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A white stallion, Whom goes by the name of Vex Ether, has fallen into a terrible situation that he is oblivious to. He is cursed. Vex finds it hard to sleep at night, what with all the nightmares he's been having. How could it get any worse? At least he has Aqua Heart, his marefriend, by his side to help him through this. Soon seeking the need of Princess Luna's help, Vex and Aqua go on a journey to find out why these nightmares are plaguing his mind.

Special thanks to Rainbow FlutterDash suggesting using an MLP name generator to help me come up with the name for Aqua Heart. Also special thanks to MrReader just for commenting on my blogs and cheering me up. You both rock!

I also have to mention The Elven Gamer (formerly know as thegamerator10). He's the one who introduced me to this site, and without him, I wouldn't be here today, or have made the friends I have. Go ahead and give him and his marefriend, Cookie Crumbles, a follow.

LyraAlluse needs help. Her mother has Vikings Disease and her family is in financial trouble. Read more about it here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/681951/im-going-through-a-difficult-time-and-fundraiser

Edit: A HUGE shout-out to Jesse Coffey for starting an ad campaign for my story and helping spread the word of LyraAlluse's situation.

Temporary edit: Putting this story on hiatus for the time being because I'm having trouble thinking of how to continue it. Writers block is starting to piss me off. Can't even think of anything to write.

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