• Published 4th Oct 2019
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Dragon's Mommies - TAD2

Spike was sent back to the Dragon Lands right after he was hatched, but what happens when he is found by 5 little fillies

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Is That A Dragon?

Princess Celestia was enjoying a nice cup of tea, as she read the afternoon edition of the Canterlot Times, she was suppose to be overseeing the entrance exams for her school of gifted unicorns, but after years of seeing nervous fillies and colts passing out due to having their princess judging them on their magic abilities, it was better if she just got the report from the examiners. Besides it was an easy exam, try your best to hatch a dead dragon egg that had been found over a hundred years ago. The point of the exam was to see how much magic the unicorn could produce, not to actually hatch the egg.

That plan went out the window when the sky above was encircled by a rainbow shockwave, then the sound of a building getting destroyed. Celestia sighed as she placed her tea cup on the coffee table next to her chair, she walked over to the window and the sight that met her was more than a little surprising. Sticking out of one of the destroyed towers of the castle was the head of a large purple dragon with green head fins and deep emerald green eyes. Celestia groaned. "Of course, why can't I just have one day to myself, I have waited for three years to have no day court, and the only thing I had to do today was see if this new applicant could of gotten into my school." Said Celestia as she powered up her horn.

Celestia teleported to the exam room and looked at the sad state of the room. All 4 examiners were floating in a bubble of pure magic, there was a lavender colored filly with glowing white eyes shooting magical bolts randomly, next to the filly were 2 plants, probably her parents she accidently transformed, and mostly in the room was the rest of the magically grown dragon that was looking absent mindedly at the sky. Celestia took a deep breath as she walked over to the little filly, she placed her hoof on the fillies shoulder and it seemed to brake her concentration. The fillies eyes stopped glowing and she looked at Celestia, but Celestia just smiled at her.

The filly dropped to her knees as she started to cry. "I'm...So...So....Sorry....pri...Princess." Cried the filly.

Celestia smiled at her as she used her hoof to lift the fillies head. "Shhh, its ok. What's your name my little pony?"

"Twilight Sparkle."

Celestia smiled. "Don't worry my little Twilight, today is suppose to be a day of joy, its not every day a filly gets her cutie mark."

"Cutie mark?" Asked Twilight as she looked at her flank, and right there was a dark pink six pointed star with five smaller stars. Twilight started to jump around in joy, completely ignoring Celestia.

Celestia looked behind her to address the dragon in the room, but instead of a massive beast, all there was, was a small little dragon whelp sucking on his own tail, Celestia walked over to the dragon and looked at it, the dragon looked at her with his big green innocent eyes. "Hello little one." Said Celestia as she scooped the dragon up. "Don't worry, you'll be back with your own kind soon." The baby just cooed. Celestia used her magic to cast a sleeping spell on the baby dragon sending him to sleep.

Celestia sighed as she looked at the little dragon in her hoofs, as she thought to herself. 'I thought that egg was dead, no one has been able to hatch it for over a hundred years. I can't let him stay, if word got out that a baby dragon was hatched in Equestria, the dragon lord would stop at nothing to safely recover the baby, but without a name he will never be accepted. Come on think, he's purple, he has big emerald eyes, he has spikes...' "Spike." Said Celestia. Spike just snored. Celestia looked at the room and noticed that Twilight and her parents were still celebrating the filly getting a cutie mark, so Celestia quickly teleported to her royal chambers and placed Spike on her bed. She used her magic to retrieve a scroll.

Hello, this is Spike, I am unable to take care of him, please take him in and treat him as your own, I am sorry Spike, I hope you will be happy.

Wrote Celestia as she rolled the scroll up, she used her magic to teleport a basket, a blanket, and a couple of soft gems for a meal for Spike and she placed all of them along with the note and Spike into the basket. She walked over to her chamber doors and opened them, alerting her personal guards that are stationed there.

"Princess, is everything alright?" Asked the guard.

Celestia nodded. "Yes, everything is fine, but I need the fastest pegasus to report to me right now." Ordered Celestia.

The guard saluted. "Ma'am." Said the guard as he teleported to the guard barracks.

A few minutes later the guard teleported back with another guard in tow, the only difference was instead of a horn poking out of his helmet, the new guard had two holes in his armor to let his white wings poke out, both guards saluted. "Reporting for duty, Ma'am."

Celestia smiled at the guard as she motioned for the pegasus to enter the room, he did, Celestia closed the door. "What is your name?" Asked Celestia.

"Corporal Swift Flight, Ma'am."

"Corporal Flight, I have a special mission for you that could determine the fate of Equestria."

"I am ready for anything your highness."

Celestia nodded as she levitated Spike's basket over to the stallion. "This is Spike, he was accidently mistaken for a dead dragon egg, that one of my school's applicants hatched, he must be returned to the dragon lands immediately." Said Celestia.

Flight nodded as he used his wings to slide the basket onto his back. "Yes Ma'am." Said Flight as he flew over to the window and flew as fast as he could out of the castle.

Celestia walked over to the window and watched Flight and Spike fly off. "I hope I did the right thing." Said Celestia.

Once Flight was out of sight, he started to worry. 'I can't do this, I'm just the messenger, what if I run into a dragon, I'm not ready to die.' Flight looked at the basket on his back. "Sorry little guy, but I have a family, and you were an accident." Said Flight as he changed course, he was now headed for the most dangerous place in the kingdom, The Everfree Forest.

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