After the events of "The Beginning of the End", Fluttershy looks for Discord to ask him a question about her being his favorite. Although, she's a bit timid about it.

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The cuteness..... it's..... too much! dead

Adorable. But on the last line or so, you used "his heard" instead of his heart. Other than that, this was nice.

Nice friendshipping, sweet cute fluff, but your grammar needs a bit of polish.

This is Discord. Celestia herself probably doesn’t know what internal organs he has.

This was a really sweet read. I never knew I needed something to feel warm on the inside until now.

The only trouble is that there are tons of grammatical problems present in the story, and it seemed to be shifting in and out of the present tense.

I’m interested in editing this story to fix the grammatical problems and add a little more flesh. If you’d like for me to, of course?

I have one question:

Is this story a friendship or romance one?

👍🏻Thank you. Just wanted some clarification.

Ah, I was expecting romance. But this is good nonetheless!:twilightsmile:

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