• Published 4th Oct 2019
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Dragon's Mommies - TAD2

Spike was sent back to the Dragon Lands right after he was hatched, but what happens when he is found by 5 little fillies

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A Gentel Wind Lead's to a Shy Rainbow

The now even larger family walked out of the house, wondering why someone was calling out for Rainbow Dash. But when they walked out, there was no one there. "RAINBOW DASH?" Yelled the voice. This meant that the owner of the voice was still around, and it was very unlikely to be in the ground. Everyone looked up, and there in the sky was a large pale blue pegasus stallion with a rainbow colored buzz cut mane. He was flying around looking for his daughter who never went back to flight camp today, after she caused the legendary Sonic Rainboom.

Next to him was another pegasus stallion but this one was pale green with a very pale pink mane done up into a swirl. This one was looking for his daughter who fell from a cloud. "Fluttershy." Said this stallion in a normal talking voice.

"Dad/Daddy!" Cheered the two pegasus fillies. They flew up to their fathers, who noticed them the moment they heard them.

"Rainbow!" Said Bow Hothoof as he gave his daughter a big hug.

"Fluttershy." Said Gentle Breeze as he hugged his daughter.

After the four finished hugging Bow looked at his daughter. "Where have you been? Me and your mother have been looking for you for the last few hours. We need to give you your 'First Sonic Rainboom' trophy." Said Bow.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "Dad, I was looking for Fluttershy, I couldn't find her after the race, and I got worried."

Bow nodded as he nuzzled his daughter. "Don't worry, we also got your searching for best friend ribbon."

Gentle looked at his daughter. "Fluttershy, we were so worried, are you ok?"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. "Yes, Daddy. I'm fine, Rainbow found me."

Gentle grabbed her hoof. "I'm glad, lets head home, that is if its ok with you?"

Fluttershy shook her head. "Its not."

"Oh, ok." Said Gentle as he let go of her hoof.

Both fillies looked at their fathers. "Dad, I need to go back down, there are a few ponies I want you to meet. Can you grab mom and bring her back?" Asked Rainbow.

Fluttershy looked at her father. "Same with me Daddy, but can you grab Zephyr as well?" Asked Fluttershy.

Both Stallions nodded. Bow gave his daughter one more hug as he was smiling widely. Gentle smiled as he gave his daughter a small hug. The two left to go retrieve their wives and son.

The two fillies flew back down to the farm and looked at the families. Both sighed. "Sorry about that." Said the two.

"That was my father. His names Bow Hothoof, and he is coming back here with my mother Windy Whistles." Said Rainbow.

"The other stallion was my father. His names Gentle Breeze, and he's coming back with my mother Posey and my little brother Zephyr."

Everyone nodded at the simple explanation of the fillies. "Ok you two. I cant wait to meet them." Said Pear.

Everyone walked back into the house and waited for the new arrivals.

Soon, the front door to the apple house was opened. In walks Bow and Gentle. Behind them was a set of pegasus mares. One was light blue, with a bowl cut orange and light scarlet mane. She was carrying a trophy and a ribbon. The other mare was pale yellow, with a raspberry mane, a pair of green glasses on her face and a pair of ear rings in her ears. The last to enter the house was a tall but lanky pale aquamarine colt with a light gold mane.

All five of them walked into the living room. There the mares and the colt noticed their daughters, sister, and only in his head, the filly that is head over hoofs for him.

"Rainbow!" Cheered Windy as she flew straight for her daughter and gave her a big hug. "I'm so proud of you. You did a Sonic Rainboom." Said Windy as she gave her daughter the trophy. "And you went out of your way to start the search for Fluttershy." Said Windy as she gave Rainbow the ribbon.

Posey walked over to her daughter and gave her a small hug. "Thank Celestia your safe, I was so worried, I was about to tell the guards to help look for you."

Zephyr walked over to Rainbow, and did his best to give her a smoldering look. "Rainbow, you don't need to disappear to get me to look for you, I do that on my own." Said Zephyr.

Both fillies rolled their eyes at all the comments.

But the small conversation was shattered when Bright Mac cleared his throat.

All the pegasi looked at the rooms occupants, as both Rainbow and Fluttershy walked back to them.

Fluttershy looked at Hondo who was still holding Spike in his hoof. "Mr. Hondo, can I have my son please?" Asked Fluttershy. Hondo nodded as he levitated Spike over to Fluttershy. "Thank you." Said Fluttershy.

She grabbed Spike in her hooves as she walked over to her family. "Mommy, Daddy, Zephyr. I need to tell you all something." All three nodded. Fluttershy took a deep breath as she showed Spike to her family. "This is Spike, and he's my son."

