This story is a sequel to Dragon's Mommies

What if Spike was found in the Everfree by Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash? Then after taking him in and raising him as their son, how would life with a dragon for a son be?

This story is a sequel to Dragon's Mommies, to understand what is going on, please go read that first.

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Have you auto approved this?

Because there was no description about what the story is actually about, therefore I do believe that you have auto approved.

It's a sequel, with the same idea as the last story. If you're interested, go check it out.

Do hope that you understand that there needs to be a description for what the story is about.

There was no description so readers will not know what the story is about and will be turned off by it.

That was a good opening

Oh girls don't be mad at Twilight She Tactically didn't do anything wrong or never knew what happen it was all hidden from her Try to get to know her Maybe you can be best friends maybe :twilightblush:

So basically this is where we all start in the 1st episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic but with a twist I do hope the girls will give Twilight a changes And technically twilight was the one who hatch spike So she part of the group of mommy's Anyway I can't wait what's gonna happen Even know I have some ideas but this is a different time-line

Well, I'm glad you got the story started. Once again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are quite well done. I loved the chat between Rarity and Raven as well as Rainbow and Pinkie as Spike was getting ready to meet Twilight, Moondancer and Sunburst.

To be fair to Twilight, Rarity, Celestia kind of kept her out of the loop about Spike until relatively recently and didn't give her much of a say in the matter. Plus, well, she probably wouldn't try to take Spike away from you and the other girls (share, maybe, but not take away).


And, yeah, Moondancer and Sunburst are going to find out Twilight was right within about 24 hours or less. And I could see the scene with Celestia too.

Moondancer: Look, Twi, you WERE right about Nightmare Moon, but we want to help!

Twilight: You and Sunburst ARE helping. You're helping by keeping an eye on Spike and his aunts and friends!

Sunburst: Foalsitting? No offense, Twilight, but even as powerful as you are, you can't take on Nightmare Moon on your own! Not after she obviously defeated and captured Celestia herself.

Twilight: No offense taken, but I'm already well aware that this is going to be extremely dangerous and I'm not going to chance you two OR Spike getting hurt on this!

Rainbow: And neither are WE!

Applejack: Twi's DEFINITELY NOT goin' dis one alone. (to Twilight) And, unlike Moondancer and Sunburst, ya can't order us to stay behind.

Pinkie: Though we DO appreciate you thinking enough about Spike to have him looked after by trusted others while we help you literally AND figuratively save the day.


Celestia: Thank you very much for bringing back my sister. How can I repay the six of you?

Pinkie: How about two tickets for EACH of us to the Grand Galloping Gala - well, except for Twilight; SHE will need THREE tickets because she has Moondancer AND Sunburst to take with her. Applejack could take Granny Smith so the two Macs and Buttercup can handle the farm in her absence while also watching Apple Bloom, I can take Maud, Rarity can take Sweetie Belle and Rainbow and Fluttershy can decide between themselves which one of them gets to take Spike. If Fluttershy takes Spike, Rainbow can take Scootaloo and if Rainbow takes Spike, Fluttershy can take Zephyr. Well, actually Fluttershy should take Spike because there is no way we are trusting Zephyr around all those mares at the Gala.

Fluttershy: More importantly, there is no way we are paying Zephyr's doctor bills after all those mares either slap Zephyr, knee him in the groan or both. But, yes, quite well reasoned, Pinkie.

Celestia: That is A LOT of tickets and, in all honesty, the Gala is more of a high class meet and greet than the sort of party YOU like, Pinkie. Still, I suppose I could let you get a chance to work with the Gala entertainment team so you can set up A FEW games to make it more - tolerable.


Twilight: Rarity, I know you are excited about the Gala, but I SHOULD warn you about Prince Blueblood.

Rarity: Really? What about?

Twilight: He IS a pretty competent diplomat, yes, but he ALSO tends to be rather - on guard - at the Gala. And has kind of adopted a "huge jerk" persona to discourage gold diggers.

