• Published 25th Sep 2019
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Little Dragon Daycare - TAD2

What do parents do when they need someone to look after thier kids? Simple, they take them to Little Dragon Daycare.

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Daycare Nightmare

"SPIKE!" Yelled a tall woman dressed in a pair of tan slacks, a baby blue polo shirt, and a pair of sneakers, her hair was 3 different colors, gold, pink, and lavender. She got no response, the woman sighed as she walked across the toy filled play area, gracefully dodging crayons, a pile of story books, and all manner of toys that should of been put up the day prior as she made her way to the staff area of the daycare, which was behind a normal wood door with a albeit not so normal locking door nob. The woman fished out a not so normal key that glowed a bright blue light when she inserted it into the nob, she turned the key and the door opened. She walked into the room and sighed at the sad sight in front of her.

Slumped over his desk, was her boss Spike Drake, a man in his mid 20's, and after an unfortunate accident involving one of their kids they look after, his hair was a emerald green color along with his eyes, both of which used to be a dark brown color. But after the initial freak out, Spike decided that he liked the change, and even after the kids parents said they could fix it, he refused. Spike was dressed in the same clothes as the woman but unlike her, he was wearing a apron. She walked over to Spike and tried to wake him up. "Spike, come on its time to wake up." Said the woman.

Spike groaned in his sleep. "No, put that down, that's my trumpet with a cake in it." mumbled Spike.

The woman sighed as she tried again. "Spike, seriously its time to wake up, the kids will be here in a hour and you need to get cleaned up."

And again Spike just groaned. "Please, I'll be good, just don't set the house of cards on fire."

The woman looked at Spike confused. "What the hell are you dreaming about?"

"Nothing just wanted to see if you would make me a cup of coffee." Said Spike who was completely awake. He leaned back in his chair and stretched his arms as he loosened up his back muscles. He looked at his assistant. "Good morning Cadence, you been here long?" Asked Spike.

Cadence sighed. "No, but did you fall asleep here last night?"

Spike sighed as he nodded. "Yep, Smolders older brother got a call saying that he had to work late last night, so I took care of her for another 3 hours after you left." Spike then yawned. "What time is it?" Asked Spike.

"About 8 in the morning." Said Cadence.

Spike sighed as he got up from his desk, he leaned back as the sound of his spine popping echoed through the building. "Ok, how bad is the play area?" Asked Spike.

"Crayons, story books, most of the toys, all scattered around. You get cleaned up, I'll get the play area cleaned up. Who's supposed to be here today?" Asked Cadence.

Spike turned around and rummaged around the cluttered desk filled with drawings, playdough sculptures, and a pile of papers the Spike used as a pillow. After a minute of paper spelunking Spike returned to the surface holding a clip board with the schedule of the kids that are supposed to be attending today. "Lets see, today is...."

"Wednesday." Said Cadence.

"Right." Said Spike as he looked at the Wednesday list. "So today we have, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Apple Jack, and Rainbow Dash." Said Spike, he looked at Cadence. "But remember there's always a chance that an emergency might happen and someone will need to drop off their kid." Said Spike.

Cadence nodded. "I know, did you ever find out what happened to Mister Torch, he's always very forth coming about Ember?"

Spike nodded. "Yeah, he was needed at his job for something big, but it was all cool, Ember is nice to be around, as long as you don't call her cute to her face, even for a 6 year old she has one hell of a right hook." Said Spike as he rubbed his jaw. "So do we have everything ready for their lunch and emergency dinner?" Asked Spike.

Cadence shrugged as she walked to the fridge and took inventory of what they had. "It looks like were out of Fluttershys favorite snacks, and we're running low on AJ's dried apple bites." Said Cadence as she closed the fridge and walked over to the pantry opposite of the fridge, she looked into the storage room. "We also are about to run out of the grape juice boxes, but we have enough to last us until the weekend, and we are completely out of the cake mix, Pinkies not going to like that. Aside from that were pretty stocked." Said Cadence.

Spike nodded. "Good, I'll go to the store on Sunday and stock up, how's the weather today, you know Rainbow and AJ are going to be full of energy, and I rather not have to call a contractor out here to fix the wall again." Said Spike.

"Sunny all day, but we might have some rain Friday." Said Cadence.

"Ok, if its raining, do you think we can get them to sit down for a movie if I make popcorn?"

"Probably, you know they love your cooking, but what movie?"

Spike thought for a second. "How about SAW 3?" Joked Spike. Cadence walked over to her boss and gave him a slap to the back of his head. "Your right, how about Finding Nemo?"

"Better." Nodded Cadence.

"One last thing." Said Spike as he looked at his check list. "We should have a new hire coming in on Thursday for an interview and to see how she deals with the kids. Her name is Celestia Solaris, so be on the look out for her tomorrow." Said Spike as he placed the clipboard back on the desk.

"On it, now go to your apartment and get cleaned up. Plus since Fluttershy is coming why don't you bring Silvia today." Said Cadence.

Spike sighed. "OK MOM." Said Spike, as he walked over to the door that led to the play area, pulled out a key, but instead of just putting the key into the nob, Spike actually moved the head of the key until the works home lit up on the stem of the key. "Seriously, I will never understand how my grandfather got this place." Said Spike as he inserted the key into the door and opened it.