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This story is a sequel to Spike's Family Journey

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*This story is a sequel to "Spike's Family Journey"*

Spike couldn't be any happier to have the family he has today. With 7 very special ponies (and many other family members as well) in his life, the baby dragon is ready to live to the fullest no matter what comes next.

Follow Spike as he embarks on everyday adventures alongside the Elements as well as a wide variety of colorful characters in Ponyville and beyond. There will be laughs and tears - happy moments and sad moments.

Family may not always be easy, but Spike knows they'll always be together no matter what.

*Meant to be more of a collection of comedy/slice of life stories, but there may be some over-arching narratives as well. Takes place between Seasons 8 and 9.*

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a good start to a hopefully long and succesful story of one-shots filled with cute family moments.
Already followed and will await eagerly, but patiently, for more. Do not feel the need to hurry and please do not sacrifice the quality family writing for a rushed product :pinkiehappy:

Wasn't expecting a sequel to Spike's Family Journey, quite the welcomed surprise! :pinkiehappy:

Good way to start us off with the one that escaped punishment in canon (still miffed about that), plus having the other 2 cool dragons helping to bring Slugde to justice was top notch. Can't believe the gall of this guy telling Spike that at the end, course Mama Fluttershy sure put him in his place & then some! :flutterrage:

Looking forward to see what else you have in store, also hoping we get to see Spike & Smolder interacting in some of these stories as well. He may have a big sister on the pony side in Starlight but he also has a big sister on the dragon side as well in Smolder. :twilightsmile::moustache:

Not to worry, I won’t rush, but I also didn’t want a scenario where let’s say I left this story at 2 chapters and I haven’t updated in a year and then people comment “Why is this story dead?” I guess I’m trying to give people a notice ahead of time that the quantity of this fic can very easily vary. I don’t want to have only a few chapters in and then have either leave it or cancel, but that can be a very realistic possibility. (*Then again, I’m sure Fimfiction will be around for a long time so I can always update it whenever*)

I’m just trying to make sure everyone doesn’t expect a completed project and to enjoy each chapter on their own merits if that makes sense.

Good opening, and I look forward to seeing what new surprises await Spike and his family

I think Mama Fluttershy is honestly one of my favorite characters. Along with Auntie Pinkie, Sis-Mom Twilight, and Snarky Sister Starlight.

"Regardless of that Spike, despite the typically known culture and attitude of dragons, one thing dragons hate in particular are those who abandon or mistreat their children - real or not.

According to Smolder, dragon parents kick their children out when they start to molt...right when they're most vulnerable to predators. Plus, they kinda just let the Dragon Lord hatch their eggs for them...and I'm not sure at all how they determine which hatchlings belonged to which parents afterwards?

"Overreacting?! We nursed you back to health when we thought you were injured and how do you repay us? By taking someone we see as our own, get their hopes up that he's found his birth parents, and then proceed to metaphorically and literally have him wipe your putrid feet just so you can steal his life?! We are underreacting here, darling!" Rarity hissed.

You've used Spike as a pincushion. Literally. And metaphorically.

Still, an excellent start to s sequel though. Since you've established in just chapter just how seriously Fluttershy and Twilight take their responsibilities as Spike's mothers, maybe have a chapter devoted to them bonding over that concept?

Mama 'Shy busting out the stare and the thu'um on his ass, nice.

Twi thinking about using dark magic, makes sense.

And all that was missing was Ember using the Bloodstone Scepter on him.



Nice. The original was a fantastic story and I'm glad there is a sequel.

Me realizing I forgot about Smolder's speech in "Molt Down":

But besides that point, in regards to Rarity's speech, yes the pincushion thing is definitely true, but that was already addressed and handled in Rarity's chapter of "Spike's Family Journey" - it doesn't excuse the fact that she still used him in the past, but by the end of the chapter and throughout the rest of the story, we see that she truly wants and has so far changed her behavior to show that she really cares for him. She's made mistakes but unlike Sludge, she's willing to show growth and fix her mistakes.

