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Suspended due to lack of interest.

This group is for all interested ponies (and people!) who have a hard time getting their minds in creative gear, putting words on a page, and/or receiving feedback.

A new prompt up every day - or nearly so - to give you a nudge, and the time until the next prompt to think upon, draft, and tweak your response. Unpublished stores (if they are too short) or works on google docs, pastebin, or the like are welcome as well as published works.

Created in the same spirit as the ThirtyMinutePonies tumblr blog and group (long may they be favourably remembered), anyone and everyone is welcome to participate.

Activity takes place in the forum, one thread dedicated to each prompt. Do note that thread notifications (of all nature?) is disabled on the site, requiring that you check in manually to keep updated. There is at this time no known alternative to be automatically notified.

(Note, this group is very much in ALPHA state - group details still in flux, subject to abrupt, unexpected, and unannounced change)

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