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This story is a sequel to Trixike

A series of short stories taking place in the Original Trixike Timeline. Ranging from Trixike and Starlight putting on a show to Trixike going to the Equestria Girls universe.

Cover art by Spirit Shift

-this story is based on the original 4th story in the series and is now the canonical 2nd story-

Chapters (3)

A man wakes up in Equestria as Peridot, he is then forced to go and find the Bewitching bell for Grogar if he ever want to go home, he has no idea how to use Peridot's body, no other options if he wants to go home, and to make matters worse a Peppy Pink Pony is determined to Befriend him at any cost.

Chapters (2)

The Main 6 live their Immortal lives, doing all they can to make their Dragon friends last few years as happy as they can.

Featured August, 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2020
Edited by - Lightstruck

This story has a Sequal - Reincarnation

Chapters (6)

In an effort to give creatures the power of other creatures Flim and Flam make a machine that accidentally fuses Gilda, Trixie, and Spike into a giant three-headed monster that begins terrorizing Ponyville. It's up to them to fix it before anypony realizes it was they who caused it.

Cover made by ZettaiDullahan

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Guess this is happening

Spinel was just getting use to living in Equestria, after a month in the world she'd gotten the hang of Apple bucking, gotten paid twice, and was really starting to make the Barn feel like home, then Discord comes in with something she wasn't ready for, three somethings to be precise. Now Spinel has to deal with three new Gems who are all crazy, yelling something about humans.

Featured: October 19th-21st 23rd, December 1st 2019, March 15th 2020, August 14th 2020, September 24th 2020

Chapters (14)

When Spike gets into an Accident Rarity attempts to rebuild him as Spike bot, but Twilight refuses and demands Rarity let her do it, after a short fight Twilight's magic mixed with Rarity's tech turns Spike into a living virus and quickly drives him insane, it's up to Sweetie Bot to keep him at bay while Rarity and Twilight try to find a way to contain him.

set in an Alternate Universe where Rarity is a Robotics engineer instead of a fashionista.

my 50th story (art has been added to the story thanks to ZettaiDullahan

Chapters (1)

After watching The Steven Universe Movie on a loop for almost a full day a Human falls asleep and is shocked to wake up as Spinel and oh boy is she not prepared to deal with the Magic of Friendship

Featured 9-12-19 (apparently)
I have never made one of these stories before so I hope it's at least passible.

Chapters (22)

Years ago Nightmare Spike was exiled from Equestria for multiple reasons, after a decade 3 children of the Mane 6, the Cake twins, and Flurry heart discovers he has obtained several Magical items of vital importance to Equestria future and attempts to take them from him in the hopes of impressing their elders.

Being Edited by -Nebulous Draco

Cover art by - ZettaiDullahan

Chapters (14)

Fluttershy buys a bag of Dog treats that say they'll put the pup back into anything that eats them, she's not sure what that means but it sounds like a good thing until one of them turns Spike into a Dog.

This doesn't take place in the Equestria Girls world

Cover art is cool, don't know who it belongs to

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to So Long Old Friend

After seeing his final sunset Spike awakens, having been reincarnated as a Female Kirin, still retaining thousands of years worth of Memories, she does everything in her power to try and raise to a position of power so she can be near her friends, all the while trying to think of a way to tell them who she use to be.
Will she win them back, or will she spend the next thousand lifetimes trying to return to their lives.

This is a Sequal, the first one is Required reading before reading this one
Featured: July, 16th, 2019
Featured: November, 21st, 2019
Featured: February, 13th, 2020
Special thanks to Viper Pit for being a Co-writer/Pre-Reader

Chapters (8)
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