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With Discord defeated Equestria is now back to it normal self, no more cotton candy clouds or soap roads. Equestria now in harmony Fluttershy thinks there must have been a better way, before she find a crying filly wanting her daddy.

(And I guess this is another birthday gift to Jade Crossroads)

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Kinda sad it ended so quickly.

Too short of a story. Still Liking and favoriting the story though.

I think this was simply smashing. Bravo good chap.

So there you are my Dad, a statue oh so cold so dead
You tore their world apart and ev'rypony lost their head
Now I must carry on making Chaos for you instead
'Cause you are my Daddy Discord and I am a piece of you!

I want to see how Discord reacts when he finds out who screwys adopted mom is , can some pony please make this into a series:applecry:

Interesting idea. I wish the writitng could express it better. Starting off with a fragment and LUS make this read one I'll have to pass up for now.

It's a good start but I think the story should be expanded. It seemed suitable for a multi-chapter story rather than a one shot. Wouldn't Screwball feel angry that her dad got turned into stone? I had a feeling that it would take a long time for her and Fluttershy to really bond before Screwball asks her to be her mother. Wouldn't Screwball try to find her dad and free him?

7256588 Good point, I should have said this in the story, but well Screwball for one isn't as strong as Discord so even if she found him she really couldn't release him from his stone prison. Plus Discord was able to escape in the show because The Elements belong to Twilight and her friends so the spell was weaken.

Other thing I could have said, was that Screwball doesn't have much as if any chaos powers. Sure she can summon a cotton candy cloud, but she still learning her powers and without Discord she can't flip a house or make someone into candy. I just came up with this idea and well wrote it down.

I'm not making a sequel to this because I'm really rusty with Fluttercord, plus Birthday Wish is the last one I'm writing. Well I wrote because it's already out,

7258017 Okay but I still think those ideas should have been expressed in the story (like Screwball's chaos not being as developed as Discord's powers). And the ending still left to be desired.
I understand if you're not in the Fluttercord moment, but I just think this story could use a bit more work.

7216482 Yes! PLS!!! :heart:

I hope they make a sequel of this

This was short, but cute nonetheless! Sadly sweet, just how I like it. :pinkiesad2:

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