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Michigan Bronies must be in mighigan

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A Detroit pegasister here

A bit late getting into the fandom, but Sanilac County has joined. Anyone else from that area?

I’m really late to this game, but Oakland county resident here.

No more michigan bronies :rainbowderp:

Brony from the Lansing area. Are there any Bronies left in Michigan?

Also Macomb County checking in.

Oh, also, reporting from Macomb County.

299044 For me, the term "pegasister" always felt more comfortable than "brony" to represent girl fans of the show.

You're welcome guys, for now since I joined, we usurped the Zonie Bronies as most members of Fimfiction that are in a group dedicated to a state.


Monroe County, reporting in :rainbowdetermined2:

New recruit from Oakland county reporting! I :heart: Michigan!!!

I'm planning an upcoming meet-up for all bronies and pegasisters in Michigan! Check it out ya'all! :D


Anypony else from Allegan county?

Shiawasee county, reporting:rainbowdetermined2:

Umm, someone want to fix the description? The state is spelled wrong the second time.

Barrien County reporting in.

Van Buren County, Michigan!

It is very cold here right now...

ermagersh a group for Michiganders:rainbowkiss:
..anybody wanna hangout?:twilightblush:

Where's my alma matter CMU factor in? Fire up Chips!

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