• Published 4th Oct 2019
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Dragon's Mommies - TAD2

Spike was sent back to the Dragon Lands right after he was hatched, but what happens when he is found by 5 little fillies

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Diamond in the Rough

After Spike had calmed down, his whole family looked at him. Fluttershy smiled at seeing her son was no longer scared. “See, nothing is coming to get you.” Said Fluttershy.

“Baba.” Said Spike.

Fluttershy nodded. “That’s right, Baba is here.”

Granny walked back into the living room and noticed that her family was on the ground next to her great grandson. “I’m guessing that I missed something.” Said Granny

Everyone nodded.

Granny sighed. “I maybe old, but whatever happens, I’ll make sure to protect my family.” Said Granny.

She walked over to the still passed out Hondo and Cookie, and waved the smelling salts under their muzzles.

When the smelling salts entered their noses, Hondo was the first to groan. “Ugg, what happened? Cookie, are you ok?” Asked Hondo.

Cookie groaned. “Yes dear I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m good.” Said Hondo as the two made it to their hooves.

Rarity sighed as she levitated Spike into her hooves. She walked over to her parents. “Mommy, Daddy, I’m glad your ok, you both fainted, and scared Spike.”

Hondo looked at Rarity. "Sweetie, who is Spike?"

Rarity showed Spike to her parents. "Spike, my son, and your grandson." Said Rarity.

The couple looked at Spike who was smiling at them. 'Thank goodness they're moving again, I must of scared the bad thing away.' Thought Spike as he clapped his hands.

The two were still looking at the happy dragon. Cookie walked over to Spike as she looked into his eyes. She bent down so she was level with him. Spike looked at Cookie with his deep green eyes. The two had a staring contest for a few moments. That was until Spike started to inhale through his nose. "Uh oh." Said Rarity. She grabbed Spike in her magic and pointed him away from everyone.

Spike sneezed and the fire hit a lamp on a side table near the rocking chair. Everyone looked at the lamp as it was turned to smoke and was whisked around the room. The smoke stopped in front of Pear, and the lamp was back to normal, as it was sent into the hooves of Spikes grandma. Everyone looked at the lamp, as they all sighed. "That's really going to need some getting used to." Said Rainbow.

Everyone nodded. Pear walked over to the table and placed the lamp back on it. Cookie and Hondo looked at Spike in shock. Hondo sighed. "Ok sweetie, I just want to get everything straight. In the last few hours, you were dragged out of the house by your horn, found a rock..."


"Geode, where you found a lot of gems. You ran home, where you ran into AJ, and somewhere in between at point and now you have a son that is a dragon." Said Hondo.

Rarity nodded. "That's right."

Cookie sighed. "Rarity tell us the whole story, because I doubt that's everything."

Rarity nodded again as she brought Spike back to into her hooves. "Ok, mommy."

All the adults and Macintosh gathered around the group of fillies and their dragon son. "So to start off with...."

One explanation of chapter 2 and 3 later.

"So after finding out that he was an orphan we decided to take care of him, and since he already imprinted on us, we decided to be his mothers." Said Rarity.

Hondo and Cookie sighed. "Rarity, your grounded for going into the Everfree Forest." Said Hondo.

"What!?" Asked Rarity in shock.

"Hold on. Your grounded, but your ungrounded for doing it to save Spike." Said Hondo.


Cookie used her horn to bring Spike in front of her. She placed him down on the floor. Cookie and Spike continued on their staring contest. But after a few moments Cookie swept Spike into her hooves as she nuzzled him. "He's so adorable!" Said Cookie. Spike giggled. 'I like her, she's kind and loving.' Thought Spike. She looked at the little dragon in her hooves and smiled at him. "Hi Spike, I'm your grandma, Cookie Crumbles." Cookie then moved Spike over to face his grandpa. "And this is your grandpa, Hondo Flanks."

Hondo took Spike from his wife and looked at Spike. Soon tears started to fall from the stallions face. "Finally." Said Hondo. "I have someone to play with."

Everyone looked at the stallion. He chuckled sheepishly. "What, no offense to you Rarity, or to your sister. But you never took in interest in Buck Ball, and knowing your mother, and you, neither will Sweetie Belle. This is the first boy in the family." He looked at Spike. "Oh, we'll play every day, you'll learn how to play everything, Buck Ball, Hoof Ball, Soccer, and I know you'll be great at them." Said Hondo as he nuzzled Spike. This was unwise. Spike noticed the weird thing on Hondo's lip, and grabbed it. This caused the stallion to wince in pain as half of the mustache was ripped off of his lip.

Everyone started to laugh at the half stash on Hondo's face. "Finally, I was getting tired of kissing the hairy caterpillar." Said Cookie. "Now you have no choice but to shave it."

Hondo sighed as he looked to his grandson. "I hope your happy." Said Hondo. Spike giggled. Hondo sighed as he looked down. "Well, at least I can eat soup again." Said Hondo as he started to laugh.

Just then every one heard a voice calling out from outside. "RAINBOW DASH?"

Everyone looked at the rainbow mane pegasus, then to the front door. They decided it was best to head outside to see who was calling for her, and why.

Author's Note:

Next will be about Bow, Windy, Possy, Gentle, and Zepher.

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