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Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz find Spikes egg and raise him as their son. Spike and Pinkie end up acting almost exactly the same

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Beware, old chapters are randomly being updated and chapters are being added to flesh things out a little.

if you enjoy Spike Pie please read The Dragon of Sweet Apple Acres by closet brony 77,My Dragon Brother by Kuairu , and A Butterfly and her Dragon by Writer-0

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Just a small bit of constructive criticism. You have slightly too much commas. Some of them would do better as periods, and some are fine.

8072023 well I tried to fix it, but Grammer isn`t my strong suite.

Should I be a little concerned that Spike was with Pinkie when the rainboom hit and that he may also learn how to break the fourth wall like her?

8072262 Oh yes, Worry!
:pinkiehappy: What`s the forth wall?
:moustache: I dunno but lets break it.

I would say for you create some chapters a little more longer because is so small to read, and we want to read more about the Pie's family with Spike. But this is a good story and took my interest.

:pinkiegasp: Language!!
:moustache: Don`t worry Pinkie this is story is labeled under Teen.

8072278 I`m planning to make the next 3 chapter`s about Spikes relationship with(in this order) Limestone, Maud, Marble.

8072481 Cool, I think Limestone is a good sister for Spike, it was funny when she said she was in charge of everything, even from Spike. Hehehehe

Awwww... Wait, what do rocks even taste like!?

Little short and a bit rushed and as said above grammer is a slightly issue but not a bad story.

Dude. Dude. *twitch* Please. Use apostrophes. And.... Ergh. Want me to edit for you?

At least the Pink One treats Spike better... unlike Twilight who babies him and treats him as a slave.

8073935 oh yes (Minus when it`s Nightmare moon time) Spike will be with PInkie on a lot of adventures.

8074078 I like this alternate universe. I wonder if Spike Pie will still have a crush on Rarity?

8074286 maybe. maybe not, who knows.

Owliscious is a griffin now? Here's hoping Twilight will treat him better than she did with Spike in canon.

8075193 If not, I wouldn't be surprised if Twilight treats all her non-pony employees like crap beause so far, Starlight's doing well. I pity the poor schmuck who is picked to be Twilight's "assistant".

8075450 since I suck with Google docs, it might be best if you just copy the chapters and past them into your own docs.

Twilight is a bit of a speciest prick.

Igneous Rock was working in the fields like he always did, his life was good, his wife Cloudy Quartz was at the hospital delivering their third child.

Two paragraphs later;

Igneous looked at his fourth child and smiled.

See the problem here?

8076572 Thank you, I missed that while editing

8076607 She's nice and all, but I'm tired of hearing Twilight's speciest attitude. I've read enough fanfics to know that magic is part-math, part-imagination and something else. If a freakin' unicorn can learn quantum physics and the math behind it to learn how to teleport, I'm pretty sure a pegasus or an earth pony CAN do just that. If pegasi can learn martial arts, pretty sure earth ponies or unicorns CAN do that. Point is, earth ponies don't have to have special talents related to agriculture and pegasi don't have to be racers or weatherponies and I dunno what kind of special talents unicorns specialize in and they might be something stupid like being whiny or something... Heck if I know. Finally, all the things Twlight says in canon sounds a lot like racial profiling and I've never realized until now how insensitive Twilight can be.

Huff. I sound like a freaking SJW.

8076706 I agree, she is a little racial in her speech.

8077122 enjoying the story so far?

8077234 I hope you continue to enjoy it then :ajsmug:

You are doing well, I can imagine them going to be in all the episodes of mlp. I trust you this mission, please keep going this good job.

8078907 This is gonna be a really long story, and I might make sequels of every season.

8078952 So did you like the intervention(of sorts)?

8078966 I like the food war, it was interesting to imagine them fighting between them, Hehehehe

8078977 I hade fun writeing that part :)

8079271 maybe in the future you can write a full chapter about their imagination battle, in the food war, and maybe you make a request of this art. XD

8079280 I`m not gonna lie, the next chapters a little F**ked up.


I didn't expected this. LOL

8079439 words can not describe how happy I am to see this video in my comment section.

8079450 You did a great chapter dude, I would imagine a battle something like that.

8079456 I might go back later and make their fight longer and more f**ked up.

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