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Princess Candace want to repay Spike for saving the Crystal Empire, so she makes a game show with four girls fighting for Spike love. With the comments deciding on who wins and who loses.

I have no idea if this work last time, but if you spot any spelling errors after the editing, it's just King Sombra's Diabolical Traps.

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i Choose the harem one :twilightsmile:

no wait i choose all romances of spike

Please use Strawpoll for your vote. Plus there isn't a harem one, there's a way for Spike to pick all the girls, but that's a secret. I rather have a story where not everyone can win for once, and someone has to lose this battle because not everyone is going to be right for Spike.

Is there another option?(I think no):moustache:

on that's how you vote harem that took awhile.

To be honest, I like the Starlight/Spike idea the most.

Twilight just seems weird.
Rarity likes to USE Spike a little too much for my taste.
Ember just feels wrong, for some reason,

Any time Starlight and Spike are together on screen she treats him like an equal and actually shows him respect. Plus I love the chemistry the two have together.

It's an inside joke i use alot

I vote for starlight because I like it the best out of the options

I vote for Ember since she seems like the best choice, especially since they are at least the same species. Twilight is like Spike's mother and I already ship her with Flash and Starlight is just a good friend, besides she likes Sunburst. Rarity is a close second but I feel like the two things stopping them from being together are their species difference and age difference. So with all that in mind I say Ember.

Starlight! They're rather cute together!

Honestly, I think you should decide, after chapters of all 4 showing to be good 'mates for life'. There should't be a clear winner as soon as you start this up. Have all four shine!

ember and rarity

If it's possible (and if it's an option) harem if not I vote for Ember, she and spike deserve to be with eachother (in my opinion)

Starlight Glimmer then Ember

All four girls

Isn't Twilight his adoptive sister?


I'm already curious who will win.
(How long will the poll be open before we have a winner?)

If I had to choose between two ponies, it'd have to be either Starlight or Ember. Starlight because she doesn't treat Spike like a slave and more like a senior and Ember because she thinks he's rather cute for a dragon his size due to his adorkableness and his desire to help others in need. I hope those two get chosen.

I was going to use her, but I thought it would be a little unfair with two of the girls being related. So, Twilight was the next choice.

Until Episode Three, the last chapter before the ending.

In this story, they just hest friends, plus Spike has been with Twilight most of her life.

Let me guess, Flurry Heart is our spy to watch?

When did she learn how to talk?

When did she learn how to fly great?

Starlight and ember!

In order of preferance:
Princess Cadance
Starlight Glimmer
Twilight Sparkle
Prince Shining Armour

Comment posted by Shadow Star deleted Aug 29th, 2018

Yes there is, bottom of the author notes, here a Click here to vote in the author notes. Plus I'm not counting harem votes, since that isn't a choice

Hmm, things always turn out interesting when an author gives the readers power, I wonder how this one will turn out.

This is a neat idea, and will likely be humors. But the pacing seems rushed.
The description say's Cadence is doing this to repay Spike, but it then jumps straight to the game show. A little set up would have been nice as well as some indication the itatics paragraph's was them taking to the camera.
I'm hopeful this prologue is more just a teaser and chapter 1 is an extended version of the prologue.

It was that hug that Spike gave a sad Glimmer in the season 6 premier that started me liking to see the two interact in the show.

It was just adorable.


I like the shipping of Twilight x Spike, as I think it's pretty cute, but I personally feel that, at least in the show, Spike and Starlight would be a better pair. Hear me out. In show, Twilight and Spike have a sort of Older Sister/Younger Brother bond most of the time, Lord Ember thinks of Spike as a friend and a sort of go between for dragons and ponies, and Rarity led Spike on for FOUR SEASONS before she finally told him the truth about her feelings for him. Starlight, on the other hand, has been nice to Spike and they have an interesting relationship where they see each other as equals, but find ways to help and edify each other. Spike's and Starlight's differences offset each other, but they aren't so different that they can't get along. If you disagree, let me know why! :twilightsmile:

Just a heads up, for the rest of the story The Announcer will be bold, so readers can see that he is talking than just the story. Also he or she will have a smaller role, meaning less talking in Episodes Two and Three.

Neat! i like the story so far. and i have cast my vote on who i want to win

Bonus. There has been no Spike abuse from Starlight , like Twilight and Rarity tend to do, even if by accident, in the show.

To expand on Rarity, I think she does know full well how Spike feels about her. And she's using that to its full advantage to get him to do stuff for her. The relationship just seems too toxic for my taste.

This is a good start, and I voted on the poll.

i hope starlight does win but i'm not opposed to ember she does have this but its not because I like you Baka feel to her

“This show is a waste of time! So I may have some form of a crush on Spike and since I have known him for the longest time, it is almost certain that he’ll pick me. Unless, he picks Ember and moves to the Dragon Lands, or he might pick Rarity, I'll be living alone and then I start buying cats and then I’ll get more cats. Then those cats start having more cats! Until my own castle is filled with cats! I’ll forever be known as The Princess of The Cats!”

Well, that's a nice title xD

"Why do you like me? I thought that you and Sunburst would be a couple." Spike asked Starlight let out a giggle in her hoof.

I think the same.

My OTP has always been TwiSpike! Sadly that doesn't look like its gonna happen, but I'll keep reading just in case. I will say that I'm happy Rarity is currently loosing. I like those 2 as just Friends.

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