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Ever been annoyed to realise that a major group has no one running it? That only the founder is an admin, and that they've long since left fimfiction, leaving the group shambling along as best it can? And never been able to get something done about it?

Well, this group is for you. Join this group to discuss groups that are orphaned, suggest courses of action, and generally complain about the total lack of any good way of dealing with situations like this on the site. Or just to indicate that you feel there needs to be some general way to resolve these types of problems.

Additionally, if you are looking for new admins for your group, or people willing to serve as backup admins in case anything happens to you, feel free to post here about it.

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oh my god I forgot I even made this comment... talk about a necrobump lmao

308615 Lots of artists only make it big time later in their careers. Sometimes they only become famous after they've long been dead.

if Scootaloo is such a good artist, then why the hell is she sleeping in an alley?

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