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I'm A Euphemism For Disaster...


A genuine oblivious simulator.

Watch as pony after pony, throw themselves at you!

And you simply act borderline retarded.

Contains Mild Cursing And Lots Of Sex Slang!

I Wrote This As A Gift To My New Mate MDCommissioner!

It's dumb and silly but I hope you still enjoy luv!

Art By PonutJoe, check source for link.

Bloody Featured On 1\19\20 & 1\20\20 & 1\21\20 & 1\22\20 & 1\23\20 & 1\24\20!

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I'd have actually laughed if Fluttershy was the last chapter...and was successful.

Lol, I figured Pinkie was the most random of the six who could succeed where others failed.

But I agree, Fluttershy could've also been brilliant!


I was actually noticed by Senpai Priest! :rainbowkiss:

This is comedy Genius thank you

All of this made me chuckle out of my mouth instead of my nose :)

Wait......that worked?, smart move pink smart move.

Hmm...Pinkie would be the one not even try being subtle, would she. :rainbowlaugh:

I was only thinking Fluttershy via Flutterdom. :twilightblush:

I find being forward always leads to a good shag. :trollestia:

Could say it was a kick in the head. :ajsmug:

It's about time, lol

Please, please make a chapter to follow after Pinkie's success! I so want to know how the other girls react to it.

Hey, she asked for it! Even though I'm sure that's not exactly what applejack had in mind.

You've been waiting to hear that word all day.

So, was Anon ever oblivious? Cause just from this line it seemed he was screwing with everyone who used slang instead of the very direct approach Pinkie took

I can't believe Rarity called me fat.

Poor Applejack, she didn't know what she asked for... :)

She asked for a bucking.

Should've offered a sucking.

Now she's all knackered out.



I simply couldn't say no to this fanfic! I had to read it! Between the imminent innuendo that was upon the first sight and the great reviews, this must be read! Since that's the case, I thought why the heck not!? Hope ya didn't mind, but I made this lil' reading! Writing was amazing in every aspect mang! Awesome job!

Audio Link: https://youtu.be/Kad_yAzIE2Y

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Cheers! 💞

That was a brilliant reading luv.

I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

The damn ending. I... I have no words...

Only she, could've realized the answer

The others must bow to her wisdom

You can't beat a good yeet with the feet, it's certainly a treat.

Awww, poor Anon. What did he do wrong? :(

Now I wanna roll in the hay...

I know I am fat, but I can’t believe she told me I was thick...

Reminds me a little of "Moral Oral." That weird show about a kid with a pathological inability to understand metaphors in a town that relies on them.

The description wasn't wrong concerning Anon's intelligence, that's for sure…

Good to know that Anon doesn't skip leg day.

They see me rollin. They hayting. Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty!

I'm not sorry.

She had heard about the other ponies who failed to catch your eye, but she wouldn't be one of them.

I think it's more about Anon being too stupid, then it is about them not catching Anon's eye.

When all else fails, be direct. Now that I've reached the end, this makes a lot of sense, I'd probably do the same given how people would react if what they meant wasn't sex.

I was honestly expecting to find out that he'd been intentionally oblivious, just to screw with their minds.

This works just as well, though!

It's actually up to reader interpretation.

Depends if you want Anon to be a goof or a wanker.

That was a funny show.

For just these occasions. :rainbowwild:




Well now... I like this story so far. Two non existent thumbs up!

This is brilliant!
You wrote a funny story about annon's shinanagins in Equestria, five of the mane six and a background pony in as few as two thousand words!

I'm taking notes.

LOVE. IT. One of the finest stories ever.

I am loving this. On a side note I am also learning sex terms I never wanted to know. So I am gaining joy while losing me soul.

Anon is human. Ponies are Ponies. The very motion that they are attracted to a different species won't ever cross Anon's mind.

Like I said in the last chapter.... HAHA I AM LOVING THIS STORY IT WAS MADE BY A god TO LAUGH AT SIN!!!

Well then. Okay. I can't stop laughing!!!

Fluttershy daintily pranced around the open doors of her shed.


Did Pinkie share her knowledge with the others?

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