Thank you though for your kind overall opinion on the chapter and I hope you stick around for more! (*I really love your Twilight/Fluttershy idea so that's definitely a possibility.*) :twilightsmile:

damn even Garble wouldn't touch Sludge with a ten-foot pole - when you have Fluttershy, Queen of Kindness and Protection go full-on "Nuclear Attack Eyebrows Prime Beyond Insanity XXX" on your sorry ass then it's time to reconsider your life choices... pity Sludge will probably learn nothing from this and think the strange yellow pony was just being mean to him

but everyone learns from the stare


Sludge might be one of the only non-major villains (by that I mean those that don't appear in premieres/finales/movies, but Cinch is a super close second though) that just doesn't deserve a redemption - we don't play these kinds of games in this castle, no sir-ee

That was wonderful, and glad you gave this moment for Luna. I tend to keep forgetting she missed out on a thousand years worth of time in Equestria. And therefore had to adjust to present times and make new memories with others.

Glad that Spike's extended family included the Royals, especially poor Luna. She sure missed out cause of her banishment back then but as we saw, Spike has quite the big heart when it comes to family, even more so after his journey!:twilightsmile::moustache:

"They can't do anything against invasions, yet they're perfectly competent at protecting us from actual saviors of Equestria." she bitterly deadpanned, though with no cracks whatsoever appearing on her outside demeanor.

Not to mention been easy to sway in the racist department, as that *Earth Pony* guard showed. :ajbemused:

Amazing chapter as always! Look forward to what the next chapter brings!! Keep up the amazing stories!!!

Spabby is a good ship.
I prefer the idea of Smolder and Spike, but Gabby and Spike are just so damn adorable as well. :heart:

Quite a different take on Dragon Dropped for Spike & Gabby's first date, also knowing Rarity she was bound to overreact when it comes to love. Glad that things went well despite Rarity been caught snooping, hoping that she does find someone later down the road.

I personally like that episode, mostly cause they finally dealt with this before the show ended. Wished they addressed that sooner (like in S6) but better late than never I guess! :raritywink::moustache:

Amusing to see how each of the girls reacted to the concept of Spike dating

What can I say other than amazing?

Fluttershy went Madea on Sludge! :flutterrage: This is the 5th time reading this chapter, and I love it! I was hoping that Starlight Glimmer was gonna do way worse to Sludge than what he did to her, but Twilight thinking of dark magic, and Deadly Fluttershy, all I can say is hoo boy! :twilightangry2: But now that Spike has a true family, I don't think there's any need for him to look for his real family. But if he wants to find them, that's up to him. Great job with the chapter and story. Keep it up!

A good chapter with an interesting perspective. There isn't much Spike/Luna interaction stories, so this was nice, and her perspective on regreting having missed out so much of Spike's life was also a new and creative take, despite it's very real plausibility.


damn if you keep punching my gut like this I'll be dried out :pinkiesad2:

That prank sure went South. Glad Rainbow confessed and worked things out

Geez that prank sure went south quickly, glad that RD fess up at taking the blame for it & didn't left a certain purple dragon all high and dry.:moustache:

Yeah, generally a prank that involves someone pretending to be seriously hurt is a prank taken too far.
Especially if the one being pranked and the one pretending are close and care for each other.

Still a cute chapter with some good character moments.

"You came to visit me! Good thing I had 3 cups of coffee this morning! Now we can talk, hang out, have fun...!"

Abandon the plan, just run!

With one last nervous gulp, Spike quickly picked up one of the cupcakes and proceeded to take a small bite out of it, letting it digest into his stomach for a brief minute before he clutched his sides in pain, gently falling to the bakery floor with a thud.

Yeah, I can already tell this isn't gonna end well

`" That was your idea of a prank?! You thought that was supposed to be funny ?! That was supposed to make me laugh ?! Well, let me tell you something - that was a horrible prank!" Pinkie scowled.

You two dun goofed

Gotta hard disagree with Gabby on this one.

Fluttercord forever and nothing anyone says convince me otherwise! I will fight to the death for it!

*This comment is more for everybody, but your response opened up the perfect opportunity*

I don't want to start a ship war or anything...

"Gabby! Put your paw down!"

But anyways, everyone has the right to ship whoever and however they want (this was just my expressed opinion and I do not want that to demerit anyone's enjoyment of the story.)

