Dragon's Mommies

by TAD2

First published

Spike was sent back to the Dragon Lands right after he was hatched, but what happens when he is found by 5 little fillies

Right after the events of the sonic rainboom, it is decided that Spike the newly hatched dragon is to be sent to live with his own kind, but with all the negative relations with the dragons, it was bound to cause trouble, the guard tasked with the transport of the whelp decides why risk his flank, so he flies to the Everfree Forest and deposits the baby. But he is unaware that he flew over 5 little fillies who all happened to making their way to the small village at the forests edge.

They see the guard leave the poor defenseless baby in the forest, so they retrieve him, but this has its consequences. Spike who started out with no family, now has 5 mommies.

Inspired by all the stories about Spike in other families.

First feature 11/14/19, 11/18/19,11/20/19,11/21/19,12/4/19

Is That A Dragon?

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Princess Celestia was enjoying a nice cup of tea, as she read the afternoon edition of the Canterlot Times, she was suppose to be overseeing the entrance exams for her school of gifted unicorns, but after years of seeing nervous fillies and colts passing out due to having their princess judging them on their magic abilities, it was better if she just got the report from the examiners. Besides it was an easy exam, try your best to hatch a dead dragon egg that had been found over a hundred years ago. The point of the exam was to see how much magic the unicorn could produce, not to actually hatch the egg.

That plan went out the window when the sky above was encircled by a rainbow shockwave, then the sound of a building getting destroyed. Celestia sighed as she placed her tea cup on the coffee table next to her chair, she walked over to the window and the sight that met her was more than a little surprising. Sticking out of one of the destroyed towers of the castle was the head of a large purple dragon with green head fins and deep emerald green eyes. Celestia groaned. "Of course, why can't I just have one day to myself, I have waited for three years to have no day court, and the only thing I had to do today was see if this new applicant could of gotten into my school." Said Celestia as she powered up her horn.

Celestia teleported to the exam room and looked at the sad state of the room. All 4 examiners were floating in a bubble of pure magic, there was a lavender colored filly with glowing white eyes shooting magical bolts randomly, next to the filly were 2 plants, probably her parents she accidently transformed, and mostly in the room was the rest of the magically grown dragon that was looking absent mindedly at the sky. Celestia took a deep breath as she walked over to the little filly, she placed her hoof on the fillies shoulder and it seemed to brake her concentration. The fillies eyes stopped glowing and she looked at Celestia, but Celestia just smiled at her.

The filly dropped to her knees as she started to cry. "I'm...So...So....Sorry....pri...Princess." Cried the filly.

Celestia smiled at her as she used her hoof to lift the fillies head. "Shhh, its ok. What's your name my little pony?"

"Twilight Sparkle."

Celestia smiled. "Don't worry my little Twilight, today is suppose to be a day of joy, its not every day a filly gets her cutie mark."

"Cutie mark?" Asked Twilight as she looked at her flank, and right there was a dark pink six pointed star with five smaller stars. Twilight started to jump around in joy, completely ignoring Celestia.

Celestia looked behind her to address the dragon in the room, but instead of a massive beast, all there was, was a small little dragon whelp sucking on his own tail, Celestia walked over to the dragon and looked at it, the dragon looked at her with his big green innocent eyes. "Hello little one." Said Celestia as she scooped the dragon up. "Don't worry, you'll be back with your own kind soon." The baby just cooed. Celestia used her magic to cast a sleeping spell on the baby dragon sending him to sleep.

Celestia sighed as she looked at the little dragon in her hoofs, as she thought to herself. 'I thought that egg was dead, no one has been able to hatch it for over a hundred years. I can't let him stay, if word got out that a baby dragon was hatched in Equestria, the dragon lord would stop at nothing to safely recover the baby, but without a name he will never be accepted. Come on think, he's purple, he has big emerald eyes, he has spikes...' "Spike." Said Celestia. Spike just snored. Celestia looked at the room and noticed that Twilight and her parents were still celebrating the filly getting a cutie mark, so Celestia quickly teleported to her royal chambers and placed Spike on her bed. She used her magic to retrieve a scroll.

Hello, this is Spike, I am unable to take care of him, please take him in and treat him as your own, I am sorry Spike, I hope you will be happy.

Wrote Celestia as she rolled the scroll up, she used her magic to teleport a basket, a blanket, and a couple of soft gems for a meal for Spike and she placed all of them along with the note and Spike into the basket. She walked over to her chamber doors and opened them, alerting her personal guards that are stationed there.

"Princess, is everything alright?" Asked the guard.

Celestia nodded. "Yes, everything is fine, but I need the fastest pegasus to report to me right now." Ordered Celestia.

The guard saluted. "Ma'am." Said the guard as he teleported to the guard barracks.

A few minutes later the guard teleported back with another guard in tow, the only difference was instead of a horn poking out of his helmet, the new guard had two holes in his armor to let his white wings poke out, both guards saluted. "Reporting for duty, Ma'am."

Celestia smiled at the guard as she motioned for the pegasus to enter the room, he did, Celestia closed the door. "What is your name?" Asked Celestia.

"Corporal Swift Flight, Ma'am."

"Corporal Flight, I have a special mission for you that could determine the fate of Equestria."

"I am ready for anything your highness."

Celestia nodded as she levitated Spike's basket over to the stallion. "This is Spike, he was accidently mistaken for a dead dragon egg, that one of my school's applicants hatched, he must be returned to the dragon lands immediately." Said Celestia.

Flight nodded as he used his wings to slide the basket onto his back. "Yes Ma'am." Said Flight as he flew over to the window and flew as fast as he could out of the castle.

Celestia walked over to the window and watched Flight and Spike fly off. "I hope I did the right thing." Said Celestia.

Once Flight was out of sight, he started to worry. 'I can't do this, I'm just the messenger, what if I run into a dragon, I'm not ready to die.' Flight looked at the basket on his back. "Sorry little guy, but I have a family, and you were an accident." Said Flight as he changed course, he was now headed for the most dangerous place in the kingdom, The Everfree Forest.

They Meet

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Flight was right at the edge of the Everfree Forest, he walked into the forest but not wanting to get to deep into the most dangerous location in Equestria he didn't go to far, in less than a minute he found a tree stump. "Perfect." Said Flight as he walked over to the stump and placed the basket on it. Spike was starting to wake up as the sound of his stomach growling echoed through the forest. Spike yawned as he opened his eyes, but he didn't see anyone around, he became scared and started to cry.

Swift not wanting to watch one of the creatures of the Everfree enjoy its next meal, he quickly flew out of the forest, leaving Spike to die in the forest.

Spike stayed there for what to him felt like years, but when your only 2 hours old, every moment of your life feels like a year, but he was still hungry, and scared. But then he heard a sound, actually a lot of sounds, which only made him cry even more. Spike continued to cry, that was until a group of little fillies walked up to the basket and looked into it.

20 Minutes ago. A sky blue pegasus filly with a rainbow mane was flying around looking for her friend. "Fluttershy, where are you?" Yelled the blue filly. She looked around for her friend, but she noticed one of the royal guards flying towards the local town, Ponyville, but she just shrugged it off, as she continued to look for her friend. "Fluttershy?"

At the same time, a yellow pegasus with a long pink mane was hovering around a group of animals as she was enjoying her first time on solid ground, a white unicorn with deep purple mane done up in curls was walking home truly inspired by the large geode her magic led her to, a orange filly with a blond mane done up in a low pony tail was making her way back to her family farm after discovering that her family was her destiny, and a overly energetic pink filly with a large puffy pink mane was walking to the closest town so she can always make others smile. But the one thing that they all had in common was they all noticed the single royal guard flying around with a basket on his back. It was rare to see a royal guard out side of Canterlot and even rarer to see only a single one out and about. All the fillies looked at the guard confused. "What is he doing out here?" Asked all the girls at once, one by one they decided to follow the guard to see what was going on.

All the little fillies met up at the edge of the Everfree forest, then the sound of the blue pegasus yelling drew the attention of all the fillies. "Fluttershy!" yelled the blue filly, as she flew straight for her friend.

"Rainbow Dash." Cheered the yellow pegasus as she smiled at seeing her friend.

Rainbow Dash landed and gave her friend a big hug, glad to see she was safe. "Thank Celestia your ok, after I won the race, and I couldn't find you, I got worried, what happened to you and who are they?" Asked Rainbow Dash as she pointed to the other fillies.

Fluttershy looked over to the other fillies and became scared, she was not used to being around so many other ponies, so she decided to hide behind Rainbow. "I don't know."

The orange filly looked over at the two pegasi confused, but then she looked over at the other two fillies that were next to her, both were gasping at her, but one was more shocked to see the orange filly. "Applejack?" Asked the white filly.

Applejack got a good look at the white one, "Rarity?" Asked Applejack.

"AJ." Cheered Rarity as she pulled AJ into a hug. "It is you, what are you doing here, I thought that you were still in manehattun."

AJ nodded as she hugged Rarity. "Yeah, but I missed the farm, and I just felt like I didn't belong with all them big city ponies. What are you doing here?"

"I was put in charge of designing the costumes for the school play, but I was drawing a blank, then my horn started to pull me towards a large boulder that had a lot of gems inside of it, so I started to rush home so I could finish the design."

"That was probably a multi colored geode, their very rare to find in the wild." Said the pink filly as she wrapped her legs around AJ and Rarity. She smiled at the two. "Hi, I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie, but just call me Pinkie Pie. Its nice to meet you." Said Pinkie.

Rarity was surprised by the sudden intrusion but when she turned to look at Pinkie all she saw was AJ who was confused. Rarity looked over at the two pegasi and matched AJ's level of confusion when she saw that Pinkie was introducing herself to them.

"Hi, my name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but just call me Pinkie Pie, what's your name?" Asked Pinkie.

"I'm Rainbow Dash, the awesomest filly in all of Cloudsdale." Said Rainbow puffing out her chest, she then moved to the side and showed Fluttershy. "And this is Fluttershy, she is very timid, but she will open up more once she gets used to you." Said Rainbow.

Fluttershy looked up at Pinkie who was smiling at her, but she was still scared so she hid inside of her mane. "Um...it's nice to meet you." Said Fluttershy. Pinkie smiled at Fluttershy as she pulled her out of her mane and gave her a hug.

But the hug was cut short when the sound of something crying echoed out from the forest, all the fillies looked up and noticed that the guard was flying away from the forest without the basket, but the crying continued. Fluttershy looked into the forest, and something inside of her felt angry, she broke off from Pinkie and the others and walked into the forest determined to help whatever was crying. All the other girls looked shocked at the actions of the same little filly that was scared not 10 seconds ago. Rainbow reached out to Fluttershy. "Flutters what are you doing, that's the Everfree Forest, it's dangerous."

Fluttershy turned her head and looked at Rainbow. "And clearly something that can't defend itself is stuck in there, I am not just going to leave it, it won't last long, so you can either join me, or you can go get an adult." Said Fluttershy as she walked past AJ and Rarity, and into the forest.

Rainbow had never seen Fluttershy act like this before, but something was telling her to follow. Rainbow sighed as she took a deep breath and walked fast to catch up with Fluttershy.

AJ, Rarity, and Pinkie all watched the 2 pegasi walk into the dangerous forest. AJ and Rarity were both natives of Ponyville so they knew the dangers of the forest, Timberwolfs, Manticores, Cockatrices and Hydras, all of them call the forest their home. AJ sighed as she ran to the 2. "Hold up, I'm tagging along." Said AJ.

Rarity gasped. "AJ don't, it's dangerous." She turned to look at Pinkie for some sort of support, but Pinkie was nowhere to be seen behind her. Rarity looked back at her friend and saw that she was with Pinkie, and the two others. Rarity sighed as she looked between the forest and Ponyville, debating whether to follow her friend, and going to go get her daddy, but the sound of crying quickly made her decision for her. Rarity took a deep breath and marched in to the forest to help her new friends.

One Big Family

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The group of fillies walked over in to the forest, all led by Fluttershy, who was honing in on the source of the crying. It was getting closer, but then it stopped. "Oh No!" gasped Fluttershy when the crying stopped, but her frantic gasp only made the crying start up again, but now it was even louder and sounded even more scared. Fluttershy and the others let out a sigh of relief when they heard the sound of crying return.

"Thank goodness." Sighed Fluttershy, she continued to walk through the forest, and it didn't take them long to find a tree stump with a basket on it, from what they saw, there were no predators around, so they made their way to the source of the crying. Fluttershy was about to look into the basket, but she was stopped by AJ.

"Hold your hoofs, sugar cube." Said AJ holding out her hoof between the filly and the stump. "We don't know what's in that basket, and I don't want to lose a pony on my watch." Said AJ, but the sound of crying was even louder then before. This only drove Fluttershy to help the creature crying.

Fluttershy shook her head. "No, can't you hear it, it's scared." Said Fluttershy as she got passed AJ's hoof, and reared up on her legs to reach the top of the stump, and the sight she saw was not what she was expecting, Fluttershy ducked her head out of fear.

The other girls looked at the reaction of the flip flopping filly that not 10 seconds ago was determined to help the creature in the basket and now she is hiding from it. AJ, Rarity, Rainbow, and Pinkie walked over to the basket and looked inside of it. The moment the others saw the contents of the basket they copied the motions of Fluttershy.

"Is that what I think it is?" Asked all the girls, Fluttershy nodded. Spike stopped crying, as she moved her head back up and this time slowly peeked into the basket, but this time she was met halfway, Spike having had enough of all the scary noises decided that the best course of action was to find his mother, he was hungry, tired from all the crying, and wanted some attention, so he decided to start moving around hoping to get somethings attention. It worked, as he looked into the cyan eyes of who he thought was his mother. Spike smiled at seeing his mother and moved closer to her, he reached out a claw hoping to touch her, but he was still a baby and couldn't crawl to well, so he face planted in his basket. Spike started to cry again, which made Fluttershy duck again.

"OH NO, it saw me." Cried Fluttershy, scared that she was going to die, but all Spike was able to do right now was cry, still upset from hitting his head, and the fact that he didn't see his mommy anymore.

Rainbow was the next to look up and decided to confront the dragon, for making her friend cry. "Hey you little..." Said Rainbow but the rest died in her throat the moment she saw Spike looking at her, he was now whimpering, but the moment he saw his new mommy, he became confused as he thought. 'Are you my mommy, what happened to other mommy?' And not wanting this new mommy to go away he tried again to reach her, and this time he was a little more successful, but only with his first step, the second step was met with the same result, and the same reaction from the baby dragon, and the same result from the filly, as she copied the motions of Fluttershy.

Pinkie was next as she stretched her neck to look into the basket. Spike was again whimpering, seeing that his two mommies weren't helping him. But then he heard some weird sounds, so he stopped crying and looked at the source of the noises, he started to giggle when he looked at his next mommy, 'Are you my mommy, where are my other mommies?' thought Spike as he watched Pinkie making silly faces, because Pinkie. Spike again tried to reach his newest mommy, and this time he was able to actually crawl closer to her. He reached out to touch pinkie wanting to be held, but her head was yanked back down by Rainbow Dash. "Hey, what are you doing?" Asked Pinkie, not happy for the interruption.

"Saving you." retorted Rainbow, "Are you crazy, that is a dragon, their dangerous."

"But he was crying."

"And you would be too, if he started to spew fire at you."

Rarity sighed as she decided it was her turn to try and look at the dragon in the basket again. She slowly craned her head and looked at the baby dragon, he looked upset that his newest mommy went where ever his other 2 mommies went, he was getting really tired of all this, he was still hungry and finally figured out how to use his nose, he smelt something yummy somewhere in his basket, so he decided to dig around the blanket, and there he found the source of the yummy smell, there sitting in his basket was a yummy chunk of calcite, Spike used his hands to grab the gem and he started to suckle on it hoping to finally eat something, but the moment Spike was finally eating something, the gem was surrounded in a blue glow and moved away from his reach. Spike started to cry seeing that no matter what he did nothing is going his way. Rarity was lifting the gem away from him, out of fear of him getting hurt by the gem. "No." Said Rarity as she moved the gem to her side. "This is a gem, there not for eating." Said Rarity. Spike looked at his next mommy, the mommy who just took away his food, the food that he was very hungry for, he got angry and started to crawl to the gem again determined to get some food in his empty stomach. 'Why did this mommy take the yummy thing, I'm hungry.' thought Spike.

Spike was so determined to get the yummy thing he didn't notice that he was crawling straight towards the edge of the basket and the stump, the only one who noticed this was AJ. The moment Spike reached the edge of the stump, he took a step and in an instant he was falling to the ground, AJ knew that even as a baby, a high fall was dangerous, so she quickly reached out for the baby Spike and she was able to just barely snatch him from getting hurt. Spike started to cry, he was in a new world that was nothing like the one he was in. AJ was confused on what to do. "What do I do now?" Asked AJ, still holding Spike in her hooves. Spike looked at the one who was holding him. 'Are you my mommy too, maybe you can help me get that yummy thing from mean mommy.' Thought Spike as his stomach growled very loudly, drawing the attention of all the girls.

Fluttershy walked up to AJ and looked at Spike, his stomach growled again, telling everyone that he was very hungry. Fluttershy gasped. "Oh, you must be hungry." Said Fluttershy, Spike looked at Fluttershy. 'Finally, mommy noticed, she must know how to get that mean mommy to give me that yummy thing.' Thought Spike. Fluttershy looked at the one holding him. "Um, AJ was it?" Asked Fluttershy.

AJ nodded. "Um, yeah, sorry fer not introducing myself earlier, the names Applejack, Fluttershy right?"

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, now I'm guessing that he is hungry, could you hold him for a second so I can see if somedragon left some gems in the basket?"

"Um, sure." Said AJ as she was wherry to let Spike stay with her.

Fluttershy smiled. "Thanks." She then walked up to Rarity. "Um, can you give me that gem, he's clearly hungry." Asked Fluttershy. "Um, if that's ok?"

"It certainly is not, he could choke on it." Said Rarity.

Fluttershy shook her head. "No he won't, dragons are able to dissolve soft gems with their saliva alone." Said Fluttershy. "I know a lot about dragons."

Rarity was unsure, but she sighed as she moved the gem in her magic over to Spike. "Fine." The moment Spike saw that the gem was moving over to him he started to clap his little hands finally ready to eat his first meal. 'Finally, note to self stay close to shy mommy, she smart, and know how to get food from mean mommy.' thought Spike. Spike grabbed the gem and quickly started to suckle on it making sure that his mean mommy didn't try and take it from him again. Rarity was watching the gem slowly dissolve as Spike drank the liquid gem.

Fluttershy smiled at seeing that Spike was finally getting some food in his clearly empty stomach, so she decided to see what else was in his basket, she used her wings to land on the stump and started to rummage around the basket, there she found a few more soft gems, and a scroll. She flew off the stump and unrolled the scroll hoping to find some explanation of why there was a baby dragon in it. She read the scroll out loud. "Hello, this is Spike, I am unable to take care of him, please take him in and treat him as your own, I am sorry Spike, I hope you will be happy." Read Fluttershy, she gasped in shock, as she started to cry knowing that Spike was an orphan. All the other girls watched Fluttershy crying and wanting to know why, they decided to walk over to the scroll and read it. Soon enough all the girls were crying.

"That's horrible." Said Rarity.

"Not cool." Said Rainbow.

"No wonder he was crying." Said Pinkie.

"The poor dear." Said Fluttershy.

"No good varmint, leaving her kin." Said AJ.

Spike was finished with the calcite chunk and now that his stomach was full he was finding it hard to stay awake, and the feeling of his strong mommy was nice and warm. Spike closed his eyes as the sound of the girls crying was overpowered by the sound of snoring. All the girl looked at the sleeping dragon in the hold of AJ, sound asleep. AJ looked at the other girls. "We're not leaving him here." Said AJ.

Fluttershy sighed. "It's more complicated than that. We can't leave him here." Fluttershy looked at Spike and walked over to him, she took Spike into her hooves. "Dragon's tend to imprint on anything they see in their first few hours of life, and we all saw the way he looked at us. He must think we're his mommies. If we leave him here, he will not survive, and it was clear whoever wrote that scroll wanted Spike to live with ponies." Fluttershy looked down at the still sleeping Spike as she nuzzled the baby dragon. "We need to take care of him, as his mothers."

All the girls looked at Fluttershy shocked, but one by one the sympathy they had for the dragon was making their decision for them. AJ walked up to the sleeping Spike, as she nuzzled his head. "Well, welcome to the Apple clan, Spike, I'm Applejack, and I'm your mommy, I will make sure you never feel alone again."

Rainbow Dash walked up to Spike as she quickly nuzzled Spike. "Don't worry Spike, I'm your cool mommy, Rainbow Dash, and I won't let anything happen to you."

Rarity was next as she kissed Spikes forehead. "I'm your other mommy, Rarity, and you already have an aunt, her names Sweetie Belle. I'm sorry for taking your gem earlier, sweetie. I didn't know, but I promise to make you know that your always special."

Pinkie slowly walked up to Spike and somehow pulled a small cupcake out of her hair. "I'm Pinkie Pie, and I will always make you smile Spike, cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cup cake in my eye." Said Pinkie as she stuck the cup cake into her eye.

Fluttershy craned her neck to nuzzle Spike one more time. "And I'm Fluttershy, and I'm your mommy as well, I will make sure to give you all the kindness that you deserve." Said Fluttershy as she looked at all of her fellow mothers. "Isn't that right girls?"

All the girls nodded. Fluttershy looked at their new son. "Welcome to your new life, Spike. We love you."

Apples Together pt.1

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The girls had gathered the basket after returning the scroll inside it, and now they were walking out of the forest. Fluttershy had transferred the still sleeping Spike to the back of his strong mommy, Applejack. Once they reached the edge of the forest, Fluttershy smiled at Spike, but then she got worried, and from the look on her face, it was clear the others were worried as well. "So... What are we going to do about Spike?" Asked Fluttershy.

All the girls sighed as they thought how to respond. "Well, we're near my families farm, lets head there until we get a solid plan together on how to take care of Spike." Said AJ. All the girls nodded at the idea.

They arrived at the farm soon after, and 3 of the five girls were shocked to see the area. As far as the eye could see were apple trees, hundreds of thousands of apple trees. "Girls welcome to Sweet Apple Acres, the life blood of the nearby town of Ponyville." AJ looked back at Spike and smiled. "And welcome home, little guy."

Spike still content with his full belly, just snored. AJ giggled at the lack luster reaction of her new son, but that was quickly replaced with worry as a rather large pale olive colored stallion with green eyes and a red mane walked up to his daughter. "AJ, Where you been, I told you to meet me at the train station when you arrived." Said Bright Mac.

AJ sighed as she looked down. "Sorry Pa, but I got some news, can ya'll gather Granny, Ma and Macintosh, please?" Asked AJ giving her father a big pleading whimper.

Bright Mac sighed. "Ok, dear." Bright Mac looked at all the girls behind his daughter. "Um, howdy, I'm Bright Mac." Rarity waved, Fluttershy was scared so she decided to hide behind Pinkie, who was only giggling, Rainbow Dash groaned at how easily her friend could get scared. Bright Mac looked at his little girl. "So, I see you made some interesting new friends."

AJ chuckled. "Yeah, but that's not all, I'll explain later, ok?"

Bright Mac nodded as he walked away to get the rest of the family. AJ looked at the girls. "Ok, lets head to the house." Said AJ.

Five minutes later. AJ and the girls walked into the Apple household, in the room was a large green couch, a well worn rocking chair, and a whole lot of pictures of the extended Apple Family, but in the middle of the room was a small play pen. In the play pen was a little foal no bigger than Spike, with a big pink bow in her red mane. AJ walked over to the pen and smiled at the foal in side. "Hey little sis, how are you holding up?" Said AJ. The Foal looked up at her big sister and giggled. AJ chuckled. "I missed you to, Apple Bloom." Said AJ as she reached around her back and carefully picked Spike up. "Bloom, I got some news, your an aunt." She lowered Spike down so Apple Bloom could look at Spike. "See this little guy here, his names Spike, he's part of the family now, but he has already had a day and he's sleepy." Apple Bloom tried to reach for Spike, thinking he was a new toy, but she couldn't reach him.

Just then A gamboge mare with turquoise eyes and a head full of large curly hair walked in to the living room, she was followed by a red colt with an orange mane, and behind him was a very elderly light green mare with a gray mane, and the last to enter was Bright Mac. "AJ!" Cheered Pear Butter as she tried to pull her daughter into a hug.

But AJ stopped her. "Ma, hold up, I got some stuff to say before I can hug you." Said AJ.

Pear was a little taken aback by her daughter, but she nodded. "Ok dear, you know you can tell us anything."

AJ nodded. "Well first, I missed you all. Next I need to tell you guys that we have some new additions to the Apple Family."

Pear nodded. "If your talking about your new cousin Babs, we already know about her."

AJ shook her head. "Not Babs, I'm talking about my son, Spike." Said AJ. Bright Mac passed out hearing that his daughter was already a mother.

Granny sighed as she walked over to her son and propped him back on his hooves, once he was back on his hooves, Granny gave him a swift hoof to the back of the head. "Get a grip there sonny, she's way too young to have a foal."

AJ sighed, as she reached for Spike but all she felt was her back. AJ became worried. "SPIKE!?" Yelled AJ. She looked at the girls. "Girls, where's Spike?"

All the girls panicked when they heard that Spike was already missing. Rainbow Dash flew around the room, as Rarity used her magic to levitate all the ponies in the room one by one to make sure they didn't sit on him, Fluttershy was crying for her son, and Pinkie was just giggling at Apple Bloom. The room was in a state of chaos, the adults were confused by what the heck was happening. AJ and the girls minus Pinkie were acting like it was the end of the world, but the moment they noticed the pink filly in the room was giggling at the youngest of the Apple family the whole room fell silent. AJ and the girls walked over to Pinkie, they were upset that she wasn't freaking out as much as she should of been. But then they looked into the play pen, that now had a Spike sized hole in the side. Inside of the pen was Spike, safe and sound, next to him was Apple Bloom, and they were doing the most adorable thing they ever saw. Spike was asleep, with Apple Bloom snuggling up to him, as she was struggling to stay awake herself. "AWE!" Said all the girls.

All the adults and Mac walked over to the pen and looked at the sight in front of them. Spike yawned and the sound of another AWE sounded, but this was the second disturbance to make the dragon wake up and he was not happy. Spike opened his eyes and he saw 4 new strangers looking at him. He was not with his mommies and he was being looked at strangely. There was only one option for Spike. He started to cry, wanting to be by his mommies, and not the strangers.

AJ saw Spike crying, she quickly picked Spike up from the play pen, as she cradled Spike in her arm. "Shhh, don't worry, mommy's here, its ok Spike, I'm sorry that we woke you up." Said AJ as she rocked Spike in her arm. Slowly he stopped crying and started to giggle at the fun new motion he was experiencing. AJ smiled at Spike. "See, there's my happy little dragon." But then Spike's stomach growled again. AJ Sighed. "You must be an Apple, you already have the stomach of one." Said AJ, she looked to Fluttershy who still had the basket in her hooves. "Fluttershy, what kinda gems are in the basket, Spike is hungry again."

Fluttershy looked in the basket. "He has a good sized piece of Brazilianite, its super soft." Said Fluttershy as she gave Spike the gem, which he immediately started to suckle, enjoying the new and very yummy taste. AJ decided to place Spike on the floor so he could enjoy his lunch. She looked at her Family.

"So, guys, I would like to introduce you all to Spike, our son." Said AJ as all the girls got to the side of her.

Apples Together pt.2

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The room was silent. Very silent. Uncomfortably silent. That was until Spike sneezed, and he shot out a small jet of green fire. The flame wasn’t large, and it petered out very quickly, so nothing was damaged. Nothing aside from the gem Spike was eating. That burned up and turned to smoke, but unlike normal smoke, it was a dark green color, and it didn't disperse in the air, oddly enough the smoke swirled around the room, then it stopped in front of Applejack.

Everyone looked at the smoke. "Um..." Said AJ. The smoke then came back together, and right in front of her was the same gem that Spike was eating. "What the hay?" Said AJ.

Rarity moved over to the gem to make sure it was real. "It's real." Said Rarity. Everyone looked at the dragon in the middle of the 2 groups. He was upset that now even more of his food was taken away from him. There were tears in his eyes, he was about to blow.

Pear Butter still having strong maternal instincts slowly approached Spike. "Shhh, it's ok." Said Pear Butter as she crouched down to Spikes level. Spike looked at the mare as he thought. 'Wait, that looks like strong mommy, maybe she can get that yummy thing back from where ever it went.' Spike started to crawl over to Pear. She just smiled. "Hi there, Spike." Said Pear. She watched as Spike crawled to right in front of her face. Spike looked upset. 'Hey, your not strong mommy, was it you that took my yummy thing?' Spike sat on his bottom and looked at Pear's face, but his stomach was still hungry. Which was quite clear by the sound of it growling.

Pear giggled. She looked at AJ. "Your right, he is an Apple. He might actually be a bigger bottomless pit than you." Said Pear. She scooped Spike up and brought him to her chest. Spike was starting to fall asleep, the sound of her heart beat was very relaxing. Pear looked at everyone. "Lets continue this in the kitchen." Said Pear as she walked into the kitchen.

Pear walked into the kitchen. There was a old wood fire stove, a fridge, and a large oak table, with 2 wood benches and a high chair. Pear walked over to the table, she placed Spike in to the high chair. Once he was safe in the seat, she walked over to the fridge. She pulled out a jar full of Apple Family brand apple sauce, and pulled out a baby spoon from the silverware drawer. She took a seat right by Spike. "Hey sweetie, you want some food?" Asked Pear as she opened the jar.

Instantly the room became filled with the smell of cinnamon and fresh apples. 'What is that, it must be super yummy.' Thought Spike as he looked straight at the jar. Spike opened his mouth, and started to drool. Pear giggled. "I'll take that as a yes." Pear scooped a spoon full of the apple sauce into the spoon, and brought it to Spikes mouth. "I'd ask you to open wide, but you beat me to the punch." Said Pear as she placed the spoon into Spikes mouth. The moment the apple mush hit Spikes tongue, it was gone. Spike ate it in no time flat. He opened his mouth so he could get more yummy stuff. Pear giggled. "Well, your not a picky eater." Said Pear as she got another spoonful ready for Spike.

The rest of the family walked into the room and noticed the cute display. AJ and the girls walked over to Pear. "Ma, would you mind if me and the girls try?" Asked AJ. "We promised to take care of Spike, so we need to learn."

Pear smiled. "Of course." Said Pear as she moved to the other bench to let the girls feed Spike. Spike was getting upset. 'Seriously, why does this always happen. I get only a taste of a yummy thing and then there's no more.' thought Spike as he looked at the jar of yummy stuff. AJ and the girls took a seat on the wood bench.

"Spike." Said AJ. Spike turned his head. 'Oh, its strong mommy, she must know how to get more of that yummy stuff.' thought Spike. He opened his mouth and waited for more yummy stuff.

Pear giggled. "Ok AJ, take the spoon, then scoop a small portion of the apple sauce, not to much, it will spill all over his face, but not to little or he might get upset." Said Pear. "Remember, feeding time is an important moment when bonding with a baby, or at least that's what the book Mrs. Cake gave me when I was having your brother."

AJ nodded as she got a spoon full of apple sauce in the spoon. AJ looked at Spike. She brought the spoon to Spikes mouth. The spoon was clean in an instant. AJ smiled. Pear nodded. "Good job, who's next?"

It was Pinkie. "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, it's nice to meet you."

Pear nodded. "Its nice to meet you too. Remember not to much, but not to little."

Pinkie nodded. She got the spoon ready for Spike. "Hey Spike, here comes the breezie." Said Pinkie as she placed the spoon into Spikes mouth. The apple sauce was devoured in no time. Pinkie giggled as she moved from her seat to let Rarity try her feeding skills.

Rarity used her magic to control the spoon, she brought the spoon to Spikes mouth, but unlike the other's, Spike didn't open his mouth. 'I don't feel good.' Thought Spike. Rarity became confused. "Hum, Spike, what's wrong, aren't you hungry?" Rarity looked to Pear. "Mrs. Buttercup, what happened?" Asked Rarity.

Pear walked over to Spike. "Rarity, does Sweetie Belle sometimes not want to eat another bite of food, even though she is clearly hungry?"

Rarity nodded. "Yeah, mommy told me it's because she was gassy. Oh." Said Rarity. She then used her magic to lift Spike over to her. She placed Spike over her shoulder and softly pat his back a few times hoping to get him to burp. It worked, a little too well. Spike burped out a fire ball, which thankfully missed all the fillies but the wall of the kitchen now had a new scorch mark. Everyone looked at the mark. Spike giggled. 'Yay, I don't feel bad anymore, where is the yummy stuff?' thought Spike. Rarity placed Spike back into the high chair. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know."

Pear walked over to Rarity. "Hey it's ok, right now were all learning, trust me, I was about to burp him."

Rarity smiled. "Spike, open wide." Said Rarity as she used her magic to ready the spoon. Spike opened his mouth, and the apple sauce was gone. Rarity smiled at Spike, but she noticed that Spikes face was a little dirty, probably from everything that he has done today. Rarity then used her magic to bring over a napkin so she could wipe Spikes face. "Now hold still Spike." Said Rarity as she cleaned his face, much to Spikes dismay. 'Stop, what did I do to deserve this, all I wanted was the yummy stuff.' Thought Spike as he tried to fight off the napkins assault.

Once Rarity was finished, Spike's face was now nice and clean. "There you go, now everyone can see those shiny scales." Said Rarity as she got up from her seat to let Rainbow Dash go.

Rainbow looked at Pear. "Hi, my names Rainbow Dash, and I'm the little squirts cool mommy." Boosted Rainbow.

Pear giggled. "Call me Buttercup."

Rainbow nodded. She then looked at Spike who was now starting to get a little full. "Ok Spike, are you ready for some more food?"

Spike nodded as he opened his mouth. But this is Rainbow Dash, she doesn't do anything small. Rainbow scooped up too much food into the spoon. She missed his mouth and coated Spike's face in a thick layer of apple sauce.

"Rainbow Dash!" Yelled Rarity. "Now he's all dirty again."

Rainbow chuckled. "Sorry." She looked down at Spike. "Sorry Spike." Spike looked at Rainbow. 'What's wrong, I like having all the yummy stuff.' thought Spike. Spike used his natural dragon instincts and moved his long thin tongue around his face, slurping up all of Rainbows mistake.

Everyone looked at the baby dragon in shock. "Did he just?" Asked Applejack.

Fluttershy nodded. "Yep, dragons have long thin tongues that are much more nimble then pony tongues."

'Ok, no more I'm full.' thought Spike. He then burped a small jet of his fire. Thankfully it was right over the table, so nothing was sent or burnt.

Rainbow shrugged. She then looked back to the last filly in the group to feed Spike. "He's all yours Flutters." Said Rainbow as she walked to the back of the line.

Fluttershy scooched over to Spike. "Hi Spike, are you still hungry?" Spike shook his head.

