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This is an alt account for posting smut but all I will say is that I am a carbon based intelligent organism of earthly origin, made mostly of water.


Exciting news · 8:48pm May 1st, 2017

I have a new story almost ready to post. This will be a sequal to A Tentacular Discovery and focus on Twilight's struggle to fight against the tentacles' conditioning and save Equestria. Spoilers: she fails.

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Hope you're doing well, wherever you are now.

Edit: oh, and if you've got a main you're still active on, I'd love to hear it :)

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I hope this absence is not meaning anything negative. I certainly would love to read more of your work! :pinkiesmile:

Yes and no, I am always looking for new Ideas but I can’t guarantee that I will use them. Additionally, I am working on a couple of more open ended stories at the moment and requests may instead get worked into one of those instead. Unfortunately, I can really only write stuff when it is really of the cuff, if I get to involved in planning it, I am bored before I start putting words on the page.

So feel free to ask, but I won’t guarantee that I will do it (though I would tell you if I know I am not going to do it). Plus I write kind of slowly anyways so you may be better off asking someone else.

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