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Princess Skitzy

Confusion tastes funny. I'm a banana. Zesty memes. I like turtles.

2Snacks are best Sisters :3


Check out my selection of favorite bits of literature. I have a bit of everything to see and read here.

If you are looking for slightly less than savoury content then you should well know the drill.

Best of days to you all. I'll see you in the comments section :raritywink:


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Thank you for the compliment, I hope you do enjoy the rest of my work.

Not a worry, the story was really well written so you definitely earned it.
I'm yet to browse more of what you have to offer but if it's anything like what I've read so far... Bodes well ^3^

Thanks for your fave!

Your avatar pone is adorable.

I wanna boop her, with my words. :twistnerd:

Hahaha! Oh, dear citizen, do you know how often I get asked that?
*mane ruffle, followed by a harrowing gaze into the distance.*
This is the first time I’ve been asked that...

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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