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Spike Solaris is just trying to live a normal teenage life with his mother Celestia, his aunt Luna and his friends, but only one problem; His father is the ruler of all dragons who wants to take over the world from the humans. Balancing a normal life while keeping the secret that he is half dragon from his friends is bad enough, throw in a power hungry 300 foot tall dragon as a father and that's only the tip of the iceberg on Spikes hectic life.

Thanks to castroedgar316 & Helping Hoof for editing.

Thanks to smilingDOGZ for the cover art.

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I haven't read this yet, but I'm amazed you remember that movie.
After reading I'm definitely looking forward to what direction you take this. Are you only using the movie as a base or will you be following it to a T with some of your own elements here and there?

I’m going to use some from the movie like the how he hides his powers and similar points but I’m mostly going on my own ideas.

This is going to be good... Though I wonder how the romance aspect will work... Can't wait for more

Thank you and I’m still wondering it to but I plan for romance down the line.

I am looking for an editor to help me get my stories out faster, and to help me develop the story. Currently it takes me about two weeks to write and edit a 3k+ word chapter but I am also working on starting my third story which would make me lengthen that time even more, so I decided to inquire about finding help, PM me if you are interested.

Good chapter pacing is great in my opinion.

Couldn't he have said she saw his green hair instead of a green flame? I mean, when the light hits it just right, those bangs sing

Quick question. Why does Spike have two history teachers, Harshwhinny and Neighsay?

My bad Harshwhinny is history the other is math

When will the next chapter will be released

I remember cartoon network running a short series similar to this

No just some things have been going on I plan to have a new one up by the first week of June

I want to ask what would be better in my story, Sugar cube corner, or Sweet snacks café? I'm only doing one now and might have the other one in later.

I think sugar cube corner is the best way to go.

It pretty good so far keep up the good work

It's very good, but feels a little rushed. Maybe try to add more detail to some stuff and that should help.

I've seen the movie and this is a pretty great variation. Keep me up to date.

This story needs more likes

I thought this story died thank god it didn’t

Had to evacuate from my home during the hurricane in Louisiana the second week July couldn’t bring my computer.

Still alive, still writing.

So, Spike is gonna go see his dad. Will he be spiteful or happy?

Not sure about series but there was a movie with the exact same name and story line

Started out as a small comic series, adapted by CN to a TV movie that few remember and now lives as a MLP crossover by yours truly. Hope your enjoying it.

Never in my life would I imagine seeing someone make a adaptation of CN’s Firebreather.

not a problem. i love the work your doing. keep it up

9820511 It is possible to find them, it's just finding the good ones

Comment posted by Mx deleted Sep 13th, 2019

where is the new chapter? 20th sep 2019

great story you have here, hope to see more soon

I loved this movie when it aired on cartoon network hopefully this fic will live up to it:raritystarry:

Hey sorry but it was an accident on my account, please wait a day or two for the real next chapter.
I’m also going to delete your comment, spoilers.

Holy shit I havent thought about that movie in years. Hold up I gotta go watch that now!

i think that in three days spike might have a younger sibling...also great chapter

Bahamaut: Ah shit here we go again........

This chapter was absolutely fun to read! Also, R.I.P Bahamut, it was nice knowing you. (Even though we just met you)

Comment posted by castroedgar316 deleted Sep 30th, 2019

Nice to see Spike doesn't hate his own dad.

Our Dearly Beloved, we gather here today to mourn the death of Bahmaut, king of dragons. He was sadly skinned by his ex after hearing of their sons engagement.

Hahahahahadjnzjgncjdkdnf xD

Bahamut is a dead dragon. I wonder if he'll ask his Sister-in-law to protect.

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