Everyone looked at Spike, seriously, this new family is going to have neck issues. "Did he just?" Asked Rarity.

Fluttershy huffed as she nodded. "Seriously, the dragon migration flies over this town every year, how is it that none of you know that dragons are one of the fastest learning species on the planet."

"Ba." Said Spike.

Everyone looked at Spike. Fluttershy looked at Spike confused now. "Ok that's not right. Dragons maybe one of the fastest learning species, but even making noises doesn't happen until their at least three weeks old."

Rainbow laughed. "Maybe were just hearing things?" Said Rainbow.

"Yeah, heck, Bloom just started making them noises, and she's been around for awhile." Said Macintosh.

Spike thought to himself. 'Why is everyone looking at me funny, all I did was say yeah, maybe if I try again it will make them stop.' "Ba." said Spike.

Granny Smith sighed as she walked over to the dragon. She got him out of the high chair and cradled him in her hoof. "Ok, quit your gawking." Said Granny. "Like that little filly said, we don't know much about dragons. Who knows what they can do when their youngins." She placed Spike on the table and looked him in the eye. Spike just looked at her. "Howdy Spike, my names Granny Smith, I'm your great grandma." Said Granny smiling at Spike.

Spike giggled, he crawled closer to Granny smith and placed his hands on her muzzle. "Welcome to the family, sonny." Said Granny as she chuckled at Spike.

Spike smiled at the nice old mare. 'I like her. But I'm sleepy again, it's time for bed.' Thought Spike. He yawned as he started to close his eyes.

Bright Mac sighed as he looked at Spike. "You heard Granny." Said Bright Mac as he walked over to his new grandson. He removed Spike from his mothers muzzle. "From this moment on your our kin." Said Bright Mac. "I'm your grandpa, Bright Mac." Said Bright Mac as he walked over to his son. Bright Mac carefully handed Spike over to Macintosh. "Remember, support his head, and his back."

Macintosh nodded. He looked at his new nephew. "I'm Macintosh, and it turns out I'm your uncle." Said Macintosh.

Mac walked over to his little sister, and handed Spike to her. By this point Spike was really sleepy and being passed around like a ball was very annoying. He looked at his strong mommy. 'I don't want to be held anymore. I'm sleepy. Where is that small thing in the other room, she was soft.' Thought Spike.

Spike wiggled around in AJ's grasp as he tried to get to the living room. Everyone looked confused by Spikes determination to get to the living room. AJ looked at Spike. "Do you want to go back to the living room?" Asked AJ.

Spike nodded. Rainbow chuckled. "That's going to take some time to get used to." Said Rainbow. Everyone nodded.

AJ looked at Spike. "Ok, lets get back to the living room." Said AJ as she walked back to the living room.

Apples Together, Family Forever.

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Everyone walked back into the living room. Nothing had changed, the sofa was still there, Apple Bloom was still in her play pen, a pale fuchsia unicorn mare with a gray indigo beehive hairdo, and a gray unicorn stallion with a brown mane and mustache, were standing in the door way. Yep nothing out of the ordinary.

"Mommy, Daddy?" Asked Rarity in shock.

The two ponies looked over at their filly. "Rarity!" Said the two as they gave their daughter a hug. "So this is where you ran off to." Said the mare, Cookie Crumbles.

"We were so worried about you. One minute your in your room, getting upset about the outfits for the school's play, and the next you were getting dragged out of the house by your horn." Said the stallion, Hondo Flanks.

Rarity nodded. "Yeah, I don't know what happened, but I found a giant rock filled to the brim with gems."

"Geode." Said Pinkie.

Rarity nodded. "Giant geode... I ran as fast as I could back to the house to finish the designs, but I ran into AJ, turns out she was headed back to Ponyville." Said Rarity.

Hondo and Cookie looked over to the filly in question. "Its great to see you again, Dearie." Said Cookie. Hondo nodded.

"You too, Mrs. Cookie, Mr. Hondo." Said AJ. Spike was still squirming around in her arms. She looked down at Spike. "Oh, sorry Spike, let me put you down in the play pen." Said AJ as she walked over to the pen and carefully placed him down on the floor with his aunt.

Hondo and Cookie looked at the dragon in shock. "Is that?" Asked Cookie.

Hondo nodded. "It is dear."

Rarity walked over to her parents. "Yes, that is a dragon, his name is Spike, and he is my son." Said Rarity.

Normally Hondo and Cookie were open minded ponies, but finding out that their filly was already a mother and to a dragon no less was a little to open minded for them. They promptly passed out.

Granny sighed. "I'll grab some smelling salts." Said the old mare as she walked back into the kitchen.

Spike notice that there was still a him sized hole in the play pen, so he decided to go see who those new strangers that were looking at him were. He crawled out of the pen and over to the passed out mare. He placed both of his hands on the mares muzzle. He pushed her muzzle, but she didn't move. 'Hey, what happened, you were moving a moment ago, come on.' Thought Spike as he tried to push Cookie's muzzle again, but the mare was not moving. Spike got worried, he quickly made his way to Hondo, and tried to make the stallion moved. But again nothing. Spike started to cry as he curled up into a ball. 'No, go away, stay away.' Thought Spike.

Fluttershy noticed what Spike was doing and gasped. She flew straight over to him and picked him up. "Shhhh, it's ok, their fine, their not dead, its ok." Said Fluttershy. Spike looked at his mommy, he stopped crying, but he was still upset.

Pear walked over to Fluttershy. "Flutters was it?"

Fluttershy looked over at Pear and shook her head. "No... that's only a nickname, my name is Fluttershy… your Buttercup right?"

Pear nodded. "I go by that." She then looked to her grandson. "What's wrong with Spike?"

Fluttershy sighed. "Dragons are hatched fully developed, ready to survive in the world. The only way they can do that, is by having an understanding of fear, and more over, an understanding of death. Spike must think that they're dead, and since he is the smallest thing around, he thinks he's next."

Everyone gasped. Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, but it's true." Fluttershy brought Spike to her barrel. "It's ok Spike, nothing is coming to get you, your safe with us." Said Fluttershy in a soothing tone. Spike looked at her, as he wrapped his arms and leg around Fluttershy's barrel.

All the girls gathered around Spike, showing him that he was going to be fine.

Spike looked around at his mommies who were all smiling at him. "Baba." Said Spike while sniffling.

All the girls gasped, but then they sighed happily. "Yeah. Your Babas are here, Spike." Said Rainbow Dash.

Just then Apple Bloom figured out how to use the hole in the pen. She crawled over to her sister, and the others. She gave her sister a hug. AJ chuckled. "So is your Auntie Bloom." Said AJ.

"And us." Said Pear as she, Bright Mac, and Macintosh walked over and joined in the hug.

Fluttershy smiled at Spike. "See, if something want's to get to you, they'll have to go through all of us first."

Diamond in the Rough

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After Spike had calmed down, his whole family looked at him. Fluttershy smiled at seeing her son was no longer scared. “See, nothing is coming to get you.” Said Fluttershy.

“Baba.” Said Spike.

Fluttershy nodded. “That’s right, Baba is here.”

Granny walked back into the living room and noticed that her family was on the ground next to her great grandson. “I’m guessing that I missed something.” Said Granny

Everyone nodded.

Granny sighed. “I maybe old, but whatever happens, I’ll make sure to protect my family.” Said Granny.

She walked over to the still passed out Hondo and Cookie, and waved the smelling salts under their muzzles.

When the smelling salts entered their noses, Hondo was the first to groan. “Ugg, what happened? Cookie, are you ok?” Asked Hondo.

Cookie groaned. “Yes dear I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m good.” Said Hondo as the two made it to their hooves.

Rarity sighed as she levitated Spike into her hooves. She walked over to her parents. “Mommy, Daddy, I’m glad your ok, you both fainted, and scared Spike.”

Hondo looked at Rarity. "Sweetie, who is Spike?"

Rarity showed Spike to her parents. "Spike, my son, and your grandson." Said Rarity.

The couple looked at Spike who was smiling at them. 'Thank goodness they're moving again, I must of scared the bad thing away.' Thought Spike as he clapped his hands.

The two were still looking at the happy dragon. Cookie walked over to Spike as she looked into his eyes. She bent down so she was level with him. Spike looked at Cookie with his deep green eyes. The two had a staring contest for a few moments. That was until Spike started to inhale through his nose. "Uh oh." Said Rarity. She grabbed Spike in her magic and pointed him away from everyone.

Spike sneezed and the fire hit a lamp on a side table near the rocking chair. Everyone looked at the lamp as it was turned to smoke and was whisked around the room. The smoke stopped in front of Pear, and the lamp was back to normal, as it was sent into the hooves of Spikes grandma. Everyone looked at the lamp, as they all sighed. "That's really going to need some getting used to." Said Rainbow.

Everyone nodded. Pear walked over to the table and placed the lamp back on it. Cookie and Hondo looked at Spike in shock. Hondo sighed. "Ok sweetie, I just want to get everything straight. In the last few hours, you were dragged out of the house by your horn, found a rock..."


"Geode, where you found a lot of gems. You ran home, where you ran into AJ, and somewhere in between at point and now you have a son that is a dragon." Said Hondo.

Rarity nodded. "That's right."

Cookie sighed. "Rarity tell us the whole story, because I doubt that's everything."

Rarity nodded again as she brought Spike back to into her hooves. "Ok, mommy."

All the adults and Macintosh gathered around the group of fillies and their dragon son. "So to start off with...."

One explanation of chapter 2 and 3 later.

"So after finding out that he was an orphan we decided to take care of him, and since he already imprinted on us, we decided to be his mothers." Said Rarity.

Hondo and Cookie sighed. "Rarity, your grounded for going into the Everfree Forest." Said Hondo.

"What!?" Asked Rarity in shock.

"Hold on. Your grounded, but your ungrounded for doing it to save Spike." Said Hondo.


Cookie used her horn to bring Spike in front of her. She placed him down on the floor. Cookie and Spike continued on their staring contest. But after a few moments Cookie swept Spike into her hooves as she nuzzled him. "He's so adorable!" Said Cookie. Spike giggled. 'I like her, she's kind and loving.' Thought Spike. She looked at the little dragon in her hooves and smiled at him. "Hi Spike, I'm your grandma, Cookie Crumbles." Cookie then moved Spike over to face his grandpa. "And this is your grandpa, Hondo Flanks."

Hondo took Spike from his wife and looked at Spike. Soon tears started to fall from the stallions face. "Finally." Said Hondo. "I have someone to play with."

Everyone looked at the stallion. He chuckled sheepishly. "What, no offense to you Rarity, or to your sister. But you never took in interest in Buck Ball, and knowing your mother, and you, neither will Sweetie Belle. This is the first boy in the family." He looked at Spike. "Oh, we'll play every day, you'll learn how to play everything, Buck Ball, Hoof Ball, Soccer, and I know you'll be great at them." Said Hondo as he nuzzled Spike. This was unwise. Spike noticed the weird thing on Hondo's lip, and grabbed it. This caused the stallion to wince in pain as half of the mustache was ripped off of his lip.

Everyone started to laugh at the half stash on Hondo's face. "Finally, I was getting tired of kissing the hairy caterpillar." Said Cookie. "Now you have no choice but to shave it."

Hondo sighed as he looked to his grandson. "I hope your happy." Said Hondo. Spike giggled. Hondo sighed as he looked down. "Well, at least I can eat soup again." Said Hondo as he started to laugh.

Just then every one heard a voice calling out from outside. "RAINBOW DASH?"

Everyone looked at the rainbow mane pegasus, then to the front door. They decided it was best to head outside to see who was calling for her, and why.

A Gentel Wind Lead's to a Shy Rainbow

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The now even larger family walked out of the house, wondering why someone was calling out for Rainbow Dash. But when they walked out, there was no one there. "RAINBOW DASH?" Yelled the voice. This meant that the owner of the voice was still around, and it was very unlikely to be in the ground. Everyone looked up, and there in the sky was a large pale blue pegasus stallion with a rainbow colored buzz cut mane. He was flying around looking for his daughter who never went back to flight camp today, after she caused the legendary Sonic Rainboom.

Next to him was another pegasus stallion but this one was pale green with a very pale pink mane done up into a swirl. This one was looking for his daughter who fell from a cloud. "Fluttershy." Said this stallion in a normal talking voice.

"Dad/Daddy!" Cheered the two pegasus fillies. They flew up to their fathers, who noticed them the moment they heard them.

"Rainbow!" Said Bow Hothoof as he gave his daughter a big hug.

"Fluttershy." Said Gentle Breeze as he hugged his daughter.

After the four finished hugging Bow looked at his daughter. "Where have you been? Me and your mother have been looking for you for the last few hours. We need to give you your 'First Sonic Rainboom' trophy." Said Bow.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "Dad, I was looking for Fluttershy, I couldn't find her after the race, and I got worried."

Bow nodded as he nuzzled his daughter. "Don't worry, we also got your searching for best friend ribbon."

Gentle looked at his daughter. "Fluttershy, we were so worried, are you ok?"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. "Yes, Daddy. I'm fine, Rainbow found me."

Gentle grabbed her hoof. "I'm glad, lets head home, that is if its ok with you?"

Fluttershy shook her head. "Its not."

"Oh, ok." Said Gentle as he let go of her hoof.

Both fillies looked at their fathers. "Dad, I need to go back down, there are a few ponies I want you to meet. Can you grab mom and bring her back?" Asked Rainbow.

Fluttershy looked at her father. "Same with me Daddy, but can you grab Zephyr as well?" Asked Fluttershy.

Both Stallions nodded. Bow gave his daughter one more hug as he was smiling widely. Gentle smiled as he gave his daughter a small hug. The two left to go retrieve their wives and son.

The two fillies flew back down to the farm and looked at the families. Both sighed. "Sorry about that." Said the two.

"That was my father. His names Bow Hothoof, and he is coming back here with my mother Windy Whistles." Said Rainbow.

"The other stallion was my father. His names Gentle Breeze, and he's coming back with my mother Posey and my little brother Zephyr."

Everyone nodded at the simple explanation of the fillies. "Ok you two. I cant wait to meet them." Said Pear.

Everyone walked back into the house and waited for the new arrivals.

Soon, the front door to the apple house was opened. In walks Bow and Gentle. Behind them was a set of pegasus mares. One was light blue, with a bowl cut orange and light scarlet mane. She was carrying a trophy and a ribbon. The other mare was pale yellow, with a raspberry mane, a pair of green glasses on her face and a pair of ear rings in her ears. The last to enter the house was a tall but lanky pale aquamarine colt with a light gold mane.

All five of them walked into the living room. There the mares and the colt noticed their daughters, sister, and only in his head, the filly that is head over hoofs for him.

"Rainbow!" Cheered Windy as she flew straight for her daughter and gave her a big hug. "I'm so proud of you. You did a Sonic Rainboom." Said Windy as she gave her daughter the trophy. "And you went out of your way to start the search for Fluttershy." Said Windy as she gave Rainbow the ribbon.

Posey walked over to her daughter and gave her a small hug. "Thank Celestia your safe, I was so worried, I was about to tell the guards to help look for you."

Zephyr walked over to Rainbow, and did his best to give her a smoldering look. "Rainbow, you don't need to disappear to get me to look for you, I do that on my own." Said Zephyr.

Both fillies rolled their eyes at all the comments.

But the small conversation was shattered when Bright Mac cleared his throat.

All the pegasi looked at the rooms occupants, as both Rainbow and Fluttershy walked back to them.

Fluttershy looked at Hondo who was still holding Spike in his hoof. "Mr. Hondo, can I have my son please?" Asked Fluttershy. Hondo nodded as he levitated Spike over to Fluttershy. "Thank you." Said Fluttershy.

She grabbed Spike in her hooves as she walked over to her family. "Mommy, Daddy, Zephyr. I need to tell you all something." All three nodded. Fluttershy took a deep breath as she showed Spike to her family. "This is Spike, and he's my son."

Gentle passed out, hearing that his little filly was a mother, Posey fainted seeing that her new grandson was a dragon, and Zephyr just shrugged as he looked at Spike. "Sup, the names Zephyr, guess I'm your uncle. You want to help me get a date? Chicks love babies." Said Zephyr as he looked at Rainbow.

Fluttershy groaned as she handed Spike over to Rainbow. "Hey horseshoe for brains. Guess what?" Said Rainbow.


"We're related now." Said Rainbow. "Spike is my son too." Said Rainbow.

Zephyr just walked over to AJ. "what about you, cutie, want to date the best colt in Cloudsdale?"

AJ chukled as she pushed him away. "Sorry sugar cube. We're related as well."

Zephyr walked over to Pinkie, but before he could ask, Pinkie told him the truth. "Sorry, related."

Zephyr walked over to Rarity. "What about you, I know, I'm great, but don't worry, I'll make you just as great as me one day." Said Zephyr.

Rarity just rolled her eyes. "Again, RE-LA-TED!" Said Rarity really driving it home on every syllable.

Zephyr looked at all the girls in shock. "How?"

All the girls looked at each other and smirked. "We're Spike's mothers." Said all the girls.

Zephyr sighed as he walked back to Spike. "Well, it looks like its just you and me kid." Said Zephyr. "But don't worry, I'll teach you how to be just as great as me."

Fluttershy growled at her little brother. "I'm not letting you within five feet of Spike." Said Fluttershy.

Everyone looked at Fluttershy, surprised to see her so aggressive. But Zephyr wasn't fazed. "Fine." Said Zephyr as he looked at Spike. "But I cant wait to show you how to get the ladies."

Fluttershy sighed as she walked over to her brother and pushed him away from Spike. "Zip it." Said Fluttershy. She looked at Rainbow who was still holding Spike. "Sorry about him Spike, he's too much in his own head." She looked back at Zephyr. "But he's actually a good colt once you get to know him."

Spike looked at his new uncle and he gave Zephyr a raspberry. Rainbow started to laugh as she nuzzled her son. "Awe, already taking after your Baba." Said Rainbow. Then she thought for a moment. 'Wait, their being too quiet.' She looked over at her parents. Bow was wide eyed, with his mouth open and jaw on the floor. Windy was wide eyed as well but she had stars in her eyes and a giant smile plastered on her face. Rainbow flew over to her parents and showed Spike to them.

"So, yeah." Said Rainbow. "Mom, Dad, your grandparents. This is Spike, he's my son." Said Rainbow.

Bow had closed his mouth and walked over to Spike. Two sets of eyes stared at each other. One set a deep emerald color and the other a amber color. Spike looked into the eyes of his 4th grandpa. But then he needed to sneeze. "Uh oh." Said Rainbow. She tried to move Spike out of the way, but she failed to get a clean shot. Instead it hit the rocking chair in the room.

The chair was turned to smoke, it whizzed around the room for a few moments, until it stopped right above Zephyr. Everyone looked at the smoke. "Um..." Said Zephyr. But the chair popped back into form and fell on the colt. Nothing was hurt and no one was injured, nothing aside from Zephyrs pride. Rainbow was laughing her flanks off.

"Well. Guess you got your wish Zephyr, Spike is helping you get some sympathy points." Said Rainbow.

Everyone giggled at the joke. But it was back to business. Spike was redirected to his 4th grandpa. "So, Dad, are you ok with this?" Asked Rainbow.

Bow sighed as he shook his head. "No I'm not?"

"What!?" Yelled everyone. Spike was starting to cry.

Bow was surprised but then realized what he said. He quickly shook his head. "No not like that, I actually like Spike. I'm not ok with the fact that I don't have any awards to give him. I mean, his first flame, his first hug, his first feeding time." Bow looked at Rainbow. "You have fed him right?" Rainbow nodded. Bow sighed in relief. " Good."

Bow motioned for Rainbow to hand Spike over to him. She did and soon Spike was in the hooves of Bow. He looked at Spike as he smiled. "Hi there little guy, I'm Grandpa Bow, and you are awesome." Said Bow.

Windy walked over to Bow and Spike as she smiled at Spike. "And I'm Grandma Windy. We are so proud of you."

The Gentle Flame Illuminates a Single Posey

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It took a few minutes for both Posey and Gentle to wake up after their daughter told them about her son. But Posey was the first one to get to her hooves. She looked at Fluttershy. "Sweetie, what happened?" Asked Posey.

Fluttershy sighed. "Well, you passed out after you looked at your grandson." Said Fluttershy.

Posey giggled. "Oh, I must still be in a dream. None of this is real." Giggled Posey. She looked around at others in the room. Then she looked down at Spike, who had been placed on the floor by Bow. He wanted to see if Spike was ready for his first 5 foot crawl ribbon, and his first place trophy for the 5 foot crawl race. Posey giggled again as she flew over to Spike. She picked him up and looked at him. "Well hi there Spike, apperintly I'm your grandma." Said Posey.

Spike wasn't paying attention to what she was saying, his eyes were transfixed on the pair of earrings. They weren't anything too special, all they were was a set of ear rings in the shape of a flower, with the center being made of two small rubies. They smelled sweet to Spike. 'Oh, I like this smell, maybe if I can get to the yummy thing, then maybe I can get new grandma to give them to me.' Thought Spike. He looked at Posey and he started to point at her ear rings. Posey noticed this, and she still thought it was all still a dream. She placed Spike on the ground so she could use both hooves, and she decided to take off her earrings. But when she did, she accidentally pricked her hoof, and a small drop of blood was forming at the wound. Posey giggled. "Well that's not right, I shouldn't feel any pain if this was a dream." Then it finally clicked in her head. She looked at her daughter. "This isn't a dream, is it?"

Fluttershy shook her head. "No its not, mom."

"So you actually have a son, who is a dragon?" Asked Posey.

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes."

Posey took a few deep breaths. She looked at Spike who was still trying to get the earrings. "Ok." She looked at Fluttershy. "Sweetie, I know you are the most outgoing one in the family..." Everyone dropped their jaws at hearing that Fluttershy, small, timid, crybaby, Fluttershy was the most out going one in the family. Even Spike dropped his jaw at hearing that. "But do you think its wise to raise a dragon?"

"We kinda don't have a choice, he has already emprinted on us, and we all made a promise to take care of him."


Fluttershy nodded. "Mom, I would like to introduce you to Spikes other mommies. You know Rainbow Dash."

"Hi Mrs. Shy."

"Then we have Rarity, along with her parents, Mr Hondo, and Mrs. Cookie Crumbles."

"Hi, its lovely to meet you, Mrs. Shy." Said Rarity.

"Same here, but please ignore the moustache, Spike has a strong grip." Said Hondo.

"Oh, I love your mane, do you get it styled?" Asked Cookie. Posey was scared and decided to hide behind her daughter.

Fluttershy rolled her eyes at the action of her mother, but she decided to press on with the introductions. "Next we have Applejack, and her family. Her mother Buttercup, her father Bright Mac, her brother and little sister, Macintosh, and Apple Bloom, and lastly the head of the family, Granny Smith."

AJ walked up to Posey and stuck out her hoof. "Greetins, names Applejack."

Posey slowly took the hoof and shook it. "It's nice to meet you."

AJ smiled at being able to get the mare to open up a little. Soon enough all of the Apples were introduced to the mare. "And lastly we have, Pinkie Pie." Said Fluttershy. But when she tried to look for the filly, she was nowhere to be found.

"Hi. My name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but just call me Pinkie." Said Pinkie as she was already behind Fluttershy and her mother. This made both Posey and Fluttershy panic and they both decided to hide behind the whole Apple Family.

Pinkie giggled. But then she remembered why she was even coming to this town in the first place. She gasped. "Oh, my, Celestia. Silly Pinkie." Pinkie looked at everyone in the room. "I'll be right back, I need to run to town and pick up some stuff. I'll be back in like 5 minutes." Said Pinkie as she ran out of the house and straight in to the town.

Everyone looked at the spot the pink filly was not a few moments ago, and they were very confused. But they decided it would be for the best if they just waited for her to get back.

Spike crawled over to Posey who still had the rubies. He tapped her on the leg. She looked down at Spike. "Oh, right." Said Posey as she removed her other earring and brought both over to Spike. 'Oh he must want to look at them, but just in case I'll make sure he doesn't try and eat them.' thought Posey as she placed both of them into her hoof and brought it over to Spike so he could see.

What she didn't expect was for Spike to snatch them, then what she really didn't expect was the fact that he was actually able to remove the stones from their seating. And the most unbelievable thing happened, Spike actually gave back the earrings, minus the rubies, back to Posey. Spike picked up one of the rubies and tried to eat it like the others but it didn't work. 'Hey, why won't these yummy things let me eat them?' Thought Spike. He tried for a few moments longer, but they wouldn't melt.

By this point Gentle was back on his hooves and watching Spike try to eat the ruby. He walked over to Spike and carefully picked him up. Spike was still trying to eat the ruby, but Gentle took it away from him, much to Spikes dislike. 'Hey, not you too.' Thought Spike. Gentle walked over to his daughter. "Shy, does he have anything he could eat?" Asked Gentle.

Fluttershy nodded as she walked over to Spikes basket. She pulled out a piece of fluorite from its insides and handed it to her father. Gentle smiled at the gem. "That's perfect." Said Gentle as he brought the gem to Spikes mouth. It works as Spike started to suckle on it, but unlike the other gems it was unable to be dissolved very easily, so in a way it worked as a edible pacifier, and it worked to the benefit as Spikes snack and to save Posey's earrings.

Posey walked over to her husband and got close to Spike. Gentle cradled Spike as he looked at him. "Hello Spike, I'm glad to know that you'll be joining the family...That is, if your ok with that?" Said Gentle as he smiled at his grandson.

Posey moved her uninjured hoof and started to rub it against Spikes chin as she started to make baby noises. "And I'm grandma Posey. I'm sorry for thinking that you weren't real." Said Posey. The three stayed together for a moment. But then suddenly Pinkie busted the door down with a massive pile of party supplies on her back.

"I'M BACK!" Yelled Pinkie.

What's a Rock Farm

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The sudden appearance of the pink filly was so unprepared that it made Posey and Gentle, the latter still holding Spike, jump in fear and again hide behind the whole of the Apple Family.

Everyone shot the pink filly a glare. "Pinkie." Said AJ.

Pinkie just sheepishly rubbed the back of her head as she chuckled in embarrassment. "Sorry." Said Pinkie.

Everyone sighed. "It's fine." Said Pear. She then looked at all the party supplies on her back. "You ran to town to get party supplies?" Asked Pear.

Pinkie nodded. "Yes ma'am. You see, I live on a rock farm..."

"What's a rock farm?" Asked Hondo confused.

Pinkie looked at the stallion. "Well, its a farm where we harvest rocks." Said Pinkie.

"So, a quarry?" Asked Bow.

Pinkie shook her head. "Nope, a rock farm." Said Pinkie simply.

Everyone figured that this was going to take some time to fully understand, so it would be best to just get back on the topic of the party supplies. "Fine, so you live on a rock farm..." Said Cookie.

Pinkie nodded. "Yes. On the farm, it was always cloudy, and depressing. Me and my sisters worked every day, there was no talking, no smiling, and no fun. Today we were moving the rocks in the south field over to the east field. Then my mother Cloudy Quartz, called me, my father Igneous, and my sisters, Maud, Limestone, and Marble in for lunch. By this point I was the farthest from the house, and I was in the middle of moving a rock into a pile. I planned to catch up to them when I finished, then suddenly a massive rainbow blew away all the clouds. I saw the rainbow, I had never felt such joy before, it felt so good. I just wanted to keep smiling forever and I wanted everyone I knew to smile like me. The only problem was that rainbows don't come around that often, so I thought 'How else can I create smiles?' Then it hit me. So, instead of heading inside to get some of moms yummy rock stew, I decided to head to the closest town and gather some supplies, for the best 'Make My Family Smile Party." Said Pinkie.

There were a lot of very confusing things in her story. But the main point was that Pinkie had left, without telling her parents, or anyone. All the adults facehoofed. "Really?" Said all the adults.

Pear walked over to Pinkie and grabbed her hoof. She looked back at Granny. "Ma, take care of the farm and Bloom, we're taking Pinkie home right now, and were taking Spike so he can meet his next set of grandparents and aunts. We might not be back for a while." She then looked at Macintosh. "And Mac, you listen to Granny while we're gone." Said Pear.

Granny nodded. "Sure thing. Make sure she gets home safe."

"Yes ma." Said Macintosh.

"Ba." Said Apple Bloom.

Pear giggled. Cookie looked at Hondo. "Sweetie, I'm going with Buttercup. I'm sure Sweetie Belle won't be a problem, just ask Cheerilee for some help. She's gotten a good grip on how to deal with her." Said Cookie.

Hondo nodded. "Sure thing Cookie."

"I'm going too." Said Rarity as she joined her mother.

"Me too." Said Rainbow.

Bow looked at his daughter. "I'm going as well, I can give Spike and Rainbow their first train ride plaques." Said Bow as he and Windy joined Rainbow.

Fluttershy looked at her parents. "Mom, Dad, I'm going as well. I still need to teach the others about dragons, and what if something happens and I'm not there?" Asked Fluttershy.

Both parents nodded. "Ok dear, just be safe." Said Posey as she gave Spike over to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy nodded as she cradled Spike. "Of course mom." Said Fluttershy as she walked over to the group that was leaving. It now consisted of; One dragon, one earth pony mare, one earth pony stallion, 2 earth pony fillies, two pegasi fillies, one unicorn mare, one unicorn filly, one pegasus stallion, and one pegasus mare.

With the group that was leaving settled, they walked out of the house and straight for the local train station. This left three of the apple family, three of the shy family, and Hondo. "Well I need to head back into town as well. I got to take care of a unicorn foal who just started to have magical surges." Said Hondo, as he walked over to Granny. "Granny. A pleasure as always." He turned to Mac. "Macintosh, a little advice, Stallion to Stallion, Cheerilee said she thought you were cute." Said Hondo, this made Mac blush slightly. Hondo then walked over to all three of the Shy family. "Well, it looks like were going to be seeing each other more often. Here's my card." Said Hondo as he used his magic to teleport a business card to him and into the hooves of Gentle. "I am the best real estate agent in the town. If you want to move, or are looking for a place for Fluttershy so she can stay close to Spike without having to fall from the clouds, just tell me and I'll make sure it happens." Said Hondo as he walked out of the house.

Gentle looked at the card. "Well, we always said we would think about moving if one of the kids started a family. Just didn't think that would be in a week." Said Gentle. He looked at Granny. "Granny Smith, thank you for having us."

Granny waved it off. "Think nothing of it, we're family now, and family sticks together. That's the Apple way." Said Granny.

Gentle, Posey, and Zephyr smiled as they walked out of the house and flew back to their home.

Granny looked back at her grandkids. "Well, I'll start dinner. Mac your in charge of Bloom." Said Granny as she walked to the kitchen.

One Night On The Train

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With Pear, Bright Mac, Cookie, Windy, and Bow escorting Pinkie Pie back to her family's rock farm. The other girls were following behind. Fluttershy had placed Spike onto her back, and Rainbow Dash, AJ, and Rarity were trying to keep up with the older ponies.

They were lucky it was almost evening, and the local weather team had planned for a storm not long after sunset, so not that many ponies were out, and thankfully not that many were in the path of the very angry farm mare. She looked at Pinkie. "Pinkie, what made you think that it was a good idea to head to a different town, without telling your parents?"

Pinkie looked saddened. "I don't know, I just wanted to throw them a surprise party in the silo, and it just slipped my mind." Said Pinkie as her hair deflated, and tears started to pool at the corner of her eyes.

Pear looked at Pinkie. 'Maybe I was a little to hard with her, she is still only a filly.' Pear sighed. "Pinkie, I'm sorry for yelling, I just... look, every parent will spend the rest of their lives worrying about their children. Are they safe, have they eaten, but the most important thing that will help them is to talk." Pear looked at all the girls and to Spike. "This goes for all of you as well. Remember when Spike went missing for a few seconds?"

They all nodded.

"All of you girls nearly destroyed the house, worried about if Spike was safe. That is what every mother feels like when they don't know where their child is." Pear then looked at Pinkie. "Remember that feeling and then try and imagen how your parents feel not knowing where you went, that is the exact opposite of what you would want them to feel like, right?" Asked Pear.

Pinkie gasped, then she started to cry waterfalls. "I'm sorry, mom, dad, Maud, Marble, and Limestone." Cried Pinkie. Pear smiled at Pinkie as she gave her a hug.

"Shhhh, it's ok, you were excited, it was a mistake, and I know they will forgive you if you tell them you are sorry for leaving." Said Pear as she stroked Pinkies mane.

Pinkie stopped crying after a solid ten minutes. Pear smiled at her. "See..." Said Pear, but then a single drop of rain hit her on the snout. She got to her hooves, and helped Pinkie up as well. "We need to hurry, the storm is about to start." Said Pear. But it was too late. The group only made it another few hoof steps before it was raining cats and dogs.

Thankfully, Cookie was at least a little skilled in shield spells. She had to be, raising two unicorn foals, you needed to learn the basics, or you would be walking around town for a week a different color.

So the group kept walking for the train station hoping to make if for the last train of the night. The only problem was Spike. Being a dragon, he was very susceptible to the cold, in any form, but what made it worse for him was the fact that he was still a baby, and his inner fire was not fully developed. He started to shiver, which was very noticeable since he was on Fluttershy's back.

She looked at Spike, and for some reason something in her mind shouted at her to get him out of the cold wind and rain. "Spike!" Yelled Fluttershy. She grabbed Spike in her hooves, and looked forward. The train station was right in front of them, but it was still about 100 feet away. Fluttershy weighed the options. 'I could make it there in a few seconds, but it would expose Spike even more, or we need to pick up the pace to make sure we all make it?' Thought Fluttershy. She sped up to Pear. "Mrs. Buttercup, its cold, and Spike is not doing well, we need to hurry up."

The moment Fluttershy brought up Spike's condition, all the girls heard the shouting in their heads. Rarity grit her teeth as her eyes turned white from the overwhelming surge of power she was channeling. Cookie looked at her daughter, and became concerned, Rarity was going to try a teleportation spell. "Rarity, calm down, your too young to try and teleport everyone, even if its not that far away." Said Cookie.

But the shouting in her head just got louder. Rarity looked at her mother. "I will help my son!" Yelled Rarity as the spell was completed.

100 feet ahead, the stallion in charge of tickets was about to shut down for the night, the next train was only 3 minutes away, and seeing that the train platform was completely empty, it was very unlikely that anypony was going to need his services.

Then his vision was blinded by a large white flash. Once the ticket stallion was able to see, the sight that greeted him was shocking. Now instead of no ponies, there was four ponies, five fillies, and the real odd one out, a small baby dragon. But he was a professional, so he kept his cool. "Good evening Mrs. Buttercup, Mr. Bright Mac, and Mrs. Cookie." He then looked at all the fillies, Bow, and Windy. "I'm guessing that you need some tickets?"

Bright Mac nodded. "All Aboard, we have a problem." Bright Mac pulled Pinkie to in front of the stallion. "This filly needs to get home tonight." Bright Mac put Pinkie down. "My grandson is not doing well, and in the rush we forgot to grab some bits for the trip. Can we pay it back later?" Asked Bright Mac.

