Guess this is happening

by Silver Butcher

First published

A Human is turned in Spinel and ends up in Equestria

After watching The Steven Universe Movie on a loop for almost a full day a Human falls asleep and is shocked to wake up as Spinel and oh boy is she not prepared to deal with the Magic of Friendship

Featured 9-12-19 (apparently)
I have never made one of these stories before so I hope it's at least passible.

I already hate this

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Lee watched the short credits roll by for what might have very well been the 100th time, he smiled as he rewound the movie for yet another viewing when his alarm went off, he looked over at it lazily before sighing.

"I suppose I should go to bed before the sunrises," He was about to take the headphones off when he smiled "I can squeeze in Other friends one more time," He decided as he skipped to the song, humming in almost perfect tune as his favorite song of the movie played, without thinking about it he restarted the song a few more times before finally giving in that he really needed to get to sleep, Begrudgingly he paused the movie, closed his laptop, tossed his headphones on the table and got into his bed, muttering about brushing his teeth in the morning as he curled up, the room was silent for maybe 20 or so minutes before a portal opened on the floor, Discord popping his head out of it as he flipped threw his notes, he looked around the room and shook his head.

"Wrong dimension," He muttered as he retreated, forgetting to close to portal behind him as he headed out, Lee muttered as the Magic of Discords world flooded into his room, Lee muttered as it invaded his dreams and rolled over in his sleep, his hand slipping off his bed and into the portal, the magic began sucking him up and Lee slid into Discords world, Spinels song still fresh on his sleeping mind.

Lee muttered sleepily as sunshine shone threw his eyelids, he muttered about his curtains falling down and waved his hand feebly at them and instead swung his hand threw tree branches, the feeling of them confused them enough for him to open his eyes and investigate, upon opening them an apple tree was revealed to be the culprit.

"WHAT THE?" Spinel's voice demanded as she shot up, she blinked as soon as she heard her own voice, she scratched her head and looked around for the voice, catching sight of her hand, she stared at it in silence as she moved her fingers before screaming, her screaming at her hand quickly changed to her screaming about being in a tree,

"I have so many questions," She said as she clung onto the tree in fear, she looked around in silent shock, taking in the bright apple orchard, the barn not too far away, and the red and orange blogs that seemed to be getting closer. Spine took a few breaths before concluding what was happening, "I must be dreaming," She decided and without hesitation slapped herself in the face. "No I'm not," She decided as pain flooded threw her face "not even a little," Spinel rubbed her face as the blobs got closer to her, Spinel looked down at herself and finally realized who she was, she switched from freaking out to geeking out.

"I'm Spinel," She realized as she tapped the upside-down heart, she began laughing, her laugh making her sound a little unhinged but she could live with that, "Oh this is amazing," She was just beginning to try and figure out how to use her stretchy powers so she could get down when a voice came from below her.

"What the heck is that thing," an orange pony demanded as it and a larger Red one looked up at Spinel, who looked down at them, there was a long awkward silence with the three staring at each other before Spinel decided to just roll with what was happening.

"This your tree?" She asked the look she got back indicated to her that the ponies haven't expected her to speak.

"These are all my trees," She said standing her ground "so if you want some apple your gonna have to pay for 'em like any pony else," Spinel squinted at her, the orange mare staring back before Spinel spoke again.

"Any pony?" She asked "Do I look like a pony to you?"

"It's a figure of speech," The orange one responded.

"Eeyup," The Red one agreed.

"Alright whatever," Spinel said not really caring as she looked around.

"Well?" The Orange one demanded "Why don't you get out of my tree, out of my orchard, and back to your home them?" Spinel raised three fingers and counted the reasons why.

"I dunno how I got up here, I dunno where this orchard begins or ends, and I don't know where I live,"

"You expect me to believe that?" The Orange one demanded.

"I Dunno how gullible are you?" Spinel replied as she went back to trying to figure out how her arms worked, she had just managed to get it to extend a little when the entire tree shook, nearly tossing her to the ground as it did so. "Hey!" She called down to the orange pony who was kicking the tree.

"Get.Out.Of.My.Tree!" The Pony demanded, punctuating each word with a kick to the tree.

"I want off this ride," Spinel said as she grabbed onto the tree for dear life.

"Then get off," Orange called back as she gave the tree another kick.

