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Spike is a young boy who has a love of dinosaurs. For the past five years, he's been studying at the Fossil Fighters Academy, or FFA. Now at the age of ten, he is ready to graduate and become a full-fledged Fossil Fighter. Fossil Fighters excavate dinosaur fossils and revive them into creatures known as Vivosaurs. Fossil Fighters around the world compete for the title of Fossil Champion. In order to enter the Fossil Championship, a Fossil Fighter must collect Vivosaurs, train them, and collect eight badges. After a Fossil Fighter does this, they are qualified to enter the Fossil Championship. But winning the Fossil Championship is only the beginning, the real challenge is facing the Dino-Dynamos. The Dino-Dynamos are a group of the four strongest Fossil Fighters in the world, led by the strongest, the Fossil Champion. Spike's dream is to be the Fossil Champion, but does he have what it takes?

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 13 )

I haven't read it yet but it sounds a lot like Pokemon.

From what I know, it's basically pokemon with a lot of emphasis on the fossil pokemon, fossils can break and you use the dino you get to battle other dino's to raise their rank



It's actually a game called Fossil Fighters, but it is a lot like Pokemon. It uses real dinosaur species, and Vivosaur names are normally a shortened version of the species name. There are a couple of games that could be considered a spin-off of Pokemon, but most of them are much more complicated than Pokemon itself. None of the Fossil Pokemon will be appearing in this story.

Hey there is a Fossil Fighters group, you should put this story in there so it could get featured sometime.

It's interesting, hope the next chapter comes out soon.

Watch this trailer, it should give you a basic understanding of it

Did you really change the story of Fossil Fighters to be a rip-off of Pokémon? Your at least going to still include the dinorainians and Guhnash, right?

It's not supposed to be a ripoff of Pokemon, but yes, the dinaurians are part of the main story, Spike and Ember are actually members of the dinaurians, but don't know it

Well with 8 badges to collect, and what is basically the elite four to defeat, it sounds just like Pokémon!

Point taken, but I will be putting things in that are more akin to Fossil Fighters than Pokemon

How often do you update? I want more!

My updates are normally random for the most part, since my muse comes and goes as it pleases. I try my hardest to do frequent updates, but I have ADD, so sometimes it's hard for me to focus on getting a chapter done. I'm glad you like the story though

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