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Discord is wanting to settle down with Fluttershy and stay with her full time, but as the god of Chaos he'll cease to be if he acts to normal and it becomes clear that no normal creature can stand chaos 24/7 and he seeks a replacement, he ends up landing on Spike for the job.
Spike is missing all the time he and Twilight use to spend together, even if it was mostly work, and ends up using his powers so he can earn her respect as an equal instead of being seen as a lowly assistant.
While planning his first move he ends up enlisting the Cutie Mark Crusaders aid so none of the other mane 6 feel left out of the fun.
Featured (Apparently) - 8,28,21 - 11,19,22 - 02,19,23
- This Story takes place after Season 8 but before Season 9 -

This Story was Inspired by Kaliann25 Story Spike lord of Disharmony and Chaos and it's Sequel I recommend them both Highly

Cover art by : Little Tigress

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This is an awesome and interesting idea, good work

Thank you, I tried really hard to make it an enjoyable read.

Loving this story! You did a good job on this!

Came across this story & liked what I read so far, the soap hijinks was hilarious & that maple comment was golden! :rainbowlaugh:

So Babs may join in the chaos fun eh?? Looking forward to that, keep up the great work! :moustache:

Another awesome chapter! I really like this story

Well good news, I have several more chapters ready for yours and all other's viewing pleasure, coming out everyday for the next 6 days

Huh, wasn't expecting the Chaos Team to take different opponents other than the Mane Six, now that opens up a lot of possible match-ups! Heck maybe we'll get to see Spike going up against the other resident Ponyville dragon! :raritywink:

Think I enjoyed Thunderlane/Storm match the most, he really had to put his money where his mouth was to win it, not to mention Rainbow enjoying every minute of it! :rainbowlaugh::scootangel:

Looking forward to see how Team Chaos get Babs to join up next time, should be a hoot! :moustache:

This is a fun story I could enjoy all day long 😀

And so Babs joins the Chaos fold, can't wait to see what her alter ego's gonna be! :moustache:

Not gonna lie I was looking this Chapter over to make sure it was good for tomorrow and accidentally posted it without noticing

lol well call it a happy accident........or maybe Havok had a claw in it!😉:moustache:

Not gonna lie, loved the breakdancing manticore as well! :rainbowlaugh:

Glad we got to see Rust debut (Babs), even though the latest prank didn't quite well played out (especially to both Spike & Sweetie:fluttercry:) Here's hoping that the next one (along the mysterious 6th member) will bring good cheer to Team Chaos! :moustache:

Spike needs a hug for what he has learned

Hmm good way to pick off the final Chaos member, while using the young fillies & colts on today's prank.:rainbowlaugh:

Also glad that it was addressed what Rarity did to a certain purple dragon, she's gonna be paying for that & her confession about Sweetie for a very, very long time!:twilightangry2:

Guess Chaos secret lair ain't so secret anymore, then again it was bound to happen sooner or later. Interesting bit of info about that *team* of the Royals looking into Team Chaos real identities, wonder who those could be?:rainbowhuh:

Also Twilight came off a bit entitled at the end there with Havok, still can't do anything about it so I call that a big win for Spike, especially after recent events! :moustache:

When isn't Twilight a bit entitled when it involves Celestia and/or Luna?

I believe Pinkie's shenanigans with the Gingerbread Mare wins this time around, it was hilarious from start to finish! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Also glad the girls are making sure Spike's having a good time, regardless of the situation he was put in (alongside his heartbreak :fluttercry:) Good job! :moustache:

I has fun with Gingerbread the mare to, definitely gonna have fan art made for this story.

something to remeber is that luna could say that she got magic beans and the ability to choose a prank for her sister and the other alicorns and celestia would be none the wiser as she would have to assume it was drunk lunas doing

Are you gonna do that Spike/Havok rage chapter?

You mean a chapter where Havok goes on a rampage or something?

Well kinda you know chapters 8-10 of Chaos:age of spike where spike gets angry at twilight for disrespecting and invading his privacy so he makes a prank/disaster to get back at her, well maybe something like that y’know maybe twilight says something very hurtful and Havok/Spike gets pissed

This was amazing! I love the world building you do, the references to the inspired story and all the sense of growth you give the characters.
Can't wait for more! :)

Not sure if you accept suggestions but... Did you think a chapter when Team Harmony are regressed to fillies the age of the crusaders or maybe a little younger (not to baby/foal age)?

Hey there, just hoping there's more chapters coming soon for this cool story! :moustache:

There will be. Just working on some commissions at the moment

Just noticed the cover art for this story, awesome! 😎👍

It was only put up yesterday, thank you

Please tell me the next chapter is in the works. I think I got a new semi-obsesion thanks to you.

Actually all the next chapter needs is for me to finish editing it. It's already fully written

Should be finished sometime tomorrow

"Spike is so very sweet," Rarity Laughed "Maybe if he was older, but I'd never be able to see him as anything other than the cute little helper he is," and then shoved her hoof into her own mouth as both Harmony and Chaos stared at her.

Spike will remember that...
very insultingly.

Shade appeared in the Throne room, her eyes still glowing light red. "Dammit," She muttered, "It's only a matter of time before Spike notices to, but I'm not sure I'm...ready for a relationship. What if he wants me to hold his hand in a romantic fashion!?" Shade's entire face turned dark pink at the idea of such a lude act. "Oh....but I kind of want to though," Shade took a seat on her throne and silently pondered if she was ready to start a relationship or not.

dont hold his hand thats how people get pegerent

I have an idea for a prank if you're interested. The idea is that everyone in town has super speed and strength but have absolutely no control over it, (This includes one's magic) and the only way to turn everyone back to normal is if they do something that involves being both delicate and precise like knitting or playing Jenga.

Good to see a new chapter (still love the sweet cover art for this story as well🥰) This *break* of sorts for the pillow war was hilarious, not to mention AJ getting a time out by Pinkie for even suggesting breaking a pinkie promise, cool your hooves farm girl! :applejackconfused::pinkiecrazy:

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