That being said, here is my personal idea on my favorite animal-caretaking pegasus:


That is all. Enjoy the reading, keep on the...whatever you are keeping.

"Mac, do the thing." Granny ordered; the stallion giving a gruff nod in response.


"Wait a sec, Rarity?! As in that fancy pancy unicorn ah see you going gaga about? Ya'll still haven't asked her out yet? Sheesh, yer slower than molasses girl." Granny Smith sighed with an annoyed roll of the eyes.

Sassmaster Smith in the house

"Felt too forced, take it from the top!" hollered Granny Smith in the background.


Yeeeaaaah im not a fan of rarijack but this story is cute i guess

Good follow-up to *Spike's First Date*, just loved the shenanigans with the younger cast here, not to mention Spike sharing his molting story with Gabby & the CMC. :pinkiehappy:

"Felt too forced, take it from the top!" hollered Granny Smith in the background.

LOL that was good!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Certain events from the past should not be revisited, otherwise it just brings back terrible feelings

Doggone it that sure went pear-shaped! :fluttercry::moustache:

It was quite the journey though with these key point moments between Fluttershy & Spike, not to mention coming full circle to your *Dragon Contemplation* story from not so long ago, well played! :ajsmug:

Seems like the feels will be cranked up to 11 next chapter, can't wait! :twilightsmile:

Also glad for the heads-up regarding updates, good luck with your studies & don't worry, we will be here when you get back! :moustache:

PS : Not sure if you already had something in mind for future chapters but will you be featuring some sibling hijinks for Spike & Smolder in these stories? They already had a sibling vibe in the episodes that featured them together, plus another older sister to Spike is always welcomed! :raritywink:

Comment posted by Johnny B Mediocre deleted Aug 16th, 2020

alright listen I love this story and this continuity, but... seriously Twi? you force your friend to relieve one of the toughest memories of her life (I feel like we've done this before) and you're shocked that she has such a negative reaction to it? the hell did you think would happen? she was clearly and blatantly demanding you to stop but you didn't listen because you thought "oh what a great friendship lesson this will be", and now with Fluttershy's future self running amok in the past, it could create a massive time paradox should she run into her past self

and to have Starlight "Stop the Elements" Glimmer right there with you too, the pony who sent you and Spike backwards and forwards in time repeatedly who should've been advising you not to screw around with timelines too much...


c'mon Twi you're better than this, I know you are, if I made you go back and relieve the memories that made you so petrified of quesadillas and ladybugs, or hell the fecking wedding you wouldn't be like "golly gee willikers thanks for the lesson" you'd be goddamn terrified - we didn't spend nine years learning about friendship for this

and it was going great too, sure there were some tough moments, but nothing too emotionally weighty or heavy... and then you get to the motherload - I get y'know you've gotta face your fears but you could've been like "yeah I knew this was gonna happen" instead of "OH ME OH MY WHY IS SHE SO SAD WHAT HAVE WE DONE HOW COULD THIS INEVITABLE EVENT THAT WE CAUSED HAVE HAPPENED" like again, don't pretend you didn't know exactly what was gonna happen when you had this idea in mind

well I just hope we can avoid half the level of time-travel madness that Starlight caused in S5 in the next part

Ooooo, I'm liking that idea. If I ever get around to it, that sounds like a good premise! :pinkiesmile:

My idea was for Twilight not to be right necessarily in this situation either - it's a very complex ordeal and one where Twilight acted on what she thought was the correct one (regardless of whether it was or not).

But basically Twilight sees one of her best friends is clearly shaken and traumatized by something from the past - something that could potentially damage the relationship between her and Spike if left unchecked. In the context of what she understands, Twilight decides that Fluttershy needs to be able to confront and accept her past, regardless of emotional damage because she herself has experienced ponies who have let past guilts and events boil up until they are released in an unhealthy manner.

In fact, for some examples of ponies with unhealthy triggers to the past:

  • Luna created the Tantabus in secret to experience the pain she felt from Nightmare Moon - trying to stop herself from becoming a villain again instead of talking to someone or seeking help.
  • Starlight Glimmer, seeing her best friend move away, instead of moving on or seeking guidance, decided to start a cult village, took a bunch of ponies' cutie marks and later (as you mentioned) tried to alter the timeline of the Elements as petty, vindictive revenge.
  • And then we have Tempest who kept onto the idea of her disability being bad (bullying, etc) and built up her rage to help the Storm King enslave Equestria.

