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Vex Ether

*does a derp*

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About me.

Real name: Dustin Raine
Favorite color: Red (color of lurv)
Favorite YouTuber: jacksepticeye (TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES!)
Favorite anime: A tie between Bleach and Dragon Ball Z
Gamer?: Duh
Favorite game: Team Fortress 2
Favorite game I own on console: Dark Souls 2 (wish I had a PS4 so I could play DS 3 and Bloodborne)
Favorite MLP ship: TwiDash
Relationship status: Single
Favorite MLP fan-made song: Laughter (made by AcoustiMandoBrony(AcousticBrony and MandoPony))

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This picture is amazing! · 8:11pm Apr 21st, 2017

My two OCs drawn by my friend AlexFlare_42 on Discord! I luv it so much! :rainbowkiss: :yay:

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Again with the 50 Questions · 1:53am Mar 25th, 2017

Stolen from SonicRPiika (who stole it from fluffy(who stole it from sun))

1. What's your name? Dustin Raine
2. How old are you? 20
3. What country do you live? "murica motha fuckas
4. What do you look like?

5. What do you wish you looked like?

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2516348 FAK! I was planning on getting back on the site for that, but I completely forgot.

Sir, you appear to have missed your first Fim anniversary.

2489976 (In Heavy voice because it's best voice) No! That Yakko is a Spy! :p

That Vex is a spy!

2482586 Basically. I don't even comment on blog posts any more.



So just sort of lurking around the site?

2482574 Nope. haven't really been reading lately. Just kind of got bored of it for some reason. Don't really feel like writing either.

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