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Right after the events of the sonic rainboom, it is decided that Spike the newly hatched dragon is to be sent to live with his own kind, but with all the negative relations with the dragons, it was bound to cause trouble, the guard tasked with the transport of the whelp decides why risk his flank, so he flies to the Everfree Forest and deposits the baby. But he is unaware that he flew over 5 little fillies who all happened to making their way to the small village at the forests edge.

They see the guard leave the poor defenseless baby in the forest, so they retrieve him, but this has its consequences. Spike who started out with no family, now has 5 mommies.

Inspired by all the stories about Spike in other families.

First feature 11/14/19, 11/18/19,11/20/19,11/21/19,12/4/19

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Is it wrong that I wanted this story to be about Spike being sent to the Dragonlands, to be raised by this own kind?

Well, I have to say, I DO think this story has potential. I DO like the explanation for how Celestia got the egg and I CAN understand her reasoning for wanting to return the egg to its own kind. Of course, while I AM ashamed of Swift Flight for that bit of cowardice, I will ALSO admit that PART of me can understand the reasoning. After all, he knows the worst Celestia would likely do to him would be fire him, which, while bad, is still a lot better than what an adult dragon would do to him. After all, if he's fired, then at least he's still alive to find another job to support his family. If an adult dragon spotted him, he would probably get killed pretty quickly and brutally (and even if he has good life insurance, it would still run out eventually).

At any rate, aside from this being rushed, the exchanges and characterizations are still quite well done and I will definitely be looking forward to more of this. And I will be willing to wager that it will probably be either Applejack or Fluttershy who finds Spike first (since he WAS placed in the Everfree).

I know itโ€™s kinda rushed but when you only have about 2 min of show to work with and I wanted to get to the girls

Yeah. I can understand that. That's more than fair enough.

Well actually the worst that can happen to him is being arrested for attempted murder of a minor (would have been first degree murder if Spike died), child endangerment, child abandonment, insubordination (since he ignored a direct order from Celestia) and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. So his act of cowardice might lead to him spending most of the rest of his life (if not the rest of his life) behind bars. And I would think he would also lose the respect of his family. Just saying.

Yeah. That's a point well taken. I didn't consider that at the time, but, yes. Good catch.

Interesting start, while I understand Swift's cowardly actions it doesn't change the fact that he left a defenseless baby at the mercy of the creatures that inhabit the Everfree (Timberwolves, Cockatrices, Manticors, etc). Hope he gets some flack for his actions & that the girls find Spike next chapter.

Swift not wanting to watch one of the creatures of the Everfree enjoy its next meal, he quickly flew out of the forest, leaving Spike to die in the forest.

That is just wrong period.

I know, but I needed a reason for the girls to go into the forest and it made sense the forest is dangerous.

Swift not wanting to watch one of the creatures of the Everfree enjoy its next meal, he quickly flew out of the forest, leaving Spike to die in the forest.

Ok Swift went from cowardly to downright slime in my eyes, hope he gets what's coming to him!:flutterrage:

Fluttershy turned her head and looked at Rainbow. "And clearly something that can't defend itself is stuck in there, I am not just going to leave it, it won't last long, so you can either join me, or you can go get an adult." Said Fluttershy as she walked past AJ and Rarity, and into the forest.

Oh yeah, you go Fluttershy!

Really hope the girls get to Spike in time before something else does!

Feeling bad for Spike right now, but I KNOW things will get better for him relatively soon. Of course, I am still looking forward to seeing Swift Flight get some SERIOUS comeuppance. And, yeah, I DID enjoy seeing how five of the Mane Six first met in this universe. And it makes sense that Fluttershy would be the first to go to help Spike and the others go to back her up.

Anyway, excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. On another couple of notes, I wonder how Spike will handle having two aunts [Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle] that are just a couple months older than him. AND I'm going to have to wonder who gets saddled with the job of trying to keep Twilight grounded while the rest of the Mane Six are raising Spike.

Well, this just got more interesting.