Rarity: The gold diggers tend to be so stubborn that a simple, polite "'no'" doesn't work?

Twilight: Unfortunately, yes.

(and yeah I admit I included both a nod to the IDW Comics AND a semi-popular fan theory on why Blueblood is such a jerk. I apologize for presuming.)


Sorry about that. Got carried away.

Anyway, very certainly looking forward to more of this, but I'm quite willing to be patient.

"So you say, but what would you do if, and this is totally hypothetical, Spike decided to start living with her as well?"

I hope he doesn't and good start with the sequel.

Good start here, guess Twilight's gonna have to work VERY hard to win the Mane 5 over in the official first ep of the series though. :raritywink:

I just thought I'd check this chapter out, and now for this au I am thinking that Celestia is a manipulative moron.

*skims through the cannon series* ...yeah, that checks out. Not that I think cannon Celestia is manipulative or moronic in general, so much as when she is manipulating things, she doesn't have NEARLY enough safety measures in place.

Soon man I got 2 exams this week.

Who what comes next? And I know you can get an 89% on those :moustache:exams

Hey good luck on your exam 😊

alot of people dont bother to put a big bio on sequals if there following the same trend and just go read the first one and a small bio but the gist is after spike was hatched celestia went to return him to the dragon lands but the guard she hired was a coward jerk and alot of things and dtiched baby spike in the everfree then he is found by the main cast minus twilight and he imprinted on them as his mothers.

fast forawrd a few years dimond tiaras mother is locked up raven inkwell is married to filthy rich spike sorta gets engaged to ember by accident said guard from before is in tarturus and even teirek dislikes him for what he did the molt happend earlier celestia is the grandmother he meets twilight they find out she hatched spike but did not know he was sent away abd then you get to canon show events

........ after what i read i have to wonder what would happen if spike meat a diamond dog.

you was not kidding about havibg a bunch ready to go

scare them stright after they kidnaped his mother which leads to him being grounded for threating to eat them if they did not let her go

well there are those types of dog like the ones i call 'the three stooges'. but there are ones like my oc that are nice and want to help ponies.

"Well, maybe you should write her, and get back into contact." Said Spike.

YES! YES! DO IT! YES! Come on Sunburst! You can avert two crises at once!

ok that last bit was gold

All I can say is that the chapter(s) might have taken a while, but were quite well worth the wait. So far, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up were all well done in all the right place. Loved the interactions with Pinkie Pie in this chapter (especially the stuff about Twilight's two most absurd phobias in her file) as well as Twilight getting called on her comically bad dancing. And, yeah, the arrival at Sweet Apple Acres was great (including Apple Bloom dragging Spike by the tail).

On to the next chapter.

and now im thinking spike meets discord boops him and they get into a prank war with pinkie and dash/ chrissy goes nope to invading

Again, an excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up here. Yeah, the stuff about Spike swiping those pies for Twilight and her friends was well-meaning, but got him in trouble. And I liked the bit of Hypocritical Humor in Applejack complaining about Mac's stubbornness as well as Spike being smart enough to use his tail instead of his legs for apple-bucking. And, indeed, Sunburst SHOULD write to Starlight and get back in contact with her (assuming it's NOT already too late).

And, on to the next chapter.

Again, I have to say that I loved Spike reciting Rainbow's rules about Spike flying without either Rainbow OR Flutters. And I can definitely understand the "take cover" reaction when Twilight started questioning Rainbow's ability. And I also appreciate Rainbow's admission that the clouds were heavier than was planned for the day.

Anyway, great job on the exchanges, characterizations, humor and future chapter set-up and I'm definitely on to the next chapter.

Again, wonderful job on this chapter. The exchanges, characterizations, sweetness, action set-up and future chapter set-up are wonderfully done. Especially loved Twilight and Rarity's dialogue (particularly with Twilight understanding about the initial misunderstanding), as well as Raven's reaction to Randolph being the one who sent the invitations to Diamond's cutie mark celebration, Cadance's news about Shining's proposal (which, unfortunately, got overheard by one of Chrysalis's agents disguised as a waiter), the work that went into the party preparations and Nightmare's getting ready to strike.