"I think I'd get sick, but I'm not sure if I have a stomach," Spinel muttered to her self as he eyes bounced around like googly eyes with every kick. After what felt like forever Spinel decided she'd accept the face plant to the ground rather than anymore shacking, Spinel waited for a break in the shaking before jumping just as it was kicked, much to her amazement she landed on her feet, much to her terror she landed right behind the orange pony, with a painful twack the orange ponies hooves struck her stomach and pierced threw, hitting the tree one final time, the ponies stared in silent horror at Spinel as she looked down at the hooves in her stomach.

"I already hate this," She decided before exploding, her Gem falling to the ground with a soft thud.

Better than the worst

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"...and then she just exploded into pink dust and turned into this," Applejack said in confusion as she motioned to the Heart shaped gem on the table, After the incident outside she had and Big Mac had carefully picked it up and moved it into their home, Big Mac was outside at the moment combing threw the orchard to make sure there where no other weird gem things hiding in the trees, meanwhile Applejack was asking Granny smith if she'd ever seen or heard about something like this before, mainly cause she didn't know if walking around with it would attract attention from more of them.

"Hmm..."Granny said as she looked at it, Applebloom, who had been listening to Applejack's story from the other side of the table walked over and rubbed her chin as Grabby poked at the rock with her hoof "I have no idea what this is," Granny decided with a nod "Can't say I know any stories about living gems or creatures that turn into gems when they die," Applejack sighed,

"Guess I better go get Twi-"

"I have an idea!" Applebloom suddenly cried out making her two family members jump "What if it's a Golem?" AJ and Granny smith thought the idea over.

"That's a theory," Granny said as she looked at it "It could be that this gem was used as a catalyst to make a Golem almost entirely out of magic," Applejack nodded as she followed along with the thought.

"Witch is why she exploded into pink dust," She said "but that doesn't explain why it was in one of our trees," While Granny and AJ tried to solve that mystery Applebloom picked up the Gem and rubbed it.

"Maybe it works like a Genie lamp," She said.

"Applebloom don't be-" Granny was interrupted when the Gem started glowing. "Hit the deck!" She yelped as she did just that, Applejack and Applebloom watched as the Gem flew into the air, a White silhouette of formed before snapping into Spinel, who proceeded to fall onto the table.

"oh I hated that," She said as she removed a fork from her back. "Wait why am I in a-" Applejack tackled Spinel and pined her to the floor "Ow," Spinel complained as Applejack looked her in the eye.

"Alright you rock thing, I want answers,"

"I probably don't have any," Spinel replied as she enlarged her hand and picked Applejack up and placed her on the other side of the room, "Tho that said I would like answers as well"

"You can't just-" Applejack was cut off when Granny Smith got up.

"Alright calm down," She said as she walked over to Spinel "I apologize for her behavior, we've been having some trouble with critters as of late and it's really getting to her, now why don't I put on a pot of tea and we all just sit down and talk?"

"I think I live with that," Spinel said with a shrug before looking over at Applejack "Just don't stab me with your hooves again,"

"That was an accident,"

"That's it?" Applejack asked after hearing Spinels very short story.

"Yup, feel asleep, woke up in your tree, got murdered," Spinel said simply before taking a sip of her tea, without much after thought she decided to keep the, I also turned into a fictional character, part to herself.

"Alright where do you live then?" Applejack asked, "We'd be happy to give you directions,"

"Judging from...basic things I've noticed just from looking around...I'm a say that I'm either on the wrong planet or wrong realty,"

"Why can't things just have easy solutions?" Applejack mumbled before getting up "Well as the mare who technically killed you I guess It's only fighting I'm the one that helps you get home?"

"No need," Spinel said simply as she finished her tea. "I was like one bad day away from losing my job, and lets just say I don't think saying I was stuck in the wrong reality will convince my boss to not fire me, I think I'll just live here," There was a moment of silence before she added "Not, you know, literally here I'm not gonna try and steal your house or anything,"

"Yeah no I got what you meant," Applejack said "But the least I can do is offer you a place to sleep, we got an emergency room in the upper part of the barn for surprise visits from family, it's not the best place to sleep, but it's better than just leaving you to sleep on the streets,"

"I think I can live with better than the worst," Spinel said, shacking Applejack's hoof to accept the deal.

"Alright I've got some work that needs doing, but once that's all said and done I'll give you the tour of ponyville, and just as a heads up, you don't have a job by weeks end your gonna either gonna help around the farm or help one of my friends to pay rent,"

"at least the first week is free," Spinel said "Better than most get," Applejack tipped her hat and headed out, Granny Smith had fallen asleep in a rocking chair, leaving Spinel alone with Applebloom, who was sitting in silence.