All Aboard has been a citizen of Ponyville for many years, and he knew that the Apples were hardworking ponies who were always honest, and payed back their debts. He looked at the group, they were soaking wet, and the only reason why they weren't getting even worse was because of Mrs. Cookie's shield. All Aboard nodded. "Ok, listen, I will have to tell the Transport commission about this, that means I will need to have your identities." All Aboard looked at Spike. "Everyponies."

Spike started to cough. The last train was about to pull in. All the girls looked at Spike, he was getting worse, they nodded. "Fine." Said Fluttershy. "His name is Spike Drake, age: less then 2 weeks." Said Fluttershy.

All Aboard nodded. "Ok, I have his description. 'Purple with green spines, underbelly, and eyes, Dragon.' All I need is his or his guardians hoof print to make it official."

All five girls walked up to the stand one at a time, and marked the paper. All Aboard looked at all the girls and sighed, he then looked at all the adults. "Ok, the same for all of you."

All the adults nodded, and filled out the form for themselves, and the kids. Once that was done, the train pulled in, and the doors opened. All Aboard nodded, as he gave them all tickets. "Now get inside of the train, and make sure to dry off, the trolley should be in the back right now, so head to the back of the train, she should have some towels and warm drinks."

Pear smiled at All Aboard. "Thanks All Aboard." Said Pear as she and the group headed for the back cars.

Five minutes later. Spike and Family were in one of the large passenger cabins. The trolley with the towels had not arrived, and the girls were trying to use their body heat to keep Spike warm. Right now all the fillies were huddled around Spike. It was helping him, but even the girls were wet, so he was still very cold, but at least his coughing stopped. Rainbow was looking at her son, he was still shivering but it was less intense. She nuzzled his head. "No little rainstorm is going to take out a Dash." Said Rainbow, she was putting up a front. In all actuality, she was terrified for Spike. The same could be said for Pinkie, and AJ. Pinkie kept her smile on her face. She was trying to show that nothing was wrong, and everything was going to be ok, and AJ was doing everything in her power to make sure Spike was safe.

All the adults looked at them, and they all smiled. Pear leaned over to Bright Mac. "I think Spike is going to have an interesting life, 5 great moms, 5 sets of grandparents." Bright Mac nodded.

"But what about after all this, we need to make it official." Said Bright Mac. Pear nodded. They looked at Cookie, Windy and Bow and told them the idea, they both nodded.

Pear looked at the fillies. "Girls, we need to talk for a moment, you don't have to move, Spike needs you with him, but we need to discuss what were going to do with him when we get back."

All the girls nodded. But before Pear could bring up the first question, there was a knock on the door. Cookie used her magic to open it. "Hello, sorry for the wait, one of the wheels fell off. Is there anything I could get for you all?" Asked the trolley mare.

"Towels, all of them, 5 coffees, 5 teas, and one milk." Said Cookie.

The trolley mare nodded. "Of course."

After drying off, and enjoying the warmness of the tea and coffee. Cookie used her magic to heat up the milk for Spike to warm him up even more. Spike guzzled it down in an instant. Now it was time for the hard part. AJ sighed as she placed Spike on her shoulder. Everyone else cleared the area Spike was facing. AJ looked at Spike. "Ok Spike." Said AJ as she burped him. He released a few green flames, and thankfully nothing was damaged.

Now that everyone was warmed up, it was time to get back on track. Pear looked at the girls. Rainbow was playing with Spike. She was making silly faces, and playing peekaboo with her wings. "Girls, about what we were saying earlier. We need to discuss a few things." Said Pear.

Everyone looked at Pear. "Ok, the four of us have decided, that to make it official, when we get back to town, we head over to town hall and have Spike legally become your son." Said Pear.

Bright Mac started. "That means, we will need to tell them were he is living, so in the interest of him, we think it would be for the best if Spike was to stay at the farm until he is old enough to start living with each of you."

Cookie was next. "We will also have to find a place for Pinkie to stay, so she can be close to Spike."

Bow talked next. "And the same goes for Rainbow and Fluttershy as well, Spike can't live in a cloud house, so when we get back, I will be looking for a house in Ponyville."

"With that being said. There is going to be a lot of negative feelings about Spike. Dragons are not known for being the nicest creatures, and this will make him an out cast from the rest of the town. So Spike will need the support of his family." Said Pear.

All the girls looked at Spike. One by one they nuzzled his head, Rainbow was first. "Spike, a Dash is loyal, and will never let anyone down."

Pinkie was next. "I maybe a Pie, but I'm tough as stone, I'll move a mountain to see you smile and laugh."

Fluttershy went next. "I will never be shy around you, and even if others aren't, I will always be kind to you."

Rarity smiled as she nuzzled Spike. " What ever you need, I will be there to help you through it."

Lastly AJ. "Spike, I can't tell you the future, but I will not lie to you, it's going to be tough, but here's the one truth that will never be broken."

All the girls looked at Spike as they kissed his head. "We love you."

End of the Line

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After a few hours the train was approaching Rockville. The adults were struggling to stay awake, and all the girls and Spike had fallen asleep, in a pile, with Spike acting as a little furnace in the center. "Next stop, Rockville. Please gather all luggage, and get ready to depart." Said the trolley mare as she came back to the cabin with everyone inside to gather the towels.

Everyone shushed the mare who looked sheepish for almost waking up the kids. "sorry." Said the mare as she looked sheepish.

Pear smiled. "Thanks for letting us have all the towels, we were soaking wet, and we have a new born with us." Said Pear smiling.

The mare smiled back. "Not a problem, is the little foal ok?"

Pear nodded. "Spike is fine, but he's not a foal, he's a dragon."

The mare nodded as she smiled. "Of course he is, have a nice night, luckily the rain has stopped so it should be a pleasant walk to the Pie Family Farm." Said the trolley mare as she closed the door to their cabin.

All the adults smiled, but it was time to get off the train so Pinkie could get home. Pear yawned as she walked over to AJ. "Come on sugar cube, its time to wake up." Said Pear.

AJ yawned as she opened her eyes. She turned her head to look at her mother. "Hi Ma, we get to Pinkies yet?" Asked AJ.

Pear nodded. "Yes, its the next stop, so I thought it was time to wake you and the others up, did you have a good nap?" Asked Pear.

AJ nodded. "I did, we were so warm, Spike is better than the warmest blanket." Said AJ as she nuzzled the still sleeping Spike. This made him wiggle around, and this woke up the others.

They all yawned. Fluttershy rubbed her eyes. "Good morning."

Pear giggle. "Sorry Fluttershy, it's only about 9:00."

Fluttershy nodded as she yawned again. She looked to her side and saw Spike still asleep. She started to giggle, as she looked at Pinkie. "Pinkie, it looks like he is part rock, he sleeps like one." Said Fluttershy trying to make a joke.

Pinkie laughed. "He really is taking after us. It takes a full drum set to wake me up in the morning." Said Pinkie. Pinkie then nuzzled Spikes head. "Good morning sleepy scales." Said Pinkie. She looked out side to see where they were now. "Yep, this is my home, dark, dank, lots of rocks." Said Pinkie smiling. She looked back at Spike. "Are you ready to meet grandma and grandpa, and your aunts?" Asked Pinkie. Spike just snored, as his tongue rolled out of his mouth.

Pinkie giggled. But Rarity sighed. She used her magic to roll Spike's tongue back into his mouth. Then she started to giggle. She walked over to Spike and nuzzled his head. "Sweetie, remember a proper gentledrake does not leave his tongue out."

Rainbow rolled her eyes, but she smiled none the less. She walked up to Spike and nuzzled his head. "Wakey wakey, Spikey Wikey." Said Rainbow.

Rarity gasped. "Spikey Wikey, that's perfect." Said Rarity.

AJ looked at Rarity. "Oh no." She looked at Rainbow. "What have you done?" Said AJ.

Rainbow looked confused. "I don't know, what have I done?"

AJ sighed. "Now she will only call Spike, Spikey Wikey, we can't let Spike bring anypony home to meet her now, she will embarrass the heck out of him, and then he will never find a special somepony." Said AJ. The moment Special Somepony left her mouth the room went silent.

Then Pear started laughing. "It's official, you are his mothers." All the adults started to laugh, this left the little girls confused.

"What's so funny Ma?" Asked AJ.

"Yes, what's the joke mother?" Asked Rarity.

Cookie sighed. "Dear, did I ever tell you about the first date I had with your father?"

Rarity nodded. "Yeah, you told me that grandpa Silver chased daddy around the town with a frying pan."

Cookie nodded. "Yes, and do you know what happened when I met his mother, Grandma Winter?"

Rarity shook her head. "No, what happened?"

Cookie laughed. "Well, Winter showed all of Hondo's baby pictures to me, and Hondo was so embarrassed."

AJ looked at her mother. "Ma, did Granny show all of Pa's baby pictures to you?"

Pear looked at Bright Mac, they had a interesting relationship. "Um... Something like that. Lets just say, your father is something else, and he didn't need Granny to embarrass him." But before anymore respect for the Stallions could be lost, the train stopped.

Bright Mac, not wanting to tell anymore stories about how much he embarrassed himself when he was younger, decided to get out of his seat. "Well, there's no time like the present." Said Bright Mac.

Bow nodded, he got up from his seat before Rainbow could ask about how his mother, Prism Sky told Windy about the time- "Yep, lets get Pinkie back home before anymore storms might happened to pop up." Said Bow as he walked over to Spike, he scooped up the sleeping dragon. But this time Spike was woken up. He yawned as he opened his eyes.

Bow looked at the now awake Spike, he smiled at Spike. "Did you sleep well?" Spike nodded. Bow looked at Spike. "Spike, what ever your grandma's tell you about your grandpa's, just remember, it was not our choice." Said Bow.

Spike nodded. 'I don't get it.' Thought Spike. He looked around looking for his mothers, but he didn't see them. "Baba?" Asked Spike.

Bow nodded. "Of course." Said Bow. He brought Spike over to his mothers. "Who wants to hold Spike while we walk to the farm?" Asked Bow.

All the girls looked at each other. "I'll take him." Said Pinkie. "I know the way, and the grounds are full of rocks that could make a pony trip, and it could be dangerous for Spike, but I know the fields like the back of my hoof." Pinkie then looked at the back of her hoof. "Oh, that's new." Then she giggled.

Bow Smiled. "And the winner is Pinkie." Said Bow as he handed Spike and a little ribbon over to Pinkie. Spike got onto Pinkie's back and tried to find a comfy spot, but it was hard. He tried to lay on her mane, and that was a different story, her mane was super soft, and really cozy.

Pinkie smiled at Spike. "Ok Spike, lets go see the farm." Said Pinkie as she walked out of the cabin, followed by the others.

The Rock Farm

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Pinkie walked out of the train with Spike on her back. There wasn't much in Rockville, in fact there was nothing aside from rocks, hundreds upon hundreds of tons of rocks, for a far as the eye could see. Pinkie smiled. "Awe, its good to be home." Said Pinkie as she waited for the others to walk onto the small wooden train platform.

Pear walked out of the train. "Pinkie, how far to the farm house?" Asked Pear.

Pinkie giggled. "Well it should be only a few minute trot from here, but we need to avoid Holders Bolder." Pinkie then popped a flashlight out of her mane. She turned it on, and it illuminated the area. In the distance, there was a wooden farm house, a silo, and a massive egg shaped rock. Pinkie pointed to the house. "See its right over there." Said Pinkie as she jumped carefully off the platform. Pear, Bright Mac, Cookie, Windy, Bow, and the other girls copied the movements of Pinkie. The ground was covered in rocks, some the size of Spike, others the size of a fillies head, so it was for the best that Pinkie was the one carrying Spike.

A few minutes, and a few scrapped knees later, the group arrived at the house. The lights were still on, meaning that somepony was still awake. Pear knocked on the door. "Hello, Mister or Misses Pie?" Said Pear.

The sound of wood creaking underneath the weight of a pony could be heard, and the movement of the light was a good indication that somepony was coming to the door. And somepony did, the pony that opened the door was a older brown stallion with a pick ax cutie mark, large gray mutton chops, and a collar with a tie around his neck. "Yes. What business do you have with I at this late of an hour?" Asked Igneous.

Pear moved over to show Pinkie. Who giggled nervously. "Um. Hi Dad."

Igneous sighed as he felt like he just carried Holders Bolder around the farm, and now the rock is off of his back. He walked over to Pinkie. "Pinkamena Diane Pie." Said Igneous.

Pinkie gulped. "Yes Pa?"

Igneous wrapped Pinkie in a small hug. "Where have you been, do you have any idea how worried thy mother was about thee. She was frantic, when thee did not come into the house and partook of lunch." Igneous looked at the others. "Thank you kindly for bringing my daughter home. It is late, please as a sign of thanks, spend the night in our home, the train is not running for the night, and it's far warmer in the house than out doors." Said Igneous as he moved out of the door way to let the others in.

Pear smiled. "Thank you." She looked at Bright Mac confused. "Mac, didn't Granny say that one of her cousins was a Pie?" Asked Pear. Mac shrugged as they entered the house.

Once everyone was inside. Igneous lit the fireplace in the living room. "I am afraid that we do not normally host so many guests at once, unfortunately, most of you will need to stay in the living room."

"Igneous, husband, are you well?" Asked a voice from upstairs, as another light was turned on.

"Yes, Cloudy. Please come hither to greet our guests."

"Guests at this hour?" Said Cloudy as she walked down stairs. Once she was down, the group looked at her, she was a light gray mare, with her opal mane done up into a bun, and a pair of bifocals were resting on her snout. Cloudy looked at the group for a moment but then her artic blue eyes fell upon a single pink filly. "Pinkamena?" Asked Cloudy as she rushed down the stairs.

Pinkie laughed. "Um... Hi Ma." Said Pinkie as she was brought into a hug by her mother.

"Where have thou been, I was so worried." She looked to the group. "Thank you for bringing her back to me." Said Cloudy. Then she put 2 and 2 together, she released Pinkie for the hug. "Please let me go grab some blankets for you all to sleep." Said Cloudy.

Pinkie stopped her. "Mom, hold on for a moment, there is something I need to show you and Dad first." Said Pinkie.

Cloudy and Igneous nodded as they took a seat on the couch. "Ok Pinkamena, proceed." Said Igneous.

Pinkie took a few deep breaths. "Ok, I'm sorry for running off without telling anypony, I shouldn't of done that, and I'm sorry for worrying you all." Said Pinkie.

Cloudy and Igneous nodded. "Very well, all is forgiven, just make sure to inform us of your whereabouts before you run off."

Pinkie nodded. "Second, I would like to introduce you both to my new friends. Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. And Most of their parents, Mrs. Buttercup, Mr. Bright Mac, Mrs. Cookie Crumbles, Mr. Bow Hothoof, And Mrs. Windy Whistles."

They nodded again. "Thank you for bringing our daughter home to us."

"Not a problem, when she told us that she ran off without telling either of you, we rushed her back as fast as we could." Said Bright Mac.

They looked at Pinkie. "There is one last thing I need to tell you both." Said Pinkie as she moved to grab Spike. He was there and she brought him in front of her. "Your grandparents. This is Spike, he is a dragon, and my son." Said Pinkie.

"Very well." Said Cloudy.

Igneous nodded. "Ok, take care of thy son Pinkamena."

Everyone looked shocked at seeing how well the Pie's are taking this. "We will introduce Spike to thy aunts in the morning." Igneous bowed his head. "Please, sleep well all." Said Igneous as he retreated upstairs.

Cloudy bowed her head as well. "Yes, please sleep well."

Everyone looked at Pinkie as she smiled widely. "Oh. My. Celestia. I have never seen them so happy."

Everyone looked at everyone else as a single thought ran through their head. 'That was them happy?' Then all the girls yawned. It was time for bed. Pear sighed as she was tired as well. "Ok girls, lets head to bed for the night." Said Pear, as she tossed a blanket on the ground for all the girls and Spike. "Tomorrow Spike need's to meet his aunts, and we need to talk about Pinkie leaving the farm to stay in Ponyville"

One Big Happy Family

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The next morning was interesting for all those not used to farm work. For farmers all around the kingdom it was rather routine to wake up as early as the princess, head out to the fields the moment she raised the sun, then work till lunch, and after lunch, work till mid afternoon as the temperature of the day hit its highest point. That philosophy was upheld by the Pie family as well, but not today. Today they had guests, and it was rude to make them wake up before they were ready.

Cloudy and Igneous walked down the stairs of their home, ready to start their day as rock farmers. They were followed by a trio of fillies. One was a older filly with gray fur, a grayish blue violet mane, and turquoise colored eyes. Next to her was a blueish gray filly with green apple colored eyes, and a short cut gray mane. The last of the fillies to walk down the stairs was a gray colored filly, with a two tone gray mane that was flat and covered one of her violet eyes.

"Dad, why have you woken us up so late?" Asked the oldest filly in monotone.

"Yeah, and Mom doesn't even have breakfast ready." Said the middle filly.

""Mm-hmm." Nodded the third filly.

Igneous nodded. "Yes, but I thought it would be rather rude to wake our guests at such an hour."

All three fillies looked at their father confused. "Guests?" exclaimed the middle filly, who then got angry. "They better not of messed with our work."

Igneous sighed. "Limestone calm thy self. We are in their debt for bringing back thy sister home last night."

All three fillies gasped. "Pinkie?!" Asked the fillies as they ran to the living room to see their sister who disappeared yesterday.

"Pinkie!" Yelled Limestone as she was the first to arrive in the living room. The sight that greeted her was the weirdest yet, on the couch was 2 couples, one was Pear and Bright Mac, and the other was Bow and Windy. On the ground on a blanket was Cookie playing with a baby dragon as what appeared to be a pile of fillies were still asleep. But in the middle of the pile was a pink figure. Everyone looked at Limestone as she looked embarrassed. "Shhhh." Said Cookie as she pointed to the group of fillies.

Limestone nodded as she quietly made her way to the unicorn mare. "Sorry." Said Limestone.

Cookie smiled. "It's fine dear. You must be one of Pinkie's sisters."

Limestone nodded. "Yes Ma'am, my name is Limestone Pie."

"Cookie, Cookie Crumbles. Where are your parents Limestone?" Asked Cookie.

But before Limestone could respond, Igneous and Cloudy appeared with the other two. "Good morning Mrs. Cookie, did thou sleep well?" Asked Cloudy.

Cookie smiled. "Yes, thank you for the blankets, but on a side note, you will find some ash marks on them as well. Spike decided to wake up in the middle of the night and get into the fireplace to warm up." Said Cookie giggling.

"What!?" Asked Limestone shocked that anypony would find the fact a pony decided to nap in a fire place funny. This woke everyone up, except for Pinkie who was still out like a light.

They all yawned. "Good morning girls." Said Rarity.

"Good morning." Said the others.

"Good morning, Spikey Wikey." Said Rarity as she looked at where she thought Spike should of been. "Oh, he's not there." Giggled Rarity, clearly not awake enough to know that was a bad thing. 5...4...3...2...1...0...then it clicked. "SPIKE!?" Yelled Rarity as she searched around for Spike using her magic.

Cookie giggled. "Rarity, I have Spike."

Rarity calmed down. "Oh, but I thought we put him to bed right by us, how did you get him?"

Cookie smiled as she levitated Spike over to Rarity. "Sweetie, baby's are a pain to keep track of, if they aren't watched like a hawk, but this was your first night with him, so you get a pass. I found Spike around 7am, in the fire sleeping peacefully among the coals. Turns out dragons like to sleep in the hottest place around them."

Fluttershy rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, as she nodded. "Yes, normally it would be their mothers inner fire, and scales, but since we are ponies we don't have an inner fire, so the fire place was the closest thing." Said Fluttershy as she yawned.

"DRAGON!?" Yelled Limestone.

Igneous sighed as he walked his three daughters to the couch. "Limestone Dalila , Maudileena Daisy, Marble Diane. For now please sit here. I must head upstairs to get Pinkie's drum." Said Igneous. "All will be explained by thy sister when she is awoken."

All three nodded as Igneous walked back up the stairs.

Marble looked at the large group of ponies all staring at her, this made her nervous, so she did a Fluttershy, and ducked behind her other two sisters.

Everyone looked between Marble and Fluttershy. But Maud blinked slowly. "Sorry about her, she is very timid." She then looked at Spike. "I'm guessing that this Dragon is Spike?" Asked Maud in a neutral tone.

All the fillies nodded. "Yes, that's Spike." Said AJ.

Maud nodded slowly. "Ok." Then the room went back to silent.

Pear sighed. "Ok, So, we know Limestone, what's your name sweetie?" Asked Pear.

Maud looked at Pear. " Maudileena Daisy Pie, but just call me Maud. Who are you?"

"Well, just call me Buttercup, this is my husband Bright Mac, and our daughter Applejack." Said Pear as she pulled Mac and AJ to her.

Maud looked at Bow and Windy. "And you?"

"My names Bow Hothoof, this is my wife Windy Whistles, our daughter Rainbow Dash, and her friend Fluttershy." Said Bow as he brought all of the girls over to him.

Maud Looked at Cookie. "I know you are Mrs. Cookie, and your daughter is the white filly."

Cookie nodded. "Yes, and her name is Rarity."

Rarity smiled. "Hello."

Maud nodded. "Hi."

Now that most everyone was acquainted with each other, the room fell back into silence. That was until Igneous brought down a pink colored snare drum, this was Pinkies drum. Igneous placed the drum next to the pink filly, and walked over to the couch, he took a seat next to his family, and they just waited.

Everyone looked at the Pie family confused. "Um..." Said Bright Mac, but then Pinkie started to stir from her slumber.

Pinkie's eyes popped open, and she jumped onto the drums. She started to drum a tune. Everyone watched as Pinkie was drumming, and even though there wasn't any other instruments it sounded like a full band was playing along with her.

Once the song was done Pinkie was fully awake. "Hm, today it was the saints. I haven't done that in a while." Said Pinkie giggling. She looked around at everyone as she smiled. "Good morning!" Said Pinkie happy.

Everyone nodded, still shocked that when Pinkie meant that she needed a drum to wake her up in the morning, she meant to play it. Pinkie just kept smiling, then she got an itchy tongue. "Uh oh, itchy tongue." Said Pinkie, Pinkie looked behind her and there she saw the enraged faces of her sisters. She gulped. "Um..." then she sighed. "I'm sorry for leaving without telling you where I was going." Said Pinkie.

Maud Sighed as she got off the couch, she walked over to Pinkie and wrapped Pinkie's head into a hug. "Don't do that ever again." Said Maud. "We were worried about you."

Pinkie started to sob uncontrollably. "Stop crying Maud, you know when you cry, I cry." Said Pinkie. Everyone looked at Maud, she was not crying.

Maud sighed as she let go of Pinkie. "I'm not crying."

Pinkie wiped her eyes. "Yes you are, you just hide it because your the oldest."

Limestone got up from her seat and walked over to Pinkie. "Pinkie." Said Limestone as she knocked Pinkie in the head lightly. She then pulled Pinkie into a tight hug. "Don't do that again, I was so worried about my little sister."

Pinkie giggled as she hugged Limestone back. "I'm sorry Limey."

Limestone groaned. "I told you not to call me that." Said Limestone as she let go of Pinkie.

Marble got out of her seat and walked over to Pinkie, but before Marble could speak, Pinkie pulled her into a hug. "Awe, was my baby sister worried about her big sister. Well, I'm sorry for scaring you Marble." Said Pinkie as she smiled at her sister, then she gasped. "I need to tell everyone something huge, hold still." Said Pinkie as she released Marble. Marble huffed as she retook her seat on the couch.

Pinkie walked over to Cookie. "Good morning Mrs. Cookie." She looked down at Spike who was happy to see Pinkie. "Good morning to you Sweetie." Said Pinkie as she kissed Spike's forehead.

Spike clapped at the love he was getting. "Maba" Said Spike.

All the girls gasped. "Did he just saw Mama?" Asked Rainbow.

Cookie giggled as she shook her head. "Probably not, but it probably sounded like he did to you girls."

Spike looked at Cookie. 'Hey I did say Mama.' Thought Spike as he tried again. "Maba." Said Spike as he pointed to Fluttershy. "Maba." Said Spike as he pointed to AJ. "Maba." He pointed to Rarity. "Mama." He pointed to Rainbow.

Now Everyone gasped again. "HE DID!" Yelled Pinkie as she scooped Spike into a giant hug. She smiled at him. "Come on Sweetie. Can you say Mama?"

Spike nodded. "Mama."

All the girls squeed as they all hugged Spike. Bow and Windy were frantic, they didn't have Spike's first word trophy, plaque, and sash ready yet, Pear was smiling widely, and Bright Mac was just shocked. Igneous and Cloudy were silent as they watched all of their daughters, well most of their daughters drop their jaws. Maud was silent as well.

Pinkie brought Spike over to Cookie. "Ok Spike, can you say Grandma?"

Spike looked at Cookie as she tried to mouth the word. "Gr-an-d-ma." Said Cookie.

But Spike was just learning to talk, so it came out a little messed up. "Ganma." Said Spike, as he clapped.

Cookie smiled at Spike. "Eh, close enough." Said Cookie as she nuzzled Spike's head.

Pinkie was about to see if Spike could say grandpa, but she was interrupted by Limestone. "STOP!" Yelled Limestone. She looked at Pinkie. "Pinkie, why do you have a dragon baby with you, why did he call you mama, and why is he calling the others mama as well?" Asked Limestone.

Pinkie gasped. "Oh right. Silly Pinkie." Said Pinkie as she brought Spike over to her family. "Maud, Limey, and Marble, I would like to introduce you all to Spike Drake, my son, and your new nephew." Said Pinkie as she smiled.

Suddenly Limestone got up to Spikes face and stared deep into his eyes. "Stare into the eyes of Limestone Pie." Commanded Limestone. Spike giggled as he looked at her eyes. This lasted for a few moments, then Limestone suddenly snatched Spike out of Pinkies hoofs and started to cradle him. "I will protect Spike with my life now." Said Limestone.

Pinkie gasped as she was smiling widely. Limestone never got so attached to anything that quickly before, and yet she just declared Spike as a Pie instantly. Pinkie giggled, as she tried to take Spike back from Limestone. "Ok Limestone, let Maud and Marble see Spike." But Limestone moved Spike away from her.

Everyone looked at Limestone. 'Wow, its official, she's the overprotective aunt now.' Thought Pear. But Spike didn't like not being able to be by his moms at all. So he did the first thing that he could think of, he growled menacingly at Limestone. Limestone noticed this, she had two options now, make Spike madder, or, and this was the clear winner, give him back to Pinkie. Limestone looked at Pinkie. "On second thought, my legs are tired from all the work yesterday, I might drop him." Said Limestone as she gave Spike back to Pinkie.

Pinkie smiled as she brought Spike over to Marble. "Spike this is Auntie Marble." Said Pinkie.

"Marble." Said Spike as he smiled at her.

Marble was a little surprised to hear Spike say her name, but she nodded. Spike smiled, then he pointed to Fluttershy then to Marble. "Mama, Marble." Said Spike.

Everyone looked at the two fillies in question. They were both timid, shy, prone to hiding, and very quiet, but they were not the same. Pinkie giggled as she shook her head. "Sorry Spike, but Auntie Marble is not Mama." Said Pinkie.

Spike huffed. 'I know that, I can see the differences, come on what's the word I need to say, its like... oh Silly Spike.' Thought Spike. He pointed to Fluttershy. "Mama like..." Then he pointed to Marble. "Marble."

Everyone gasped. Bow and Windy passed out. They were so far behind now. His first word, his first comparison, his first sentence. Rainbow groaned as she looked at her parents. "Seriously." Said Rainbow. She looked at Spike and remembering what happened the last time he saw a pony pass out, she moved in to assure him it was safe. She walked over to Spike. "Spike, Grandma and Grandpa are ok, their just sleepy right now." Said Rainbow. Spike nodded. 'Good, I haven't eaten yet, I don't even think I could stop the mean thing again.' Thought Spike. Then it dawned on him, he hasn't eaten yet.

Spike's stomach growled loudly, catching everyone's attention. Maud sighed. "Pinkie can I see Spike?" Asked Maud. Pinkie nodded as she handed Spike over to Maud, she looked at Spike, and noticed small bits of gems on his scales. She nodded. "We should have some Andradite in the kitchen." She placed Spike onto her back and walked over to the kitchen to get Spike some breakfast.

Everyone watched the filly leave the room with Spike, but Pinkie was smiling her widest smile yet. "I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW EXCITED MAUD WAS TO MEET SPIKE!" Said Pinkie.

All of the none Pie members looked at the Kitchen. 'That was her excited?' Was the thought running through their heads. But that thought was silenced when all the fillies stomachs started to growl. All the mothers giggled. "It looks like Spike isn't the only one who is hungry." Said Pear as she, Cookie, and Cloudy started to walk towards the kitchen to start breakfast.

Far, Far, Far Away

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As the Drake family was enjoying a late breakfast, far off in the distant city of Canterlot, a little lavender filly was walking down the halls of the royal castle with her idol and now personal teacher.

After the events of yesterday, Celestia had returned to Twilights side, she granted Twilight a position at her school, and after seeing that she was actually able to hatched Spike's egg, she made Twilight her personal student. Today being the middle of summer vacation and the school being shut down for another two months, it was decided that Twilight would be granted extra time to study.

Celestia looked at Twilight, she smiled at the filly. "So, Twilight, what would you like to try on your first day?" Asked Celestia.

Twilight thought for a moment, then for a minute, then for a few minutes as she started to hyperventilate. She was panicking. 'Oh no, what if she thinks my request is to simple, what if its so simple that she laughs at me, but what if it's to hard, she might think that I'm arrogant.' Twilight looked at Celestia. 'Oh no she's looking at me, come on think, say the first thing you can think of.' "Teach me how to move the sun." Said Twilight.

The hall fell silent. Then Celestia started to giggle, but to maintain her royal façade, she used her wings to cover her mouth. But it wasn't enough to stop the filly from hanging her head down in shame. "I'm sorry princess."

Celestia sighed as she calmed down. She wasn't giggling at Twilight, she was not that cruel, she was giggling at the request. Celestia kneeled down to Twilights height and used her wing to lift the fillies head. "Twilight, I'm sorry, I can't teach you to move the sun, if I did that, I would be out of a job, besides you would have to deal with the nobles, and that's boring." Said Celestia as she giggled.

Twilight laughed at the joke as she shook her head rapidly. "No thank you, though I would make reading the nations main pastime." Said Twilight.

Now Celestia started to laugh, royalty be damned. The two laughed for a few moments. Celestia wiped her eyes to remove the tear. "I haven't laughed like that in years."

Twilight lowered her laughing to a giggle, then she calmed down. "How about instead of the sun, can you help me work on my levitation, my older brother can already lift the couch at home, but all I can lift is the lamp." Asked Twilight. It was true, her older brother was training in the royal cadet academy, and he has been training hard, so his magic was much stronger than hers.

Celestia smiled at the request. "Of course, Lets head to my study, and you can practice on some books I have there." Said Celestia, Twilight nodded as she followed the princess to her personal study.

When they arrived, Twilight threw herself into her practicing. Soon 2 hours had passed, and it was time for lunch. By this time Twilight was able to lift 7 large tomes, with some slight balancing difficulties, but it wasn't a problem, these were just copies that Celestia had acquired long ago, the original prints were still in the library. "Ok, Twilight, its time to take a brake, if you use too much magic, it will take even longer for you to recover." Said Celestia.

Twilight looked shocked. "WHAT?" Asked Twilight disappointed, but not wanting to argue with the princess, she nodded. "Yes princess." Said Twilight.

Back with the Drake family, it was time for the big life changing talk. Outside, all of the children were going around doing what ever they wanted. Maud was helping Marble and Limestone move all of Pinkie's rocks she didn't get to before she left, Pinkie had disappeared the moment they got outside, and the rest of the girls were just walking around with Spike, who was acting like a dog, using his nose and claws to dig in the dirt.

But inside of the house, all the adults were talking. "Igneous, Cloudy, I know what we're going to say is probably going to sound crazy, but..." Said Bright Mac.

"You want our daughter to come live in your town, so she can be part of Spike's life, correct?" Assumed Igneous.

Cloudy nodded. "It wasn't that hard to assume, in truth, Pinkamena is not like our other children, she is destined for greater things, and it is clear that her destiny is not here on the farm. All we ask is for you all to keep her safe, we Pies have a saying. 'Through a river, through a mountain, and through the sky, we stand together for a Pie.' We have taught our daughters by this saying, and since Pinkamena has decided to raise Spike along side your daughters, she will see everyone as a piece of the Pies. If you can also follow this, we would be happy for Pinkamena to leave the farm knowing that she will be around her family." Said Cloudy.

Bright Mac was shocked, he thought it would of been harder to convince them to let Pinkie leave the farm. "Um... Yeah, don't worry, We apples have a saying as well. 'From the roots to the seeds, Apples stick together, because were family forever.' So even if Pinkie isn't a full Apple, we would never think of treating her any less than one." Said Bright Mac.

Igneous nodded. "Very well. Pinkamena will be allowed to leave the farm." Asked Igneous.

Everyone smiled at hearing the news. "Thank you." Said Pear.

Outside, Spike was digging around a large bunch of rocks, AJ and Rainbow were watching him but they were talking to each other to see who was stronger. Rarity was talking to Maud about the geode she found yesterday. Fluttershy was talking to Marble about living on the farm, and about what kinds of animals called the area home. Limestone was just working.

Suddenly Spike had dug a small hole in the ground, and started to dig up a few gems, then a couple more, and then he had a small pile. "Mama!" Said Spike as he clapped. 'I can't believe I found so many yummy things, I hope mama's will like them.' Thought Spike.

Rainbow walked over to Spike to see what he had found. "Hey kiddo, what did you find?" Asked Rainbow as she picked Spike up out of the hole. Spike pointed to the hole. "Mama, yummy stuff, secret." Said Spike.

Rainbow sighed as she smiled at Spike. 'This kid is going to be a book worm at this rate.' Thought Rainbow, but she kept smiling at Spike. "Really, that's so cool." Said Rainbow as she placed Spike on the ground, she looked at Spike. "Spike, do you want me to get the yummy stuff out of the hole?" Asked Rainbow.

Spike shook his head. "No, I wanna." Said Spike as he crawled back into the hole.

Rainbow chuckled. "Ok Spike, do you want me to help you?"

Spike shook his head. "No, I wanna keep secret until ready for mamas." Said Spike as he started to move the gems out of his hole. Spike looked at Rainbow. "Mama, secret, turn around." Said Spike.

Rainbow chuckled. "Ok Spike, mama will turn around." Said Rainbow, but this didn't stop her from waving over all of the other girls.

The first to arrive was Applejack. "AJ, Spike has a secret for us, see if you can get a better idea." Said Rainbow.

AJ nodded as she walked up to Spike. "Hey Sugar Cube, whatcha looking at?" Asked AJ.