And, on to the next chapter.

Yikes. This was an (appropriately) nerve-wracking chapter. REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Absolutely loved Spike's scene with Celestia before Nightmare Moon officially returned as well as Spike making an honest effort to reason with Luna/Nightmare. Unfortunately, the Nightmare has possessed Spike and upset his mothers. This is going to get rough.

Again, on to the next chapter.

Again, this was a great chapter. LOVED Celestia's quick explanation about the Elements and the last time they were used, as well as Spike continuing to try to get the Nightmare to see reason (particularly comparing it to a comic book adventure and pointing out the flaws in Nightmare's plans) and ESPECIALLY Celestia catching Twilight.

The exchanges, characterization, action, humor and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places, once again.

And, on to the next chapter.

Excellent work on the exchanges, characterizations, action, humor, general arc wrap-up and future story set-up in all the right places. Especially loved Celestia continuing to actively contribute to the adventure as well as Spike continuing to poke holes in Nightmare's plans, the plans to introduce Spike to the palace after the adventure was successfully concluded and ESPECIALLY Pinkie nipping "Lesson Zero" in the bud.

VERY definitely looking forward to the next several arcs.

Shoot, forgot to turn on my anti me logic." Pinkie squinted as she concentrated on being a normal pony, and once he felt a small jolt of electricity, she fell down the trap door and into her and Spike's party cave.

What how lol dang it pinkie :pinkiehappy: Why am I asking

It's good to be back to the story anyway so spike is showing twilight in the other 2 around ponyville thats nice of him And I see twilight dance better than that

And she got the moves like Jagger lol

Sunburst shook his head as well. "Nope, only child as well. But I had a great friend back in my home town, her name was Starlight Glimmer, but I haven't gotten any letters from her while I've been gone."

"Well, maybe you should write her, and get back into contact." Said Spike.

Sunburst smiled as he had been focused on his studying to really write to Starlight. "Yeah, that's a good idea, but I hope she's not too mad at me for waiting this long."

Oh god yes you should sunburst So she doesn't go crazy mad

I starting to realize this is like the 1st episode when twilight meeting with the main 5 So now The apples are prepared for the ceremony of princess Celestia visit and i hope twilight will become friends with them beside She was the one who hatched spike But I guess we'll find out on the next chapter

Well looks like everything is pretty good on rainbow and fluttershy side as well Again I'm just sensing some déjà vu but with a little bit of extra things in the story in a good way at least and of course Rainbow dash is really fast I wonder what's gonna happen next

Rarity giggled, but that was to hide the fact that Twilight was there. "Sorry sweetie." She looked to Twilight. "Twilight, it's good to see you again. But I must apologize once again for my actions towards you when we first met."

Oh Finally somepony acknowledg about their action from the other story Again it wasn't twilight fault In fact if it wasn't for her spike would never be here

But this made Rarity growl, she was remembering what Raven said about Spike living with her.

Rarity You need to calm down ok i know you love spike so much but you got to give him the chance to get to know twilight ok No need to get to overprotected

"Excellent, keep me informed, the more changelings we can replace, the easier it will be to finally take over Equestria." Said a pair of green glowing eyes.

Oh no queen chrysalis

On the moon, a pair of demonic blue eyes opened and started chuckling at the view of her former home. "The eternal night has awakened."

its time The princess of the night returns 😈

ok so rartiy Is a little bit too over Protective But I guess is an instinct of a mother and that's fair I guess but she needs to tone down a notch a little But anyway things are going pretty well and hearing princess cadence getting married to shining armor And it makes sense why she wants to keep it a secret but she could have just told twilight but whatever but unfortunately little they don't know queen chrysalis is Preparing for the attack And pinkie pie setting up the party of course This should be a fun evening but unfortunately another villain coming back the princess of the night nightmare moon is coming Boy that's pretty exciting lol

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