Gentle passed out, hearing that his little filly was a mother, Posey fainted seeing that her new grandson was a dragon, and Zephyr just shrugged as he looked at Spike. "Sup, the names Zephyr, guess I'm your uncle. You want to help me get a date? Chicks love babies." Said Zephyr as he looked at Rainbow.

Fluttershy groaned as she handed Spike over to Rainbow. "Hey horseshoe for brains. Guess what?" Said Rainbow.


"We're related now." Said Rainbow. "Spike is my son too." Said Rainbow.

Zephyr just walked over to AJ. "what about you, cutie, want to date the best colt in Cloudsdale?"

AJ chukled as she pushed him away. "Sorry sugar cube. We're related as well."

Zephyr walked over to Pinkie, but before he could ask, Pinkie told him the truth. "Sorry, related."

Zephyr walked over to Rarity. "What about you, I know, I'm great, but don't worry, I'll make you just as great as me one day." Said Zephyr.

Rarity just rolled her eyes. "Again, RE-LA-TED!" Said Rarity really driving it home on every syllable.

Zephyr looked at all the girls in shock. "How?"

All the girls looked at each other and smirked. "We're Spike's mothers." Said all the girls.

Zephyr sighed as he walked back to Spike. "Well, it looks like its just you and me kid." Said Zephyr. "But don't worry, I'll teach you how to be just as great as me."

Fluttershy growled at her little brother. "I'm not letting you within five feet of Spike." Said Fluttershy.

Everyone looked at Fluttershy, surprised to see her so aggressive. But Zephyr wasn't fazed. "Fine." Said Zephyr as he looked at Spike. "But I cant wait to show you how to get the ladies."

Fluttershy sighed as she walked over to her brother and pushed him away from Spike. "Zip it." Said Fluttershy. She looked at Rainbow who was still holding Spike. "Sorry about him Spike, he's too much in his own head." She looked back at Zephyr. "But he's actually a good colt once you get to know him."

Spike looked at his new uncle and he gave Zephyr a raspberry. Rainbow started to laugh as she nuzzled her son. "Awe, already taking after your Baba." Said Rainbow. Then she thought for a moment. 'Wait, their being too quiet.' She looked over at her parents. Bow was wide eyed, with his mouth open and jaw on the floor. Windy was wide eyed as well but she had stars in her eyes and a giant smile plastered on her face. Rainbow flew over to her parents and showed Spike to them.

"So, yeah." Said Rainbow. "Mom, Dad, your grandparents. This is Spike, he's my son." Said Rainbow.

Bow had closed his mouth and walked over to Spike. Two sets of eyes stared at each other. One set a deep emerald color and the other a amber color. Spike looked into the eyes of his 4th grandpa. But then he needed to sneeze. "Uh oh." Said Rainbow. She tried to move Spike out of the way, but she failed to get a clean shot. Instead it hit the rocking chair in the room.

The chair was turned to smoke, it whizzed around the room for a few moments, until it stopped right above Zephyr. Everyone looked at the smoke. "Um..." Said Zephyr. But the chair popped back into form and fell on the colt. Nothing was hurt and no one was injured, nothing aside from Zephyrs pride. Rainbow was laughing her flanks off.

"Well. Guess you got your wish Zephyr, Spike is helping you get some sympathy points." Said Rainbow.

Everyone giggled at the joke. But it was back to business. Spike was redirected to his 4th grandpa. "So, Dad, are you ok with this?" Asked Rainbow.

Bow sighed as he shook his head. "No I'm not?"

"What!?" Yelled everyone. Spike was starting to cry.

Bow was surprised but then realized what he said. He quickly shook his head. "No not like that, I actually like Spike. I'm not ok with the fact that I don't have any awards to give him. I mean, his first flame, his first hug, his first feeding time." Bow looked at Rainbow. "You have fed him right?" Rainbow nodded. Bow sighed in relief. " Good."

Bow motioned for Rainbow to hand Spike over to him. She did and soon Spike was in the hooves of Bow. He looked at Spike as he smiled. "Hi there little guy, I'm Grandpa Bow, and you are awesome." Said Bow.

Windy walked over to Bow and Spike as she smiled at Spike. "And I'm Grandma Windy. We are so proud of you."

Author's Note:

There you go. Spike now has, 4 grandpas, 4 grandmas, 5 mothers, 1 great grandma, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, and soon to have many awards. Next up is the real reaction from Posey and Gentel. Then its off to the Rock farm, holders boluder, and the perising gaze of Limestone Pie.

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