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This story is a sequel to Where's My Daddy?

Ever since Screwball learned that her father may never get out of his stone prison, she never felt whole. Chaos was really the only thing she was good at, until she met Fluttershy, who showed the young chaotic filly a different side to the powers within herself.

Finally feeling normal and safe with Fluttershy and her friends, it all goes wrong when Celestia hears about Screwball being reformed. She now wants Fluttershy to reform Discord as well. Now Screwball has to choose between the power of Chaos or the power of Friendship.

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Featured: 28/5/2019

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nooo i want discord and fluttershy to love. Why is this in the FlutterCord group if no romance in the main section"?

7871032 Perhaps a sequel will make them fall in love. Lets not give up hope too soon.

Nice. I can just imagine Fluttershy being very clear on the point that Discord will not raise Screwball.

"Screw the magic of friendship

Woah no one ever wrote that in a mlp book

i wonder if screwball will ever make it back in the show

Yeah, you can practically see the fire from that hatred flaring around them” Rainbow pointed out.
“Yeah, isn’t it romantic?” Screwball said with a sigh.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: LMFAO SIMPLY BRILLIANT! JUST BRILLIANT!

“Just... peachy,” Fluttershy feigned, with holding her rage at the sight of Discord and her daughter hugging like a family.

I... okay? This is... uncharacteristic. Why is she so protectively angry about Screwy having a dad that she HAS KNOWN ABOUT FROM THE START???

Discord’s eyes exploded in shock, causing them to deflate like balloons. Fire then burned within him, and he grew a new pair eyes as he and Fluttershy glared each other down

I mean... what? This doesn't fit with how Discord would handle this. He'd laugh like it was a joke and then constantly antagonize her in a passive aggressive manner until friendship lessons happened.

“You used me, just to be free forever?! Did you ever love me? Was I just a bargaining chip to you, dad? Well, you can have it because you are no longer my father!” Screwball stormed away.


“Yeah, isn’t it romantic?” Screwball said with a sigh.

It's honestly a point of contention for me in this story. It seems somewhat out of character. Not incredibly, but just enough that it bugs me.

First: Fluttershy was just jealous. It not out of character it just something she doesn't show, to Fluttershy when Discord showed up that would mean Screwball wouldn't need her anymore since Screwball got her father back.

Second: That is true, but this isn't the show so I don't care. :ajbemused: He was just shocked to learn about Screwball becoming Fluttershy's daughter, one of the ponies that turned him into stone.

Third: Discord hadn't been reformed yet. He just got out of his stone prison and he would use anything to stay out of it so he can create Chaos and using Screwball and Fluttershy was just the best plan he came up with.

Fourth: Really? I mean really? Screwball doesn't have a character. She has a mother of Fluttershy and a father of Discord, and she creates chaos and acts like Discord more than anyone else. Plus she just wants her parents to be together, plus it was just a funny gag at the end of a story to show that Screwball is most likely planning something to have her parents get together.

I wasn't talking about Screwball's character. I was responding to what she said...

'Voy a destruirlo', pensó Fluttershy. Se volvió hacia Twilight. “Twilight, te prometo que Discord se comportará. Trae a todos los ponis y te mostraré lo reformado que está ".

🤣 She's going to "reform" him to the old stile: 😡🤬🤜🤛

"Ahora, Discord ..." dijo Celestia, antes de notar que él y Fluttershy discutían una vez más.

Me: Those who fight love each other!

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