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While watching Screwball one day, Fluttershy is told that Screwball had never had a birthday party before due to her only family being Discord and also due to his imprisonment. Feeling sorry for the chaotic little pony, Fluttershy decides that she'll help Screwball celebrate her birthday in any way she wants to...

The thing is, Screwball's idea of partying may just be a little over Fluttershy's head.

editor& help with the story-Browneyedbagle

(My Birthday8/30)

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Comments ( 8 )

This was cute, it gave me happies. :yay:

DAWW Squeeee!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::heart:
So adorable and precious! Plus, the characters felt very much in canon, especially the Fluttershy and Discord interaction and their romance was handled quite nicely:twilightsmile: Screwball's characterization in this story was fascinating. She was shy and hesitant and curious yet mischievous and sweet:) I loved it when that colt was nice to her and have her that piece of cake, yes ponies in Ponyville are not judgmental for once! In Fanfiction! Yes! Anyway, I can see this as a legit canon episode to the show if they ever bring Screwball into the show. I would love it if they did and then we can explore Discord and Fluttershy as Screwball's parents and family and furthur character development for them along with speeding up Fluttercord;) That would be awesome if you wrote a story on how Screwball first met Fluttershy and ended up in modern Equestria:raritystarry: Happy Birthday!

All of the feels!

Dawwww, too cute to be a story!

Woo! Fluttercord!!! Eeek!!! Loved it!

That got beautifully sad very quickly.

*happy tears!* :fluttercry::yay::rainbowkiss:

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