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After watching The Steven Universe Movie on a loop for almost a full day a Human falls asleep and is shocked to wake up as Spinel and oh boy is she not prepared to deal with the Magic of Friendship

Featured 9-12-19 (apparently)
I have never made one of these stories before so I hope it's at least passible.

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 273 )

He’s gonna noogie Applejack when he reforms

The real challang starts when is gonna be not being eaten by a dragon
Edit: is is very good speller

I'm already liking this story

And then lee gets eaten by spike lol that is why I'd fear being a gem in equestria


I'm just waiting for when some one finds her gem and mistakes it for the crystal heart.:pinkiecrazy:

This is extra fun!

Though found AJ extra rude, still adding to favorites though.

I am waiting for this or for pinkie to find him/her

Pacing was a bit snappy.

I also noticed a few spelling mistakes.

But I still had fun reading, can't wait to see what's ahead for our little gem.

I'll slow it down a little for the next chapter.

sorry about the spelling errors

Perfectly fine.

The important thing is that the story is fun and enjoyable, which it very much is.

"What's this eye spy with my little eye?"

Eye speye with meye little eye.

Wow was not expecting this to happen

I hope she doesn't make meep morps too

Oh god please don't let her interact with the older and larger dragons she'll probably die from a heart attack or instantly poof at the sight of torche

The short description has a typo, just letting you know

The title of this story is what I thought after seeing the trailer for the SU movie...

It looked so generic I couldn't even force myself to watch it for more than a few minutes. Also... why on earth did they think it needed to be a musical? It really doesn't work. And given how few reviews there are on IMDB relative to other specials and shows, I think it's pretty clear only hard-core SU fans tuned in.

9829420 Then he starts licking her... and it gets really creepy. Like, e621-creepy. :fluttershbad:


Wow you took that joke to 6.022140857 Γ— 10^23


Thank you for that! Only one other user on this site has ever recognized what my name is from.

I miss chemistry. I was amazing at all the calculations, but I haven't used it at all in the past eight years, aside from Material Safety Data Sheets.

Red vs blue is very good at cutting off people when swearing

If Spinel sees Spike when she reforms, she'll punch him in the throat.

that reaction to spike is so priceless no matter how many times I see it( like three times now and only in this story)

The funniest thing about reading this how easy I can actually see spinel behave like this.

cue pinkamina

Really enjoying this and yeah I'm getting the feeling they picked up Spinel's trauma/issues.

Not what i expected but still good

I wonder if the cloths on the gems are apart of their gems?

Hold her down, that can only go bad.

Once I teach her how to properly buck apples I'll have her work all night

Ok, calm down Mr. Krabs.

Yes unless they were put on after they formed, a gems clothes are apart of them like our skin, but they can put on normal clothes on top of their own but if they get poofed the normal clothes stay behind while the gem clothes disappear with their body

yeah kinda, but hey at least they save on laundry bills ha ha

It's a musical because it's Steven Universe, music is kinda a major thing in the series. Like to the point that I'm pretty sure it's intrinsically linked with Gem culture in the show.

this is so chaotically interesting

with rubber hose body physics, it will be an amusing sight to see her 'bucking' apples

Comment posted by mechgamer deleted Sep 15th, 2019

i see her bouncing from tree to tree knocking the apples off and possibly catching all the apples while doing once she get good at it.

Scootlaloo needs a hard reality check

there is to foolish ponies in this chapter. The overly controlling father making a fool of himself, and the Rainbow dash super fan.

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