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This story is a sequel to The Genie

Word has spread far and wide across the land of Equestria that the Retired Princesses have spent the last 17 years searching for a Magical Lamp, word of this search has reached the far corners of the map and many unexpected parties have joined them in their quest to find the lamp.
Things get out of hand however when the next one to find the lamp is none other than Cozy Glow, who uses the lamps power to escape her stone prison and accidentally finds a loophole in the Contract that bound Spike to his lamp that allows her to have more than three wishes by using the most ancient of magic words.
With Spike's power on her side she begins a plot to try and gain the affection of Flurry heart so that she might become an Alicorn through marriage as she finds Spike is unable to make her one with a wish, her plan goes awry however when she starts feeling real affection towards Flurry and starts forming a bond with Spike.

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So Cozy's the one who deserved to get Spike's wishes. I must say, I have to agree especially with how that poor filly was treated.

Yes!! I can already tell this is gonna be a fun story and can’t wait for more also Cozy redemptions are so interesting to me and pairing her with Flurry that’s just awesome actually hope she becomes an alicorn by the end of this or wish to be immortal and able to use unicorn magic

"I have the wares, if you have the coin."

Hehehe they’re gonna think cozy wished for spike to teleport her wherever she wants whenever she wants or something I love it

That sentence reminds me on a verry cute pic with Fluttershy I saw on DA recently. :twilightsmile:

Your grammar and spelling are a little awkward, and your exposition skills could also use some work. Aside from that, this is alright so far.

"I can't promise that," Twilight said before smiling "But I can promise to not turn Cozy back to stone at the very least,"

I'm opposed to Cozy's petrification, but it doesn't feel like there's an in-text reason for Twilight to change her mind so suddenly.

Lamp oil. Rope. Bombs? You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rupees.

I'm liking Cozy and Spike's teamup so far, even if its a bit odd that Spike seems to have no reservations with working with her.

"Either way," Cadance said as she found nothing "I'm not saying I don't trust Celestia, but I am saying her punishment for certain crimes aren't something I agree with,"

Cadence isn't wrong. What's worse is how happy they were to do it.

well this version of Spike is a little unhinged, and what else can he do? he either goes along willingly or has to do it anyway since she's the owner of the lamp, and being less than willing would mean less time out of the lamp and only being let out when she needed some wishes.

Huh, she should probably wish that Celestia forgot the code word not long after Spike was trapped.

How old would Spike be at this point?

he was sent back 10,000 years into the past so...around 10,030ish

What is a alicorn? If Cozy want to be a Alicorn and Spike can't make her a alicorn, she could wish for a horn and wings or to become a clone of Flurry or any other alicorn when they were younger or meet someone that can make her a alicorn.

Or maybe she could wish for cosmic power like Spike and give him company.

one of the biggest questions in the series: "What is an Alicorn?" A question that we have never answered after a decade spent in MLP.

Just like the question of... Is Celestia nerfed one season and Overpowered the next one?

I believe that the series would have been interesting if Cozy Glow was actually Celestias' own Daughter that had been cast out of Canterlot and all knowledge about her erased from memory because Destiny said so. The whole narrative would have both flipped on its head and be poetic in form by painting Celestia as the series true villain with everything that was already established by her character being devoted towards friendship and her subjects as Princess, but treating her own family and those that she is or was close with as objects; Twilight being the sole exception because of Destiny.

Twilight began her journey by "curing" Luna of the Nightmare; a Nightmare that Celestia was responsible for creating due to her not taking Luna seriously enough to treat with care and respect, putting Celestias' own past in jeopardy.
Then, she is too focused on the wedding to pay Twilights' own misgivings about Cadence with dignity or patience, thus leading to the battle in Canterlot and putting her Present in jeopardy.
And then at the end, with everything arrayed to have a battle against Cozy Glow and there being absolutely no knowledge behind who she is or why she is doing this and her declarations of solely fighting against Celestia to destroy the vicious cycle of Destiny would bring into question everything that Twilight believed in that would be further compounded by the revelation that Cozy Glow is actually Celestias' own Daughter: her very future, causing a rift to reform between the Sun Princess and everyone. Individuals like Luna and Queen Novo taking it hardest of all since they had known Celestia from before and that they had drifted apart because of Celestias' growing actions and obsession with Destiny to the detriment of everyone around her, coupled with how they began to see that even after 1000 years apart, Princess Celestia hasn't changed at all or made any moves to try and apologize for her actions, for spitting in the face of the notion of her own Family as anything more beyond her obsessive need for Friendships and for Destiny, and especially for forcing Ascendancy upon Twilight and not giving her any significant pointers afterwards to direct her into a role to warrant the position of Princess aside from now-hollow words that Twilight will "Play Her Part" which now take on a more sinister subtext in that Celestia had abandoned her own family for the sake of creating Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Mlp could have been one dark ass kids show

You seem to forget that there already were other Dark Kids' Shows that were available at the time, or were already well-established in the genre. Works such as Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Avatar: The Last Airbender easily come to mind.