Spike jumped, he tried to toss the secret back into the hole to keep the surprise. "No, not ready." Said Spike. "Mama, turn around."

AJ chuckled. "Ok Spike." Said AJ as she walked over to Rainbow's side.

Next was Fluttershy, she walked over to Rainbow and AJ. "What's up girls, is Spike ok?" Asked Fluttershy.

Both girls nodded. "Yes Shy, he's fine, I think he wants to show us something. I think he wants all of us here before he will show us." Said AJ. Fluttershy nodded as she walked up to Spike to tell him she was here.

"Spike, do you need some help with this secret, mama is good at keeping secrets." Asked Fluttershy.

Spike looked at Fluttershy. "Mama, secret, not ready, can't see." Said Spike.

Fluttershy giggled. 'Awe, he found something for us, he's so excited, lets humor him.' Thought Shy. "Ok Sweetie, I can wait, but I know we'll love it." Said Shy.

Spike smiled as he went back to his hole. Next up was Rarity, she walked up to the group of girls. "Girls, please tell me Spike is not in that hole and getting all dirty again?" Asked Rarity.

AJ sighed. " Yes Rarity, Spike is in the hole, but he is doing something, so please hold off on your obsession of cleanliness, for a little while just till Spike is done."

This was asking a lot from Rarity, but this was something Spike was doing, and he was really passionate about it, so she decided to agree to the terms. "Fine." Said Rarity as she walked over to Spike. "Spikey Wikey, how are you doing?"

Spike looked at Rarity. "Mama, secret, almost done, wait with mama." Said Spike who was covered in dirt and dust.

Rarity nodded. "Ok Spikey Wikey, but after that you're getting a bath." Said Rarity as she walked over to the others.

Suddenly Pinkie popped out of nowhere right by the other girls. "Hey girls, what did I miss?" Asked Pinkie.

All the girls looked at Pinkie. "Pinkie?!" Yelled all the girls in shock.

"GIRLS!" Cheered Pinkie.

"Where have you been?" Asked Rainbow.

Pinkie shrugged. "I needed to get the party all set up, it took me a while to get the streamers up." Said Pinkie, she then looked to Spike. "What's Spike doing?"

"He says its a secret for us, and he says its almost done, go tell him your here." Said Fluttershy.

Pinkie nodded as she walked over to Spike. "Hey Spike, are you almost done with the little secret?"

Spike looked over to Pinkie, he nodded. "Mama, I done, hold on, need to get ready." Said Spike.

Pinkie nodded as she walked back to the others, and waited for Spike to finish up his little surprise.

A few minutes later. "Mama, almost finished." Said Spike.

He crawled over to Rainbow first, in his claw was a rainbow quartz gemstone he had found. "This for Mama." Said Spike as he placed the gem on the ground by Rainbow. He walked back to his small pile and pulled out another gemstone from it. Spike crawled over to AJ with a small orange citrine gemstone and placed it on the ground. "This for Mama." He walked back to his pile and grabbed a pink morganite stone, he brought it over to Fluttershy and placed it behind her. "Mama, this look like you." Said Spike. He made another trip to his smaller pile. He grabbed a topaz and brought it to Pinkie. "This pretty like Mama eyes." Said Spike as he left it on the ground. Lastly Spike made one last trip to grab the last gem of his small pile, he grabbed a small amethyst and placed it behind Rarity. Spike went back to beside his hole as he smiled. "Mama, look." Said Spike as he smiled.

All the girls turned around and looked at the gemstones Spike had given them. Rainbow picked up her gemstone, she looked at it and she saw a small rainbow inside of it. Pinkie looked at the gem. "That's called a rainbow quartz." Said Pinkie.

Rainbow smiled as she walked over to Spike, she carefully placed the gemstone on to the ground. Rainbow lowered herself to Spikes level and smiled at him. She kissed Spike's nose. "It's perfect Spike, I love it." Said Rainbow.

Spike smiled. "I love mama." Said Spike as he hugged Rainbow.

AJ looked at her stone. "That's citrine." Said Pinkie. AJ smiled at the small gem. This was the first thing that her son had given her, and she was going to treasure it forever.

AJ walked over to Spike and nuzzled his head. "It's lovely Sugar Cube, I'll keep it with me always." Said AJ.

Fluttershy picked up her gem. "That's a great looking morganite, and it matches your mane." Said Pinkie.

Fluttershy looked deep into the gem, she started to cry. Spike saw Fluttershy crying, he was worried that she didn't like it, so he started to cry. "Mama not like it!" Cried Spike.

Fluttershy gasped as she ran over to Spike and nuzzled his head. "No, no, no, I love it. It's perfect Spike, I'm just happy to have such a wonderful son like you." Said Fluttershy as she nuzzled Spikes head even more.

Spike looked up to Fluttershy. "Really?" Asked Spike sniffling.

Fluttershy smiled at him. "Really. You are just the best little dragon in the world." Said Fluttershy.

Spike smiled at hearing this, he wrapped his arms around Fluttershy's neck. "I love you mama." Said Spike.

Fluttershy gasped. 'He just said his first whole sentence.' Thought Fluttershy as she returned the hug to her son. "And I love you too Spike."

Pinkie picked up her stone. "Awe, its a great looking blue topaz." Said Pinkie as she looked at the gemstone, it was super shiny, and reflective, so Pinkie being Pinkie, she started to make silly faces. This confused all the girls, but Spike laughed at all of the silly faces she was making. Pinkie walked over to Spike. "It's superfantabulusly great Spike. I love it." Said Pinkie as she kissed his head.

Lastly Rarity picked up her gemstone. "Ew, that's an amethyst, and it's really pretty." Said Pinkie. Rarity looked at the gemstone, she looked deep into it, then a multitude of possible clothing designs popped into her head, all of them accented by beautiful gems. 'I need to get these ideas on paper before I forget them.' Thought Rarity, but then she looked at Spike. 'Actually, I doubt I'll forget them.' Rarity walked over to Spike. She smiled at him. "Spikey Wikey, you have just given me a great idea, and its all thanks to this." Said Rarity as she showed the gem. "It's perfect, but I have an idea, would you mind if I turn it into a necklace?"

Spike cocked his head. "Neckwess? What's that?" Asked Spike.

Rarity giggled. "A necklace is a piece of jewelry that hangs around the neck." Said Rarity as she motioned her hooves around her neck to show Spike what a necklace was. "I want to make sure to keep your gift close to my heart." Said Rarity.

Spike nodded. "I want to be near mama." Said Spike, he looked at the others. "Make neckwesses too?" Asked Spike.

All the girls looked at their gems, they wanted to keep them forever, and a necklace was perfect for that. They all looked at Spike and nodded. Spike clapped happily. "Yay, mama like my gift." Cheered Spike, all the girls smiled.

Igneous walked out of the house. "Children, come in to thy house, we have much to discuss." Yelled Igneous.

All the girls looked at Pinkie's father. Rarity used her magic to place Spike onto her back. "Sorry Spike, the necklace will have to wait for a little longer." She looked at Spike, he was still dirty. "Besides it's bath time." Said Rarity.

Back with Twilight and Celestia. It was time for Twilights parents to come pick their daughter up for the day. Celestia only had so much time a day to devote to Twilight's studies. The two were waiting right outside of the castle gates, waiting for Mr. Night Light and Mrs. Twilight Velvet to arrive to retrieve their daughter. Celestia looked to Twilight. "Remember Twilight, don't try and over do it, your only up to 9 tomes, anymore will cause a strain on your little body." Said Celestia.

Twilight looked at the princess. "Yes ma'am. Tomorrow, can we try that apples to oranges spell I found, I want to see if I can change an apple into a lime using the same idea?" Asked Twilight.

Celestia giggled. "Sure, but lets try apples to oranges, before we go for another fruit." Said Celestia.

Twilight nodded. "Ok princess, but one day I will turn a pear into an apple." Declared Twilight.

Pear felt a shiver run up her spine.

Celestia nodded. "One day, my little pony."

"Twilight!" Yelled a gray mare with a purple and gray mane.

Twilight looked over to the mare. "Mommy!" Yelled Twilight as she ran to her mother, but she stopped half way. "That's right." Said Twilight as she turned around and ran back to Celestia. She wrapped her little legs around Celestia's larger one as she hugged the larger leg. "Thank you for a great day princess." Said Twilight as she let go of the princess and ran back to her mother.

Celestia smiled at the happy filly. "No problem Twilight. Have a great rest of the day." Said Celestia. The princess walked back into the castle, and headed for the throne room. It was time to read the reports from the Royal Transport Commission. Celestia sat on her throne as a older stallion walked in levitating a large stack of reports dealing with the nation wide transport system. Most of the reports were about repairs that were needed, fuel cost reports, and complaints from passengers. The stallion placed the pile in front of the princess.

"Princess, here are the weekly reports for the Transport Commission."

Celestia nodded as she pulled the first bunch from the pile. "Lets see here." Said Celestia.

This report is to notify the commission of 11 round trip tickets at the Ponyville train station, the tickets were given to Bright Mac Apple, Pear Butter Apple, Bow Hothoof, Windy Whistles, and Cookie Crumbles. In their company were five fillies, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. All five fillies signify that they are the guardians of one Spike Drake, a recently hatched, purple dragon with green underbelly, eyes and spines. This is to show that Mr. Apple will repay the debt for the tickets due to an emergency, that required the group to travel, and due to the suddenness of the emergency, he was unable to pay.

Signed: All Aboard.

Celestia looked at the paper, and read the message. Her eye started to twitch. 'No, that's impossible, Spike should of been in the Dragon Lands, there is no way he was in Ponyville.' Celestia looked at the Transport Commission stallion. "Thank you, I need to deal with something that has just come up, I will finish the reports later." Said Celestia as she the teleported all of the reports except for the one she was holding to her study.

The stallion bowed. "Of course Princess." Said the stallion as he left the throne room. Now that she was alone, Celestia looked to one of her guards. "Guard, bring me Corporal Swift Flight. RIGHT. THIS. INSTINT." Yelled the princess using the Royal Canterlot Voice. "I NEED TO TALK TO HIM RIGHT NOW!"

Judge, Jury, and Bath Time

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All was quiet at the Pie family farm, that was until Spike was placed in the bath. Dragons were actually really clean creatures, this was mainly because they were able to swim in lava. So when Rarity had tried to give Spike a bath, it was not going well. To him, it was cold and boring, and he hated the feel of someone scrubbing his scales. Rarity was trying to scrub his scales. "Spikey Wikey, please hold still for a moment, I need to get you all clean." Said Rarity as she was struggling to wash Spike. That was until Spike splashed Rarity with some of the water, now her mane was wet and covered her face.

All of the others were with Rarity, as all of the adults were in the back making sure nothing happened, but right now, they couldn't help but giggle.

Rarity used her magic to move her mane out of her face, she looked at Spike, he was giggling as well. "I hope you know, this means war." Said Rarity as she squinted at Spike.

Spike squinted back. "Bwing it." Said Spike. Rarity used her magic to levitate the luffa, a rubber alligator, and a bottle of soap, she was going to use the alligator to distract Spike, while she tried to clean Spike's scales. That was the plan until the alligator started to move.

Rarity screaked as she dropped all of the stuff, sending the alligator into the tub. Pinkie gasped. "Achy shoulder." Said Pinkie, she rain over to the tub and pulled out the alligator. "So that's where you've been." Said Pinkie as she looked at the alligator. "I was looking all over for you."

All the adults and fillies, minus the Pies all got as far away as possible. "Pinkie, why is there an alligator in the tub?" Asked Pear.

Pinkie giggled. "Well, he's my pet alligator, Gummy, he loves bath time, so he usually just stays in the tub, but he's prone to moving around at random." Said Pinkie, suddenly Gummy tried to bite Pinkies leg and mane, but it only made Pinkie giggle even more. "Awe, I missed you too Gummy." Said Pinkie. She then placed Gummy back in the tub with Spike. "Gummy, this is Spike, he's my son, and Spike this is Gummy." Said Pinkie.

Spike looked at the alligator, but the alligator just looked at Spike with a blank expression, then Gummy licked his eye, causing Spike to giggle. Spike swam up to the alligator and hugged Gummy. Then Gummy licked Spike's cheek while still having that million mile stare. Pinkie smiled seeing that her son and her pet were already good friends, and seeing that Spike was distracted with Gummy, Pinkie washed Spike using the soap and luffa, and the weird part was it only took 3 seconds to have Spike cleaned, dried, and his scales polished. "And there you go." Said Pinkie as she closed the jar of scale polish she somehow gotten.

Rarity was shocked. "What? How? Why? When?" Asked Rarity, but she was silenced by Pear who was shaking her head.

"Rarity, I have a feeling that it is better if we don't question it." Said Pear.

All the girls nodded. "Yep, its Pinkie Pie, don't question it." Said AJ. Suddenly every creature in the whole world felt a shiver run up their spines. AJ looked at everyone. "Did everyone else feel that?"

Everyone nodded. Pinkie shrugged as she placed Spike onto her back, she walked over to her parents. "Sorry about that Dad, Spike was really dirty. So what did you want to talk about?" Asked Pinkie.

In Canterlot, a group of royal guards were escorting Corporal Swift Flight to the princess. "What is the meaning of this, I want to know why I am being brought in front of the princess." Said Swift Flight. But the guards just remained silent.

Once they reached the throne room, the guards stationed at the door, opened them and allowed the escort to enter the room. "Move." Said one of the guards pushing Swift Flight through the door.

Now that Swift Flight was in the throne room, the guards closed the door. Swift Flight looked at the princess, he saw her anger and her disappointment. The guards that were escorting Swift Flight, brought him to the base of the throne. Now that Swift Flight was here it was time to begin. "Guards leave us." Said the Princess.

"Yes your Highness." Said the guards as they exited the room quickly. Now that she was alone with Swift Flight, she showed her full anger. Celestia placed a sound proofing spell around the room. She walked down to the ground and approached Swift Flight, he was nervous and twitching.

"Corporal Flight, do you know why I asked to see you?" Asked Celestia.

Flight shook his head. "No I don't your highness, has something happened while I was on my mission to return that dragon from yesterday?"

Celestia nodded as she used her magic to anchor Flight's hooves to the ground. "Sadly yes." Suddenly the Transport report popped right in front of him. "It seems Spike somehow managed to cloned himself, escape your hold, and some how ended up in the exact opposite direction of the Dragon Lands."

Swift went pale as he gulped. "But that's impossible, I made my way to the boarder and placed him at the first cave I found, and I know It was occupied as there was smoke coming out of it and the sound of snoring." Said Swift lying through his teeth.

Celestia sighed. "I was hoping that you were going to tell me the truth." Said Celestia as she got Swift Flights record. She looked at the report. "2 counts of dereliction of duty, 4 counts of insubordination, 1 count of out right reckless endangerment. 5 years in the guard, would normally gain the rank of Sergeant or even lieutenant with a spotless record. But you, Swift Flight are a special case, and even after all of the incidents recorded, you were still able to dodge a dishonorable discharge. That was until now." Said Celestia. "AS OF THIS MOMENT, YOU ARE OUT OF THE ROYAL GUARD, AND WILL BE BRANDED AS SUCH." Declared Celestia in her Royal Canterlot Voice. "That ends the military trial, now lets start your civilian trial." Said Celestia. "For acts against the kingdom of Equestria, you are charged with one account of child endangerment, seeing as you probably left Spike in the Everfree Forest, one count of attempt at murder of a child, and lastly one count of attempt at terrorism."

"Wait Terrorism? I would never do such a thing."

Celestia sighed. "I understand the confusion, but its true, the reason I asked you to take Spike to the dragons, was in hope of stopping a possible attack to retrieve him, but since you deliberately disobeyed my orders, and since I am the highest authority and disobeying a direct order from me is grounds for immediate dismissal from the guard, the moment you changed course, you ended your time as a guard, and became a threat to the kingdom. That also meaning, you were a private citizen when you abandoned Spike to die. Thankfully he was saved by a group of ponies, who will be my next stop after your sentencing." Said Celestia.

Swift Flight gulped. "Sentencing?"

Celestia nodded. "Yes, taking into account all the charges against you, I have deemed a fitting punishment. You shall be sent to Tartarus, where you will spend the next 60 years, atoning for your actions, your family..." Said Celestia as she looked at the file. "Will not be given any compensation for your time in the guard and will be put up for adoption. Sadly you will not be able to see your rabbit, Angel again." Celestia then returned the file. "Swift Flight, why did you do it?" Asked Celestia.

Swift sighed. "I was scared."

Celestia walked over to Swift and leaned next to his ear. "WELL SO WAS HE." Yelled Celestia as she teleported Swift Flight to Tartarus. She sighed. "Ok, I need to go retrieve Spike, and personally take him back to the Dragon Lands." Said Celestia as she teleported to Ponyville to start her search for the dragon.

Country Road, Take Him Home, To The Place, He Belongs

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With the Pie Family, all of the ponies and dragon were sitting in the Pie family's living room. Pinkie, Spike, AJ, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow, Marble, Maud, and Limestone were sitting on the ground, as the adults were sitting in front of them. Igneous looked at Spike and Pinkie. "Pinkamena, we know that thou cares for Spike, does thou not?"

Pinkie nodded as she smiled at her son. "I do, he is my son, and no matter what, I want to be with him." Said Pinkie. She looked to her parents as she smiled and cried. "And I'm happy to know that I have such supportive parents, who are letting me go live my life off the farm, and to live that life with Spike and the others." Said Pinkie.

Igneous sighed as he wrapped his daughter in a hug. "Daughter, since the day you were born, I knew that this day was to come, although I did not foresee it to of come so soon, but after talking with thy relatives, I and thy mother see that you have created a new life of your own. All we ask of you, is for thee to come visit every so often and allow us to see Spike and his wonderful mother."

Pinkie smiled even harder as she hugged her father. "Don't worry dad, I'll visit no matter what." Said Pinkie.

Spike looked at the 2, he crawled over to them and hugged Igneous's leg. "Grandpa." Said Spike.

Igneous nodded as he looked at Spike. "Yes." Igneous picked Spike up. "Spike, please take care of thy mother in our stead, she is our world and you are hers, so as a favor to your grandfather, love her as much as we do."

Spike nodded as he grabbed Igneous's muzzle. "Love Mama." Said Spike.

Igneous sighed as he placed Spike down. "Very well." He looked to Pinkie. "Pinkamena, go to thy room and prepare for your move."

Pinkie nodded. "Ok dad." Said Pinkie as she wiped her eyes. Pinkie ran up the stairs, gathered all of her stuff rapidly, and returned to the living room in 5 seconds with a bindle. "Ok, I got everything I needed, I even got Gummy in his cage." Said Pinkie. "But before I go, I want to show you all something in the silo first." Said Pinkie.

"Very well Pinkamena." Said Cloudy as everyone made their way to the silo.

Now that everyone was outside of the silo, Pinkie opened the door. There were tables full of cakes, cupcakes, snacks, and punch, over head was a banner.

Yay, Spike Has A Big Family, Farewell Pinkie!

Pinkie smiled as she looked at her parents. "I thought this would be a fitting way to say goodbye, I never liked goodbyes where everyone cried, so I thought how about we say goodbye with a smile."

All of the ponies smiled, as the Pie Family smiled the widest. "Tis a wonderful idea Pinkamena." Said Cloudy as she gave Pinkie a hug and a kiss on the head.

Pinkie smiled. "Thanks, I knew you would like it." Said Pinkie as she kicked away a copy of the finished chapter. Pinkie looked to everyone. "Come on, lets party. We need to head home and times a wasten." Said Pinkie.

The party lasted for an hour, and then it was time for the final goodbyes.

The train headed for Ponyville just pulled into the Rockville train plank. Its doors opened, ready for the large group to board. "Come along kids, lets let Pinkie have a moment with her parents." Said Pear as she got all the girls and Spike into the train.

Pinkie looked at her family. She wrapped all of them into a giant hug. "I love you all."

"We love you as well." Said Cloudy.

"Pinkie, I want to give you something before you leave." Said Maud as she pulled a small neckless out. "I guess this will be the last pie sister rock candy neckless we will exchange for a while." Said Maud as she gave it to Pinkie.

Pinkie looked at it as she started to cry. She gave Maud one last hug. "Maud, please, stop crying, this isn't goodbye forever." Said Pinkie.

Maud turned her head as a single small tear fell from her face. "I'm not crying, I just have dust in my eye." Said Maud. "I'll miss you Pinkie."

"I'll miss you too Maud, good luck at rock school, I know you'll get your rockderit." Said Pinkie as she kicked the finished script of the My little pony episode in question out of shot.

Suddenly the train whistle blew, signaling that it was time to depart. Pinkie looked crushed, she still had a lot to say. "Don't worry Pinkamena, we know what you want to say to us." Said Cloudy. "And we love you no matter where you are."

Pinkie smiled as she got onto the train. "I love you guys." Said Pinkie as the train started to move.

At this time, the trial of Swift Flight was finished. Princess Celestia used her magic and teleported to the small town of Ponyville. She knew her mission, she needed to retrieve Spike and take him back to the Dragon Lands. She already had a clue of where to start.

Princess Celestia arrived at the edge of the Everfree Forest. With her old castle at its heart, she was familiar with the surrounding area, and she knew that years ago, she relinquished ownership of a large portion of the land to a group of settlers, most of which were named the Apple Clan. She looked around and for miles, all she saw were apple trees. "Ok that's a good sign." Said Celestia. She walked out of the forest, looking for some sign of a home.

Celestia walked in between the trees, slowly catching glimpses of a large green farm house. Celestia nodded. "Ok, this must be it." Said Celestia.

She walked up to the farm house, and being the ever kind ruler, she knocked on the door, waiting to be allowed in. Soon a red colt came to the door to see who was knocking. "Hello, and welcome to...Sweet Celestia!?" Screamed Macintosh. Right in front of him was the ruler of the kingdom. He rapidly closed the door.

"Um, hello?"

Old Acquanintance

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"Macintosh, what in the daisy fields are you yelling about?" Asked Granny as she walked into the living room to see what her oldest grandson was yelling about.

Mac looked at Granny. "Granny, we need to clean up the house, Princess Celestia is standing outside right now." Said Mac as he started to clean the house.

Granny looked at Macintosh like he was crazy. She walked over to the door and opened it to prove her point. "Macintosh, look." Said Granny, acting a little smug that she was proven right. "There is no princess standing at the door." But the truth was that Celestia was still standing there, smiling.

Macintosh pointed to Celestia. "Granny, look."

Granny sighed. "Macintosh, this is not like those nights you thought there was a timberwolf in your closet." Said Granny as she looked outside and straight at Celestia. Granny went silent for a moment, then she brought her head in. "See, what I tell ya, there's a princess at the door." It took the old mare a few moments to realize what she just said. She looked outside again. "Princess?"

Celestia smiled at Granny. "Granny Smith, I was saddened to hear about Apple Fritter, he was a great stallion, but I'm happy to see that the land I gave your family has prospered so well." Said Celestia.

Granny took a deep breath. "Sorry, can you give me a moment?" Asked Granny.

Celestia nodded. "Of course, take your time."

Granny smiled as she closed the door. She looked at Macintosh. "Mac, why don't you start the kettle, I need a moment." Said Granny as she started hyperventilating.

Mac nodded as he went to the kitchen to start the kettle. Granny calmed herself, she looked to the door. She walked over to the door and opened it. "Sorry, I was not expecting to see you here, please come in your highness, my grandson just started the kettle, but if you'd like something else just ask."

Celestia smiled. "No, tea will be fine, thank you." Said Celestia as she walked into the home, she looked around. "Your family is much larger than it was many years ago. I remember you and your family were simple seed traders, looking for a place to plant some roots, but that was so many years ago, in fact I do believe the last time I saw you was more than 70 years ago."

Granny nodded. "It's been 78 years since we last met. Please take a seat." Said Granny as she led Celestia to the couch.

Once Celestia was on the couch, Granny went to her rocking chair. "Granny, what kind of tea would you like?" Asked Mac from the kitchen.

"Is Earl Gray fine with you, it's my favorite." Asked Granny. Celestia nodded. "Earl Gray." Responded Granny, she then looked to Celestia. "Princess, as much as I am honored to have you in my home and to see you again, this is quite sudden."

Celestia nodded. "Yes, I know, and for that I'm sorry. You see I have recently learned about a certain incident involving a little purple and green dragon."

Granny nodded. "Oh, you must mean Spike, the poor dear was abandoned in the forest by his mother, she wrote that she wanted Spike to live with ponies. But fate is very weird, it turns out that Spike was found by my granddaughter and some of her new friends, they took up the responsibility of being his mothers. Of course it doesn't help that he imprinted on them, but he's family now, and if there is one thing an Apple takes care of its family. Unfortunately one of those fillies that I mentioned, decided to run off from her home without telling anypony, so my daughter in-law, son, and a few others took her home, they also took Spike so he could meet his next set of grandparents." Said Granny.

Suddenly Macintosh walked into the living room with two cups of Earl Gray on a plate. "Here you go Granny, Princess."

Granny smiled. "Thanks Mac, why don't you take Bloom outside, I have a feeling that this talk is going to be just two old birds catching up."

Mac nodded. "Ok." Said Mac as he walked over to the play pen and picked up Apple Bloom. "We're going to play in the barn, call me if you need me."

Granny smiled. "Ok dear, have fun." Granny took a sip of her tea. "Sorry about that, but what were we talking about?"

"Spike, Ms. Smith, you said he's not here right now."

Granny nodded. "That's right, well it turns out that one of Spikes mothers, a firecracker of a filly named Pinkie Pie, decided to run off from her home and not tell anypony. So all of Spike's mothers and a few of the fillies parents decided to take her back to her home."

Celestia nodded. "I hope Ms. Pie's parents weren't to mad about her running off." Celestia then took a sip of tea. "So, any idea on when they will get back, I would like to discuss some things with everyone involved with Spike."

Granny hummed. "Hmm, I don't rightly know, it should be some time today, seeing as they left yesterday evening and they didn't come home, it must mean that they stayed overnight. But I'm sure they won't be much longer Princess, your welcome to wait for them to get back." Said Granny smiling at the princess.

Celestia smiled. "Thank you, now how has living next to the Everfree effected your lively hood, I only ask because I was thinking of visiting my old castle in a few years."

Granny rubbed her chin. "Well, timberwolfes are taking their time howling this year, Zappapple season was wrapping up this time last year, but this year so far nothing, I'm not worried though, it'll happen sooner or later. Aside from that, we've had some trouble with manticores on one of our delivery routes, my son barely made it home last time."

Celestia gasped. "Don't worry, I'll send some of my finest guards to relocate them, but why didn't you send a message to town hall asking for support?" Asked Celestia.

"I did, I think a nice young stallion named Swift Flight was on messenger duty that day." Granny shrugged. "Must of got lost in the pile, but thankfully you know now, our next delivery was scheduled for next week, and its a big order, so Mac and Buttercup were going to go handle it."

Celestia growled. 'Tampering with royal mail, that's a federal offense, another 5 years in Tartarus.' Thought Celestia. She looked at Granny. "Well, don't worry, as soon as I talk with Spike and his mothers, I will send out a full company of guards to handle those manticores. I don't want any of my little ponies to be put in such a dangerous situation."

Granny smiled. "Of course. Thank you Princess." Granny took a sip of her tea. "Now how have you been?"

Two hours have passed since Pinkie and family left the rock farm, the train was pulling in to the Ponyville train station. Once it was stopped, Pear walked out with Spike sitting on her back followed by all the fillies and adults. She took a deep breath and exhaled. "Ah, its good to be home." She looked to the fillies. "Ok, lets head to town hall, its about time for Spike to join the family." Said Pear.

"Granma?" Asked Spike.

Pear smiled at hearing Spike, this was the first time he called her grandma. She looked at her back and Spike. "Yes, Spike?"

"Where we?" Asked Spike, the last time he was here, it was cold, dark, and a lot less crowded, so he had no idea where he was.

Pear smiled as she picked him up and moved over to her husband. "Mac, can Spike sit on your head?"

Mac nodded. "Sure."

Pear smiled as she pulled off Mac's hat and handed it to AJ. AJ gasped as she placed the hat on her head, Pear looked at AJ and giggled at the sight of her daughters head being devoured by a hat that was clearly too big for her. "It's a good look on you, AJ." Pear then placed Spike on top of Big Mac's head, and once he was stable, Spike looked at his home town of Ponyville. "Spike, this is our home, Ponyville."

Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-Belle-Apple Drake

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Spike looked around at his new home, there were dozens of ponies going about their day, his eyes went wide at all the ponies. Pear giggled at seeing Spikes reaction. "Spike, do you want to go see the town?" Asked Pear.

Spike shook his head. "No, I wanna be family, mama's need make neckwesses." Said Spike.

All the girls nodded as Pinkie pulled out all of the gems Spike gave them. Pear smiled. "At least he knows that family is more important." Said Pear as she smiled. She looked to the northeast. 'I wonder how your doing Pa? Would you be happy for me now, knowing that your a grandfather to three wonderful kids and the great grandfather to the kindest dragon to exist?' Thought Pear as she tried to picture her father with them right now. Pear shook her head. 'No, he made that choice, I have my family right here.' Thought Pear as she smiled at Spike. "Ok Spike, lets head to town hall and make it official."

"Yay!" Cheered Spike.

The group moved through the town, with only Spike being unaware of the looks they were getting. Everyone else was completely aware of the looks, mares hiding their children from the dragon, stallions hiding the mares who were hiding the children, that was until a light pink mare with a magenta mane, opal eyes, and a bought snout ran over to the family, she was followed by a older lavender stallion with large white eyebrows dressed in a butlers suit and a baby carrier, that had a small pink filly with a purple mane inside.

The mare looked at the family and looked repulsed at the sight of them all. "MR. APPLE, Get that horrid thing off of your head!" Demanded the mare.

Pear, Cookie, and Bright Mac all rolled their eyes. They knew exactly who this was and she was not the least bit subtle of her opinions on everything imaginable. "Good to see you Spoiled." Said Pear, she looked at the old stallion and gave him a actual smile that showed real emotion in it. "Hello Randolph, its good to see you." She then looked to the foal in the baby carrier. "Hello Diamond Tiara, your looking as cute as ever today."

Randolph smiled at the mare. "Thank you Ms. Buttercup." He looked to all the others. "Good day, my name is Randolph, I'm the head butler of the Rich family, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

A little history, Pear and Spoiled got pregnant with their daughters near the same time, they went into labor near the same time, and they both went to baby play dates so the next generation could become friends, at the same time, but Spoiled would not shut her mouth every time some one would bring their foal in, and it got even worse when somefoal would try and play with Diamond. Spoiled would scream, take Diamond away and yell at the other parents to know their place in society, all while spouting that Diamond should only socialize with others of high esteem like her. Ok Back to the present.

"Randolph, please do not encourage this kind of behavior." She then looked at Spike. "And what is that beast doing here, shouldn't it be burning down a town and stealing gems for its pile or something."

Spike looked back at Spoiled. "Your mean." Said Spike simply. "This my seat, grandpa let me stay here." Spike looked to Bright Mac. "Right grandpa?" Asked Spike.

Bright Mac smiled, that was the first time Spike called him grandpa. Bright Mac nodded slightly to make sure Spike didn't get tossed off. "Yep, that is your seat."

Spoiled looked insulted. 'This beast has the nerve to insult me, doesn't it know who I am?' Spoiled walked over to Bright Mac to give Spike a piece of her mind, but she was stopped by all of the girls, Windy, Bow, and Cookie, they didn't take her calling Spike a beast well. "Move, that beast should be shown its place." Said Spoiled.

Rarity growled as her eyes went white. "Call him a beast one more time, just one more time and I will not regret what I'm about to do." Said Rarity.

Spoiled smirked. 'What can this little filly even do, she's no noble from Canterlot, the worst she could probably do is blow my hair a little, then I'll just go to the salon to get a make over again, Filthy can afford it.' Thought Spoiled as she said one simple word. "Beast."

Rarity roared as she channeled her magic into a teleportation spell. She unleashed her magic on Spoiled as she sent her to the small lake on the outskirts of town, and thanks to the rainstorm yesterday the banks were going to be muddy.

Once Spoiled was gone Randolph sighed in relief. "Thank Celestia, I have worked for Filthy Rich and his family for years, and I have never once regretted my decision to serve his family, that was until that harpy wormed her way into his heart."

Spike smiled as he looked to Randolph. "Nice meet you, Randolph." Said Spike. "I Spike." He then pointed to all the girls. "That my mama's."

Randolph smiled at the simple manners of Spike. "Its nice to meet you Spike, might I ask how old you are, you seem to know a lot of words."

Spike looked at his claws as he tried to think. He stuck out two claws. "I this many, I think."

Randolph smiled. "Awe, two years old, such a long life ahead of you."

Spike shook his head. "No, this many." Said Spike as he kept his claws out.

Randolph nodded. "Sorry, two months, you are a very smart dragon then, dragons your age only know a few words to help them get by and communicate with their parents." Randolph was very interested in dragons, and always requested the day of the dragon migration off so he could observe them.

Spike shook his head again. "No, this many." Said Spike as he kept his two claws out.

Randolph shook his head. "You can't be two weeks old."

"I not, I this many." Said Spike. "I see ball in sky this many times since I hatched." Said Spike still holding two claws out.

Randolph gasped. "Your only two days old?" Asked the stallion.

Spike cocked his head. "What day?" Asked Spike, he looked at Bright Mac. "Grandpa, what day?"

Bright Mac sighed as he pointed to the sun. "Spike, see the big ball in the sky, its called the sun, everyday Princess Celestia raises and lowers the sun, she also does the same with the moon. When you see the sun then the moon one time its called a day."

"Oh." Said Spike as he looked at his claws, as he remembered how many times he saw the sun and moon. 'Ok so yesterday I saw the sun, then the sun again, then I saw a red sun in the distance, then when we got to mama's with lot of rocks, white ball was in the sky, that must be the moon, I slept for a long time, the moon was gone and the ball was back in the sky.' Thought Spike. He looked to Randolph. "I two days." Said Spike as he smiled.

But before Randolph could protest, the clocktower struck 4. Pear looked at the clocktower. "Shoot, we need to hurry, town hall closes in an hour." Said Pear. She looked at Randolph. "Randolph, I'm sorry but we need to go, were headed to town hall so Spike can legally be adopted by his mothers." She looked at Diamond. "Diamond, I'm sorry about your mother, but no one calls my grand baby a beast."

Diamond cooed, she looked at Spike, and smiled at him. Spike looked at her and waved as he smiled. "Hi." Then Pear and the others started to rush to town hall. "Bye." Said Spike as the family left.

Randolph sighed. "Come along, lets go see how much Spoiled Milk's anger will cost your father."

It didn't take long for the family to reach town hall, but it was still a while seeing as it was 4:30 when they arrived in the lobby. Pear rushed in and headed straight for the receptionist. A nice white unicorn mare with a brown bee hive hairdo was sitting behind the desk, this was Raven Inkwell. "Raven is the mayor still in?" Asked Pear as she reached the desk.

