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jack the blu-jay

Hey it's Mac a 15 year old qik skoper


What's your favorite spongebob meme out of the options below · 12:54am Sep 9th, 2016

Mine is spongegar

My oc's back story

Jack of harts was a plush tuber and had a twitch stream named jacktheblujay where he streamed halo 5

Then one day he got so Many 360 no Skopes that he was teleported to the heavens by
xXl0Rd Gay-b1NXx himself as a protector of the multiverse against the illuminati

he killed the entire illuminati with nothing more than a single toss of his fedora

So he than was going to git nighted by the queen of England and h8r of da Eu xXK1Ng3l1z183thXx6969

But she accidentally turned him into a horsey

My life was ruined I got kicked out of F4z3 cl4n WITCH I FOUNDED

So I bought a ticket to horsey land

After sum safety stuff I laid back to enjoy my Mountain Dew eat my Doritos and smoke my weed
The inflight movie was my favorite amateur big t1tted Asian takes in huge cock

Of course it didn't matter sense horsies like me have to sit in the cargo bay

Cuz they R run by rasists

Sense their I was doomed anyways I desided to smoke sum dank kush but sense those sist what the males think smoking kush iz not Gud 2 D0 on planes they threw me out

I figured out that I have wings and flew to my right until I stopped at sum place called clouds dale I asked how to git to horse land and it turns out that I was their when I go thrown out of the plane

But I could not leave sense I committed a double murder on sum baby named scooter ( #catcharide
#githerefrence )