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Scratch Note

Good-day, my name is Scratch Note! Old, but brand new version of Smarthead!


Behind The Scenes/Behind The Mind - Throughout Equestrian Years - Part 1 · 8:46am Nov 3rd, 2019

Have you read Throughout Equestrian Years yet? If you haven't, leave this blog post and read it, but if you've read Throughout Equestrian Years in its work in progress stages so far, you'll adore this blog. I'll be talking about my mindset when writing this project.

My Process Of Research

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Hey dude I have a question for you

Ok what is it that you what to talk about?

Dear Terry,
No problem! I would like to speak to you soon about something with your recent post about which steam locomotive you would bring to Equestria!

FIMFiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/289591/Scratch+Note
Discord: ChooChoo#9125

Sincerely Scratch Note

Thank for the follow bro :)

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