The whole Cozy-angle I'm going with would much like with Tirek have had far-reaching moments where she was involved or a part of in the shows' own immediate past...
That Cozy was the one to have indirectly riled up the animals in the Menagerie during the Grand Galloping Gala as a means for her to liberate her pet Ravens that Celestia had kept locked in a cage in a bid to prevent her daughter from reclaiming such potent creatures, and hoping to use them as a means of better-protecting Canterlot due to the inherent Dread that Mabel and Grip naturally spread in close proximity to everything that threatens them... which explains why Canterlot was so easily fought against and constantly defeated because Mabel and Grip refused to return to help Celestia knowing that she would just cage them again given the chance.

That when The Changelings had fought and were beaten by Cadence and Shining Armor, Cozy Glow herself followed the Changelings back to their Hive and unleashed a devastating attack within close proximity: Blasting apart the very forest that once surrounded the Hive structure with her inherent powers over Light and Fire to create a massive explosion that shattered the very land and created the crater that surrounds the Hive as retaliation for harming her family even though Celestia would deny Cozy entry into Canterlot or to even talk with anyone of her past. Chrysalis wouldn't have recognized Cozy since at the time she was heavily-armored and had no visible Cutie Mark.

That she was the mysterious Glowing Golden Eyes we saw at the end of Castle Mane-ia, she lives within the Everfree Forest to be well-hidden from her enemies and from Princess Celestia should Cozy dare to try retaliating in any meaningful way.

Even as Equestria was being invaded and conquered by The Storm King, Cozy had taken it upon herself to do what she now believed Celestia and Twilight were both too incompetent to even bother accomplishing at all due to Twilight's devotion to Celestia, and Celestias' obsession with Destiny: to fight back against any and all enemies to Equestria with everything. In just three days time alone, Cozy was able to help push back the invasion after being substantially armed and prepared; pushing the enemy all the way back to the Heartland of Equestria with designs to make a final push from Ponyville into Canterlot at long last: to finally prove herself not to Celestia, but to her own Aunt and her Cousin.

I'm not forgetting anything, those dark kids' shows were dark because their target audience were older. Mlp's target audience was Little girls between the age of 4-12. A lot of adults may love the show but it wasn't made with them in mind. Also, name one dark Hasbro T.V show that's target demographic was little girls.

My Little Pony: Rescue From Midnight Castle.
You had to have seen this answer coming.

That could be one good fic, I for one while I did not think of something similar, thought time ago about something else... After turning into a alicorn and before the EoH turn her into stone, she somehow end in the past before Discord and Nightmare Moon. So, imagine how could Celestia and Luna react to another alicorn at that moment, it could be good or bad, but then she could have the problem of being a filly unicorn for thousand of years without able to grow up... Not sure if then things could go like in your headcanon or not, but with a couple of thousand years of experience and being more familiar with Celestia and Luna, make think how much could it change

I don't know what that is

I LOVE THIS! I was a big fan of your first Genie Spike story, and i'm loving the route you're taking with the sequel here with Cozy Glow.

thank you so much, I'm had a few different paths I thought about taking but in the end I felt Cozy glow was the more interesting one to take

New chapter soon?

Your grammar could use a little improvement, maybe you should consider a proofreader.

Wait... Is that not already 3 wishes? 1 wish to get out of the statue, another in first chapter to get a copy of the contract and now for 'the guy in the lead' should Spike not leave?

Yay updoot I'm loving that I’m getting actual friendship vibes between Cozy and Spike

Cozy found the Secret to infinity wishes in chapter 1

"I...I just said Pweety Pweese and then you..." Instantly Spike's eyes began sparking and her eyeliner was fully renovated," Spike and Cozy just looked at each other in silence.

I thought Pweety Please was only for a extra wish not for infinite wishes

Buddy did you Even read the story?

Do you mean read this part?

"In the even somepony who is or was the Genie's master says the phrase, Pweety Pweese, the Genie must grant that person an extra wish, even if that person has already used all their wishes, this can be repeated infinitely!"

Also, between the time you post chapter 2 and 3 I read many stories, so I can missremember, that is why I said "I thought"

Yes but by saying it with the wishes she never has to worry about accidentally using all three up, all it would take is forgetting to say it one time and then 3 wishes later Spikes gone and she is stranded.

Why hasn’t Cozy wished to be an adult yet?

OMG you're right! Luna does still one more wish left. Aww I'm excited for this story!:heart::pinkiehappy:

Some people have to reread stories to get the fine print or remember what happened already. I'm a guy who rereads to remember the fine print/little important details, so I kinda understand the confusion.

mind to Cozy or Shining as th

um, when did Flurry become Cozy?

Everything is easy when you can wish things done

So they wanted Shinning suspicious?

She paid no mind to Cozy or Shining as the Diamond Dog motioned for them to stay put and rushed to the Duchesses side.

You mean Flurry, right?

Further more you where caught attempting smuggling exotic creatures threw the city

Were and through.

You should proofread chapters before you publish them, or maybe have another user review your chapters.

oh, i figured Cozy would fuck it up sooner or later, shes clever, but not really all that bright as she really doesnt THINK everything through

Very nice chapter.

It's alive! It's back again... Only to fall in Coma... See you again in christmas.

I also wonder how many times is Cozy going to fall for the "I" and "Wish" in the same sentence to make a wish and if Spike do it in purpose just for the jokes and to prank Cozy


see you again in Christmas


"She says the phrase Pweety Pweese a lot,"

when celestia figures out she caused this and all the damage can be traced back to her she will be sweating

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