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Decaf Coffee

Never Be Royal. ☕️ 🍩

Info For My Stalkers.

-16 years old
-Gamer Grrl (Sony Grrl through and through.)
-HUGE Music Fiend: Willing to give anything a shot, you have a beat drop it my way.
-Pegasister( Yeah I'm a girl.)
-Christian ( I feel lost at times, but never alone.)
-Favorite game: Overwatch, Diablo 3, Oddworld.
-Favorite Movies: Horror!!! ( Ever want to chat just about some wicked fun horror movies?, hit me up! I'm a huge horror fan girl.)
-Favorite Food: Junk food duh...
-Favorite pony: Luna, Fluttershy, Twilight, Sunset.
-Avid blogger!- Loves to just tell a tale.

Me On Most Days...


Yeah me on most days, stuffing my face with my all time fave snacks and just chilling.

This is what all the people here will most likely see me as. Relaxed and just looking for a good time, :raritywink: Right Boys?- Welp here two seconds and already a harlet.

I'm up for talking about anything! So never be shy about knocking on my door and speaking your mind.That said I do just that, I speak my mind and never hold back-so if you are the type that loves to " Candy Coat." GTFO! Or stay I'm too lazy to hunt you down.:trollestia:

I always enjoy new music. So if you know of some beats, drop them by me. I'll make it worth your while. Phst again with the seductive winks, :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though I'm just a nice girl, who bites just a little.

Me On Good Days...


Me on a good day is insane!

Sadly they are too far in between.

I just don't have too much too much to be happy about these days...

Before you all start hissing at me and throwing the Holy Water, as I burst into a lovely ball of flames. I'm a christian and not depressed. Just it is hard to make myself smile at times, I most of the time look to the darker themes in life.

If you can't find a place in the light, a nice shade in the dark is ok too.

Hope to find a few new friends here, just to chat with and mess with.

Who knows?

The good days might be making a come back.

Me On Bad Days...

Yeah I can be a bitchy mess at times.

When I do I get real sassy. I might even try and bite you....with words of malice. I don't know I just have a few days where I just don't feel like getting out of bed. I'd rather sleep all day and just huff around the house or school in a real haze of w/e.

No idea why my moods get so low, well I might have a few ideas...but if we become friends I'll let you all in.

For now. If you see me in a huff, might as well stay clear i might take you down with me.

Misery does love company.


Back In Black. ☕️ 🍩 · 5:02am June 12th

So I'm back.

I haunted this site once upon a time as an angst ridden youth, I was what some would call a little bitch. Yeah, I've outgrown most of my bitchy insecurities. Now I vibe to more of a chill atmosphere, life is waay too short to be fighting. Who knows maybe I'll actually write something too, nah too lazy.


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Shyness is a bitch. Just tell yourself nothing matters, and act yourself. Trust me, nobody gives a flying fuck in a hundred years. So we might as well live today.

Thankies :rainbowwild:

Habit of mine. I'm a Fluttershee 🥴


Lucille, cute and far more original, kudos.

Suppose? Lol, you either designed it or not. Show more confidence in your creations, swagger draws ppl in.

I don't care, my personality is an acquired taste. Main reason I'm loyal, not too many friends. But those I do have, I cherish.

Heh, I guess Lucille. I plan on having a spin-off with her outside of the ones I have planned with her and her kitten bestie, Kyle.

Heh, I suppose :3

Aww, poor cookie

Cute name, short for Lucifina or an offshoot of Lillith?

XD, but you designed it goof!

Ya, ppl used me to make bitch cookies long ago, lol.

I'm sarcastic as you see.

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