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Spike and Ember is a cute ship.....change my mind


Heartfire. a tradition the Dragons had for years is shortly coming around the corner, Princess Ember explains to Spike while finding a mate for a dragon he will be Challenged for a fight. Ember sends her best guard to get Spike trained and ready for Heart fire.

Will Spike be able to get over his little crush on Ember and finally use this Tradition to ask her out? or will he be too late or will he have to use his claws to show her how much he cares.

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Two things
one first to comment
And second love the idea of bringing Spyro in for something like this. But if it where me I would make only Spyro having. The ability to breve multiple elements. That is unless you’re bringing in Cynder and her dark elements.

Oh but of course. I’m definitely being Cynder into the story because without Cynder Spyro is not complete.

Also I do enjoy doing the different elements.

I think you can get the dark Arthur will definitely be shown in the story, “his eyes were red with hints of darkness in them” :rainbowkiss:

When next chapter planned do you know? This is great :)

I’m gonna be working on it like right now and thank you for thinking it’s great.

This does put a smile on my face

When the fic competes with comments on which has the worse grammar and spellin.

What about Ember the pink one I mean?

Like the start. Keep it up.

Nice should definitely include Spyro x Cynder as a sub pairing. Its always nice to see this pairing in MLP.

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Thanks somehow I did not see that.

Lol, I was suspecting something different, but this is very much better.

This is already interesting, and I can't wait for the others to COME! But I like The Legend of Spyro games as well.

Amazing chapter. Truly captures all of their characters and what makes this chapter emotional is all of their purpose and efforts towards each other. Still, pretty funny scene between Ember and Cynder. I love how you use their "sisterhood" to see how each one of them are putting effort into their drakes. Great work.

There are no words that can Fully explain how grateful I feel after that comment. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

Wow...... THE EMOTIONSSSSS!!!!!! This was a well written finale to this short story. Great job. I do feel like this should have an epilouge with Spike and Embers kid and Spyro and Cynder's kid as well. But this is still a great way to end this. Hope to see more of these crossover stories from you. Or stories of any kind. Until next time.


A great story with great characters. Keep on writing, my fellow dragon loving friend.:twilightsmile::raritywink:

you have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you very much

an epilogue is coming soon.

I'm just happy to encourage those who put time, love, and effort into their creations. And that I was worth you commenting back to.:twilightsmile:

anyone who comments saying how well i did with my story. always deserves a thank you for encouraging me to continue this story.

Whoa.... Nice. I wonder how the sequel would play out? Either way, thanks for giving me the chance to name them and I'm glad that you will continue with this.

Sequel incoming

I was definitely not expecting that. Good work with the story. Not only did I enjoy it, but it all managed to surprise me. I love stories where Spike meets and interacts with Spyro, but this was made all the more better with the additions of Ember & Cynder. When I first found this story I had no idea that the spyro series was apart of it and I wont lie when I say, I was kind of fanboying when I first realized that Spyro was in it. And I had alot of fun reading the references to the Legend of Spyro series, the plot, the character interactions, the humor, the mental battle between light and dark, seeing Spike put Garble in his place, the happy ending of the 4th chapter, the heartwarming epilogue, the shocking and dread filled ending, and seeing two of my personal favorite dragon ships of all time being in the same story at the same time while each of the characters in said ships have their own unique and interesting interactions between each other. I am excited for the upcoming sequel and can't wait to read it.

Your friend, The KNIGHTS of HARMONY. :twilightsmile:

p.s. This story is going in my favorites list.:raritywink:

I think I’m gonna cry of joy. There are no words on how much that means to me. Thank you very much and I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I’m promise I will try my very best to go far and beyond with the sequel.

(1 hour since Luna’s moon replaced Cleststias sun)
Should be (Celestia's)

Knock it out of the park buddy.:rainbowdetermined2:

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Not bad, a few grammar errors but a nice cliffhanger ending.


Ouch, that was a direct hit...

coughs more

... right into the feels.

Now seriously: As mentioned by others, there are a few grammar mistakes here and there. Other than that, I didn't expect so many heartbreaking moments in contrast with the nice ones. I enjoyed each and every part of this roller coaster! Even just seeing these specific characters interact.


Curse you adorableness!!!!

WHY KILLED OFF SPRYO?!?!??!!?! And just off celebrating 20 years of Spyro.

... Green Hay...

For that, you earn a favorite from me! :pinkiehappy:

Of course he cares! Its Spyro!

Boy, rough training exercise.

Spyro and Cynder YES!!! Spyro and Pink Ember NO!!! I like where you went with this.

Oooohhhh crud, Malefor of all Dragons?! How is he even alive?!! Above all nice chapter, awesome story.

Thank you for liking my story.

As for Malefor hehehehehe I’m working on two chapters for the Sequel and in one of them I will be explaining how Malefor is back.

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you can if you would like. it would help out a lot.

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Thanks for telling me the mistakes. Whenever I’m able I will fix them.

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