Awww. :-D Loved how the girls overcame their initial fears to help little Spike. And the way the girls introduced themselves was beautiful. And, yeah, considering they ARE still fillies, it's easy to see where they could get the misunderstanding they did (which will most likely work out for the best anyway after the obligatory trial-and-error period).

Anyway, the exchanges and characterizations are certainly well done and I'll most assuredly be looking forward to more (especially since there is a certain slimy coward who shall remain nameless who has some epic karma coming). .

it will but not for a while. I know how many people hate Swift and it will be glorious when karma hits back.

Yeah. Kind of figured. But, hey, at least I know it will be WELL worth the wait.

SO PRECIOUS!!!:pinkiehappy:

Awww this was beautiful to read, thank goodness the girls finally found him! :twilightsmile:

As for a certain slimeball that shall remain nameless, I hope karma hits him very very hard! :twilightangry2:

Darn it, I was hoping that Spike would have gone back to Twilight some how, after all HER magic was all over his body, shouldn't that had done something to him.

Ok why do people hate this bucker

Also love the story and that's just a adorable start

That's a understatement

Interesting premise. I'd like to see how it develops.

However, your grammar needs a lot of work. You have many run-on sentences, misspellings, issues with capitalization, comma misuse, and worst of all, you keep spelling Applejack as two words. It's just one word. Applejack.

I'd recommend getting a proofreader or beta reader. Plenty of people on the site (myself included) would be more than happy to offer our services.

Yeah I went back and your right I do make Applejack in two, itโ€™s fixed now.

All the girls panicked when they heard that Spike was already missing. Rainbow Dash flew around the room, as Rarity used her magic to levitate all the ponies in the room one by one to make sure they didn't sit on him, Fluttershy was crying for her son, and Pinkie was just giggling at Apple Bloom. The room was in a state of chaos, the adults were confused by what the heck was happening. AJ and the girls minus Pinkie were acting like it was the end of the world, but the moment they noticed the pink filly in the room was giggling at the youngest of the Apple family the whole room fell silent. AJ and the girls walked over to Pinkie, they were upset that she wasn't freaking out as much as she should of been. But then they looked into the play pen, that now had a Spike sized hole in the side. Inside of the pen was Spike, safe and sound, next to him was Apple Bloom, and they were doing the most adorable thing they ever saw. Spike was asleep, with Apple Bloom snuggling up to him, as she was struggling to stay awake herself. "AWE!" Said all the girls.

That was my reaction as well while reading this scene!๐Ÿ˜€

Seriously after all the danger Spike have been exposed to the last few chapters I'm glad to see something so adorable & heartwarming!๐Ÿ’–

Really hope the rest of the Apples take it as well as our 5 little fillies here next chapter!

LOVED the work that went into this chapter. I loved AJ introducing Baby Apple Bloom to Spike. The girls' reactions to Spike going missing and then finding out he and Apple Bloom are snuggling peacefully was exactly the right mix of nerve-wracking and heart-warming. And, I'm glad AJ's folks are still around, at least for the time being. Definitely looking forward to the older Apples' reactions to Baby Spike.

At any rate, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all superbly done in all the right places.

"I've been a grandmother for barely a few years and now I'm a great-grandmother!?" - Granny Smith faints

They shall react as Apples are wont to do...

Family is family, no matter how strange it may seem.

AJ shook her head. "Not Babs, I'm talking about my son, Spike." Said AJ. Bright Mac passed out hearing that his daughter was already a mother.

That would be my reaction if I was in Bright Mac's place

It was adorable seeing the Mane Five fillies taking turns in feeding Spike!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’–

That was downright adorable. Yeah, it IS kind of ironic that dragons might PHYSICALLY age more slowly than ponies, but MENTALLY develop at a faster rate. But that DOES actually make pretty good sense. And, as was aforementioned, seeing the five fillies taking turns feeding Spike was downright beautiful, as was AJ's family's quick acceptance (certainly quicker than Ponyville was in accepting Zecora, but that's more than a decade down the road).

Anyway, REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

Wait till the next chapter there will be much more cuteness to come

I wonder... are you going to have Twilight be a new mommy for Spike?

