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This story is a sequel to Spike Pie: Scrapbook of Memories

Spike and Pinkie continue their adventures in Season 2, The two-party, fight bad guys, party some more, and have misadventures with their friends and family.

I will not be following the entire series completely as I am partial to making stuff up as I go. So have fun Reading and Enjoy Spike Pie Season 2

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Discord is wanting to settle down with Fluttershy and stay with her full time, but as the god of Chaos he'll cease to be if he acts to normal and it becomes clear that no normal creature can stand chaos 24/7 and he seeks a replacement, he ends up landing on Spike for the job.
Spike is missing all the time he and Twilight use to spend together, even if it was mostly work, and ends up using his powers so he can earn her respect as an equal instead of being seen as a lowly assistant.
While planning his first move he ends up enlisting the Cutie Mark Crusaders aid so none of the other mane 6 feel left out of the fun.
Featured (Apparently) - 8,28,21 - 11,19,22
- This Story takes place after Season 8 but before Season 9 -

This Story was Inspired by Kaliann25 Story Spike lord of Disharmony and Chaos and it's Sequel I recommend them both Highly

Cover art by : Little Tigress

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This story is a sequel to The Genie

Word has spread far and wide across the land of Equestria that the Retired Princesses have spent the last 17 years searching for a Magical Lamp, word of this search has reached the far corners of the map and many unexpected parties have joined them in their quest to find the lamp.
Things get out of hand however when the next one to find the lamp is none other than Cozy Glow, who uses the lamps power to escape her stone prison and accidentally finds a loophole in the Contract that bound Spike to his lamp that allows her to have more than three wishes by using the most ancient of magic words.
With Spike's power on her side she begins a plot to try and gain the affection of Flurry heart so that she might become an Alicorn through marriage as she finds Spike is unable to make her one with a wish, her plan goes awry however when she starts feeling real affection towards Flurry and starts forming a bond with Spike.

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This story is a sequel to Spike Pie

Spike Pie and Pinkie Pie return from the Grand galloping gala and show Limestone, Maud, Marble, Aloe, and Lotus an Old Scrapbook from when the two were younger and spend the night retelling old adventures from their childhood.

This story takes place immediately after the ending of the First Spike Pie story and I recommend you read the first story in its entirety before reading this one

Chapters (8)

After Discord accidentally gives Spike Cosmic powers and can't take them back Spike goes crazy and is tricked into trapping himself in a magic lamp and sent hurtling into the past, now an all-powerful genie Spike is forced to bend to the will of whoever holds the lamp. And accidentally creates some Equestrian history while doing so.

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Rarity notices Spike spending less and less time with her and spending more and more time on his own, she was fine at first, but his frantic behavior begins to tip her off that he's not off on his own, he's off with somepony special, She Follows him around ponyville to discover just who is stealing his attention from her, The answer surprises her.

Vinyl Scratch notices her Octavia slowly playing less and less attention to her and spending more and more time out on her own, She was cool with it at the beginning, but her behavior and general anxiousness to leave at certain times tips her off that she's not off on he own, she's with somepony Special, she follows her around ponyville to discover who it is, the answer surprises her.

(was originally gonna post on Valentine's day but was delayed) (until 2 Valentine's day later it seems,)

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The Mane 6 are over at Twilight's for a late-night get together, just hanging out. It's late, Spike's asleep. While the Mane 6 are enjoying their time Spike begins to sleepwalk, muttering about his lousy bed. So, he pats around for a good bed and instead finds ponies, and thus the contest for who's the best bed begins.

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This story is a sequel to Watching the World burn

Sunset Shimmer is visiting Equestria and ends up joining the trio of Starlight, Spike, and Trixie on their grand quest to find something entertaining to watch

this is both my 60th story and a celebration of me getting to 500 followers, thank you and enjoy

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It's Winter and all of Fluttershy's animal friends have either gone south or are hibernating, as she waits eagerly for spring she notices a small exchange between Rarity and Spike that leaves her with a realization that had never once crossed her mind. Ponies can pet Dragons.

Featured December 1st 2020

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This story is a sequel to Trixike

A series of short stories taking place in the Original Trixike Timeline. Ranging from Trixike and Starlight putting on a show to Trixike going to the Equestria Girls universe.

Cover art by Spirit Shift

-this story is based on the original 4th story in the series and is now the canonical 2nd story-

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