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Just an amateur writer with a crippling love for ponies. Especially Rarity. And sometimes Pinkie Pie.

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My brain be like · 6:34pm July 14th

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Actual Bio

What's up guys this KingYakko, formerly known as EpicLightning.

Since writing an actual bio about myself is proving to be a difficult task, I'll just list some potentially interesting things about myself.

- I'm a black belt in Tang Soo Do/Moo Duk Kwan (yeah poggers right?)
- I played Overwatch for the University of Maryland (UMD)
- I have a gaming jersey for said UMD Overwatch team
- I'm a massive Star Wars nerd
- I like video games
- I'm the literal embodiment of Twitch chat meaning that 98% of my vocabulary consists of Twitch emotes omegalul
- I liek meme
- I played as center on a summer basketball team when I was like 14 and we won all of our games pogchamp
- Sponsored by Chungus Gaming to play like Smash or something lol
- My favorite pony is Rarity. Except for when it's Pinkie Pie. But usually it's Rarity.
- I freaking love Sunset Shimmer holy shmoly
- 01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100110 01110101 01101110 00100001
- Sweetie Belle best cmc btw
- Luna best princess lol
- More to come when I think of them lmaO

Ever wondered what I look like?


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