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What do parents do when they need someone to look after thier kids? Simple, they take them to Little Dragon Daycare. The owner of the establishment, Spike Drake is a kind man in his 20's, and the children in his charge only say good things about him.


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It looks pretty cute so far

Looks like its gonna be a good read.

Most interesting. So, in a way, this explains why Spike didn't have a 'human form' like other non-pony characters in EG? Since he was already far older by the time of EG it would be unlikely that anyone, except maybe Pinkie, would remember him being a part of their daycare.

It's also interesting to see how Cadance and Celestia could have gotten their starts before getting through college and going through all the motions needed to get to their respective EG positions.

The 'key' is interesting. Perhaps Cadance already has some 'Equestrian Magic'?

The dialogue between Spike and Cadance was really good. I liked the joke of watching "Saw 3" with the kids. <LoL!> That sure would go over well. I doubt any kid would ever feel comfortable hearing someone ask them, "I want to play a game..."

Most will be explained in next chapter but there is no one with magic. What’s magic is the the real question

This Spike seems like one of those overworked workaholics. Good to know he still has that dry wit of his.

A very interesting concept I like though

Just so you know, it's Scorpan, not Scorpin

Thanks I fixed it.

Fascinating! You truly created a massive surprise with this story. Instead of going Equestria Girls and/or Friendship Is Magic you went beyond to give us a world that is filled with unique alternate versions of all the characters!

Dash as a Harpie is quite cool. It certainly fits her personality. She's one tough 'hummingbird'. <LoL!>

AJ being a centaur is interesting as, now, we have a kind centaur to replace the only other one we really have seen, Tirek.

Fluttershy as a Faerie / Breezie is adorable! It also made the ferret make more sense beyond being just a 'daycare pet'.

So, as of now, we only have two original ponies. These being Twilight and Moondancer.

I loved your idea with the key. You also set up a lot of foreshadowing as now we need to learn more about how this place within its seemingly own space-and-time connects to these other worlds, which world Cadance is from, and if this Spike is from our Earth or that of Equestria Girls.

Very fun and extremely creative. This will certainly be fun to continue reading.

Nice to see the Rarity-Spike scenario reversed

Wow, Spike resisted a succubus and lived.

You certainly need an editor, however it a good concept.

You want the job?

I could tell you the difference between, there, their, and they’re and between your and you’re. But I’ve got work.

Just when I believed this story couldn't get more awesome in its degree of creativity you add even more fantasy-based awesomeness!

I like the way you made Pinky into a slime. Pony Pinkie had interesting ways to manipulate the shape of her body. So her being a slime certainly allows for such actions to happen without much question at all.

Rarity's mom being a soul-feeder was also a nice addition. At first I thought she may have been a gargoyle but what she ended up being was quite surprising. I do like how all races are showing an ability to get along through their need for parental assistance. Most clever.

The 'currency' is also really neat. All worlds provide different ways to supplement Spike's efforts. If 'bits' are made of gold, I'm sure they make for good payment back in Earth. The precious stones must do so, too. The stones from Rarity's world must be neat to have around. Though I don't think they'd sell well on Earth. Moreover selling such a thing may draw a tad too much attention.

Now, for me, I am left waiting to se if Cadence is from earth or from another world, too.

Thanks for a fun tale that goes beyond being a human Spike taking care of kids. Plenty of fun fantasy elements here that make it so much fun. :)

Cadence is a Human, Thanks for the complement, and the stones are hooked up to a device that Scorpan had installed in the building after he first got the electric bill for the property. It was not cheap.

Soooooo in calling the daycare is partially in loonytunes land meaning near immortality to certain things

Pretty much.

I applaud how each chapter never fails to deliver new content that fleshes out the Day care along with how professional Spike is. He's jovial but you can tell he takes what he does very seriously while also knowing his own limits. It is also neat to learn of where the Fire Stones go. Perhaps Cookie Crumbles may be able to recommend someone to do regular maintenance on it?

I don't doubt the high price of electric. It takes a lot to meet such a diverse need of clientele. Plus something tells me that the interdimensional aspects may play a part in consuming more electrical energy.

The way the place is kind of a 'between worlds' or 'pocket dimension' is quite fascinating. It kind of reminds me of what Washu from Tenchi Muyo had. Another reference would be The Tartus from Doctor Who.

Clever making Celestia into an elf. I would honestly not saw that coming but now should have thought such a possibility given what Celestia would best represent.

I wonder how Cadence is able to keep what she does secret from her friends and family? No doubt Spike has some sort of way to not allow anything related to the other worlds into Earth Realm.

I never considred how slimes would not need to breathe. Golly! That would give Pinkie Pie an endless ability to be Pinkie Pie.

Ghosts, eh? Now there is certainly a lot of excitement coming up. Knowing how Spike has 'survived' all of what his clientele can do it makes for quite the tale you can think outside of and not see as just a linear story. It would make a rather fun SitCom.

It's nice to read a story that stimulates the imagination so much. It's so easy to picture and flows at just the right pace. Bravo!

Spike the ladies man has strike again

Let's pray for Celestia soul

I really enjoyed this story especially chapter 4

I wonder when Luna will show up

Also, with Main 7 tag, I'm hoping to see Sunset

So good! I love this thing! But I really want Starlight to come!

Nice way to get the story to move along without causing anyone to think they missed anything. It is also good to skip eating as, in my opinion, it shows that not everything at Little Dragon Day Care is chaotic. Sure caring for kids is always an adventure but not everything has to be super-detailed to get the idea that it is an adventure.