No. This is a story about what if Spike was raised by the 5 and their parents, not a book obsessed mare.

What they don't know, is that he was born in Equestria.

I wonder if spike will remember twilight hatching her and I wonder how sunburst gonna react down the line lol

Yeah, I can understand Hondo and Cookie fainting at their older daughter being co-mother to a newly hatched dragon. And, yeah, I can understand why Spike would have the misunderstanding that he did. Glad the fillies and the Apple adults were able to clear it up. Rainbow's parents would probably be super-excited, but Fluttershy's parents and slightly younger brother would probably freak out worse than Hondo and Cookie just did.

All the same, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups are, of course, quite well done.

VERY good job on this latest chapter. Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are well done in all the right places. I adored how Baby Spike calmed down after Hondo and Cookie recovered and the fillies and Rarity explained things to them. And now, we've got Rainbow's parents and Fluttershy's family to introduce Spike to. Then it's off to the Rock Farm to introduce Spike to Pinkie's parents and sisters.

Of course, years down the road, one has to wonder which one of the fillies (mares by that point) will be most likely to play "over-protective mother" when Spike meets Ember. And how Cheese Sandwich and a reformed Discord will take to being Spike's "dads".

But, at any rate, I WILL very certainly be looking forward to more of this.

Honestly after introductions are done Iโ€™m probably going to skip forward a few years spike about 3-4 years. But thatโ€™s still about 5-6 chapters away and yes that includes the towns ponies introduction to Spike.

Loved it! especially when all the girls rejected Zephyr

I am adoring this story so far. The dialogue can get a bit repetitive and stilted at times and you could stand to be a bit more descriptive with showing instead of telling, but it's been improving with each chapter.
The characterization is marvelous and I can easily see them all reacting the way they are in this story. It's just a fun, delightful read and I can't wait for it to continue, especially when it gets past the introductions.
Also, I really love the way you Incorporated all of their parents and gave a perfectly understandable reason to have them all meet each other. Especially AJ's parents, since yeah with how young she is here it'd make sense for them to still be alive. And who knows, maybe enough has changed with this meeting that they might not end up dying like in canon.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of this in the future! :twilightsmile:

Why is it I can imaging spike just slapping zephyr in the head alone with random stuff

VERY little I can say beyond splendid job on this latest chapter. Once more, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. I especially loved how Rainbow's folks and Fluttershy's family responded to Spike and how protective Fluttershy got concerning Spike. And, yeah, LOVED seeing the girls shooting Zephyr down and Spike's reaction to what Fluttershy said about Zephyr.

VERY definitely looking forward to more (particularly meeting Spike's final set of grandparents and aunts and maybe one or two side chapters checking in on Twilight and whoever Celestia assigns to try to keep her grounded).

In all seriousness Iโ€™m thinking of creating a oc for that, she would be Raven Inkwells teenage daughter note pad. But I would love to hear some ideas.

i wonder when celestia will react if she got wind of this?

That actually sounds pretty good. Definitely far better than anything *I* can think of.

Probably giving Flight a MUCH deserved ear-full (complete with Royal Canterlot Voice and a string of [passingly mentioned, but not actually written down] profanity that would make Samuel L. Jackson proud) and THAT would just be the START of a VERY massive string of karma (which would include, but NOT be limited to, him getting fired [both figuratively AND literally {she IS the Alicorn of the Sun, after all; I'm pretty sure she knows some pretty strong fire spells}] and getting tossed in the most secure dungeon Celestia can find for the rest of his life).

An orphan isn't an abandoned child. It's a child whose parents have died.

AJ chuckled. "Yeah, but that's not all, I'll explain later, ok?"

Congratulations Bright mac, You and Pear butter are grandparents.

Really good work on this latest chapter. :-D The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all wonderfully done. I especially adored Fluttershy's calming her parents down and introducing them to not just Rarity, AJ and Pinkie, but also Hondo and Cookie as well as the Apple adults.

And, now, next chapter, we see Pinkie throwing a party to introduce her parents and sisters to Spike as well as her new friends and THEIR parents.

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