just your basic comic book, anime, cartoon, and book fanatic with a lot of unique and creative ideas. I'm always free to chat and would love to make friends and exchange ideas.

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My New Account · 11:54pm May 14th

Fetish Account. As the name suggest, that account will be where I post all my fetish stories, and will be moving all the ones here to that account.

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Thanks for the favorite :pinkiesmile:

Good Evening:

Sorry to reply through your page but, for whatever reason, my software that allows me to use a computer without sight won't allow me to reply to comments nor start new letters on FiM. I can write a comment and reply to a letter, though.

To answer your question, I use a program for the computer called JAWS. It is made by Freedom Scientific and, in the simplest explanation I can give, turns all it can on a computer into a virtual book.

The keys on your keyboard, when not in an "Edit Mode", serve as ways to navigate web-sites and various other software packages. The "Number Pad", when inactive, then works to assist in executing reading commands, can act as a virtual mouse click, etc.

However this technology is hurt by the rapid speed in which companies, like Microsoft, release their software. Kind of like how, without ever knowing, recent updates to FiM Fiction keep me from adding tags to my stories. *Shrugs*

The iPhone also has a lot of great built-in software to allow someone who is blind, like me, to do what I may never have felt possible. The best example is, upon buying an SD version of MLP: FiM, I get the new episodes on Sunday mornings, can download them, and view them without needing a "Sighted friend" to do it. It's quite nice.

Sorry for being long-winded. I just like to help advocate for those of us out there who have limitations to show that life may have thrown us a bad hand BUT we can still make a difference. :)

That is true. When you read it I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Saw that it was part of a series, so I decided to read it from the beginning.

Thank you for adding my story, "Wildfire: Lighting the Flame" to your favourites. May I ask what you liked about it please?

  • Viewing 146 - 150 of 150
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