I like how you foreshadow what is possibly coming. The Werewolf definitely adds to the unique cast of characters and their families. It is also interesting to see how the 'key' can be duplicated and modified to go to different realms. I originally thought it may be exclusive to Spike and cadence's world. Knowing Star Swirl is acquainted with the human is also quite fascinating. It gives your story the full freedom from being tied to canon. So this makes it far easier to enjoy without having to worry about waiting for a lot of canon things to happen.

I liked how Spike got all the kids ready to go eat. "Walking Library" was a goodnickname for Twi. However your method of showing how Spike understood her feelings and provided helpful advice was even better. His care for Moondancer definitely is great, too, because it helps break the whole norm for males not being capable of such things. Way to make spike unique as a human as much as he was as a baby Dragon. :)

I like imagining Rarity as the half-demon / half-suckubis. Of all the characters in the day care, I see her the easiest in my mind. :)

Spike smirked. "I know. But in this place, every door is an exit, if you have the right tools." Said Spike as he turned the head of the key until the words home showed. "You see." Said Spike as he opened the door to the back room. But instead of the back room, Celestia saw a furnished apartment, with hardwood floors and the sun was showing in to the room. She looked behind her and noticed that the sun was behind her as well.

howl's moving castle

Some of the main 6 should have been ponies just a just some xD

I love this paragraph

Cadence laughed. It was always funny how slimes express emotion using their body. When they giggled it made them jiggle, when they are sad, they puddle, happy made them bigger and shinier, mad made them hotter, tired made them colder, and a large array of other actions, all dealing with the emotion spectrum. But Pinkie was special, she got combos, normally they would be a mixture of two emotions, but everyone and a while they would really add up. But back on track.

I think you missed the part about Spike's eyes dilating showing that he might not be human at all.


love this chapter.

Outside play time was quite impressive and wonderfully detailed. It really does come off like a day in a day care that is far from your normal everyday establishment. Something like this could be made into quite the fun show if done in a way to illustrate the building of friendship, diversity, and lessons while children find fun away from their parents.

What I enjoy most is Rarity. She's a sneaky lil' scamp. I'm sure she has little discussions with Cookie over why she can't kiss Spike, or let Spike do certain things, or get to taste his soul. :)

I hope Spike doesn't fall asleep during a time Rarity is around. She may just use that chance to get him in the dream realm. Unless he has already studied and prepared for that.

<LoL!> Pinkie going through the tubes was fun. I also was not aware that chalk had salt. So a little education with the story. Woop!

I like the continuity of the 'clapping' to get everyone in-line. The way in which the sun block was applied made sense, too. You got to encourage independence while also helping out with those spots that get easily forgotten.

<LoL!> Thinking of Cadence rolling around in a Honda Civic is funny. I wonder what Celestia thought of it? Perhaps Cadence also showed her the fun Bluetooth features and rear back-up camera. Magic indeed!

Actually the next chapter is going to talk about the other half of the chapter, with celestia and cadence going to the Tasty treat, a roadside dinner run by saffron. Look forward to that

Cant wait to see the next chapter. Please be soon, this is a story that could easily rival MLP itself.

Man, is it wrong I want to work here?

Dude most of the pay is hazard pay, with all of that, it’s hard.

Foster care is the same way. I took care of five kids, and they were terrors. I could live with doin this just fine. But I get what you were saying.

Dude props for doing that, my 2nd cousin grew up in foster care, I have mad respect for anyone who does it.

Thank you, and it wasnt total he'll. I had lots of fun with it, which is why I would want to work here.

Totally understand now.

Is Luna gonna work at the Daycare too and also will it be a Spike harem story with Cadence Celestia and Luna, or just Spike x Cadence

Spike and Cadance, Luna will come by for a visit

nice chapter.

and after reading this story I make a new bookshelf titled "something cute" for stories for when this biserker needs a rage detox

number of stories:2
other story is "Onii-chan's interesting life"

Absolutely love the story cant wait for more. I was almost late for work just to read the whole chapter

Thanks, but dude, priorities. Look up a video called spawn killing battlefield friends.

Oh, wow! This chapter not only gave a lot of context to Spike, Cadence, and Celestia, but also showed us a bit of love tension as Cadence is being flanked by Celestia and Rarity to go on a date.

The pay is high but so is the amount of effort needed to do what they are doing. This is certainly quite the establishment and the way you keep track of all the details is simply astounding! There is just so much to keep in mind to keep a complex tale like this going but you do it and you do it well.

I liked the discussion of various currencies and how Spike handles them. I also like how we get to see how Spike genuinely misses his grandfather. We also notice more of what drives Spike to do what he does as, like Celestia said, he wouldn't need to work at all but does it because it is something he genuinely loves and believes in doing.

There is also the interesting degree of research you see that Spike has done. He's certainly quite scholarly. He also has some serious mad skills as he intercepted that wayward crayon.

The discussion between Cadence and Celestia was also quite great. I like how you took a very fresh approach to King Sombra and Nightmare Moon.

It shall be fun seeing Rarity's reaction to Cadence asking Spike out. Though, if she does it when they close, Rarity should not find out. I also have a good inkling that Spike and Cadence will 'try' to hide it but Rarity will see that there is much to be suspicious of.

What is admirable is how humble the characters are despite having all the money they do. Cadence is making epic pay and could be living quite lavishly beyond driving a little Honda. Though perhaps spike has wore off on her and she is stowing away her earnings for a rainy day?

There is a lot of room for development in so many directions. You could spin-off plots like crazy with all you have established. So I very much applaud you for the amount of attention to detail you've given this story.

This is one of those stories that, once you do finish it, I would encourage you to make a physical copy of through a publisher, like Lulu.com. This is the sort of work that should not solely exist in digital form.

Dude, seriously, thanks for the support, but it's not that good in my opinion. It's just a story that I write in my free time.

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