Raven smiled. "Your in luck, she just finished her last meeting of the day, but you better hurry, she's packing up right now to head home." Said Raven. "So Buttercup, what brings you here, I need to know so I can get you the proper form?" After her first week on the job, it was clear that the only reason anypony came to town hall was to complain or to request forms, so asking ahead of time was just easier.

Pear smiled. "We need adoption papers for an abandoned child."

Raven gasped. "That's horrible, who would abandon a poor, defenseless foal?" Asked Raven.

In Tartarus, Swift Flight sneezed as he was about to be thrown in his cell by the guards. "Get in there dirt bag."

Pear shook her head. "Its not a foal, Spike is a dragon baby that was abandoned by his mother." Said Pear as she walked over to Mac and retrieved Spike, she brought him over to Raven. "Spike, this is a friend of mine, her name is Raven Inkwell." She looked to Raven. "Raven this is Spike, my soon to be grandson."

Raven looked at Spike as she used her magic to pull out the proper form for adoption. "Fill this out and I'll stall the mayor." Said Raven as she gave Pear the form.

Pear smiled as she picked up Spike, she smiled at Raven. "Thanks Raven." Said Pear as she walked away from the desk to fill out the form.

20 minutes later, Pear looked at the form, there were only two more things to do before they were ready to see the mayor. She looked at the girls. "Ok girls you all need to sign on this line to say that your his legal guardians." Said Pear as she gave the quill she was using to the girls. One by one all the girls signed the form stating that they will take responsibility for Spike from this moment forward.

Pear smiled as she pointed to the very last thing they needed to fill out. "Ok, now the real question, what is Spikes full name?"

All the girls looked at Spike. When Raven returned she gave Spike a small pack of crayons and a piece of paper to occupy his time while the others filled out the form. Cookie was on the floor with Spike teaching him the colors as he was drawing a small picture. The girls thought of what to name him. "How about we go in the order he saw us first?" Suggested Rarity. All the girls nodded.

One by one, all the girls added to Spike's name showing that he was going to be a full part of each of their family's. Fluttershy was first, she walked up to the form, in the last two days she has experienced so many things in her life, but right now this was going to be the one she was not going to shy away from.

Spike Shy-

Rainbow walked over to add her part, she doesn't know it, but its because of her that Spike was finally hatched and now has her for such a great mother.

Spike Shy-Dash-

Next was Pinkie, because of Spike, Pinkie finally found the two things that will always be in her heart, parties and her son, and all of it was thanks to meeting the girls and finding him.

Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-

Up next was Rarity as she smiled at her soon to be son, thanks to Spike, Rarity had millions of ideas that she could use to bring her new found dream of being a fashion designer into reality.

Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-Belle-

Last was AJ, she was the final filly to become Spike's mother and she was so happy to know she was always going to be there with him instead of being in the big city with ponies that didn't even know the word hard work.

Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-Belle-Apple Drake

All the girls smiled at seeing Spike was about to be their son. Pear grabbed the form and walked over to Raven. "Raven we're done, can we see the mayor now?" Asked Pear.

Raven nodded. "Yep, gather everyone and we'll head to her office." Said Raven.

Pear smiled as she gathered everyone, but before they left Spike handed Raven the picture he drew. It was a crude drawing of a white mare with a brown mane, but it was clear to Raven that is was suppose to be a picture of her. She smiled at the drawing, then she looked at Spike. "It's wonderful Spike, thank you." Said Raven.

Spike smiled as Raven lead the group to the mayors office. "She's inside, have a great day." She looked at Spike as she kissed his forehead. "Thank you again for the picture Spike, and welcome to Ponyville." Said Raven as she walked back to her desk, she needed to head home and see if her job application for the position of the royal record keeper was accepted or not.

Pear and the others walked into the mayors office. Mayor Mare was a tan mare with a gray mane, she was just elected mayor a year ago and in that time she was doing a great job, except for Winter Wrap Up, Ponyville was struggling to clean up winter before Spring should arrive for years before she showed up. "Mayor, thank you for seeing us on such short notice." Said Pear.

The Mayor smile. "Not a problem, Raven told me about why your here, and I'd be glad to make it official, all I ask is to see this little dragon for my own eyes."

Fluttershy smiled as she got Spike and placed him on her desk. "Here you go." Fluttershy smiled at Spike. "Spike, remember what we talked about a minute ago, what do you say when we meet a new pony?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike looked at the mare as he smiled at her. "Hello, my name Spike Drake, I happy to meet you." Spike looked at Fluttershy. "I do it right?" Asked Spike.

Fluttershy smiled as she nodded. "You did great Sweetie."

Spike smiled. The Mayor looked at Spike, he certainly was a dragon, but he was nothing like the dragons she saw during the last migration. "Ok, may I see the adoption forms?" Asked Mayor Mare. Pear nodded as she gave the form to her. Mayor Mare looked over the form, everything was in order, all the t's were crossed and all the i's dotted. Mayor Mare took a deep breath. "Ok, I need his guardians to take an oath saying that once this meeting is over, Spike will be legally their son."

All the girls nodded as they walked over to the desk. "Ok, please place your right hoof on the royal seal and repeat after me."

All the girls placed their hooves on the royal seal. "I swear upon the royal emblem of the kingdom of Equestria…"

"I swear upon the royal emblem of the kingdom of Equestria…" Repeated the girls.

"That upon the finishing of this oath, I will do everything in my power to provide for Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-Belle-Apple Drake..."

"That upon the finishing of this oath, I will do everything in my power to provide for Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-Belle-Apple Drake..." Repeated the girls.

"I will support him, care for him, teach him, and I will treat him as if he was my own child."

"I will support him, care for him, teach him, and I will treat him as if he was my own child." Repeated the girls.

Mayor Mare smiled as she pulled out a stamp with the royal emblem of the sun and stamped it on the adoption form. She gave it to Spike and smiled at him. "As the mayor of Ponyville, and with the power vested in me by the ponies of Ponyville, I hereby release Spike Shy-Dash-Pie-Belle-Apple Drake into the custody of his 5 mothers, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkamena Diann Pie, Rarity Belle, and Applejack Apple." She smiled happily. "Welcome to Ponyville Spike, I hope you love your family as much as they love you."

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The moment Mayor Mare gave the girls legal custody of Spike, the baby dragon was confused. But in his defense the word custody had no meaning, Spike looked to his now real mothers. "Mama, we family now?" Asked Spike.

All the girls were crying, so far with Spike in their lives, every moment was a rollercoaster of emotions, but all of those emotions were nothing compared to the pure joy they were feeling right now. Fluttershy smiled at Spike as tears escaped her eyes, she nodded at her now real son as she picked him off of the desk. She kissed his head as she brought him to her barrel, hugging him. "Yep, now we're a family."

Spike looked at Fluttershy, he was confused. "Then why Mama crying?" Asked Spike.

AJ walked up as she kissed his head, she joined in the hug. "Spike, right now it's just like when you gave us your gifts."

Rainbow nodded as she joined in the hug. "Yep, now there is nothing that will make us more happy than this moment."

Pinkie walked over and smiled at Spike as she joined the hug. "You've done so much for us in such a short time, and now we can always have moments like this."

Rarity joined in as she completed the circle of fillies, all hugging their new son. "Because from this moment on, we're your Mama's."

All the fillies looked at Spike. "And Spike, from now on your our son. We love you Spike."

Spike started to cry himself, he hugged Fluttershy even more. "I love you too."

All of the adults looked at the newly formed family as they all cried. Mayor Mare sighed at the newly formed family. She got out from her desk and grabbed a camera that she had in her office. It wasn't that common for a pony to be adopted, mostly because very few pony's needed to be adopted, but in her time as a politician, she has only made one other family whole before Spike's, and the moment she saw the smiling face of the foal being adopted, nothing compared to how happy she was. Right now she was experiencing that same feeling but five times over. Mayor Mare looked at the group of fillies and Spike, she smiled at the sight as she took a picture to commemorate this moment. The picture spat out of the camera and she handed it to Cookie. "Every family needs a first photo." She then pointed to the still hugging family. "And no way in Tartarus is there a better moment than this."

Cookie nodded. "Thank you Mayor." Said Cookie. Suddenly the clock tower struck five, town hall was closing, and right now they were holding up the mayor from leaving. Cookie sighed, she didn't want to ruin the moment, but this was the first of many to come. "Ok girls, we still need to make one more stop before we get Spike home tonight, and as much as I want to let you girls enjoy this moment forever, we are keeping the mayor from leaving." Said Cookie.

All the girls removed themselves from the hug as they nodded. Rarity looked at her mother. "Mother, do you know what time Ms. Shine's store closes?" Asked Rarity, she wanted to know, so the others could gather their family's. "I have a great idea." She then pointed to Spike. "I want to surprise him."

Cookie smiled. "Her shop closes at 7, but she stops taking orders at 6."

Rarity nodded. She picked up Spike as she looked at him. "Spikey Wikey, do you mind going with Grandma Buttercup for a little while, Mamas need to talk about a surprise we have planned for you?" Asked Rarity.

Spike shook his head. "Ok Mama." Spike looked at Pear. "Grandma, can I?" Asked Spike.

Pears heart melted, Spike just accurately said grandma. She smiled as she picked Spike up. "Of course." She then looked to the mayor. "Mayor, thank you for doing this on such short notice." Said Pear as she smiled.

Mayor Mare smiled back. "Think nothing of it." She looked at Spike. "I have a feeling that with you around, nothing in this town will ever be the same again, and I can't wait to see it."

Spike smiled as he placed his hand on her muzzle. "Thank you Mayor, I love family." Said Spike.

Mayor Mare smiled. "Your welcome Spike."

Pear smiled as she and Spike walked out of the office.

Now that the girls were alone, it was time for Rarity to tell everyone her plan. She motioned for all the girls and the adults to gather around. "Ok, I think we should surprise Spike." She looked to her mother, Windy and Bow. "Mother, can you go get father and Sweetie and bring them to the farm?" Asked Rarity.

Cookie nodded, she had a good idea what Rarity was planning and it would be just perfect. "On it, and if your doing what I think your going to do, I agree."

Rarity looked at Windy and Bow. "Ms. Windy, Mr. Bow, can you go get Fluttershy's parents and her brother, and bring them back to the farm as well?" Asked Rarity.

Windy and Bow nodded. "Of course, I can't wait to see what you have planned." Said Bow, he looked at Windy. "Windy, you stay here and watch the girls, 5 fillies shouldn't be left alone without adult supervision."

Windy nodded as she kissed Bow's cheek. "Don't worry dear."

Rarity looked at Bright Mac. "Mr. Mac, can you help Mrs. Buttercup keep Spike distracted?"

Bright Mac nodded. "Sure thing."

Rarity looked at the rest of the girls. "Ok, all of us are going to head to the local jewelry shop to get the necklaces made, but I want to change one little thing. I think we should chip a little off each gem and make a sixth necklace for Spike. He wanted us to keep them close to our hearts, so to show him that we want the same thing, Spike should have a piece of us with him."

All the girls thought for a moment and the idea was a perfect way to show the connection they all shared now, they all nodded. Rarity smiled. "Ok, lets move out." Said Rarity as out of nowhere dramatic music started to play.

All the girls were confused by the music, until Pinkie giggled, she looked sheepish. "It felt right." Said Pinkie.

Rarity nodded as she narrowed her eyes. "It's perfect." Said Rarity, she looked at everyone and nodded. They nodded back as everyone ran out of the office, leaving Mayor Mare alone.

She looked at the open door as she started to laugh. "Not five minutes in and its already started." Said the mayor as she started to pack up for the day.

Special Order

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Spike and Pear were sitting in the lobby of town hall, Pear had no idea why she needed to watch Spike and no idea what to do with him, but right now she didn't care, this was a great time to bond with Spike. Right now she was telling Spike about the town's history, while omitting some of the less desirable points. Luckily the walls of town hall were filled with pictures and paintings of the many stages Ponyville had gone through.

Pear was showing a picture that was taken when Granny and her family were harvesting their first orchards crop, about 3 years after the Apples cultivated the land. Pear looked at Spike. "Spike, see this mare right here." Said Pear as she pointed at the picture of a very young Granny Smith. "Do you know who that is?"

Spike looked at the picture but ultimately shook his head. "Nope, who she?"

Pear giggled. "I don't blame you, that picture was taken over 70 years ago, but that is Granny Smith, your great grandmother. This was taken when she and her father Apple Fritter were collecting their first harvest."

Spike looked at the picture then he started to count his claws, but he still only had 10 claws, he now knew what a day was, but he had no idea what a year was. He looked at Pear hoping for some help. "Grandma, what a year?"

Pear smiled as she thought about an answer. "Well Spike, you know what a day is, we have 4 measurements of time. A day is when you see the sun and the moon. A week is 7 full days. A month is 4 weeks, or about 30 days, and a year is 12 months or 52 weeks or 365 days."

Spike looked at his claws, the highest he ever counted was 5, each being his mamas, so to him the number 30 was infinity. Spike looked at the picture again. "Granny old." Said Spike.

Pear laughed as she nodded. "I know, but if you want to stay on her good side, you tell her that even a spring chicken is older than her."

Spike nodded. "Ok." Said Spike. 'I don't get it.' Thought Spike.

Suddenly the rest of the family ran out of the mayors office with the music still playing. Spike and Pear looked at the weird display, both of them were confused. "Um..." Said Pear as she watched her husband walk over to them. "Mac, I'm guessing there's a reason for that?"

Mac nodded as he smiled at Spike and Pear. "Yep, but right now everyone is getting ready." Mac looked at Spike. "So Spike, what was grandma showing you?" Asked Mac.

Spike pointed to the picture. "Granny old." Said Spike.

Mac sighed. "Spike, what ever you do, never call Granny old." Said Mac.

Spike nodded. "Ok." But he was thinking. 'I still don't get it.'

Mac Smiled. "So, we should get out of here, town hall is closing." He looked at Pear. "So Buttercup, any idea on what to do?" Asked Mac.

Pear looked at Mac. "Well don't we need to go get the necklaces made?" Asked Pear, she was still out of the loop.

Mac shook his head. "We can do that later, and the girls are just heading to Ms. Shine's shop." Said Mac, trying to clue his wife into the plan. "We should show Spike the town for a while until the girls come and get us." Said Mac really not trying to spoil the surprise.

Thankfully Pear was very smart, she nodded. "Ok, well, how about we go see Cupcake, I want to see hers and Carrot's reaction to Spike?" Asked Pear. "Plus, imagine Spike's face when he has a cup cake."

Mac thought about the looks of everyone, they were all too good to pass up, so he nodded in agreement. He looked at Spike. "Spike do you want to stay on Grandma or do you want to get back on me?"

Spike looked at Mac and shook his head. "No, Mean Mare yell at you again." Said Spike.

Mac sighed as he looked at Spike. "Spike, what ever the mean mare does, just ignore her or tell me or grandma, we'll handle it." Spike nodded, Mac smiled. "Good, how about we go get a snack, you must be a little hungry after everything we've done today."

Spike stomach growled loudly in response to the idea of having a snack. Pear giggled as she looked at Spike. "Mac, when it comes to his stomach, there's nothing little about it." Said Pear as she started to head to the bakery.

Meanwhile with our excited group of mothers and Windy, they arrived at the jewelry shop. A old gray purple mare was sitting behind a case waiting for a customer to enter her shop, and when the group entered the shop she greeted them. "Oh, hello what can I do for you today?" Asked Ms. Shine as she looked at Windy.

Rarity cleared her throat, directing the mare's attention to her and her friends. "Ms. Shine, are you still taking orders?" Asked Rarity.

Shine looked at Rarity. The two knew each other, because Cookie would shop here when she was looking for some earrings, most of the time she would bring Rarity with her. "Why yes Rarity, I am. What do you need?"

Rarity placed her gem on the counter, all the others placed their gems on the counter as well. "Ms. Shine, believe it or not, but we are now mothers to the greatest dragon in the world, in fact he's the one who gave us these gems, can you chip off a small portion of each and make six necklaces for us?"

Shine sighed, there were a lot of questions running through her mind, but that could wait for a moment. She opened a small drawer under the cabinet and pulled out a pair of jewelers glasses. She started with the rainbow quartz, she was silent as she went to the citrine, then to the morganite, she looked at the topaz, and lastly to the amethyst. All of them were perfect and in all of her years of being a jeweler, she had never seen stones of this quality. She looked to the girls. "Where did you get these?"

"Our son found them." Said Rarity, she then thought for a moment as she smiled at what she just said. "I just said our son." Giggled Rarity. She shook her head. "Sorry, but yes, our son, Spike found them when he was digging in the dirt."

Shine smiled. "Ok, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you girls, 6 necklaces are not going to be cheap, but these gems are such a high quality, that even if I chip small parts off of them, they will be very useful to my work. So we'll call it even if you allow me to keep the small remaining chips from the process, of course most of the gems will go into the finished products, how does that sound?" Asked Shine.

The girls smiled, it was a great compromise, when they first came up with the plan the idea of the cost really didn't come into the folds. Rarity nodded. "That would be perfect, can you have them done in one hour, we're going to give it to him when he enters his new home?" Asked Rarity.

Shine looked at the gems one more time. She sighed. "Ok, it's not going to be easy, and if you want them perfect I'm going to need you to bring them back one more time. But I can get it done." She looked at the girls. "Now what kind of design would you like the gems to be cut in?" Asked Shine.

Rarity thought for a moment. "How about a simple diamond shape for me?"

"I'm an Apple, so go with that." Said AJ.

"A lightning bolt for me, that would look so awesome."

"Um... how about a little butterfly, if that's ok?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Oh, can I have a balloon?" Asked Pinkie as she smiled.

Ms. Shine wrote a note making sure to keep track of the order. "What about the 6th one, what shape should that be in?"

Rarity looked to the girls, but before she could ask, the greatest idea popped into her head. "A flame!" Yelled Rarity, she looked to Shine. "Make his a flame." Said Rarity.

Shine nodded. "Ok, that's easy enough to do, I'll seat them in gold with gold chains for now, does that sound good?" Asked the mare.

Rarity smiled as she nodded. "Perfect, thank you for doing this for us, Ms. Shine."

She smiled back. "Don't worry, but is there any chance I could get more of those gems?"

Rarity looked to Pinkie, they were on her family's farm, so technically Pinkie had the final say. Pinkie shrugged. "I'll ask my dad when I go visit them."

Shine smiled at the answer, it wasn't a yes, but it wasn't a no. "Ok, thank you for asking." She looked to Rarity. "Rarity, I'll have my son take them to your home when I'm done."

Rarity shook her head. "No, don't send him to my house, send him to Sweet Apple Acres, that's where we're going to be."

Ms. Shine nodded. "Not a problem."

Back with Spike, Pear and Mac, they just arrived at the local bakery. Pear smiled at the delicious looking building shaped like a gingerbread house. She looked to Spike, his mouth was open and a river of drool was flowing from it. "So, I take it you want to go in." Said Pear. Spike nodded, as the river was growing into a waterfall. Pear smiled as she walked over to the door. "Cup Cake, Carrot Cake are you two in?" Yelled Pear.

"Sorry Buttercup, we're in the back cleaning up." Yelled a mares voice.

"We'll be up front in a minute, take a seat and make yourself comfortable." Said a stallion.

"Ok." Said Pear as she walked over to a booth in the corner. Mac went to a wall and grabbed a high chair for Spike to sit in. Pear placed Spike in the chair as Mac took a seat next to his wife. Pear looked around at the shop, it was lively most of the time, and a perfect place for parties to be thrown. She looked at Mac. "Mac, I think I have an idea for where Pinkie could stay."

Pure Imagination

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Once the kitchen was clean, the owners of the newly established bakery walked out. The first was a stout light blue colored mare with her pink mane styled into a swirl, and next to her was a very tall yellow stallion with a orange mane. Both were dressed in aprons, with the stallion having a small paper hat on his head. They walked over to their friends, who were sitting in the corner booth. "Sorry you two, we just finished preparing for the after dinner crowd." Said the Stallion.

Pear waved it off. "You don't need to apologize, Carrot, but I want to tell you two some big news, please sit down."

The mare nodded. "Ok dear, but I'm sorry to tell you, we only have about an hour until we need to get ready for our customers."

Mac chuckled. "It's fine Cup Cake, we understand."

They looked to the high chair. "So you brought Apple Bloom out today, has she started talking yet?" Asked Cup Cake.

Pear giggled as she shook her head. "No, she's with Granny, this is our grandson, Spike." Said Pear.

"GRANDSON!?" Yelled the two bakers. They took the seat opposite of the family and looked at the high chairs occupant, sitting there was a small purple and green baby dragon. The moment the two saw Spike, they froze in place, their eyes were wide, their mouths were dropped open, and the only thing that was moving was Cup Cake's ear, which was twitching.

Pear and Mac looked at the couple, and promptly started to laugh their flanks off at the sight. Spike looked to his grandparents, he was confused. "Grandma, Grandpa, what funny?" Asked Spike, he looked to the Cakes. "Who they?"

Pear smiled at Spike. "Spike, they are some of our friends, they're Carrot Cake and his wife Cup Cake, they make the treats here."

Spike looked at the two, he now knew who they were, but not why they were like that, so he did what Fluttershy taught him to do when he meets new ponies. "Hello, my name Spike Drake, I happy to meet you." Said Spike, he looked to Pear. "I do it right again?" Asked Spike.

Pear nodded. "Yep, good job Spike." She looked to the bakers and smiled. "Do we have a story to tell you, but first can we get some coffee and a cupcake for Spike?" Asked Pear.

Cupcake kept the face as she nodded. She got up from the seat and retrieved the requested refreshments and cake. She sat back in her seat and returned her face to normal as she looked to Pear. "B, I don't know where to begin." She looked to Spike. "But why do you have a dragon with you?" Asked Cup Cake.

Pear was about to answer the question, but she was stopped by the angry growl of a dragons empty belly. "Shhh, I want to see this." Said Pear, she looked at Spike, he was looking at the little cupcake. It was a simple white cake, with blue frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Spike looked at the cupcake, then he looked at Pear. "Grandma, it look like Mama." Said Spike.

Pear looked at the cupcake, it did look like Rainbow a little. "Hmm, it really does."

Spike smiled as he looked at the cake again. Spike used his tongue to lick the frosting, then Spike's world went dark, but slowly a song started to play along with a light show accompanying it.

Once the song was over, Spike returned to the world and wrapped his whole tongue around the small pastry. Using his tongue, Spike pulled the whole thing, wrapper and all, into his mouth, the only problem was the cake and frosting together was taller than Spike could open his mouth, so a large amount of frosting was deposited onto Spike's face. Spike looked at Pear, his face was a mess, but he had the largest smile ever. "Grandma, can I have more?" Asked Spike.

Pear giggled, but shook her head. "Sorry Spike, not right now, but we can come back here and pick up a few more after we eat dinner at home."

Spike sighed as he crossed his arms. "Fine, can we bring Mamas?" Asked Spike, he wanted his mothers to enjoy the new yummy thing with him next time.

Pear smiled as she nodded. "Of course." Spike smiled, he then noticed the frosting left on his face, he used his tongue to gather the frosting and moved it into his mouth. Pear giggled at the happy look on Spike's face, she looked to the others, she knew what to do next. She looked to Mac. "Mac, he needs to be burped." Said Pear.

Mac nodded as he moved the Cakes out of the path of the flame. Pear picked up Spike and placed him over her shoulder as she started to gently pat his back. Spike burped up a few small flames that didn't do any harm to the shop. Pear smiled at Spike. "Ok sweetie, do you want some crayons to play with?" Asked Pear. "Grandma and Grandpa are going to be talking with our friends for a while."

Spike nodded. "Yay, Grandma want me to learn colors." Said Spike.

Pear smiled, she looked at Cup Cake. "C can Spike have a kids mat and a pack of crayons?"

Cup Cake nodded as she walked over to the register and opened a drawer underneath it. She pulled out a simple fill in the color mat and a cheap 10 color pack of crayons. She brought them to Spike, he grabbed them and smiled at Cup Cake. "Thank you." Said Spike.

Cup Cake smiled, she has lived in Ponyville for her whole life and already knew a lot about dragons, but right now Spike as nothing like those dragons. "Your welcome."

Spike looked at the mat, it had some ponies playing on a play set in a meadow. Spike pulled out the crayons and started to color.

Now that Spike was happy, Pear looked at the Cakes. "So, just to recap, his name is Spike, he is a dragon, and he is our grandson as of 30 minutes ago. Any questions?" Asked Pear.

Carrot nodded as he just now regained control of his jaw. "About 20, but lets see how many get answered when we hear the full story." Said Carrot.

Bright Mac nodded as he started to tell Spike's story. "Ok, so yesterday AJ and Rarity met 3 fillies near the forest..."


"And we just got back from town hall. So in closing, Spike is now a part of the family." Finished Pear. She looked at the shocked faces of her friends.

Cup Cake looked to Spike, he was finishing up the coloring. She then growled in anger. "What kind of heartless, malicious, empty, Tartarus bound creature would leave this pure, innocent, kind, and overall well behaved dragon in the Everfree?"

In a single cell in Tartarus, Swift Flight was sitting in his cell when suddenly he sneezed. Swift groaned. "I better not be getting sick, its bad enough here already."

Cup Cake got up from her seat and looked at Spike. Spike looked at her and smiled, he handed her the picture. Spike had colored the ponies to look like his mamas, but he also added all of his family and the nice ponies he has met while in town, which included a small pair of ponies colored blue and orange. Cup Cake's heart melted at the picture. "Its lovely Spike, your very artistic."

Spike smiled as he showed it to his grandparents. Pear smiled at the picture, aside from the girls being the largest, there was a small depiction of her and Mac. She looked at Spike. "It's perfect Spike, I cant wait to show it to your mamas." Said Pear as she rolled it up.

She looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that they had been there for an hour. She sighed as she looked at Cup Cake and Carrot. "It looks like times up." Said Pear, she got out of the seat and picked up Spike. She looked at her friends. "Thank you for accepting Spike instead of over reacting. I'm happy to know Spike is getting to meet so many nice ponies, I want him to see that not everyone is like Spoiled." Pear looked down at Spike. "Spike, were going to head home, what do we say for the yummy snack and the crayons?" Asked Pear.

Spike looked at the cakes and smiled. "Thank you very much. You not like the mean mare, you nice ponies." Said Spike.

Pear giggled. "Great job Spike." She looked to Cup Cake and Carrot. "Before we go, one of Spike's moms wants to learn to throw parties, if your interested in giving her an interview, can we comeback tomorrow and see if she would like it here?" Asked Pear.

Carrot smiled. "That would be great. We've only been open for a few months and we're already understaffed. Bring her back tomorrow afternoon and we'll see how she does."

Pear smiled. "Thanks Carrot." She looked at Cup Cake. "C, it's great that I got to see you before me and Mac have to leave town. We got a delivery to Neigh Orleans next week." Said Pear as she gave Cup Cake a hug.

"B, your my best friend, so think nothing of it, also the cake and coffee is on the house." She looked at Spike as she kissed his head. "And you are going to be so happy with your family."

Spike smiled. "I love Mamas, I happy." Said Spike.

Mac sighed as he looked outside, he noticed Rarity, she was looking at him and nodding. Mac got out of his seat. "Sorry, but we need to leave." Said Mac, he looked at Carrot. "Carrot, don't screw this up like you did our 4th grade science project."

Carrot rolled his eyes. "You mean like when you did during the buck ball game, you were show boating to get Buttercups attention and you scored on your own goal, or how about the time you tried to learn to dance, or the time you got caught by Granny trying to ask Buttercup if she thought your hat looked nice on you."

Mac sighed. "We agreed to not talk about that ever again." Said Mac as in the background Pear was giggling at him. Then he started to laugh, he looked at Carrot. "Just don't screw this up. You have a great wife, a great life, and a great shop." Said Mac as he pulled Carrot into a hug. Carrot laughed.

The two broke the hug. "You too, and try not to teach Spike how to mess up as much as you, the kid has a long life ahead of him, the least he deserves is to learn how to get a special somepony." Laughed Carrot as Mac nodded.

Spike smiled as he was placed on Mac's back. He looked at his grandpa. "Grandpa, we going home?" Asked Spike as the family walked out of the bakery.

Mac nodded. "Yep, we're going home."

Join The Cutie Side, It's Your Destiny

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Mac, Pear and Spike were walking towards the farm's main gate, where there stood all of the girls, all of their parents, minus the Pies, and oddly enough a young lavender stallion who was giving Rarity a box. The trio walked over to the large gathering of family members, as the stallion ran off. "Um, wasn't that Shimmering Gem?" Asked Pear.

Rarity nodded. "Yep, he just delivered our order." Said Rarity as she smiled, she looked at Spike who for the first time was actually looking at his surroundings, Rarity giggled. "Spikey Wikey, did you have a good time with Grandpa and Grandma?"

Spike looked at his mama and nodded his head. "Yeah, I met nice ponies, had yummy cupcake that look like mama, I play with crayons too." Said Spike as he poked Pear. "Grandma, can I have picture?" Asked Spike.

Pear nodded as she showed the girls the picture Spike did. "He did this while me and Mac were talking to the Cakes."

All the girls looked at the picture, each of the outlined ponies were colored to look like the girls, but then they noticed that each of them had a cutie mark on their flanks, that was weird because they didn't have their cutie marks before they found Spike. "Spike, why did you add these to us?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike looked at Fluttershy. "Because mama have this." Said Spike as he pointed to her flank. "See."

Fluttershy looked at her flank, and low and behold, right there on her flanks were a trio of butterflies. "Oh my Celestia, I got my cutie mark and I didn't even notice." She looked at the others in the picture and noticed that all of them had a cutie mark. She looked to the girls. "Girls, I think we all got our cutie marks." Said Fluttershy.

All of the girls looked at their flanks, and each of them had gotten their cutie marks. AJ now had a trio of red apples, Rainbow was now sporting a cloud with a lightning bolt made up of red, yellow and blue, Rarity was adorned in a trio of light blue diamonds, and Pinkie was now decorated with a trio of balloons with two being blue and the last being yellow. All of the girls gasped as they looked at their flanks.

All of the adults were surprised. "Wait you girls didn't know about them?" Asked Cookie, all the girls shook their heads. "Seriously, I can't speak for Rainbow, Fluttershy or AJ, but I saw Pinkie get hers during the party at the farm, and I'm pretty sure Rarity didn't have her mark this morning, but she did when she was giving Spike his bath." She looked at the other parents. "What about you guys, didn't our girls not have cutie marks before Spike showed up?"

Windy and Bow nodded. "Yep, when we dropped her off at junior flight camp, she was a blank flank, but when we found her with Spike she had her mark, the only reason we didn't say anything was to surprise her with a large trophy that we needed to get made."

Zephyr shrugged. "I didn't notice, I was lost in her magenta eyes."

"Well, Fluttershy was the same, she was a blank flank when we dropped her off at flight camp, and when we saw her again she had her mark." Said Gentle.

All of the adults looked at Pear and Mac, who shrugged. "Don't look at us, she was gone for about 2 weeks in Manehattan visiting family." Mac then looked at AJ. "But you did have your mark when I found you and the girls with Spike's basket."

All the girls looked at Spike, so far he was the only connection between them getting their marks and this moment. All of the girls hugged Spike. "You really are something else kiddo, thanks to you we some how ignored the fact that we found our calling in life." Said Rainbow, she laughed. "I mean, I always knew I wanted to be a Wonder Bolt and somewhere in between that awesome sonic rainboom I did during the race and finding you, I got the coolest cutie mark ever." Said Rainbow, then she thought back as she connected the dots, she gasped. "I got my mark during the race, right as I was hitting the sound barrier." She looked at Spike. "And thanks to that, we found you."

AJ gasped as she connected her dots. "I must of got mine when I got back to the farm with Spike on my back." She looked at Spike. "Spike, I knew I wasn't happy with those pompous ponies in the big city, so I knew I wanted to be with my family back home, I guess since we became your mothers it was like I knew I wanted to always be an Apple, but all I needed was to find the newest little Apple in the forest." Laughed AJ.

Pinkie remained silent.... for about 2 seconds. "I kinda guessed I would get my mark at the party." Said Pinkie as she kicked away the finished script of the My Little Pony episode 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' out of shot.

Fluttershy smiled. "I knew I wanted to meet so many creatures here on the ground, I just didn't expect to find the greatest little dragon in the world while I was at it, but I wouldn't change anything."

Rarity smiled as she already knew when she got her mark, she laughed. "Well its thanks to Spike that I got my Cutie Mark." She pulled the box over to her and opened it. One by one she pulled out each of the girls necklaces and draped them over their heads so they would rest on their hearts. "The moment I saw the gem he gave me, I knew that designing was going to be my calling in life."

Spike looked at the necklaces, he smiled as he hugged his mama's. "You made necklaces."

All the girls smiled. "We did, but we also got you something." Said Rarity as she pulled out Spikes necklace, she placed it around Spikes neck. "Spikey Wicky, remember how you wanted us to keep your gifts close to our hearts?" Asked Rarity, Spike nodded. "Well, we decided to get something for you so we can be close to your heart as well."

Spike looked at his necklace as he started to cry. He hugged his mamas even more as he smiled at the gift. "I want to keep mamas close to me."

All the girls smiled as they just kept hugging Spike. Everyone was crying at the family's love for each other. But the sun was setting, they needed to get to the house before dark. "Ok girls, its getting dark, lets head into the house for dinner." Said Pear.

All the girls nodded as Rarity placed Spike on her back. She looked at Spike. "Spikey Wikey, are you ready to go home?" Asked Rarity. Spike nodded.

5 minutes later, the whole family arrived at the house. Pear walked into the house to get Granny, Macintosh and Applebloom. "Ma, guess what, Spikes officially part of the family." Smiled Pear.

"And that's when I high dived into a small pool from over 50 feet in the air." Said Granny as she laughed.

Celestia looked at the mare as she giggled at the stories. "You are one unique mare Granny Smith." Celestia looked to the door and noticed the mare standing there shocked to see the princess. Celestia smiled. "Oh, you must be Buttercup, greetings."

Buttercup was still shocked and unmoving. "....."

Celestia looked at Granny. "Is she ok?"

Granny sighed as she walked to the kitchen and got the smelling salts. She waved it under Pears nose, snapping the mare out of her shock. Pear looked at Celestia. "Can you give me a moment?"

Celestia smiled. "Of course, take your time." Said Celestia. 'Good, if she's here that means Spike is out side right now.' Thought Celestia, but then she remembered what the mare said. 'Wait did she just say, Spike is officially part of the family?'

Pear smiled as she walked out of the house. She looked at everyone. "Um, Princess Celestia is inside right now." Said Pear.

"WHAT!?" Yelled Everyone.

Hello My Little Dragon

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"Princess Celestia is inside." Responded Pear as she was huffing against the side of the house. Granny Smith walked out of the house to make sure everything was ok. It wasn't. Everyone was scrambling around trying to make sure everything was perfect for the princess. Granny sighed as she walked over to Spike. "Hey there Sugar Cube, how are you doing?"