By no means am I saying Twilight was right for doing what she did, but she was scared Fluttershy would keep tearing herself down (denial, hiding) until she couldn't take it anymore. Heck, Starlight knows how much not accepting the past can damage a pony which is why I included her speech and the whole "...believe me I know" line.

Twilight still felt regret for putting her friend through this. She knew Fluttershy would probably get upset and possibly have an emotional release (much to her own chagrin - why she felt pity and regret before) but she wasn't expecting her to have a full on mental breakdown and break her way through the protective spell.

Instead, she was more expecting along the lines of Spike's journey - uncomfortable moments but with an emotional release.

By no means am I angry or trying to get defensive about your comment, (in fact, I very much agree with many of your points), but I guess I'm trying to explain things through my intentions. I will try to cover most of this stuff in the next part though.

same here, my original post was not meant as an attack towards you, I love what you're doing, I just think that Twilight sometimes forgets that reading a book is not the same as reading a person's/pony's emotions, and as you said, what Spike went through on his journey won't work for everyone else, particularly someone as emotionally vulnerable as Fluttershy - by no fault of your writing of the characters, of course, in fact I feel like my disappointment towards the character rather than you is more expressive of how well you've been doing with this so far if it's generating this much of an emotional and impassioned reaction out of me

slightly worried about the time paradox implications though but we'll get there when we get there I suppose it'd be interesting if Past Twilight gets the quickest of glimpses of her future, alicorn princess self and is just like "excuse me what"

wait oh crap they're still in the past. they better get Fluttershy and calm her down quick or we might now be able to reverse this... that or maybe a paradox happens.....

"What Starlight means to say is, we're going time travelling! " proudly declared Twilight.

Uh Oh, mad scientist mode engaged.

"We were not!" echoed two annoyed mares.

You were

"Alright, but don't expect me to go easy on you. Remember I'm the one who destroyed your cult after all." she smirked.

Gotta remember Flutters has teeth

Where the Fist-Punching Extravaganza?

Out of all the potential pairings in the show, Rarity and Applejack seem to make the least sense to me.

Applejack lives at Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack will always live at Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack will never live anywhere other than Sweet Apple Acres. Anypony who love Applejack will inevitably have to move to Sweet Apple Acres to be with Applejack.

Rarity does not like dirt. Though she works hard, she's not a fan of sweat...or dirt...or pungent odors...or dirt...or livestock...or dirt...or rustic decor...or dirt. Did I mention dirt? She may not have to do actual farm work if she lived there and commuted to the Boutique, but she'd still have to deal with dirt and dirty ponies on a daily basis. Ponies that put function and relatively simple no-frills decor above anything flashy or elaborate.

I mean, love can conquer anything, and we've seen Rarity get dirty and muddy for the ones she loves (a dip in a mud puddle during the sisterhoovers social for the benefit of Sweetie comes to mind), but to live with it everyday? I'd think it make it cringe, or at least very seriously consider going slowly into the idea of permanently settling with a country mare.

It could work in an Equestria Girls setting (and indeed, it's heavily hinted at there), due to modern technology and conveniences and social structures, but not so much so in the actual Equestria.

As a side note, I very much liked Apple Bloom's perspective ramblings about the beauty of the orchard.

Perhaps he could invite his date over a Sparkle Family Dinner some other time.

Can't wait for their planned quality time.

It's all fun and games when things get serious.

Please don't read this until after you finish the chapter.

Rest Easy, Buttershy. Thank you for being the light in what was a dark tunnel.

Well that worked out for Fluttershy and Spike

I feel mentally drained, but in a good way after reading this chapter. You sure didn't pulled any punches for this second part! :fluttercry:

Was shocked at hearing Fluttershy's real reason for been a mom to Spike, glad they got that out in the open. Guess my only regret's that Buttershy didn't get to see Spike flying around, she would have been proud! :twilightsmile:

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