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The Mane 6 are over at Twilight's for a late-night get together, just hanging out. It's late, Spike's asleep. While the Mane 6 are enjoying their time Spike begins to sleepwalk, muttering about his lousy bed. So, he pats around for a good bed and instead finds ponies, and thus the contest for who's the best bed begins.

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commissioned by nobody495

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A nice fluffy one-shot :twilightsmile:

Awww that was funny and adorable story 😊

That was both adorable & hilarious, especially AJ's & Rainbow's reactions at Spike's judgement! :rainbowlaugh:

Adorable and wholesome.

Also, Rarity's rating should have been 'Marshmallow'.

Very cute story.


We need a cute tag.
May not be a genre, but we need one just so we can search for stories like these alot easier.

The boi knows what he wants. This was extremely cute and well written for being as short as it is. Great work

Now that is just cute

Love me some good ol wholesomeness.

This is one of the most adawwable comedies I have ever read featuring Spike. I wonder what type of bed I would be? I think I’d be too firm. Am I the only one that relates this to Goldilocks with the bowls of oatmeal / porridge?

"You two have fun," Rainbow said before turning to Applejack "And as soon as he wakes up we're gonna have him re-judge who's the firmest,"

Considering that I highly doubt Spike is going to remember any of this in the morning, that's probably going to make for an awkward conversation...

"Spike! Finally, you're awake! Now get over here so we can figure out who's really the firmest pony, me or AJ!"

" . . . yeah, I don't know what this is about, but I'm out."


Good story. Much adorbs. :twilightsmile:

This was so adorable :twilightsmile:
It was pretty obvious Twilight would be 'just right'. Mommy Twilight ftw :twilightblush:

Adorable. And of course Spike would go for the back he's been sleeping on all his life: Twimom.

Rarity: OW!
Spike: This pony is too hot.

I loved this story, it was soo funny

This pony's too thicc

Cute as a yay'ing Fluttershy :yay:

Hey, I was going to say that! :rainbowwild:

This story had such a nostalgic feeling.

Congrats gettung featured. Nice humor :pinkiesmile:

I related it to Goldilocks and her porridge

"You two have fun," Rainbow said before turning to Applejack "And as soon as he wakes up we're gonna have him re-judge who's the firmest,"

Boy, they really are made for each other

Love the story it's nice to read something wholesome every now and then:twilightsmile:

One of these Ponies are Thirsty!

"I do believe," Fluttershy said as she gave Spike a one over "That this Pony's just right," she chuckled before adding in a whisper, "Guess you should look into replacing his bed with one that feels more like your back Twilight," Twilight looked back at Spike and sighed.

Well, he has been riding on her back since he was young. Twilight's back probably what familiar to him the most.

This story was made even better to me by the fact that when I finished, there just happened to be a mattress ad at the bottom :rainbowlaugh:.

such a beautiful piece of art uwu

This was very cute

Very cute. Could definitely use an editing pass, but that doesn't take away from the wholesomeness. Figures the back he's been riding on his whole life is 'just right.' :twilightsmile:

Cute little story

I'd love to see a sequel where Spike tries to sleep on other mares.

Then there the Other Being version.
Young Six

Shining and some of the Young 6 aren't mares, I do like the idea though

Now this is just superbly adorable and super wholesome as heck! A sleepwalking Spike that wants the perfect place to sleep on and the Mane 6 just having a little competition over some silly stuff ahh it's so good! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply had to make a reading of this super cuddly fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/WV3pav5MOQc

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Cute and cuddly, boys! Cute and cuddly.

Most excellent.

Very creative and fluffy story! Liked it a lot. :raritywink:

P. S. You wrote this on your phone? :twilightangry2: Some editing is required.

grumbling irritable

Rainbow dash

She said very loudly and very irritable

dig his claws in the hang on

the completion was rigged

part take in that

This is literally the biggest compliment I have ever been given

This is just absolutely adorable I love it so much

This pony is too thicc

I liked this. Though I'll admit, my first thought regarding Pinkie would have been "too springy" - I get the feeling from the way she usually moves that trying to do what Spike did here would be like trying to sleep on a rubber sheet stretched to maximum.

to be fair he was on her belly, not her back

Short, simple, and ever so sweet. :heart:

This will certainly make an even more interesting story to tell once Spike comes of age...

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

I would love to read a sequel like that, it will be very funny

I do declare this story is adorable

I still consider this to be my biggest achievement on Fimfiction

Adorable and funny. This was an enjoyable read :twilightsmile:

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