Spike looked at Granny and smiled at her. "Granny...." Then he did the one thing that he shouldn't have. "Why you old?" Asked Spike, but in his defense, he was told not to call Granny old, not to ask her why she was old. Everyone fell silent at the question.

Granny chuckled as she picked Spike off of Rarity. "Well, I've been around the block a few times." Everyone's jaw dropped at the fact that she wasn't upset. "Do you want to meet an old friend of mine?" Asked Granny. "She seems to want to talk to you a lot."

Spike nodded. "Ok." Spike looked at Fluttershy. "Mama, I meet this pony before?" Asked Spike, Fluttershy shook her head. "Ok." Said Spike, he looked back at Granny. "Granny, look at what mamas give me." Said Spike as he showed his new necklace.

Granny smiled at the necklace. "It's suits you Spike. Come on lets not leave our guest waiting." Said Granny as she placed Spike on her back and walked back into the house, leaving all of the others outside.

Suddenly Macintosh with Applebloom resting on his back walked over to them. "Ma, Pa, Sis." Said Macintosh as he walked over. "I was wondering when you guys would get back. Before you go in, you won't believe it, but Princess Celestia is inside talking to Granny." Everyone else just sighed.

Pear looked at her son. "Thanks for the heads up dear." She looked at the door. "Come on lets head inside." Said Pear as she walked into the house again.

Inside of the living room, Granny brought Spike over to the sitting area so she could give Spike a chance to talk to Celestia. "Sorry about that, Princess, my family is very weird some times." Said Granny as she sat in her rocking chair and placed Spike on her knee. She looked down at Spike. "Spike, do you know how to say hi yet?" Asked Granny, unaware that he has learned a lot of words.

Spike nodded, he looked to Celestia. "It nice meet you, I Spike Drake, are you nice pony?" Asked Spike.

Celestia giggled as she looked at Spike. "It's nice to see you again Spike. Yes, I'm a nice pony, or at least I try to be."

Spike smiled. "Ok." He looked at Granny. "Granny, do you want to see picture?" Asked Spike.

Granny nodded. "Sure, where is it?"

"Mamas have it." Spike looked around for his mamas. "Where Mamas?" Asked Spike.

Suddenly the front door opened and in walked the whole Drake Family. Celestia, Granny and Spike all looked at the door, as one by one, each member of the very large family walked into the house.

Once everyone was inside, they all got in front of Celestia and bowed their heads to the ruler of the kingdom. "Greetings your highness, thank you for visiting our home." Said Bright Mac.

Celestia smiled as she lowered her head. "Thank you, and might I say it's wonderful to see how well this generation of the Apple family has utilized the land."

Everyone raised their heads. "We do what we can with it." Said Mac as he smiled at the kind words of the princess. "Princess, why are you here, has that manticore pride near the trail to Neigh Orleans been taken care of?" Asked Mac, assuming that was why she was here.

Celestia sighed as she shook her head. "Unfortunately not, today was the first time I have heard of this dangerous pride, but don't worry, when I get back to Canterlot, I'll send out a company of guards to relocate the pride. The real reason I'm here involves Spike." Said Celestia as she used her magic to pick up Spike, she placed him on her knee.

Spike looked up at Celestia's face. "You want meet my mamas?" Asked Spike.

Celestia nodded. "Yes, can I talk to them?" Asked Celestia.

Spike nodded, he looked at his mamas and smiled. "Mama, she nice pony, want meet her?" Asked Spike.

All five fillies walked forward and bowed at the princess, Spike was confused, but Celestia giggled. "Please raise your heads." Said Celestia, all the girls raised their heads. "First off, I must say, you all have done a great job raising Spike so far, he is very well behaved." Now she needed to confirm one thing before she asks all of her questions. "May I ask, where did you first find Spike?" Asked Celestia. 'If they say the Everfree, may Swift Flight rot in his cell.' Thought Celestia as she smiled at the girls.

"I was the first to find him, I heard him crying in the Everfree Forest." Fluttershy gasped. "Sorry, my name is Fluttershy."

Celestia giggled. "It's fine, but why did you go inside of the Everfree Forest in the first place, why not get an adult?" Asked Celestia as she thought. 'Rot in Tartarus.'

Fluttershy shook her head. "Something in my head was shouting at me to make sure that Spike was ok, I wanted to show him the kindness that he clearly hadn't been shown." She looked to Spike. "And I promised to always show him that kindness, no matter what."

Celestia smiled. "That was a great answer." She looked to the next filly. "And what is your name my dear?" Asked Celestia.

Rainbow looked at Celestia. "Rainbow Dash your highness."

"Ok, so Rainbow Dash, how did you get involved with Spike?" Asked Celestia.

Rainbow chuckled. "Well, after I achieved the sonic rainboom, I went looking for my friend Fluttershy, we all heard the crying, and Fluttershy was the first one to walk into the forest, I followed her, she is my best friend and if I couldn't stay by her side then I couldn't call myself a future Wonder Bolt." Rainbow looked at Fluttershy and smiled. "I don't leave my friends to face anything." She then looked at Spike. "And that applies to my son, I will always be there for him."

Celestia smiled at the answer. "You sound like a very loyal pony, Ms. Dash, I know you would be a perfect fit for the Wonder Bolts when your older."

Rainbow gasped as she started to hover, she then hoof pumped. "YES!"

Celestia's eyes fell on Pinkie. "And you must be Ms. Pie."

Pinkie gulped as she nodded. "First off, you should be ashamed of yourself for leaving your home without telling your parents." Celestia then softened her expression. "But how did a rock farmer end up in Ponyville?"

"Well, after I saw a rainbow, I wanted to let my family smile and feel just as happy as I did when I saw it, the only problem was I didn't have any supplies to throw a party, so I ran to the train station and took the train." Said Pinkie sheepishly, but she smiled. "I know what I did was wrong, but thanks to that, I have been allowed to live in Ponyville with Spike. No matter what, I will never hear him cry out of sadness again, so I promised him that I would always be there when he was sad and make him laugh."

Celestia sighed. 'There's no doubt that she's one, I can just tell.' Thought Celestia, she looked at Rarity. "And what about you, I have heard a lot about you Ms. Belle, you don't seem like a filly who would travel into the Everfree so freely."

Rarity nodded. "At first I would never even think of going into the forest for anything. But something was telling me that I needed to go in there, so I just ran after my new friends, ready to help them with anything they could need, even if it meant facing danger."

Celestia raised her eyebrow. "So, you were willing to help in anyway you could just to make sure your friends were happy?"

Rarity nodded. "I would do the same for anypony that needed it, but in that moment and for the rest of my life, the same will always apply to my son." Said Rarity.

Celestia smiled. "You have a very generous heart, one like that is rare to find in these times." Lastly her gaze fell on Applejack. "And judging from the pictures that Granny Smith showed me, you my little pony can only be Applejack." Celestia then giggled. "I still don't see how you could eat a full stack of piping hot apple fritters." Giggled Celestia.

AJ looked at Granny. "Granny!" Whined AJ.

Granny laughed. "Sorry AJ, but at least I didn't show your full baby album." Said Granny.

Celestia laughed. "It's fine, I have learned much about you from Granny Smith, and just from the stories I've heard, I can tell you have been raised in a great household full of honesty and a true sense of family."

AJ blushed as she tried to hide her face inside of her fathers hat. Celestia looked at Pear. "Mrs. Apple, you said earlier that Spike was officially a part of the family, can I assume that you went to town hall and Spike was legally adopted?" Pear nodded as she got out the official papers and gave it to Celestia. She looked at the paper, it had the royal seal stamped on it. Celestia smiled as she used her magic to place the paper into a frame and placed it on the wall.

Celestia looked at Spike. "So Spike, may I ask you a question?" Spike looked up and nodded at Celestia. "Do you want to live with other dragons?"

Everyone in the room went silent, they were shocked to hear that. Spike shook his head. "No, I happy with Mamas." Said Spike simply, not really sure what was happening or the importance of his answer. "You want to see picture I did?" Asked Spike.

Celestia smiled. "Of course I would." For years, Celestia has had premonitions for the future, the moment she saw the girls, she saw something that would play an important role in the future of the world, and all of it revolved around Spike staying here. She looked at the girls. "I hope you all have a great life with Spike." She looked at Spike. 'I did the right thing.'

Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Suddenly there was a loud growl emanating from the belly of Spike. Celestia looked down at the little dragon still on her knee, she giggled at him. "It looks like you really are taking after your mothers." Said Celestia as she used her magic to teleport a few gems from the royal treasury to her. It wasn't much, only a few calcite gems and a Amber the size of Spike's head, she gave them to Pear. "Mrs. Apple, use these for a while until Spike develops his gem hunting instincts, it should only be a few more days until he can transition to eating harder gems."

Pear nodded as she headed to the kitchen to store the gems. When she returned, it was clear that it was time for dinner to be started. "So princess, would you like to stay for dinner, we're no royal chefs, but we can easily make a feast fit for royalty?"

Celestia smiled. "That would be lovely, thank you." Said Celestia. Pear smiled as she and almost all of the mares walked into the kitchen along with Zephyr. Celestia looked to the girls. "Girls while dinner is being prepared, may I talk to you five alone, I should give you all a crash course on dragons?" Asked Celestia. All the girls nodded. Celestia placed Spike into the play pen, she looked at Spike. "Spike, I'm sorry, I need to talk to your mamas for a moment, then I'll see that picture you made." Said Celestia.

Spike nodded. "Ok." he looked around looking for Apple Bloom. "Can I have yellow thing, it was soft and warm?" Spike then yawned. "I sleepy."

Celestia looked at the girls hoping for some clarification. "Yellow thing?" Asked Celestia.

All the girls shrugged. "No clue, the only yellow thing we have in the house is my sister, Apple Bloom." It took the girls a few moments to figure it out. "Oh."

AJ walked over to Macintosh and grabbed her little sister off of her brothers back. "Macintosh go help ma in the kitchen." Said AJ, Macintosh nodded as he walked to the kitchen. Apple Bloom looked at her sister and started to giggle. AJ smiled at Apple Bloom. "Hey Sis, do you want to spend time with your nephew?" Asked AJ. Apple Bloom just kept giggling. "I'll take that as a yes." Said AJ as she placed Apple Bloom into the play pen. Apple Bloom went over to Spike and decided to snuggle up to him, his warm scales were quickly making the little foal fall asleep.

Rarity gasped as she remembered that Spike hasn't met his other aunt yet, she ran over to her mother who was carrying a little white foal with a light pink and purple mane on her back. "Mother, can Sweetie Belle meet Spike, she's the only one who hasn't met him yet?" Asked Rarity.

Cookie nodded as she used her magic to place Sweetie Belle on to Rarity's back. "Of course dear, just make sure to keep her safe, she's still having the surges." Said Cookie as she joined the others in the kitchen.

Rarity nodded as she ran over to the play pen and placed Sweetie Belle next to Spike. "Spikey Wikey, sorry for the late introductions, but this is your other aunt, Sweetie Belle." Said Rarity.

Spike yawned, but nodded. "Ok mama." Spike looked over at Sweetie Belle. "Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm Spike." Said Spike as he tried not to go back to sleep. But Sweetie Belle had other plans, she crawled over to Spike and snuggled right up to him, she wrapped her front legs around Spike's neck and closed her eyes. But Apple Bloom didn't like this new foal trying to take away her warm thing, so Apple Bloom wrapped her legs around Spikes neck as well.

Now Spike was in between his aunts as he was struggling to keep awake himself, but after the day he had, sleep was quickly winning the battel of the brain. Spike nuzzled up to Apple Bloom and used his tail to wrap Sweetie Belle and pushed her closer to him. Soon the room was filled with three tones of snoring. All of the girls looked at their fathers, they showed them the glares that their wives give them when they did something, and the message was clear. 'Don't mess with them.' All of the fathers nodded in response.

All the girls smiled as they followed the princess to another room. The fathers looked at each other. "Did we just get the mama bear look from our daughters?" Asked Mac. All of the others nodded. Mac sighed as he looked at the sleeping aunts with their nephew. "We really needed Spike in the family." Said Mac, and again all of the stallions nodded.

Once Celestia and the girls were alone, she used her magic to throw up a sound proof barrier. She looked at the girls. "To start off with, each dragon has magical fire, some produce lightning, others enchanted flames. Spike has been with you all for a few days now, do you know about his flames?"

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, he seems to have the ability to transport things to ponies, we don't know much more than that."

Celestia nodded. "Ok, may I have permission to check Spikes fire after we're done in here?"

Pinkie nodded. "Sure, it would be helpful to understand more about it."

Celestia smiled. "Ok, there are a few things that you need to look out for while Spike is growing up, the first is called Greed Growth."

All of the girls cocked their heads. "Greed Growth?" Asked the girls.

Celestia nodded. "Yes, dragons grow in two different ways, one is like all living creatures, with time. But the other is far more dangerous, if Spike's hording instincts are started, he will gather many things, his body will grow into that of a full adult and will turn his mind into nothing more than a beast's."

All the girls gasped. "That's horrible." Said Rarity.

Celestia smiled. "Do not fear, as long as dragons learn to moderate how much they hoard, nothing will happen. I only bring it up now as it takes a dragon a few years to understand that this instinct is not absolute, It will happen soon but with proper teachings it should be easy for him to control by the time he turns 5."

AJ smiled knowing that her son was smart, and can easily learn how to handle it. "The next thing that will happen is called the Molt." Fluttershy raised her hoof. "Yes Fluttershy."

"Is it like pegasus molting?" Asked Fluttershy, every pegasus went through a molt when they first learn to fly, when their normal feathers fall out and are replaced by their larger flight feathers.

Celestia nodded. "Yes, in a sense. But unlike a pegasus, or any other creature that molts, dragons are at their most vulnerable to predators. First they will develop red welts under their scales that will itch. Next, they will develop a case of random volume shifts, one moment he will be talking normally, but then it will change to a yell or be so quiet that it goes unheard. After that, he will develop unpredictable fire burps that he will have no control of, that's the one you all will need to look out for. "

Rarity sighed. "The poor dear, surely it can't get worse than all of that?"

Celestia sighed. "Spike will then produce a horrible odor that will attract a massive creature called a roc that will try to eat him."

All of the girls growled angerly. "NOTHING WILL GET WITHIN A MILE OF OUR SON!" Yelled all of the girls.

Celestia was glad she put up that sound barrier, she let the girls calm down before she mentioned the last thing that would play a part in her visions. "Lastly, dragons are not wild creatures, they have a leader, they are in charge of all dragons. This dragon is called the Dragon Lord. The current Dragon Lord is approaching the age where he is to step down and find a worthy successor. At that time he will call all dragons to gather for the chance to compete for the title. Spike's body will glow and his scales will itch uncontrollably until the call is answered. This means Spike will need to travel to the dragon lands, alone."

All of the girls looked concerned. "But what if he doesn't go?" Asked Rainbow.

Celestia shook her head. "That is not an option, if he doesn't go, he will die."

All of the girls gulped. Fluttershy looked at Rainbow, as Rarity looked at AJ, Pinkie looked at both of them. "Rainbow, Spike will need you to help him learn how to be fast."

"And AJ, you are the strongest pony in town that can teach Spike how to defend himself."

Both fillies nodded, they were determined to keep their son safe when it was his time.

Celestia smiled as she dropped the spell. "Well aside from that, dragons are raised just like normal ponies."

All of the girls nodded. "Ok." Said all of the girls, but suddenly all five fillies stomachs growled. They ran all around town to make sure everything was ready today, and they were hungry.

Celestia giggled. "Well, not even Applejack can be that hungry." Celestia then opened the door. "Come, dinner should be ready, you girls will need a lot of energy." Said Celestia as she let all of the girls pass her, she closed the door as she smiled. "Yep, definitely the right thing."

New Connection

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After dinner was finished, Celestia was going to spend a little time with Spike. But first she needed to fulfill her duty as princess. She looked at the sun, focusing on its core and slowly her horn started to glow a golden aura. Spike was sitting on the ground with his mothers, but he was looking at Celestia, this was the first time he had seen the sun move so he was interested.

Once Celestia's magic was ready, she slightly lowered her head to the horizon, she had to make up for time. The sun should've been down twenty minutes ago but thanks to the enjoyable meal and family, Celestia had lost track of time. She looked to the east ready to raise the moon for the night. Once her magic locked onto the moons core, Celestia raised her head to lead the moon into position.

Now that the sun and moon were caught up, Celestia was now able to rest for a while, this time was always for her to decompress after a long day, but it never lasted as she needed to rest for the next one. Normally she would read, take a walk in the gardens, or play with her pet phoenix, Philomena. But tonight she had other plans.

She walked over to the girls and Spike and sat on the soft grass with them. "So, girls about what we talked about concerning Spike. May I see him produce a flame?"

All of the girls looked questioningly, they had never tried to get Spike to make a flame, it just happened. Rainbow looked at Spike. "Spike, can you make a fire?" Asked Rainbow.

Spike thought for a moment as he was trying to think if he could. He shrugged. "Don't know."

Celestia giggled at the simple answer, she nodded at Spike. "Do you want to try?"

Spike nodded, he looked to his mothers. "Do I want to?" Asked Spike.

Celestia giggled at the response. "It doesn't need to happen today, Spike. But would you mind if I cast a spell on you, so I'll know when you can?"

Spike nodded. He didn't have a problem with it, mainly because he didn't know what was going to happen. Spike looked at Celestia. "Will it hurt?"

Celestia shook her head. "Not one bit, the only thing that will happen is that your body will feel warm for a moment."

Spike nodded. "Ok, I like warm." Said Spike.

Celestia looked at the fillies. "Girls, I'm going to modify Spike's fire slightly with a fire messenger spell I learned long ago, it should be compatible with Spike."

Rainbow raised her hoof. "Princess, why are you doing it?"

Celestia smiled at her. "Well, I'm going to make Spike a direct link between all of us, I trust you girls with him, but there is still so much you don't know about dragons and there is so much that not even I know about them, so once his fire develops, might I ask for you to write a quick report on Spike's development every week or so. Stuff like how he is adjusting to living with ponies, how others are treating him and how he will be doing in his education when the time comes. I wish to show the kingdom that what we know of dragons are only rumors, not cold hard fact."

Fluttershy raised her hoof next. "So how will this change his fire?" Asked Fluttershy, she wanted to make sure that nothing was going to happen to him now or in the long run.

"Well from what I was told about his fire, he seems to be able to send things to ponies he knows, but I don't think we will know who or how it actually works for quite a while, so I'm going to create a link between him and myself just to make sure."

AJ raised her hoof. "So you can create a link between him and you, can you create one for others?"

Celestia smiled as she nodded. "Yes, its a simple spell." She then looked to all the girls. "I'm guessing that you would like me to create a few more links to help all of you stay in contact with him."

All the girls nodded. "Well, I don't see a problem with that." She craned her neck to look at Spike at his level. "What about you, Spike?"

Spike smiled. "I want that, but can whole family have one?" Asked Spike, he wanted to talk to all of his grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Celestia sighed as she shook her head. "Unfortunately not Spike, at least not yet, your little baby fire would be overwhelmed by the number of links created in such a short time, I believe it would be safe for about seven links right now, but we can add more as you grow up and your inner fire is more developed."

Spike nodded as he placed his hand on her muzzle. "Ok, can Marble have one?"

Celestia nodded. "Of course, who is Marble?"

Pinkie smiled. "She's my little sister, by a few seconds."

"Ok, it will be simple then, I'll just scan your memories for some trace of her." Celestia then powered her horn and looked through Pinkies memories. She found a memory of Marble, but the weird thing was it was neatly labeled Marble memories. Celestia scanned the memory and returned to the real world. "Ok, I got it ready." She looked at all the fillies and Spike. "So are we ready to begin?"

Spike nodded as he looked to his mamas. "I am." Said Spike as he smiled at their faces.

All the girls looked at Spike as they smiled at him. "So are we." Said all the girls in unison.

Celestia nodded as she used her magic to forge 7 links with Spikes fire. Spike was sitting there, waiting for Celestia to finish, but he yawned, as his body was feeling warm, but then his body was really warm, then he got really really warm just like when he was sleeping in the fireplace back on the farm. But as soon as he was starting to feel really sleepy, everything got really cold, the spell was complete. Celestia looked at Spike, who was shivering. Celestia became worried. 'Oh no, something went wrong.' Thought Celestia. She used her magic to bring Spike right up to her barrel to keep him warm. "Spike, are you ok?"

Spike shivered as he nodded. "Yes, but I’m cold." Said Spike.

Celestia nodded as she wrapped him in her wings. "I'm sorry Spike, I didn't expect this to happen to you, I guess your fire wasn't ready for all the new links just yet."

Spike shook his head. "No it worked. I can feel mamas, Marble and you."

Celestia sighed in relief. That was the one side effect of the spell, once a link is created the two can sense each other for a few minutes. "Good, that means it worked." She looked at the girls. “Girls why don't you come here and help him?”

All the girls nodded as they joined in on the huddle, this seemed to work as in a few moments the sound of Spike snoring could be heard emanating from the center of the pile. Celestia giggled at the sound. ‘Well, it looks like I’m no longer needed here.’ Thought Celestia. She looked to AJ. “Applejack, am I to assume that Spike is going to stay here until he’s able to live with each of you?”

AJ nodded. “Yes, Princess.”

“Ok, it will take me a few days to get everything ready, but when I get back I will be giving him a few things, for him to use in the future.”

AJ looked at Celestia questioningly. “Like what?”

Celestia rubbed under her chin in thought. ‘In reality there are a few things that he will really need, and some that he could go without, but really, he has been through so much, who cares.’ Thought Celestia. She looked at Applejack. “Well, off of the top of my head, I doubt that living in a wooden home with a dragon who can’t control his fire is very safe, so I’ll be adding a spell of fire resistance over the house. Then I think that it would be prudent that he is given something that he could use when he’s going to school. So a pair of saddle bags... actually I know of a place that has something similar to saddle bags, but made for bipedal creatures like Spike, it’s called a backpack. Lastly, I don't think that having Spike sleep in a fire at night is a good idea, and its not like there is another dragon to keep him warm, so to counteract this, I’ll enchant a blanket with a small portion of my magic to keep him warm as he sleeps.” She looked at the rest of the girls. “And when the time comes for him to start living with you all, I will provide similar accommodations as well.”

All the girls smiled at the kindness of the princess. “Thank you Princess.” Said AJ.

Celestia smiled as she carefully picked up Spike and placed him on AJ’s back. “It’s no problem my little ponies and dragon.” Celestia got to her hooves and smiled at the new family. “I must be going, It was lovely to meet you all, I hope to hear good things when the time comes.” Said Celestia as she quickly placed a spell on the house.

Spike snored as he was enjoying the warmth from his mother, but in his sleep he muttered a few words. “She...Nice...Pony.” Muttered Spike as he continued to sleep.

Celestia smiled as she opened her wings to their full length and started her trip back to the castle.

All the girls watched as Celestia was flying away. AJ looked at the girls. “So, in the last two days, we all got our cutie marks, found a abandoned baby dragon in the Everfree, adopted him, and met the princess?” All the girls nodded.

“We also became friends.” Added Pinkie.

“And family.” Added Rainbow.

“And mothers.” Added Rarity.

“To the greatest dragon in the world.” Finished Fluttershy.

AJ laughed as she nodded. “I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow.” She looked at the still sleeping Spike on her back and smiled. “Knowing you, something amazing.” Said AJ, she kissed his head.

Dragon Fire Pt.1

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Its been 2 weeks since we last saw the Drake family, and in that time a lot has happened to them. In that time Pinkie was given an opportunity to interview at Sugar Cube Corner, the Cakes loved her baking and the liveliness she brought to the shop. She got the job and they offered Pinkie the empty storage room they had on the second floor. It was the perfect size for her, Gummy, and when the time came, Spike.

Bow and Windy, thanks to the skill of Hondo and Cookie's real estate know how, found a great little house at the edge of Ponyville. It was cheap enough that they didn't need to sell their cloud house in Cloudsdale, in fact they were able to relocate it not to far above their new house. The plan was to use the cloud house for when Spike wasn't spending time with them.

Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for Fluttershy. Even with Hondo and Cookie's skills, they did find a great little cottage, but it was built right at the edge of the Everfree. This would mean it would be cheap because of the location, but there were a lot of factors that negated this price. The cottage had two stories, a stone fireplace, hardwood floors, a large back yard, and a small stream that ran in front of the home, all of this just added to the price. This meant, something needed to be done if Fluttershy was going to be able to stay, that came in the form of a little scroll that was sent by a magical little purple dragon.

3 days ago, Spike was sitting with his mothers and their families in the living room of the Apple house. Bright Mac and Pear were absent from this family meeting because of the important delivery to Neigh Orleans. Thankfully, since the princess knew about the Manticores ahead of time, she had sent a large royal escort to accompany the farmers, but it was still a 2 day trip back to town.

"Ok, I just finished moving into the Cake's shop yesterday, they said I can start next week, and they even said that my first job is to throw a birthday party for a filly. I'm thinking of doing a circus act for entertainment, I already have a giant beach ball, and I've been practicing my juggling with rubber chickens. Oh, and I just finished signing up for school." Said Pinkie, she was working on multiple folders, with the names of many ponies in town.

Everyone looked at Pinkie, in the short time they had gotten to know Pinkie, she had come back to the farm covered in dirt, like she had been digging. Another time she came back covered in frosting, but that was the first time, not the 10th time, that happened yesterday, but the most particular was today, she came in covered in papers.

AJ sighed as she just accepted Pinkies actions. "Ok Pinkie, I'm glad to know that you got the job." She looked at Rainbow. "RD, what about you and your family, how has the house hunt been?"

Bow smiled. "Well, we just bought a little place not to far from here, and I'm talking to the home owners association back in Cloudsdale about relocating our cloud house to Ponyville. We'll anchor it right above the house when we get clearance from Mayor Mare."

Windy smiled. "That's not all, I've been accepted by the Ponyville Weather Team to act as their finance manager, can't be any worse than the Cloudsdale's Weather Team."

RD smiled as she nuzzled Spikes head. "And I just signed up for school, I'm going to be in the same class as you girls."

Spike looked at Rainbow. "What's school?" Asked Spike. In the last week Spike's vocabulary has developed massively, he still has trouble with somethings like knowing proper phrasing, and he needs explanations on what things were.

Rarity smiled as she brought Spike over to her barrel. "Well, Spikey Wikey, school is a place where young fillies and colts go during the week to learn new things, a place to make friends, and have fun."

Spike looked at Rarity. "Mother, can I go to school?" Asked Spike.

Rarity giggled, Spike just started calling the girls different versions of the word mama this week. She was Mother, Fluttershy was Mommy, AJ was Ma, Pinkie insisted that she stay Mama, and Rainbow thinking that the word mom made her less cool, insisted that Spike just call her by her name. That didn't sit well with the rest of the girls, so after a compromise, well more like an ultimatum, Rainbow settled on just being called Mom. Rarity looked at Spike. "Not yet, Spikey Wikey, you have to wait a few years, Kindergarten is for 4 year old's."

Spike huffed. "But I wanna go."

Everyone laughed, but they needed to get back on track. Rarity looked at Fluttershy. "So Fluttershy, I'm sorry we got side tracked, what about you dear, has my Daddy helped you find a place for you to stay?"

Fluttershy huffed slightly annoyed. "No, we looked all over town, and there was nothing around here."

Gentle sighed as he wrapped his wing around Fluttershy. "That's not entirely true, not too far from here, is a cottage, the only problem, it's too expensive for us to afford right now, my job at the weather factory is great, but we are still paying off our current home."

Granny sighed. "Well, that just won't do." She looked at Hondo. "Hondo, is there anything you can do?"

Hondo sighed as he shook his head. "Unfortunately no, the property was originally built on the land that Princess Celestia gave out to the original settlers of the town. I looked at the towns records, and found out that it belonged to a animal care taker, but she passed on many years ago, with no next of kin. So the property was returned to the princess, but I found that we could buy the land if we had seven thousand bits."

Granny sighed, the Apple's could help, but seven thousand bits was way too much. "Come on, there has to be another way, lets think."

Spike was confused. 'Grandpa Hondo mentioned the princess. So why don't we talk to the princess?' Thought Spike. He looked at Granny, she was really trying to think, Spike looked at everyone, they all had the same expression. "I'm going to try and talk with her." Said Spike. He wiggled out from his mothers grasp and walked over to Granny. "Granny." Said Spike as he nudged her leg.

Granny looked down at Spike. "Sorry dear, we're busy right now." She picked Spike up and placed him in the playpen with Applebloom. "Why don't you spend time with Bloom until we're finished." Granny brought Spike a piece of paper and the small pack of crayons that Pinkie brought Spike after her interview. "Here, why don't you draw something."

Spike sighed, but then he thought about this, he now has a piece of paper and something to write with. Spike smiled as he started to work.

five minutes later, Spike smiled at his work, granted it was crude, sloppy, and he was pretty sure the few words that he tried to write were miss spelled. But the message was clear.

Mamny nead Helb

Spike nodded, now he had to get it to the princess. 'Ok, how long would it take to get to the Princess?' Thought Spike, he looked at his aunt. "Aunt Bloom, any ideas?"

Applebloom giggled. "Babba wabba."

Spike sighed. 'Right, she can't speak yet.' Thought Spike. He looked at the message. 'Come on, Mommy needs this, I want to help Mommy.' Thought Spike, but nothing was happening, which was making Spike angry. 'Come on, go to the Princess.' Thought Spike as he was feeling something hot build in his stomach. Spike opened his mouth to yell but instead of a sound, Spike released a jet of green fire from his mouth, burning the message and turning it to smoke. "NO." Cried Spike, all that hard work, gone.

But that was wrong, instead of the message being destroyed, it was sent to the last pony Spike was thinking about. Spike watched as the smoke moved to the fireplace and went out the chimney. Spike huffed, now he was out of paper. He looked at his family, they didn't even notice the fire.

In Canterlot, Princess Celestia was sitting around the royal library, with her new personal student, Twilight, they were both reading. The first was reading a romance novel, while the latter was reading a advanced magical spell tome. Celestia placed down her book and looked at Twilight. "So, Twilight, are you ready for lunch?" Asked Celestia.

Twilight sighed as she nodded. "Yep, this book is fascinating but I'm tired." Said Twilight as she rubbed her eyes.

Celestia smiled. "Ok, you run ahead, I'll put these up and meet you there."

Twilight nodded. "Ok Princess." Said Twilight as she walked out of the library.

Celestia smiled as she got to her hooves, and using her magic she picked up the books. But before Celestia could move she noticed that a puff of smoke was moving closer to her. "Is that... It is!" Smiled Celestia, "I was wondering when Spike was going to unlock his fire. This must be the first report about how he's doing in Ponyville."

The smoke stopped right in front of Celestia and condensed into the message, she picked it up and brought it to her muzzle to read it. "This can't be right? I'm going to check this out."

Dragon Fire Pt.2

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It didn't take long for the princess to teleport to the farm house, only around 10 minutes. She had to apologize to Twilight for missing lunch with her, but she promised to make up for it tomorrow by teaching her how to teleport items like scrolls.

She also gathered all the gifts she had procured for Spike, like his new sun blanket, his future backpack, that she got from a mysterious world with creatures that walk on two legs called humans, and just because she was in a rush, she accidently brought Swift Flight's pet rabbit Angel along.

He had been a total menace to the staff of the castle, thankfully the moment she noticed that he was taking a ride with her, she placed a powerful sleep spell on him to keep him from running off.

So the moment Celestia arrived at the farm house, she knocked on the door, waiting to be let in.

Granny was the one to answer the door. "Princess?" Asked Granny, she was shocked to find the princess once again standing right outside her families home.

Celestia smiled at Granny. "Ms. Smith, I got your letter, what's happened to the girls?" Asked Celestia, she was worried about the girls and Spike.

Granny cocked her head to the side. "Letter, what letter?" Asked Granny.

Celestia was confused. She used her magic to levitate the letter she got and showed it to Granny. "This one, I got this about 10 minutes ago."

Granny looked at the paper, it was the exact same size she just gave Spike when she put him in the play pen with his aunt, it was even written with one of the colors in the crayon pack. "What the hay, when did he, how did he, how did you?" Asked Granny, but it would be better to confront Spike about it first than to ask pointless questions. Granny sighed as she moved over to let the princess in to the house. "Lets go talk to Spike, please come in Princess."

Celestia nodded as she walked into the home, she smiled at the girls and adults who were staring at seeing the princess once again. "Girls is everything ok?" Asked Celestia.

Everyone nodded. "Yes, nothing is wrong Princess, why are you here?" Asked Rarity.

Celestia moved the piece of paper over to the girls. "Well, I got this message from Spike, but instead of finding a report from you girls, it was asking for help."

All the girls looked at the letter, but then they looked at Spike in the play pen, he was playing with Applebloom, they were playing keep away with his tail.

AJ walked over to Spike and picked him up from the play pen. She brought him over to the others. "Spike, did you write this?" Asked AJ.

Spike looked at the paper, and smiled at seeing that it was still intact, he made his way to the letter and tried again to send it to the princess, completely unaware that she was sitting just out of his view. Spike took a deep breath and concentrated on the image of the princess in his mind. Soon there was a warm feeling building in his stomach. Once it was warm enough he opened his mouth and exhaled a jet of green fire.

Everyone was shocked to see Spike produce his first flame, that they knew about. The flame hit the letter and turned it into a plume of smoke. But unlike last time, where the smoke flew out of the chimney, this time the smoke flew around the room and stopped right above the princess. Spike watched the smoke fly around the room and smiled when he finally noticed the princess sitting in the room. "Princess Celestia! Hi." Said Spike.

The letter condensed back into a solid form and landed right on the ground right in front of the princess. Spike gasped as he smiled wide. "It worked." Cheered Spike.

'Ok that answers one question.' Thought Celestia. She picked up the letter and placed it on the table. She walked over Spike and smiled at him. "You did a great job Spike, I'm so proud of you." Said Celestia as she nuzzled his head.

Spike giggled at the praise he was getting, but then he remembered why he needed to see her. "Princess, Mommy need help." Said Spike.

Celestia sighed, she levitated Spike over to her and placed him on the ground right in front of her. She looked down at Spike and sat down with him. "Spike, what is wrong?" Asked Celestia.

"Mommy and grandpa and grandma are upset that mommy..." Said Spike, he really didn't know why she was upset, he had no concept of money, he had no idea of property, and he had no idea what was making his mommy upset. He looked at Fluttershy. "Mommy, why are you upset?" Asked Spike.

Celestia looked at Fluttershy. "Yes, please tell me as well Fluttershy. I want to make sure that nothing happens to you girls or Spike."

Fluttershy sighed. "Well, all this week, Mr. Hondo and Ms. Cookie have tried their best to find me a place where I can live in Ponyville. But there isn't anywhere that we can afford."

Gentle sighed as he walked over to Fluttershy. "Sweetie, I'll talk to my boss and see if I can get an advance on my pay check."

