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A lonely Pegasus, scared by the world around her and content just being by herself. On a faithful day, she earns her cutie mark. What if on the same day, she also found a dragon egg. How would one simple shift change Fluttershy and Spike's life?

AKA, a story I'm surprised didn't get made sooner.
Inspired by The Dragon of sweet apple acres, My Dragon Brother, and Spike Pie.

Special thanks goes out to
NaomisHeadspaceART at devianart for making the cover. Seriously, thank you for this! :twilightsmile:

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Okay we now have all mane six alternate spike adoption stories
I think there is a Spike belle too but I don't think it counts cuz he's a unicorn

Sweet first chapter, can't wait to see more of this version of Fluttershy/Spike growing up together! 💖

Come on people this is so far a great story, show this guy some love, he's the only one who was willing to do this AU. Props to you, Please do more.

Sweet! A AU story where Fluttershy hatches and adopts Spike! All that leaves now is a story where Rarity does the same.

Not sure if theirs one where she hatches him, but there's one where he's raised into her family. Spike Belle I think it's called.

Some plot points.
Fluttershy probably never went back to Junior Flight Camp (God knows, they'd have had to drag me back in chains)
Rainbow Dash & the other racers probably got kicked out of flight camp (If I was in charge I'd take a damn dim view of this incident)
Regardless, Dash met Gilda in Junior Flight Camp & Fluttershy didn't seem to know her

Dragons eat gems. They're cheaper in EQ, but IDK if Fluttershy's parents could afford this

If Twilight didn't hatch Spike did she still get into Celestia's school?

IMO, this probably took place 8 years or so before the pilot (I explain why I think this in my blog, if you're interested)
and Fluttershy is 1-2 years older than Dash
(in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, (S1 E23) she boasts that she was the first in her age group to get her mark)

Minor head canon.
Fluttershy spends enough time hiding under her bed that she probably has it fixed up with pillows & a blankie, maybe a futon, some bottled water, a light (?), & maybe some snacks & perhaps a stuffie or 2

Thank you for offering to help, just tell me how it works( since I'm still figuring out how this site works) and I'll make you my proofreader.

No, Twilight did pass the entrance examine as in canon. The reason Spike's egg was somewhere else will be explained later. Part of the reason why I'm setting it up like this is because as much as I love the other 'spike raised by other mane 6' stories, I'm always a bit baffled by the fact the egg is always just born and hatched earlier in each story.

What happens is that
1) You write the story
2) You use the letter button to post it to me
3) I send you back any suggested corrections
4) You make any corrections that you feel are called for
5) You post the chapter
Turn around time is usually 1-2 days (for me)

Also, recommend that you watch The Cutie Mark Chronicles (if you haven't already) as it probably has more background info on the Mane 6 than all the other episodes combined

When’s the update

yo, when you updating
the premise is interesting

The next chapter will be coming within the week.

You get Fluttershys, Rainbows and zephyrs personality’s dead on. Take all the time you need to get the next chapter out. Just make some to finish the story before you die.

I agree with this headcanon.

This is not a bad start, though there is a need for an editor here. I could help you out if you like.

This is absolutely wonderful so far, keep it up!:raritywink:

Very cute, and love how she isn't treating him like a pet, or animal.

Awesome follow-up to the previous chapter, really loving the small changes Spike have given Fluttershy here in terms of confidence. 💖

"Spike. His name is Spike."

"Really, Spike?" Zypher question as if he had anything to say about the situation. "If he was my pet Dragon, I would totally come up with something totally more amazing, like.."

Whatever name he was about to sell was left untold, as no one in the room really cared to hear him out, especially the dragon now named Spike, who let out a loud belch in Zephyr's direction, which once again, had a trail of emerald fire follow it. Not enough to scar the colt for life or leave permanent damage, but enough to burn the top bun of his rather shaggy blonde mane off. The colt looked like he was about the scream, turning purple as he held his breath. "IGOTTOUSETHERESTROOM!" He screamed out, running off to freak out in privacy.

lol oh yeah, Spike will fit right in alright! :rainbowlaugh:

A very interesting development; looking forward to more.

...um, no offense, but you may want to get another proofreader though. This thing is riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors. The story is good, but it can make it harder to read.

Do you think you could do me a favor and link to the stories that inspired this one?

An egg. It was purple with spots covering it, but other than it's rather huge size, it was just that, and egg. A harmless, lonely egg.

So...instead of hatching the egg (and making the baby drake ginormous), Twilight teleported it? Is that what happened here?

Why so many line breaks in the middle? Looks distinctly odd.

"It's more normal than living with a baby dragon, so there's that. I mean, it's not like you live under there." Rainbow took a glance under the bed. She found herself dumbfounded. "Why is there a lamp stand under here? And how did you fit in an entire bookshelf?"

It's Pinkie Pie. Don't- Wait, no it's not Pinkie Pie. It's Fluttershy. How did you do that?

I was new to the site, so I didn't know how the line breaks worked. I'll eventually go back to fix it.

You have too many of those odd lines, they ruin the chapter for me.

Okay, after reading all 3 chapters, I have decided..... I'll stick around

Love the story but, the other three stories that this is related to ( at least I think it's supposed to be related to them?) have spike pretty much the same age as the one he is raised with. Why make this one different?

Also there is one were he is hatched and raised by celestia and it is really good aside from the fact that it sounds like it's supposed to be an anime but at least it's not like the ones that have unnecessary actions and reactions and other unnecessary things like others do and please don't ask what I mean by that cause it would be difficult to explain. Just sucks that it is most likely not going to be continued.

Also will rainbowdash develop feelings for spike sometime in the next few chapters?

Hope so cause even though others may disagree they go pretty good together.


Well, I am trying to be a little different from other 'spike growing up with other mane 6' stories, and it kind of bothered me that the main factor for spike to be in the story is that he's born sooner. Idk, its kind of a pet peeve of mine.
And I also really love younger brother older sister dynamics, and I have more experience writing that kind of relationship.
I'm not too sure when it comes to shipping. I have a few ponies in mind, but nothing's cemented.

That last part with Fluttershy was just cute!:yay: Good job!:moustache:

you knew about this story and didn't tell me? I feel betrayed.

plz more
ps im up at 4 15 am y am I still up oooooooOOOOoooo spacaly zipping thangs
…. I thank I shuld go to sleep now

Inspired by My Dragon Brother

Well I'm glad my unfinished story apparently inspired someone else to make (and hopefully finish) their story! I'll keep an eye on this for now, though I'll have to read it later when I'm not swamped by real life stuff.


have Spike the same age as the one he is raised with

With how much I've learned about writing over the years, I approve of making him the younger brother to Shy. Same age dynamics are actually quite boring to write, mostly because they tend to end up liking the same things and having mostly the same personality, as people write them.

Could you give me the name of that story with Celestia

It's (A shell, a spell, and....wait, what the)

9693173 9690685
Link, please. Searching on my own has been fruitless.

Awe I'm sure Zephyr will warm up to the little guy over time and I like the friendly annoyance relationship Spike has with Rainbow. Over time the two could be good friends and Fluttershy as a mama works out perfectly.

the person who wrote this hasn't been online since Sep 17th, 2020. They might not be coming back

Yeah I know. Just trying. Some other fanfiction sites I've commented on have seen some comebacks though. Can't hurt to try.

maybe one day. but we have no idea what day that might be

so, you coming back to finish this?

It's been almost 2 years since they last logged in, my hope has died.

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