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Spike and Pinkie have been spending more time together, it doesn't help the party pony who been trying to stop being on one way street. Since she loves him and knows he wouldn't return her feelings, That changes when he get bought to the rock farm to meet her sisters.

Until she comes up with the best idea, The Choosing Rock will be working for the long weekend and their parent are off in Canterlot for the Rock Awards to see what with piece of stone and rocks will win. Pinkie brings Spike to help, seeing him hitting off with her sisters well, Pinkie decides to have them all dating him in a nice harem.

Spike is in for a long weekend.

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Yes!! PErfect. JUst wish this had clop, but oh well.

Please, if you ever seen me write them then you'll be singing a different song. :twilightsheepish:

I don't know about that, but oh well.

Your title should be "Weekend With the Pies", no need for the apostrophe. :twilightsmile:

Yeah I wasn't too sure about that. Thanks I'll fix it soon.

That drake gets all the snuggles :heart: :pinkiehappy: :moustache: :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Spike x Pie sisters = fun's been quadruple.

But, isn't Spike a tad young to be in a romantic relationship?

don't try to bring that up

Normally yes. But I age Spike up a bit, he is also the same height as Pinkie. I thought it said that in the first chapter, plus he isn't getting married so it should be fine. Right? :unsuresweetie:

The story description is extremely confusing

Good idea, but just make sure you get a good editor. There are a good number of grammar issues in here, and maybe upgrade to a Teen rating. Just to be safe.

Other then that, good start and good luck!:moustache::pinkiehappy:

Yeah, just about to make blog about that problem I have. I don't think I'll need it to be Teen there's nothing like that in the story.

This is awesome!! SO, basically, this is a harem story without clop, right?

So a lot of snuggling and cuddling?

Ok. Not bad at all. Cant wait for more!!

Also, you don't do clop, right??

Yup, if you want a story like that then ask someone else or write it yourself.

k. JUst checking. The story is fine as is. Cant wait for more

Also, is it ok to link text to a song video in a story?

Go ahead dude, I don't mind much. Teen and under is my normal rule for comments, so no swears or foul play, just be kind and well teen or under.

Uhh. Is Spike being so sad he wouldn't leave his room going to be expanded on? Because something like that feels like it should be a HUGE plot point but right now seems pointless.

Honestly, either would work.

Would they be clop, and would the princess story include Chrysalis?

I don't know how many times I have to say it. I don't write clop, I'll do teen rated sex say it happen, but never show it.

For the Princess it just Celestia, Luna, Twilight and Ember.

k. My bad. Couldn't remember about the rating thing with you

go with the spike x princess Idea and if you do cadence in it the reason could be that shining ether cheated on her or he is dead from deadly disease.

Great job. I personally would want to see spike x mane seven.

I'm more in favor of the princesses, since that's a more long term relationship... plus, with their powers combined, they might just be able to have him live as long as they do

There's a lack of Spike x CMC x Diamond Tiara x Silver Spoon.

Yeah, those are one of the stories most likely after Main Seven; it would be CMC, Diamond, Silver, Babs and Gabby. I even have a name for it which is better said than the Main Seven story.

Let me guess, Lucky 7 Dragon Herd or Spike's Crusaders Harem?

Actually; School Hood Love, for the Crusaders. Nothing for the main girls and Royal Treatment for Princesses.

Maybe, it's in the planning at the moment. There will be a few one shots before another Spike story, the next one might be a Harem story or the TwiSpike story I been wanting to write for awhile, The Boomworm and The Dragon, (Nothing to do with Applespike; The Dragon and The Farmer) a world where Spike didn't grow up with Ponies. His sort of older sister would be Ember and he went off to Ponyville to study with Twilight, since she wants to learn more about Dragons and he wants to learn more about Ponies so dragons can begin a friendship with them.

Why thank you, funny thing I thought that this story wouldn't do so, well since I made the idea up in less than twenty or so minutes. I was walking to get new shoes and the first chapter "Pinkie's Sorrow" only took a day and a half to write.

I remember you saying that idea of a Spike x Gabby shipping story went downhill?

I think I said about starting the ship. And it crash and burning, I have a lot of ideas that come and go. It hard to keep track of all of them.

Ever tried having written in paper for personal ideas?

hey when i pot one-piece in search this storie came up why?

"I don't want to forget about the kiss, it felt like, magic."

marble it was a peck, how touch starved are you

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