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It's Winter and all of Fluttershy's animal friends have either gone south or are hibernating, as she waits eagerly for spring she notices a small exchange between Rarity and Spike that leaves her with a realization that had never once crossed her mind. Ponies can pet Dragons.

Featured December 1st 2020

commissioned by nobody495

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ah liked it, it was nice 👌👌

"Oh thank you so much," She said as she hugged the small dragon, cradling him in her arms like a small dog "Wanna treat?"

"This is getting to be a little much," Spike managed to say before she added.

"I have a few gems in my room,"

"And I'm fine again,"

Ok, that was hilarious. I'll give you a like just for that one exchange. :rainbowlaugh:

"What did you actually need me for, must be pretty serious for you to lie about it," Spike sat in wait for Fluttershy pushed her face into the cushion for a long moment before softy mumbling into the cushion something that went unheard to the dragon. "I...um...I didn't catch that," He said in confusion. Fluttershy once again mumbled into the cushion and they went back and forth for a full 5 minutes before She finally gave in and looked him square in the eye, there was a tense moment of silence before declared.

"I wanted to pet you," he will shown to the world she stuffed her face back into the blanket and Spike stared at her for a second before chuckling.

"I'm sorry," he said with a noticeable warble in his voice as he tried not to laugh. "You wanted to pet me?" Apparently, his tone had been the correct one as Fluttershy shot up and looked him dead in the eye.

"I need to pet you," She said with sudden determination, the fact that he didn't sound offended was the only push she needed to step up to bat and try and get this thing to happen.

She NEEDED to pet him, there might be something here:twilightblush:

start flitterike

:moustache:: "You know, once we are finished I will show you something in return."
:yay:: "Really? What is it?"
:moustache:: "You see, no matter how good you can pet someone with dull hooves, it is nothing compared to being petted with sparp, but gentle claws..."
:twilightblush:: "I can confirm. He is quite the stress reliever!"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But I suggest you try to make your sentences a bit shorter.
Even the first one spanc the entire paragraph...

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