Celestia sighed. 'Ok, now I understand, but I think I have an idea how to remedy this.' She looked down at the basket with the gifts and the little white menace. 'You might actually be useful you little pain in the flanks.' Celestia looked at Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, I have a feeling that you and your family are struggling to afford a home, that will allow you to spend time with Spike, is that right?"

Fluttershy nodded. Celestia smiled. "Ok, Fluttershy, do you like animals?" Asked Celestia.

Fluttershy nodded. "I do, I've always wanted to take care of animals, but I'm not a good flier and I'm afraid of heights, so flying to the ground was just too scary."

Gentle smiled at his daughter. "But that didn't stop her. One day she found a injured red bird resting on a cloud right below our house, she flew to it and brought it back, she took such good care of it until it was ready to fly again."

Fluttershy blushed as she tried to hide her face. "Daddy." Whined Fluttershy.

Celestia smiled at hearing this. "Well, I just so happened to have a special little rabbit with me, he needs a new home, and if you'd like to take responsibility for him, I just might know the perfect place for you to live." Said Celestia. She looked at the group of girls. "Would you all mind following me?" Asked Celestia as she placed the basket with Angel onto her back and used her magic to place Spike into the basket. Spike found a still asleep Angel and thinking that it was a toy for him, he started to snuggle it.

All the girls nodded as everyone except for Granny and Bloom walked out of the house, headed for the possible home for Fluttershy.

It didn't take long for the group to reach the location, and to everyone's shock it was the exact same house that would of been perfect for Fluttershy and Spike to live in. "This is the one I believe." Said Celestia.

Fluttershy gasped as she looked at the cottage. "But this is the one we were talking about?"

Celestia looked at Fluttershy. "Really?" She shrugged. "Well, if I remember, I gave this plot of land to a wandering vet that treated my little Philomena when she accidently broke her leg. I asked her to make it her home in hopes of her helping more animals. I see she took my offer to heart. I was saddened to find out about her passing, but when I asked around, I learned that she had grown into some what of a animal whisperer, but that came at a price, she unfortunately never married and had a child to take ownership of the land." She looked at Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, if you are willing to help animals in need like she did, I would be honored to give you ownership of this land, along with a stypence of 500 bits a month to cover all of the supplies you could need, and another 300 to deal with the upkeep and maintenance."

Everyone dropped their jaws, Spike picked up Angel and looked at Celestia. "Princess, can I have this toy as well?" Asked Spike.

Celestia looked at Spike, and looked at the still sleeping Angel in his arms. She smiled at him. "Spike, that's not a toy, that's the little rabbit I was talking about, would you like to say hi to him?" Asked Celestia. 'Maybe seeing a dragon will scare some manners into him.' Thought Celestia.

Spike nodded. Celestia smiled as she used her horn to lift the sleep spell on Angel. Angel opened his eyes and looked around, but when his gaze fell on the creature holding him, his eyes went wide.

Spike looked at Angel. "Hi." Said Spike, but Angel wasn't in the mood to say hi back, he tried to get away from Spike and that resulted in him running and hiding right behind Fluttershy.

Celestia smiled a devilish smile on the inside. 'Good, it worked better than I thought it would.'

Fluttershy looked at the little bunny trying to hide from Spike. She kneeled down to his level and looked into his eyes. "Hi there, little guy, my name is Fluttershy, what's your name?" Asked Fluttershy.

(AN: this next part it going to be between Angle and Fluttershy, just to show that she can talk to animals.)

"Angel Bunny." Said Angel.

Fluttershy smiled. "Well that's a cute name. Do you have a home?" Asked Fluttershy.

Angel shook his head. "No, my last owner was taken away, I've been living with the big pony for a while now, and its boring."

Fluttershy nodded. "Well, would you like to live with me and my son, we're both very nice?"

Angel looked around. "Um... Sure, where's your son?"

Fluttershy giggled as she looked at Celestia. "Princess, can I see Spike?"

Celestia nodded and levitated Spike over to Fluttershy's back. She looked at Spike. "Sweetie, you need to be a good little dragon right now and keep your voice down, or you might scare him. Can you do that?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike nodded. "Ok Mommy." Said Spike.

Fluttershy smiled at hearing this, she placed Spike down right in front of Angel. She looked at the bunny. "Angel this is Spike, he's my son." she looked at Spike. "And Spike this is Angel Bunny."

Spike looked at Angel. "Hi, Angle its nice to meet." Said Spike.

Angel groaned as he looked at Fluttershy. "Really?" Asked the bunny, but at least he could get out of the castle and at least make living with a dragon bearable. "Fine, I need a place to stay." He looked at Spike and stuck out his paw for Spike.

Spike grabbed the paw and instead of shaking it, Spike lifted the bunny up and placed Angel on his head. "That's my favorite seat, maybe you like it too?" Asked Spike.

Angel sighed, he looked at Fluttershy. "Well, I guess I'm stuck here from now on." Said Angel.

Fluttershy smiled as she looked at the princess. "Princess, he said he would like to stay here with me and Spike."

Celestia smiled. "I'm glad to hear, I'll make arrangements for you to move in as soon as possible, but for now I must get back to Canterlot." She looked at AJ. "Applejack, would you mind taking these back to the house with you, inside is Spike's blanket and backpack?"

AJ shook her head. "Not at all Princess." Celestia smiled as she removed the basket and placed it onto AJ's back.

Celestia smiled as she extended her wings and started her flight back to the castle and her student.

Fluttershy looked at Spike and his new friend. "Well, thank you Spike, you truly are something else."

Spike smiled as he started trying to walk into the cottage. "Come on Mommy, lets go inside."

Fluttershy smiled as she followed her son and sorta pet into her new home.

Everyone else were just silent. "So... are we going to talk about the fact that Flutters can apparently talk to animals?" Asked Rainbow.

Pinkie gasped as she could now throw a house warming party for Fluttershy. "I'll be right back, I need to get ready." Said Pinkie as she ran off to get her new supplies from her recently dug Party Cave.

AJ shook her head. "Maybe later Dash. Lets go check out the house." Said AJ as she and Rarity walked into the house.

Rainbow sighed as she followed behind.

And that's how Spike was the most important part of getting his Mommy her home in town.

Whole Lot Of Apples Going On Pt.1

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The next two months just flew by for the young group of mothers and their dragon son. In that time, all of the girls had properly moved into each of their respective new homes. Pear and Bright Mac had returned from the delivery and were happy to know that all the girls now had a home.

Spike had been progressing by leaps and bounds mentally, physically and socially. He was now walking on his own, and aside from a few struggles in his first few days of walking, he was a little speed demon. That coupled with his extensive vocabulary and knowledge absorption ability, had allowed him to start reading books. Granted they were picture books, but still, he was only two months old. But this meant that he wanted to explore more of his home town, so any time there was a trip into town, Spike would beg to come along just to look around and meet other ponies.

This didn't always go well, while most of the ponies in town had accepted the fact that Spike was now a citizen of Ponyville, a few were still wary of him and avoided his whole family altogether. But this mainly consisted of Spoiled Rich, who held fast that Spike and Dragons in general were nothing more than beasts. Thankfully each and every time this happened, she would get some comeuppance. Rarity learned a sleep spell from her mother and left Spoiled asleep in the middle of the town square, Rainbow 'accidently' kicked a rain cloud above her, Pinkie was setting up a surprise with her new party cannon, and shot Spoiled with 20 cakes worth of batter, and Fluttershy just walked away from her. But the worst thing that happened was three weeks ago.

Spike and Fluttershy were sitting in the Apple house hold, she was reading a picture book to Spike and helping him to read. "The Cat was sitting in the sunlight and tried to nap." Said Fluttershy.

"The cat was sitting in the sunlight and tried to nap." Said Spike trying to follow what he was reading.

"But then a cloud blocked it out."

"But then a cloud blocked it out."

"'Oh no!' Said the cat. 'Where can I nap now?'"

"'Oh no!.' Said the cat. 'Where can I nap now?'"

"'Oh, how about my bed, its warm and cozy. Its perfect.'"

"'Oh, how about my bed, its warm and cozy. Its perfect.'"

"Then the cat walked over to its bed, curled up into a little ball and slept the day away, happy as can be." Finished Fluttershy.

"Then the cat walked over to its bed, curled up into a little ball and slept the day away, happy as can be." Finished Spike.

Fluttershy smiled at how much her son has developed, she looked down at Spike. "Spike, that was great, your doing a good job at reading."

Spike smiled at his mother. "Thanks Mommy, can we read another?" Asked Spike.

Fluttershy nodded. "Of course, but after lunch, ok?"

Spike smiled as he nodded. "Can I have a ruby today?" Asked Spike. Celestia was right, after the first few weeks, Spike's body had developed enough to allow him to eat harder gems, and just like AJ, Spike was a bottomless pit.

Fluttershy sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry Spike, you ate a ruby yesterday, so how about we get you a nice juicy emerald today?"

Spike shrugged. "Ok Mommy." Said Spike. Ever since he started eating gems, he had discovered that each type of gem tasted different, sapphires tasted like blue berries, rubies were watermelon, emeralds were like green apples, and strangely enough amethyst were like bananas. But this was what Spike said, and unless the girls wanted to head to the dentist, they just accepted the comparison.

Fluttershy tried to pick up Spike to carry him to the kitchen, but Spike tried to get away from her. "No Mommy, I can walk." Said Spike.

Fluttershy giggled as she nodded. "Ok Spike, but I'll be right here if you need me to help." Fluttershy was worried about Spike, when he took his first steps, he accidently tripped over his own tail and hurt his knees. But Fluttershy knew that he needed to learn how to walk on his own.

Spike got to his feet and carefully steadied himself, he moved his tail to follow him instead of tripping him, and he carefully placed one foot in front of the other. Slowly but surely he made his way to the kitchen followed by Fluttershy.

While Spike and Fluttershy were sitting down at the table. AJ, Pear with Applebloom on her back, Mac, Granny and Macintosh walked into the kitchen. Fluttershy smiled at her fellow mother and family. "Hey AJ, how was the market today?" Asked Fluttershy.

AJ smirked. "We sold out today Shy. How is your day with Spike going?" Asked AJ.

Fluttershy smiled. "Well, we read a book together and we're going to read another after we're finished eating, then I was thinking of taking him to the cottage, my mom and dad are stopping by to visit at 3."

Pear smiled at hearing this. After each girl had found their homes, it was decided that Spike would spend a day of the week with each of them. AJ and the Apples had Mondays, Rainbow had Tuesdays, Fluttershy had Wednesdays, Rarity had Thursdays, and Pinkie asked to have Spike on Fridays, something about how the best parties are always on Friday or any day that ended in y. But on the weekends all the girls and their families would come together and enjoy each others company. But this weekend there was something special going on at the farm. "Would you mind if we joined you two?" Asked Pear.

Spike smiled. "Not at all, Grandma."

Pear smiled as she and the others joined Spike and Fluttershy for lunch.

During lunch Spike looked at Granny. "Granny, did you hear something last night?" asked Spike.

Everyone looked at Spike, but Granny shook her head. "No, I can't say I did, what did it sound like Spike?"

Spike thought for a moment as he tried to think. "I think it was, AWHOOOOOO." Howled Spike.

Granny looked at Spike. "Are you sure?" Asked Granny.

Spike nodded. "Yep, it lasted for a while but then it just stopped."

Granny looked at Mac. "Mac lets go check the trees, if that happened last night, then the clouds should be showing up any minute." Said Granny as she picked up Spike and Fluttershy and placed both of them onto her back. Pear picked up Applebloom, and the whole family ran out off to the special section of the farm.

When they arrived at the special grove of naked trees, they were right on time. A strong wind started to blow and the sky was blacked out by a dark cloud. Granny and the Apples smiled at seeing it. Soon the trees started to buzz and at the tips of each branch started to grow. Moments later the buzzing stopped and on the branches were large leaves. Granny cheered. "Finally the Zap Apples are coming!" Granny looked at Pear. "Pear, get my helmet, and send a letter to the family, the Reunion hasn't been lined up with the harvest in 50 years, we're going to need everyone on deck."

Pear gave Granny a salute. "Yes General Smith, shall I get the troops in order?"

Granny nodded. "Yes. Sonny and Macintosh you two start placing the baskets and head to Burnt Oak's, we're going to need a lot of fire wood."

Bright Mac nodded as he picked up his son and ran off to town.

Granny looked at AJ. "AJ, head to the cellar and grab our bunny suits, then head to the costume shop and pick up as many as they have."

AJ nodded. "On it Granny." Said AJ as she ran off.

Granny smiled as she looked at the trees. Fluttershy and Spike walked over to Granny. "Um... Granny Smith, what's going on?" Asked Fluttershy.

Granny smirked. "Zap Apple season is right around the corner. And we're going to war, a war against time." Said Granny as she pulled a corncob pipe out of her mane and placed it into her mouth. Granny started blowing bubbles out of the pipe and glared at the trees. "We're going to finally pick the whole crop, or my name isn't Granny Smith Apple. You hear me trees, this is the year you will be facing the full might of the Apple family." Said Granny.

Whole Lot of Apples Going On Pt.2

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Spike, Fluttershy and Granny looked at the trees for a few moments, while all of the Apples ran around like crazy, which confused Spike and Fluttershy, they didn't know what was going on. Fluttershy looked at the old mare. "Granny Smith, what are Zap Apples?" Asked Fluttershy.

Granny smiled. "Well dear take a seat and I'll explain." Said Granny. Fluttershy nodded as she placed Spike on the ground and sat behind him. They nodded ready to hear the story.

"Well, Zap Apples are actually why we Apples are still here in Ponyville." Started Granny. "You see, long ago, before there was even Ponyville, and when I was just a little filly, no older than you. Me and my family were humble seed traders, that traveled the lands, looking for seeds. One day we were passing by the royal city of Canterlot, and thinking that we could get funds for the next leg of our journey, we decided to stop and set up our trade shop. But after such a long journey, many of us were tired and my father Apple Fritter was starting to show his age. But then something no pony ever expected to happen, did. Princess Celestia decided to appear in the market that day, she had heard from the guards at the gate that a group of traveling seed traders had stopped in the city. She was looking for a few new seeds that she wanted to add to the royal gardens, and woo boy, did we collect some strange seeds. But when she saw the state that my family was in, it was clear that we needed to change from travelers to homesteaders. She offered us the land we are currently standing on as a place we could finally call ours. My Daddy, rest his soul, graciously accepted the offer, and we made our way to the future sight of Sweet Apple Acres." Said Granny, she wiped a tear from her eye, and continued.

"But it takes time for an orchard to grow, so our first year of living on this land, we were cutting back on food to make sure we made it to the harvest. But I couldn't take it, so with out telling anyone, I went into the closest possible food source I could get to, The Everfree Forest. I knew the dangers, the princess made that point very clear. But we needed the food. So in the dead of night, I snuck out of the house and made my way into the forest. And there, I found a clearing with the most spectacular thing I had ever seen, large rainbow colored apples. I quickly picked as many as I could and after running my flanks away from a Timberwolf, I made my way back to the house. I showed my father the apples I found. He gave me a long talking to about what I did, but he was intrigued by the apples. He asked me to carefully save the seeds and we planted them the next morning. Then the best thing that could have happened, happened, those little seeds, instantly grew into fully grown apple trees. I wasn't prepared for it and wound up stuck in the tree tops, but we didn't care, in a matter of moments we had trees. But they didn't have any fruit to pick. That was ok though, because thanks to my quick picking the night before, we had plenty to last until we could get some more food. So after that, I payed careful attention to the conditions signaling the start of the Zap Apple's special harvesting time. Like, how the crazy weather of the Everfree would cross over to blanket the trees, or how the first sign of the growing period was Timberwolf's howling, and the most important thing of all, the moment harvest time is up, any unpicked fruit will disappear in a flash. But thanks to our hard work, the fruits of our labor was the most delicious thing we ever tasted and soon enough I was making my own version of my grandma's special apple jam, but with Zap Apples. But just like the Zap Apples themselves, making Zap Apple Jam came with it's own set of rules, that when done just so, makes the jam the best tasting thing in the world. I'll show you and the others each step, if you would like?" Asked Granny. "You and the others are part of the family and the recipe is a family secret. I need to make sure it gets to the next generation." Said Granny.

Fluttershy smiled. "Thank you Granny Smith, I would be honored to learn about it." She looked down at Spike. "Sweetie, do you want to learn it with us?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike nodded. "I wanna." He looked at Granny. "Granny can I help too?" Asked Spike.

Granny smiled. "Of course you can Spike, your an Apple and all Apples need to know how to make Zap Apple Jam."

Spike smiled. "Thanks Granny, but what happened after you figured out how to make it?" Asked Spike.

"Well as soon as word spread about my jam, ponies from far and wide came looking for it, some decided to stay, like Stinking Rich, Filthy Rich's grandfather. In fact, the first thing he ever sold was my Zap Apple Jam, and like magic, we had ourselves a small little town, and that's how Ponyville was born." Finished Granny.

Granny laughed, she hadn't told that story in a long time. She looked at Spike. "That's our legacy Spike, and all Apples should know about it, but we also learned something important that we live by everyday, what do you think it is?" Asked Granny, she was hoping to see if AJ had been teaching Spike what it means to be an Apple.

Spike hummed in thought. "Ok, so there's the rule to not call you old, not to let Mrs. Rich's mean words make me upset, always be nice to others, don't chase Angel around the house when its not play time, always stick up for your family and never let them go." Said Spike trying to remember.

Granny smiled. "Well, all of those are good things to keep in mind, but do you know the Apple family motto yet?" Asked Granny.

"Oh, yeah, Ma always tells me it right before bed time. 'From the roots to the seed, Apples stick together, because were family forever.' Right Granny?" Asked Spike.

Granny smiled as she pat Spike's head. "That's exactly right kiddo. My grandfather, Apple Seed came up with that motto when he became a seed trader, and we live by that motto every day. I'm happy to know that you know it as well."

Suddenly AJ ran back to Granny, with a pile of bunny suits on her back. "Granny, we have a problem?" Cried AJ.

Granny looked at AJ concerned. "What happened Sweetie?"

"They didn't have a bunny suit for Spike, they had enough for most of the family but not him. What are we going to do?"

Granny hummed in thought, but then she remembered Rarity was looking into becoming a seamstress. She looked at Fluttershy and Spike. "Fluttershy, could you run Spike over to Rarity and see if she could make a bunny suit for our little dragon?"

Fluttershy was confused. 'Why would Spike need a bunny suit?' Thought Fluttershy, but she didn't want to argue with Granny, she looked at Spike. "Come on Spike, lets go see Rarity."

Spike nodded. "Ok Mommy, lets go see Mother." Said Spike.

Fluttershy placed Spike on her back. "Spike, hold on to Mommy, we're going to fly."

Spike nodded as he wrapped his arms around Fluttershy's neck. Fluttershy opened her wings and started to fly to Rarity's house, the only problem was, she was only going at a walking pace. Spike sighed, Fluttershy was not like his mom Rainbow Dash, and from the tone in Granny's voice, this sounded important. "Mommy, we're going a little slow."

Fluttershy shook her head. "No, we're going at just the right speed, I don't want you to get tossed off."

Spike groaned. He loved all of his mothers very much, but each of them had flaws that the others made up for. Fluttershy was loving and caring, but she was slower than molasses in the middle of winter, that was frozen in a glacier and waiting for a sloth to cross the road. Rainbow was the exact opposite, she was fast, impulsive, loud, and above all else, she was reckless. Her first day with Spike, she decided to show him how fast she could fly, all went well. Then she decided to see how fast she was with a little bit of extra weight on her, so she found some of her dad's wing weights for this, and that went great.

Then she decided to try and fly with a passenger, that didn't go all to great for her. She was flying around, slower than usual for her, but she knew she needed to apply the brakes for Spike. The only problem was that she forgot to tell Spike he needed to hold onto her. Rainbow did a loop around a cloud and Spike fell off her back and started to free fall.

Thankfully, Rainbow, without Spike on her back, was able to catch him super quickly, but that didn't make the heart attack she had for the next hour feel any better. She told the others about what happened immediately, and all together, they came up with a speed limit that limited the speed they should fly or run while Spike was riding them, until they agreed he was old enough to deal with faster speeds. Rainbow agreed and so did her parents, and there it was deemed that a trotting pace was fast enough. But Fluttershy couldn't follow this rule, because she couldn't even reach it.

Spike sighed, he looked down to the ground and noticed that they were in the middle of town, but Fluttershy was going so slow, Spike saw a snail over take them. 'Ok, might as well just relax until we get to Mother's.' Thought Spike as he got cozy on his mommy's back.

After the slowest possible flight imaginable, Fluttershy was standing right in front of Rarity's house. She knocked on the door, this woke Spike up from his nap. He yawned as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Mommy are we at Mother's?" Asked Spike.

Fluttershy nodded. "We are Sweetie, we're just waiting to be let in."

Just then Rarity opened the door to her home and smiled when she saw her fellow mother and her little Spikey Wikey. "Fluttershy, Spikey, isn't it Wednesday, why are you two here? Wait where are my manners, lets get you two inside first before we talk." Said Rarity as she picked up Spike using her magic and gave him a loving kiss on his forehead. "Hello Spikey."

Spike smiled at Rarity. "Hi Mother." Rarity smiled and placed Spike onto her back.

Fluttershy walked into the home of Rarity, it was decorated very simply, from the light blue walls to the nice but comfortable furniture. Rarity brought both Spike and Fluttershy to the living room, where Spike saw his other aunt, Sweetie Belle. She was on the ground, playing with a little cat plushy. "Aunt Sweetie!" Cried Spike the moment he saw his aunt.

Sweetie Belle looked over to who was calling her. "Spik!" Cheered Sweetie. 'Spik', 'Mommy', 'Daddy', 'Rary', and 'hungy' were pretty much the extent of her vocabulary, along with a few words like 'play'. She was no where near as linguistically gifted as Spike, but in her defense, she was still only born 3 months before Apple Bloom, and she was already starting to learn some words from Hondo and Cookie.

Spike knew he was probably going to get an ear full from his mothers for what he was about to do. But he liked it when he got to play with his aunts. Spike moved so he could jump off his mother's back. But he was stopped by Rarity.

Rarity, feeling Spike shift position while on her back, used her magic to pick up Spike before he could jump off. She brought him to her face and looked at him. "And what were you planning to do just now, young drake?" Asked Rarity. She knew exactly what he was going to do, but he needed to learn that he can't just run off without permission first, and the best way to teach that, is early on.

Spike looked away and tried to play innocent. "Nothing Mother, I was just going to ask if you could put me down, so I can play with Aunt Sweetie. So can I?" Asked Spike.

Rarity nodded. "Of course you can Spikey, do you need some help getting over there or do you think you can make it on your own?" Asked Rarity. They were, in reality, only 7 feet away from Sweetie, but she knows that Spike likes to walk on his own.

Spike smiled. "I can make it." Said Spike giving a cocky smirk, it was something he learned from Rainbow last week.

Rarity giggled at Spike. "Ok Spikey, but remember to keep that ego in check, this family can only handle one Rainbow, the world might end if there were two."

Fluttershy tried to muffle her giggle, and she was mostly successful. "Rarity, please." Giggled Fluttershy.

Spike was confused, but he was placed on the ground. He turned around and slowly made his way over to his aunt. Apple Bloom was a strong little foal, and loved to play games like keep away, but Sweetie Belle was more into pretend play time. When Spike made it to Sweetie Belle, she got to her hooves and slowly made her way to Spike, she pulled Spike into a little hug and smiled at him. "Play." Said Sweetie.

Spike nodded. "Ok, Aunt Sweetie." Said Spike.

Sweetie smiled at Spike as she gave him her cat plushy, she picked up a little teddy bear and the two started to play together.

Rarity and Fluttershy smiled at the two playing together, but it was time for business to start. Rarity walked over to the couch and motioned for Fluttershy to join her. She did and the two got to talking. "Fluttershy, as much as I love seeing Spike, today is your day with him, did something happen?" Asked Rarity.

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, we were reading a little picture book together and after we got finished, we had lunch. AJ and her family came home from the market and Spike asked Granny if she heard anything last night. She didn't so she asked Spike to tell her what he heard, then he howled and all of them got super serious, Granny placed me and Spike on her back and the whole group ran over to a group of naked trees. Then suddenly there was a large storm cloud above us and the trees started to buzz loudly. But just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared, and the trees had large leaves on them. Granny cheered something about Zap Apples and started giving orders to everyone." Fluttershy looked at Rarity, she has been in Ponyville for her whole life, she must've known something that Fluttershy didn't. "So, Granny asked me to run over to you and see if you could make a bunny suit for Spike for some reason."

Rarity's eyes went wide, she looked at Spike. The Zap Apple harvest was an Apple family tradition, and she knew that Spike had to be a part of it his first year in the family. "I'll have it done, no matter what." Said Rarity. She looked at Spike. "Spikey, you need to say good bye to Sweetie Belle for a moment, we have to go to my room and take your measurements."

Spike sighed, he was just getting into it. "Ok mother." He looked at Sweetie Belle. "Bye Aunt Sweetie."

Sweetie Belle got upset, she liked playing with Spike. "NO!" Cried Sweetie Belle as she wrapped her legs around Spike.

Rarity giggled at the display. "Sweetie, why don't you spend some time with aunt Fluttershy, until me and Spikey come back, it will only be a moment." Asked Rarity.

Fluttershy giggled. "Don't worry Sweetie, I know a great game we can play together."

Sweetie looked skeptical, and for a foal not even a year old, that was impressive. "Really?" Asked Sweetie.

Fluttershy nodded. "Yep, but we can't play it without our hooves." Said Fluttershy. It worked, Sweetie released Spike, giving Rarity the perfect opportunity to pick him up and take him to her room to take his measurements.

Fluttershy sat on the ground with Sweetie. "Ok Sweetie, follow what I do. Patty cake, Patty cake, bakers mare, bake me a cake as fast as Pinkie can." Said Fluttershy taking it slow.

Whole Lot of Apples Going On Pt.3

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After Rarity was finished taking Spike's measurements, and after letting Sweetie Belle say goodbye, it was time for Fluttershy and Spike to head back to the farm to inform Granny that Spike's suit will be done tomorrow. Fluttershy looked at Spike, he was sitting on her back and pouting. "Oh, come on Sweetie, it couldn't have been that bad."

Spike sighed. "But it was, Mommy. I was so bored, and I had to stay like this for a long time." Said Spike as he stood in a T pose. "And when I tried to talk to Mother, she said she needed to concentrate and that once she was done, we could talk."

Fluttershy was confused. "And what's so bad about that, you and Rarity were talking when she brought you down."

Spike sighed as he sat back down on Fluttershy's back. "I know, but it was like that for an hour." Said Spike. "Now we won't have time for another story, before we go see Grandma and Grandpa." Pouted Spike.

Fluttershy giggled at Spike. "Spike, is that all that's making you upset?"

Spike nodded. "Well, I guess, we'll just have to read a story when Grandma and Grandpa show up, and maybe they'll just have to join us. How does that sound?"

Spike smiled widely. "Come on Mommy, you know how Grandma gets when we're late." Said Spike.

Fluttershy giggled. "Ok Sweetie, let’s get to the farmhouse first and gather your stuff then we'll head to the house. Maybe if you’re a good little drake, Angel will let you hold him during nap time today."

Spike somehow smiled even wider. Pinkie was already taking effect on him. In the last month, Spike had been doing the impossible, popping out of nowhere, stretching his body slightly and even making weird comments. "Hey, they're not weird." Said Spike looking straight at you, the reader. But he was only looking at a wall of a building.

Fluttershy looked back at Spike. "Spike, who are you talking to?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike pointed to the reader, but to Fluttershy he was pointing to the wall. "Them, they called what me and Mama do weird."

Fluttershy giggled. 'Oh, he must already have an imaginary friend.' "Well Spike, maybe they mean it in a good way, weird doesn't need to always mean bad after all."

Spike looked at you. "Really?" Asked Spike. You nod in agreement. Spike smiled at the answer. "Ok, well me and Mommy need to go, it was nice talking to you. Bye."

You sigh in relief and call the author. He picks up. "Yes...What...But I didn't write him to be like that...Yes, I know the saying, but I control this universe, what I say goes. If I say that there's a giant meteor hurtling towards the planate, then there is, if I say the mare in the moon destroys the meteor with the help of a 90 megaton salsa bomb, then she does, and if I say that Pinkie Pie couldn't give Spike her fourth wall powers, then she can't." Said TAD2, the author of the story.

"But I did, I taught him how during that two-month time skip that you didn't feel like writing about." Said Pinkie.

TAD2 looked at Pinkie and sighed. "Fine, Spike has Pinkie powers now, happy?" Asked TAD2.

Pinkie nodded. "Yep, now when do I take Spike to that party that you mentioned a few chapters ago?"

"I'm thinking after the Zap Apple arc, then we're going to head right in to Spike's first birthday where he experiences his first greed moment, make sure to be ready for it by the way. Then I'm going to skip a few years, Spike will be living with each of you girls and all of you will come together and help him get ready for his first day at school, that's a few chapters right there. And to wrap this up until I find some more time to work on this, I'm going to have him meet a little dragoness during the migration when he's around 6. But this can all change, depending how I feel. Are you ok with that?"

Pinkie hummed. "Oh sorry, I wasn't listening to you, I was making your file for my party cave, you like blue right, and cookies and cream ice-cream?"

"Yeah." TAD2 looks around. "Hey, where are Spike and Fluttershy, this is a chapter about them, not a fourth wall one with you?"

"They made it back to the farm. Right now, Spike is putting on his necklace and Fluttershy is folding Spike's sun blanket, something you kinda forgot about after the first-time skip, might I add."

TAD2 groans. "Hey people like my story, sorry if I forget something every now and then, but I'm trying my best."

Pinkie giggled as she wraps TAD2 into a tight Pinkie hug. "I know, and I liked how my family got the most page time, it really meant a lot to me to see Spike getting to spend so much time with my family, while everyone else's parents got to move to town and be close to him."

TAD2 sighed. "It's fine Pinkie, so maybe when I have time, I'll throw in a holiday chapter where your family comes to Ponyville for Hearts Warming, how does that sound?" TAD2 Looked down expecting to see Pinkie, but all he found was a note.

Sorry, had to run. My shift was about to start, also I think the readers are expecting Filthy and Spoiled at the farm this chapter, and this gag has gone on too long.

P.S. If she makes my little Spike cry even a little... Let’s just say, my next batch of cupcakes might be made with Spoiled Milk.

With love, and a mountain of sugar, your favorite pony, Pinkie.

TAD2 Sighed as he put down the note. "Ok, Pinkie will not go crazy in this universe." Said TAD2 as he made a note on the front page of this story and underlined it seven times. He looked at the reader. "Sorry about that, between her and everything else it's hard to keep everything straight, and if you’re still reading this, what the heck is wrong with you, the main story is over there." Said TAD2 as he pointed to the farm. "Plus, I don't write so well with people watching me, so don't make me use my secret tiger on you, actually you wouldn't happen to have any raspberries, would you? He loves raspberries ...No... What about a banana? Really? Sweet, go stand on that X for a moment while I drop the 16-ton weight on you so we can wrap up this joke and get back to Spike... Thank you." Said TAD2 as he releases a 16-ton weight on the reader so he can get back to work.

"Sorry, where were we? Oh right, Spike and Fluttershy were about to leave for the cottage to meet Posey and Gentle."

Spike and Fluttershy were about to leave for the cottage to meet Posey and Gentle. When Pear met them in the living room. Spike smiled at seeing his grandma. "Grandma, Mother is going to make me a suit so I can help make Jam this year."

Pear smiled. "That's great Spike, and guess what?"

"What?" Asked Spike.

"The whole family is coming down to help as well, you’re going to meet all your cousins, aunts and uncles from all across Equestria, isn't that great?"

Spike gasped as he tried to think how many aunts and uncles along with the number of cousins he could possibly have. But after ten he was lost. He looked at Pear. "Grandma, how big is the family?" Asked Spike.

Pear hummed in thought. "Well, the Apples are around 300 members, add the relatives of all the girls, and you’re looking at around 350 or so."

Spike looked at his fingers. He had learned all the numbers up to thirty, but now even thinking about so many was confusing. "That's a lot." Said Spike.

Pear giggled at Spike. "Yes it is, Spike. But all that means, is more ponies are going to love getting to know you as much as we do, and they'll be here tomorrow morning, so you can't be like Pinkie and sleep like a stone." Suddenly a timer in the kitchen went off. "Sorry Spike, Fluttershy, I got to go get the chicken feathers out of the water, they can't be soaked for too long or the jam will turn green." Said Pear as she ran to the kitchen.

Spike and Fluttershy watch the weird display. "Spike, I think everyone has their own personal style of weird." Said Fluttershy.

Spike nodded. "Yep." He looked down at Fluttershy. "Mommy, can we take the Mare in The Moon story book home?" Asked Spike.

Fluttershy nodded. "Sure thing Spike, but we gotta remember to bring it back when I drop you off for the night, can you do that?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike nodded. "I will Mommy." Said Spike.

Fluttershy smiled at the answer, she walked over to a small bookshelf, she found the picture book in question and handed it to Spike. "Ok Sweetie, are you ready to go?" Asked Fluttershy.

Spike nodded. "Bye Grandma, tell Ma, I love her." Shouted Spike.

"Will do Spike, have a nice time with Fluttershy." Shouted Pear in the kitchen.

With the goodbyes all done, Fluttershy with the book, Spike, and his blanket on her back left the farmhouse to make their way to Fluttershy's home.

As they walked to the front gate of the apple farm, they noticed Granny, she was talking to a brown stallion with a bowtie around his neck, slicked back dark gray mane and a trio of money bags for a cutie mark. Next to him was Spoiled, looking as pompous as ever, along with Randolph and Diamond Tiara in her baby carrier. Fluttershy walked over to Granny to tell her about Spike's suit and caught the tail end of the conversation she and the stallion were having. "I'm glad to hear that the Zap Apples didn't decide to skip a year, but it's so unusual for it to be so late, wouldn't you say Ms. Smith." Asked Filthy.

Granny nodded. "It sure is Filthy, but recently, everything has been unusual, ever since Spike entered our lives."

"Ms. Smith, just call me Rich, and I'm sad to say I have yet to meet this elusive dragon for myself. On that note, I have been informed by Randolph of my wife's attitude towards him, and all I can do is ask for forgiveness, might I please talk to him for a moment?" Asked Rich.

"Granny Smith, we have good news, Rarity said it'll be done by tomorrow, isn't that great?" Asked Fluttershy.

Granny, Rich, Spoiled, Randolph and Diamond all turned to see who was coming towards them. "Speak of the Dragon and he will appear." Said Granny. "That's great Shy, are you and Spike heading to your home to meet Posey and Gentle?" Asked Granny.

Fluttershy nodded. "That's right, oh we might have borrowed a book, I hope you don't mind?"

Granny shook her head. "Not one lick, Spike is really absorbing everything isn't he?"

Spike nodded as he popped out from under Fluttershy's mane with the book in his claws. "Yep, we're going to read The Mare In The Moon story next."

Filthy joined the conversation. "Awe, a classic, even when I was a foal. You must be Spike, it’s nice to meet you, I'm Filthy Rich." Said Filthy holding out his hoof.

Spike looked at the hoof, and chuckled. "Sorry, I'm kinda holding something." He looked at Granny. "Granny, can you take the book for a moment?" Asked Spike.

Granny nodded as she grabbed the book. Spike looked back at Filthy. "Sorry, it’s nice to meet you as well Mr. Rich, I'm Spike Drake." Spike looked at Spoiled and in his best impersonation of his Aunt Maud, he greeted her. "Hello, Mrs. Spoiled, it's nice to see you." He looked at Randolph and smiled at the older Stallion. "Hi Randolph, how are you today?" Spike looked at the little foal in the carrier and smiled at her. "Hi Diamond."

Spoiled just rolled her eyes at the dragon, Randolph smiled at Spike. "I am well today Spike, I see you are using full sentences now, have you started learning how to count?"

Fluttershy nodded. "He has, he can count all the way up to thirty now, we're trying to get him up to fifty by the end of the week."

Randolph nodded. "Awe, a great goal for one so talented."

Spike smiled at the praise. "Thank you." Said Spike. He looked at Filthy. "Mr. Rich can I play with Diamond?" Askes Spike.

Filthy smiled. Unlike Spoiled, Filthy wanted Diamond to socialize with others. "Of course you can." Filthy looked at Fluttershy. "As long as it's fine with you ma'am?"

Spike looked down at Fluttershy. "Can I Mommy? Please?" Asked Spike giving his puppy dog pout, something she taught him, and now he's using it on her.

Fluttershy sighed. "Fine, but only for a few minutes, Grandma and Grandpa will be arriving soon and we don't want to miss them." Said Fluttershy, she placed Spike on the ground to let him walk a little. "And remember, take it slow when you walk. Mommy will be only a few feet away." She looked at Randolph. "Take good care of him Randolph." Said Fluttershy giving him her best puppy dog pout.

Randolph bowed. "Of course, Ms. Shy." Said Randolph as he took Diamond and Spike over to a shady tree for them to play.

Spoiled looked at her husband. "Filthy, it's too hot in the sun, I'm going to go stand by the tree with Diamond." Said Spoiled as she walked away, not even caring to hear Filthy's response.

He looked at Granny. "Granny, back to what we were discussing, I also heard that this year the harvest has lined up with the reunion, is that true?" Asked Filthy.

Granny nodded. "You bet your biscuits it has; this year will be the largest harvest we've ever seen."

"What about the first batch of Jam?"

Granny chuckled. "Filthy, you know the deal, you get our first batch and we get 20% from the sales, but seeing as we're getting the whole family in this year, with me, Buttercup, Goldie, and the rest of us ladies making it this year. The first batch should be a lot larger than normal." Said Granny.

Over with Spike. Randolph was watching as Diamond and Spike were playing with his tail, they were laughing and smiling, there was very little that could have gone wrong. That was until Spoiled walked over and noticed Spike and Diamond. She ran over to them and picked up Diamond. "Get away from her, dragon." Said Spoiled, she then noticed the necklace hanging around Spike's neck. "I knew it, you dirty little thief, there is no way you could ever own something like that, it's obvious that you stole it from Ms. Shine's shop when she wasn't looking." Said Spoiled as she grabbed the necklace and snapped the band off. "I bet your 'Mommies' were in on it too, oh when I tell the guard, they'll be thrown in a cell for years, and you, you little beast will be taken away and finally removed from proper society." Said Spoiled as she walked away with Diamond and Spike's necklace.

Spike tried to run after her to get his necklace back. "HEY, THAT'S MINE. GIVE IT BACK!" Yelled Spike, but he tripped over his tail. There was no chance of him catching her, she was full grown, and Spike couldn't even run. Spike started to cry. "Mama's gave me that, it's mine." Said Spike as he wept.

Randolph, who was stunned by the actions of Spoiled, finally realized what was happening, he ran over to Spike and picked him up. "Spike, I'm so sorry, this is on a new level for her, In the name of the princess I truly don't know what she's thinking." Said Randolph. "Come, let’s go inform Ms. Smith on what happened." Said Randolph.

Spike sniffled. "Randolph do you have a quill and paper; I need to send a letter?" Asked Spike.

Randolph nodded as he pulled the things out of his suit. 'I wonder what he needs them for?" Thought Randolph.

Spike started to write a letter to the princess seeing if she can make sure he's not taken away from his mothers and they don't get taken to jail.

Princess, mama's need help. Ms. Spoiled is going to take me away, she took my necklace.

Spike sent the letter to Princess Celestia, hoping that she could help.

In Canterlot, Celestia was listening to her spoiled adopted nephew Blueblood. "And that's why we shouldn't allow anypony to be mean to me." Finished Blueblood.

Celestia sighed. "Blueblood, I know that colts your age are sometimes mean to you, but that's because you are mean to them, so for me, in your last year at my school for gifted unicorns, try and make some friends, that can see past the spoiled prince that you act like, and see the kind, happy, helpful little colt that you used to be. Actually, I might know somefilly that could help you do that."

Blueblood huffed. "Fine Auntie, I'll meet them when the school year starts, but I can't promise anything."

Celestia sighed. 'Hopefully, with Cadance watching her grow and Blueblood teaching her, she'll be ready for her future companion, by the time my sister returns.' Thought Celestia. She cracked her neck. "Sweet me, I've been sitting on this throne for way too long, I wonder when the girls will send me this week’s report on Spike, I love to hear about how so many ponies have accepted him, well except for this Spoiled mare, but it takes time to change the minds of ponies, and even longer for those with their heads so far up their..." Celestia took a deep breath. "Right, princess, can't use that kind of language." Said Celestia.

Suddenly the letter Spike sent flew into the throne room. "Speak of the dragon." Celestia looked at the letter hoping to find this week’s report. But as she read on her magic was slowly crushing the piece of paper. "OK, THAT'S IT, NO MORE MISSES NICE PRINCESS! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY LITTLE GRANDDRAKE." Shouted Celestia as she teleported to Spike's location.

It didn't take long for Randolph and Spike to get back to Granny, but now AJ was with her and Fluttershy. "Ms. Smith, Ms. Shy, I'm so sorry!" Shouted Randolph.

Everyone looked at Randolph. "Randolph what happened, and where is Spoiled and Diamond?" Asked Filthy.

But before Randolph could respond. There was a massive thud right behind him. "WHERE IS SHE!?" Yelled Celestia. She looked around and noticed Spike on Randolph's back, he was still crying. Celestia sat on her haunches, used her magic to pick up Spike and cradled him in her forelegs. "Shhh, don't worry Spike, no one is going to take you or your mamas away." She looked at everyone. "I want an explanation right now."

Randolph gulped; he has never been so close to the princess. "Your highness, what are you doing here?" Asked Randolph.

She looked at Randolph. "I received a letter from Spike, saying that a mare named Spoiled, stole Spike's necklace and told him he was going to be taken away from his mothers."

"SHE WHAT!!!!!!!" Roared Fluttershy and Applejack.

"AJ, I'll get the girls, you buck her into next week." Said Fluttershy as she flew the fastest anyone has ever seen her fly, but no one made a comment as all their jaws were dropped at the language she just used.

AJ looked at Spike. "Spike, I'm so sorry, I should have stopped her, but can you tell me where she went?" Asked AJ, she was trying to hold back all her anger, she didn't want Spike to see it.

"She said she was going to talk to a guard, and that you, Mommy, Mom, Mother, and Mama were going to be thrown in a cell, I would be taken away, but I don't want to go, I wanna stay with Mamas."

AJ smiled at her son. She took him from Celestia and brought him to her barrel. "Well good think that's not going to happen, you’re stuck with us no matter what happens, heck we'd even fight the princess if it came down to it." She looked at Celestia and mouthed 'Sorry.' But Celestia just nodded, she understood it wasn't anything more than to help reassure Spike. "And we'd would do it without a second thought, because you’re our little Spike, the greatest dragon in the world and our son."

Spike stopped crying and looked at AJ. "I love you Ma." Said Spike as he hugged AJ.

She smiled as she hugged Spike back. "And we love you too Spike."

Filthy looked at Granny. "Ms. Smith, I am so sorry for Spoiled's actions, she has never done something like this before, let's forget about this year’s Zap Apple Jam, I don't think I deserve it from the actions of my wife."

Granny huffed. "No, I don't think you do, but my father made a deal with your grandfather, you'll still get the jam, but unless the first words that come out of Spoiled's mouth are 'I'm sorry for making Spike cry.' You will never see another jar of jam in your life, and you will never be allowed on our land again. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" Asked Granny.

Filthy nodded. Suddenly all the girls appeared. Fluttershy landed back by AJ, Rarity teleported by Granny, her eyes were white and flowing with magic. Dash, in her anger barreled right through a tree, but she was fine, a bit covered in leaves, but fine. Lastly Pinkie popped out a hole behind Celestia, she looked ready to bake some cupcakes. "I told you if she made Spike cry, I was going to make cupcakes."

"Pinkie, no." Said TAD2.

"Pinkie, yes." Said Pinkie.

"No, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, and for the last time I say no, this will not be a universe with cupcakes."

TAD2 shrugged. "Cool. Now go comfort Spike."

Everyone was looking at Pinkie arguing with nothing, as her hair inflated and deflated rapidly. But it settled on inflated and she ran over to Spike and smiled at him. "Don't worry Sweetie, me and the big guy came to an agreement, everything will be ok." Said Pinkie.

Spike looked up. "Really?"

"Yep, don't worry." Said TAD2.

Spike smiled as he looked at all his mama's. "Ok, he says everything will be ok." Said Spike. He looked at princess Celestia. "Let’s go get my necklace."

All the girls nodded at Celestia. "Ok, let’s go." Said the princess. She used her magic to pick Spike up and placed him on her back.

Spoiled walked into town hall, hoping to find a guard to report Spike's 'crime', but the only pony there was Raven. Spoiled walked up to Raven. "Ms. Inkwell, I need to report a crime."

Raven sighed. "Sure, what happened Mrs. Rich."

Spoiled placed Spike's necklace on the desk. "I have proof that the little dragon should be locked away and shipped back to be with its own kind."

Raven picked up the necklace and gasped, but not because of what Spoiled thought. "I know, I think those five fillies are in on it too, could you please send the local guard to detain them and send word to Canterlot animal control that their services are required to relocate a dangerous beast." Said Spoiled smugly.

Suddenly the necklace was levitated in a golden aura and sent flying back towards the door. Raven was gasping at who just entered town hall. Standing in the door was Celestia, all the girls, Filthy and a very, very, very, very, very, about 12 more verys, angry looking Pear. Fluttershy told Pear what happened when they ran into her while running in town. "There will be no need for that Ms. Inkwell." Said Celestia.

Spoiled turned around and smiled when she saw the princess escorting all the 'thieves'. "Wow, I was expecting a few guards, but the princess, this is even better, and you even brought all of the little criminals with you."

"What did you just call the girls and Spike?" Asked Pear in a very ominous tone.

Spoiled smirked. "Awe, don't worry Buttercup, raising three foals, you’re bound to mess one up, maybe little Apple Bloom won't turn out to be so rotten."

Pear smiled. "Raven, do me a favor and take Diamond Tiara for a moment, I need to have a discussion with Spoiled."

Raven nodded as she used her magic to pick up the foal. "Hi Sweetie, your mommy needs to learn something important, let’s go see your daddy." Said Raven as she walked over to Filthy Rich.

"Hey, you bring her back here right now!" Demanded Spoiled.

"Oh, don't worry Spoiled, Diamond will be just fine, you on the other hand, I wouldn't hold my breath." Said Pear.

Celestia cleared her throat. "Well, I think we should let them 'talk' things out. Let’s go outside to give them some privacy." Said Celestia. She had seen that look on countless mothers before, that was mama Ursa Major levels of mad.

Filthy nodded as he helped Celestia corral all the little girls outside, they didn't need to see what was going to happen.

The last one to leave was Raven, she was making silly faces and talking to Diamond. "Yes, you are very pretty today, and you've grown so much." Said Raven. Once she was outside, Celestia closed the door. Raven looked at Filthy. "She's crossed a line you know; I know the girls bought that for Spike the day they adopted him. Spike showed it to me and told me the whole story on how he got it, last month when Buttercup stopped by for a chat."

Filthy nodded. "Yes, I know, all of them told me the truth, that is why I'm not going to intervene, I've pulled her flanks out of the fire for years now, but larceny and racism... That's just not the mare I married."

Celestia smiled at hearing that everyone knows Spoiled is in the wrong. "I'm sorry Mr. Rich, but I will need to take her into custody when this is all over, she did technically steal from Spike and since he is an equestrian citizen and a minor he is fully protected by the law, along with all of the girls who are minors as well, and accusing them of theft, the trial will be swift and the sentence will be long."

Filthy sighed but nodded. "I know, and I think that this will be for the best for everyone." He looked at Raven. "Ms. Inkwell, can I get some divorce papers, I have seen today that she is not the pony that I want raising my daughter."

"Of course, Mr. Rich." Said Raven.

"Ms. Inkwell, I am surprised that you are able to handle all of this so well." Said Celestia.

Raven shrugged. "I've learned to handle all of this, I know almost everypony in town and I know how to deal with them, but don't worry I'll be ready for my first day next week Princess." Said Raven.

Celestia sighed. "About that. Raven I believe your talents will be wasted by my side in Canterlot. Like you said, your one of the few ponies that can handle all this crazy, the craziest thing that happens in Canterlot, is seeing a noble complain about something stupid. So, I'm giving you a choice, stay here and support Ponyville, or leave all of it and spend 10 hours a day bored out of your mind?"

Raven laughed. "Ok, first off, I now know why the application form was so sparse. Thank you Princess Celestia, but I think I'll have to decline the job offer. Without me, this town would be nothing but nails and wood planks in a week."

Celestia smiled. "Very well." She looked down at Diamond. "Besides, now that Spoiled will be out of the picture, the little foal in your arms will need as many positive role models to remove all the weeds that Spoiled might have planted."

Raven nodded as she looked down at Diamond. "You know, that sounds pretty great." She looked at Filthy. "I think this little bundle of joy belongs to you?"

Filthy smiled as he placed Diamond on his back. "Thank you for taking her Raven."

Suddenly the door to the townhall opened and out walked Pear, she was carrying a knocked out Spoiled on her back. She looked at Filthy. "Rich, I'm sorry we took so long, but she made some good points, I made some good points, and we came to an agreement, but unfortunately on our way out she accidently slipped on a wet floor and hit her head."

Filthy nodded. "It's fine, Ms. Buttercup. I'm glad that you two could come to an understanding, but after today she will be unassociated with me and my family. I'm filing for divorce."

Raven nodded as she stuck her head into town hall to see the damage. Her desk was shattered, the walls had holes in them, the picture of Granny was fine, thankfully. "Raven?" Asked the mayor.

Raven looked up and noticed Mayor Mare was hanging from the chandelier. "Mayor, how did you get up there?" Asked Raven.

"All I did was walk in to say goodnight and Mrs. Apple tossed me up here and smashed your desk. What's going on?" Asked Mayor mare.

Raven chuckled as she levitated the mayor down to the ground. "Trust me when I say this, it all started with Spike..."

Mayor Mare sighed. "Stop, I get it, tell me in detail tomorrow." Said the Mayor as she walked past Raven, past the whole group of creatures standing at the steps, and straight to her home.

Raven pulled her head out of the door and looked at Mr. Rich. "Sorry Mr. Rich, but unfortunately townhall is closed for the day, come by tomorrow and I'll get you those forms you'll need."

Filthy smiled. "Thanks Raven, I'll be here bright and early, how do you take your coffee? I'll bring you some."

"Cream, three sugars."

"Done." Said Filthy. He looked at Pear. "Mrs. Apple, I must apologize once again for Spoiled's actions, tell Granny that after this year, our deal is off, you can have all the jam from now on."

Pear shook her head. "No." Said Pear simply. "Don't worry about it Rich, I'll talk to Granny tonight, once she hears about what happened she'll probably forgive you, seeing as you didn't have anything to do with this."

Filthy smiled. "Thank you, Buttercup." He looked at the foal in his legs. "Come on Sweetie, let’s go home it’s time for dinner."

Diamond giggled as she cheered. "YAY."

Raven smiled. "Well, I'm going to unpack my stuff, so I'm out as well. See you later Buttercup, girls, princess." She walked over to Spike and nuzzled his head. "You too Spike, I'm sorry you got dragged into all of this today."

Spike smiled as he hugged Raven. "It's fine, he told me everything was going to be ok."

Raven giggled. "Who told you that?"

Spike pointed. "He did."

"Spike, a little advice, no more fourth wall jokes for a while, their weird and might make readers mad." Said TAD2. "But comedy comes in three's, so were done."

Spike nodded. "Ok, have a nice night." Said Spike.

"I will, wait weren't you supposed to be somewhere today with Fluttershy?"

Spike shrugged. "I don't remember, hey isn't that Grandma and Grandpa, I got to go, bye."

"That's right, Posey and Gentle."

"Spike, Fluttershy, where are you?" Asked Posey and Gentle. It was way past three and their daughter and grandson never showed up at Fluttershy's house.

Fluttershy looked at all the girls and Celestia. "I forgot about my parents." Said Fluttershy. "Spike, come on, they must be worried sick."

Spike nodded, he looked at Celestia and wrapped his arms around her neck. "Thanks for the help today Princess, I was so scared."

Celestia smiled as she nuzzled Spike's head. "Your welcome Spike, and just call me Celestia." She moved Spikes necklace to show it to him. "Spike, would you mind if I take this with me for just tonight, I'll have the royal jeweler fix it up good as new?" Asked Celestia.

Spike nodded. "Ok, promise you'll give it back tomorrow?"

Celestia smiled. "I promise."

Spike shook his head. "Not good enough, can you make me a Mama promise?"

Celestia nodded. "Sure, can you show me how to make it?"

Spike nodded. "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Said Spike doing the Pinkie Promise motions.

Celestia smiled. "Spike, I promise to return your necklace tomorrow no matter what, cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

Spike smiled as he motioned for Fluttershy to pick him up. She did and she placed him on her back. He waved at all his mamas. "Bye Mom, bye Mama, bye Mother, bye Grandma, bye Ma, bye Celestia." Said Spike as he rode his mother up to his grandparents.

Rainbow sighed. "I'm going home, the last hour was exhausting."

"But you didn't do anything." Commented AJ.

"Your point being?" Asked Dash.

"Just go." Said AJ. Dash nodded as she flew home.

"Me too, I'm going to try my first attempt at a gem cake." Said Pinkie as she drilled her way back to the bakery.

"I must say Au revoir as well, mommy is making dinner tonight and that teleportation was tiring." Said Rarity as she just walked to her home nearby.

Celestia sighed. "I'm going to uphold my promise, but Diamond Glare clocks out at 6, I must go so I can catch her tonight. I'll drop by tomorrow to drop this off." Said Celestia.

Pear nodded. "Ok Princess but be ready for the full might of the Apple Family, the reunion starts tomorrow and so does Zap Apple harvesting."

Celestia smirked. "Make sure AJ doesn't eat all the fritters and I'll be there for the first batch." Said Celestia.

Pear smiled. "It's all yours."

Celestia smiled as she teleported back to the castle with Spoiled who was going to be spending the night in a cell, leaving Pear and AJ alone. Pear looked at AJ. "Come on Sweetie, let’s go make sure Granny doesn't do anything rash."

AJ nodded. "Ok Ma." Said AJ as she jumped onto her mother’s back as the two walked home for a long night’s rest, while up above, many shooting stars decorated the sky.

Whole Lot of Apples Going On Pt.4

View Online

After the events of Spoiled, Spike and Fluttershy enjoyed a nice couple of hours with Posey and Gentle. But, so Spike could sleep in his room at the farm, the girls agreed that they would always take him back to the farm, right before it was his bed time, 8 pm. But after the day he had, and the fact that Spike missed his nap time, he was already out like a light when Fluttershy dropped him off at 7:30 pm. From there, Pear, who was covered in pink paint, took Spike to his shared room with Apple Bloom and placed him in his little bed with his sun blanket.

The next morning was the day that all this preparation was for, today was Zap Apple day. Granny was the first to wake up, she walked to her son and daughter's room, she knocked on the door. "Mac, Buttercup, if you’re not down in the next 5 minutes, I'll drag you out myself. The whole family is going to be here any minute and the Zap Apples are going to be growing in less than 2 hours."

Mac and Pear yawned. "Ok Ma." Said Mac. He looked at Pear and kissed her muzzle. "Come on dear, she means every word."

Pear nodded. "Ok Mac, I'll go wake up Spike and Bloom, you go deal with the hydra and Macintosh." Said Pear as she kissed Mac.

Mac nodded. "Sure." The two of them got out of their bed and walked out of their room to go wake up their kids and grandkid.

Mac walked to AJ's room and carefully opened the door. He walked into the room and headed for her bed. "AJ, it’s time to wake up." Said Mac, but it didn't work. He sighed as he got closer to his sleeping daughter. "Come on, AJ, we need all hooves on deck today." Said Mac, AJ started to stir, and she started to flail her legs around. This was why AJ was the Hydra, it took her a few moments to wake up, when it's not on her own accord, and she flails around.

Mac sighed at the sight of his daughter as her eyes slowly opened. She yawned and smiled at her father. "Morning Pa."

Mac smiled. "Morning AJ, come on, the family will be here any minute and Granny says that the apples will grow in a few hours."

AJ shot up as she jumped out of her bed to get ready. Mac chuckled at seeing his daughter running around like any true little apple would, during Zap Apple harvest day. "Just like when Pa let me join in my first year." Said Mac, he walked out of the room and across the hall to his son's room, Mac knocked on the door, and he heard a groan come from inside. "Macintosh, we need to get a move on, the family is going to be here soon, and the apples are going to grow in a matter of hours."

Macintosh yawned as he stretched out his legs. "Ok Pa, I'll be down in a minute, have you got Spike and Bloom up yet?"

"No, your Ma got them today."

"Ok, I'll head downstairs when I get up."

"Good." Said Mac as he walked away from his sons’ room and headed down stairs.

With Pear it was a lot easier to get Spike and Apple Bloom up. Pear walked into their shared room, and headed for the little toddler bed that Princess Celestia had given Spike, it was painted purple and was completely fire proof. Pear walked up to the snoring dragon and nuzzled his little head. "Spike, it’s time to wake up, today is the day." Said Pear.

But Spike had taken after Pinkie in this aspect, granted he doesn't need a drum to wake up, but some days it felt like he did. Thankfully Pear and AJ discovered that there was an easy way to wake him up in the morning, all she needed to say were three little words. She leaned down to Spike's ear frill. "Spike, breakfast is ready." Whispered Pear.

Spike shot up the moment he heard this, he looked at Pear. "Can I have an amethyst?" Asked Spike.

Pear giggled as she nuzzled Spike's head again. "Sure, we have a few left in the pantry." Said Pear.

Spike smiled as he yawned. "Good morning, Grandma." Spike rubbed the gunk from his eyes as he tried to wake up. "Wait isn't today Zap Apple day?"

Pear nodded. "Yep, the family will be here any minute, so we need to get ready."

Spike nodded as he smiled at Pear. "Is Ma up?"

Pear nodded. "Yep, she's getting ready right now, let’s go see her."

Spike smiled as Pear picked him up and placed him on her back. She walked over to an old green painted crib with a sleeping Apple Bloom inside. The one reason Spike and Applejack don't share a room was because of his snoring. But after trying every room the only member of the family who could sleep through it was Apple Bloom. Pear nuzzled her little foal to nudge her awake. Apple Bloom yawned awake and looked around at the blurry figures that was her mother. Apple Bloom giggled at seeing her mother and nephew, she smiled and wanted to be picked up. Pear obliged as she picked up Apple Bloom and placed her on her back next to Spike.

Spike yawned again but smiled at seeing his aunt. "Good morning, Aunt Bloom."

Apple Bloom smiled and gave Spike a little hug, which he returned. Pear smiled at seeing Spike and Apple Bloom being so nice to each other. "Well now that everyone's up, lets head down stairs and get some breakfast." Said Pear as she walked downstairs to get breakfast.

When Pear walked into the kitchen she smiled when she saw everyone was up and eating their food. "Morning everypony." Said Pear.

Everyone smiled at Pear and the two little bundles of joy on her back. AJ jumped out of her seat to go greet her son and to ask what he wanted for breakfast. "Morning Ma, Sis." AJ then nuzzled her son and moved him to her back. "And a great morning to you Spike. What would you like for breakfast today?"

Spike hummed in thought. "Can I have oatmeal, with amethyst bits today?" Asked Spike.

AJ smiled. "Sure thing Spike, you want to help me make it?" Asked AJ.

Spike gasped and nodded. AJ giggled, Spike loved to help around the house, granted everyone only gave him simple tasks to distract him while they did the real work. When he wanted to help fold laundry, Granny gave Spike a wash rag to fold, while AJ and the rest did the rest of the load. When they needed to feed the animals, Spike was given the task of doing a head count, this helped him learn to count. Lastly when he wanted to help in the kitchen, he oversaw simple stuff like getting stuff on the lower shelves in the pantry, getting a plastic bowl for him, and getting the stove heated up with his fire.

AJ placed Spike on the ground and gave him his orders. "Ok, Spike go to the pantry and grab the jar of amethyst shards on the bottom shelf." Said AJ. Not long after Spike started eating harder gems, did Pinkie's family start shipping a few jars of gem shards to the farm, along with a few whole gems. Spike loved to eat his gems, but he also liked pony food as well, so everyday Spike would get a pony breakfast with gem shards, then a whole gem for lunch, a few more shards or small gems for a snack before nap time, and lastly he would eat a pony dinner with whoever had him that day.

Spike nodded as he slowly made his way to the pantry to get his gem shard jar, while AJ made everything else like the oatmeal. When Spike got to the pantry door, he opened it and started looking for his jar of amethysts. The bottom part of the pantry was just for Spike's gems so he could help in the kitchen. Spike looked around the little pantry and there he found his jar full of amethysts sitting on the shelf. Spike carefully picked it up, making sure not to drop it on the ground and using his tail to balance. Spike walked back to AJ and gave her the jar. "Here you go Ma." Said Spike.

AJ smiled at Spike. "Thanks Sugar Cube." Said AJ as she scooped out a few spoon fulls of amethyst shards and dust and placed it in the oatmeal bowl, she topped it with some brown sugar and cinnamon. AJ picked up the bowl and brought it to the table, she placed it on the surface. She walked back to pick up Spike. "Ok Spike, make sure to eat it all, we got a long day ahead of us and you'll need the energy."

Spike nodded as AJ placed Spike in his highchair so he could eat. The moment Spike grabbed the spoon for his meal he started to devour the meal. Pear giggled at Spike, two months and he was still a bottomless pit. 'Between his eating habits and sleeping, he's super kind, loved animals, and always helps others. He is definitely taking after the girls.' Thought Pear.

15 minutes later, breakfast was finished, and all the Apples were waiting for the unmistakable sound of their kin approaching. But the first wave to arrive was not the group they were expecting. It was all the girls with their families that walked into the farm first. "Good morning everypony." Greeted Rarity, she had Spike's little bunny suit on her back. She trotted over to Spike and kissed his cheek. "Good morning Spikey Wickey."

Spike smiled at seeing his mother. "Mother, you came!" Cheered Spike.

Rarity smiled as she nodded. "Of course, I wouldn't miss this for the world. I also told all the girls and their parents."

Pear looked at Spike. "Spike, what did you ask them to do?"

Spike smiled. "I asked Mother to join us today, that's ok, right?" Asked Spike.

Granny smiled. "Of course, they're all honorary Apples, so they have as much of a right to join in on the reunion and Zap Apple day."

Everyone smiled at hearing this. Suddenly the ground started to rumble and shake, signaling the arrival of the whole family. "They're here." Smiled Granny.

Quickly, hordes of ponies approached the farm, all of them pulling wagons with even more ponies in them. The first to approach was an orange stallion with a leaf green mane and tail, his cutie mark was an orange. Next to him was his wife, a pale olive mare with a light amber mane done up in a simple bun and her cutie mark were orange wedges. On her back was a little brown foal with a crimson mane. "Aunt Smith, it's so great to see you again." Said the stallion as he walked up to his aunt to hug her.

Granny smiled. "Mosely, how's city life been treating you?" Asked Granny.

Mosely sighed. "Granny, it's so boring, I can't even find the time to get to the orange farm up north anymore, it's all business dinners and office work."

Granny chuckled. "Well, you better be ready to work your flanks today, you don't want to get shown up by your niece and nephew, do you?"

Mosely laughed. "Don't make me laugh. I'm still an Apple and I'll pull my weight." Mosely then looked at the little filly that was their house guest a few months ago. "Sorry you didn't feel at home with us AJ, but I'm glad to see you happy again." Then he got a look of what was on her back. "Wait, what's that on your back?"

AJ giggled. "Well that's my son, Spike."

Mosely laughed. "No, really, what is it?" Asked Mosely, he had heard stories about teenage mares having foals, but a 5-year-old, that was impossible.

Pear sighed as she nodded. "Mosely, first off, Spike is her son, along with the rest of these little fillies, they found him in the Everfree a few months ago, on the day she got back. They adopted Spike the next day, so he is an Apple." Pear looked to Spike. "Spike, do you want to say hi to your great uncle Orange?"

Spike looked around AJ and saw Mosely. "Ma, is he nice?" Asked Spike. Mosely dropped his jaw at seeing Spike was in fact a dragon baby.

AJ smiled. "Yes he is Spike, why don't you introduce yourself?" AJ then placed Spike on the ground so he could introduce himself.

Spike looked at Mosely. "Hi, I'm Spike Drake, it's nice to meet you Uncle Orange."

Mosely chuckled nervously. "Well, it's nice to meet you Spike." Mosely looked at his cousin Bright Mac. "Mac, what's going on?"

"Mo, long story short, he's not like other dragons, he's very kind and smart. He's also a part of the family."

Mosely nodded; he knows that if he was part of the family, he was an Apple no matter what. "Well, if he's an Apple, then what's he doing over there, Apples greet each other like family, not like business partners." Said Mosely as he pulled the little drake into an Apple Family hug. "Welcome to the family Spike."

Spike smiled as he returned the hug. "Mo, where's Big Apple and Wind Leaf?" Asked Mac, he was looking for Mosely's brother and his wife.

Mosely sighed. "They couldn't make it this year; their business is booming in downtown and they can't leave it. But they wanted us to take little Babs." Mosely waved over his wife and niece. "Sweet, come say hello to AJ's son, Spike."

"Wait, AJ has a son?" Asked the mare as she ran over to her husband. She looked at Spike and her eyes widened at the sight of him. The moment Sweet saw Spike she snatched him up from Mosely and snuggled him. "He's so adorable, it reminds me of the year I spent on the border of the Dragon lands back when I was in the guard."

AJ dropped her jaw. "Wait you were in the guard?"

Sweet nodded. "Yeah, for a few years actually, but one day I got transferred to Manehatten, and I met Mosely soon after." Said Sweet as she kept snuggling Spike.

Spike looked at Sweet. "Um... who are you?" Asked Spike.

Sweet giggled. "Well, I'm your great aunt Orange, sweetie...Wait how old are you, and how can you talk so well?"

Spike shrugged. "I don't know, but I'm two months old. It's nice to meet you Aunt Orange." Said Spike as he hugged the mare.

Suddenly most of the Apple family was gathering to greet the clan head and her family. "Orange, Spike still needs to meet a lot more of the Family, and Granny thinks the rainbow will appear at noon, so we don't have time for you to snuggle him all day." Said Pear.

Sweet giggled as she placed Spike down on the ground. "Right, sorry Buttercup." She looked down at Spike. "Well Spike, are you ready to meet your family?"

Spike nodded. "Yes I am."

(AN: I'm just going to use this clip from the show to make it past the introductions.)


With the introductions done, it was time for the whole Apple clan to get to work. Granny got in front of the group of ponies. "Ok listen up. This year’s reunion is going to be a little different, the Zap Apples are coming in today so were forgoing all the games and fun until tomorrow afternoon when the harvesting time is past. I want all the cooks making food for the family to keep us going, I want all workers in the field harvesting, I want all the young ones helping where they can. Once that Rainbow shows, and not Spike's mom, we will have one day to pick as many Zap Apples as possible. I have yelled at all the jars, the whole of the cooking stations are surrounded in pink polka dots, all the feathers have been soaked for exactly 78 minutes and 9 seconds, the pigs have done their dance this year to perfection, all we need now is the honey, which is where I'm going right after I'm done. Apple Split, we will be having a special guest show up the moment you get the first batch of apple fritters out, go find one of the girls or Spike when you get it out."

"Yes Ma'am." Shouted a dark blue stallion with a red mane.

Granny nodded. "Good. This is our best chance to finally get all those apples this year, now let’s show them trees the full might of the Apple Family."

"YEAH!" Cheered Everyone. Suddenly a massive rainbow aurora illuminated the sky around the farm. The Zap Apples reacted to the aurora and instantly grew larger and gained their iconic rainbow-colored skin.

"Ok, there it is, let’s get to harvesting!" Ordered Granny. Everyone nodded and ran off to help with the harvest. Leaving all the older mares and stallions that were too old for the physical labor, and the little ones who were too young to help with the harvesting part. Granny walked over to her cousins, Goldie, Strudel, Rose, and Applesauce . "Ok, I still need to go sweet talk the bees, will you be ok directing the young ones?"

"Come on Granny, we maybe too old to buck a tree, but watching a couple little fillies and colts?" Commented Goldie.

Granny smiled. "Goldie, why don't you tell all of them our family line, Pinkie is a Pie, maybe she's Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Stone Apple Pie's niece?"

Pinkie and AJ looked at each other. "We're related?"

Goldie hummed. "Well maybe, but it depends on a lot of things, I should have the scroll in my house, but Charles likes to sleep there, and I hate to move him."

Granny sighed. "Goldie, you got to get out of there, and stop taking in cats, I swear you'll bring in a jaguar on of these days."

Goldie giggled. "Granny, how would that even work, jaguars are native in the rain forest."

Granny sighed. "In the last three months, I've learned that anything is possible." She looked at Spike and Fluttershy. "Spike, Flutters, would you mind coming with me, I need to talk to the bees to make sure their honey is sweeter, and an interpreter would be a great help?" Asked Granny.

Fluttershy nodded. "Sure thing Granny, I haven't talked to bees yet." Fluttershy looked at Spike. "Come on Spike, I mean if you want to that is?"

Spike looked at Rarity, technically it was her day to spend time with Spike. But Rarity just smiled. "Go on Spikey Wikey, mother will be right here when you get back." Said Rarity as she kissed Spike's forehead. She then used her magic to lift Spike onto Fluttershy's back.

Fluttershy smiled as she looked at Spike. "Ok Spike, let’s go talk to some bees."