"I shall leave now," Spinel said as she got up "I'm gonna go take a nap and hope I don't wake up in another reality," Spinel made to leave when Applebloom spoke up.

"Do you grant wishes," Spinel looked back at her with a raised brow

"That is not a question I was expecting," Spinel turned around and pointed at herself, squishing her face with her large finger as she did so "I am a Spinel, I was made to be someone bestest friend in the whole wide world," She smiled, having decided that since she was Spinel it wasn't technically wrong to steal the characters backstory "And then my bestest friend in the world abandoned me and I went crazy and tried to kill her son," Spinel stood up "And then I tried to kill his planet, then he talked me out of it, then I panic attack and decided he was trying to trick me and tried to kill him and his planet again before I talked myself down, then things exploded and then I left the Planet with three giant ladies," Spinel bowed "That is my backstory, no questions will be answered, have a good day," Spinel turned to leave and was immediately followed by Applebloom.

"How'd you attempt to kill a planet?"

"Bio Poison, a Glowing Scythe, and a horn." Applebloom was about to ask another question when Spinel raised her hand and curled her hand into a horn and proceeded to blow into it "Horn," She repeated as she made her way to the barn, Applebloom asking an endless stream of questions along the way

You'll never take me alive

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Spinel looked at the room that was to be hers, it was indeed better than the worst, there was a bed with a blanket and there was hay everywhere, that was about it.

"No Pillow?" Spinel asked.

"harder to get rats and mice out of a Pillow than it is to get them out of a Blanket," Applebloom replied as she climbed the ladder, the area wasn't small but Spinel wouldn't have called it big either. Spinel sat on the edge and swung her feet back and forth as she looked down at the barn. Applebloom made it to the top and sat next to Spinel and looked over the edge.

"Kid why are you following me?" Spinel asked looking over at Applebloom "I'm not exactly what you might call a people person," Applebloom looked over at her and Spinel scratched her chin "I don't know how to make those words both apply to ponies so lets just say I'm not exactly someone who's into socializing, having friends, that kind of stuff."

"But you said you where made to be someone's best friend,"

"And that didn't end well," Applebloom looked at her silently and Spinel sighed "OK yes I do have some friends, but we where friends only at work, they always put stress on that, I could hang when nothing was going on during work, but I wasn't welcome in their social life,"

"Why not?" Applebloom asked, trying very hard to get the mysterious creature next to her to open up a little.

"I'm a bit of an odd ball, I do things re-reading the same book over and over and over again," Spinel looked around the barn as a thought came to her mind "I have Spinels body and powers...hope I don't have her issues to," Spinel was trying to think of a way to test if she did when Applebloom pointed at her.

"Why does it look like you've been crying?" she asked, Spinel blinked, then laughed, Applebloom felt a little put off by the some what crazy laugh as Spinel pointed at the black lines.

"Eternal tears," She said with a smile, Applebloom looked at her in silence and Spinel decided it was time to split before things got weird.

"Welp I'm board," She said a little faster than she meant to as she jumped to the first floor with a squeak before rushing out the front of the barn.

"Hey! You can't just run off after saying something like that!" Spinel poked her head back threw the door.

"I just did," She replied before pulling back out, "Man that was almost as awkward as when...I...hmm..." Spinel tried to picture anytime she had done something weird of unusual as a human and found she couldn't think of anything. "What was my name?" She pondered in silence as her eye's widened "Oh that's a red flag," Spinel stood still for a moment before shrugging "It was probably boring anyway"

Spinel extended her legs and looked around the orchard for anything to do when she noticed that Applejack was talking to some white pony and a purple lizard of some sort. "What's this eye spy with my little eye?" Spinel cupped her eye and extended it to get a better look at the group. It was a White Unicorn and a Dragon with a bag full of gems, Spinel watched as the Dragon looked shiftily at the white mare before pulling one of the smaller gems out of the bag and putting it in his mouth. "Is he sucking on a-" Spinel stood wide eyes as the Dragon chomped the gem in half, quickly shoving the rest of it in it's mouth, Spinel pulled her eye back it and stared wide eyed with a smile as she held her hand up. "Nope, nope, nopity, nope," she decided as she walked back into the barn.

"You better not go back up," Applebloom said as she got off the bottom of the ladder, Applebloom had an irritated look on her face that shifted to confusion when she realized Spinel was smiling, wide eyed, and sweating.

"There's a small purple dragon outside," She said simply.

"Oh that's just Spike, he's..."

"Eating gems," She added, Applebloom blinked as she processed that and returned Spinels wide eyed stare. "Oh...Oh...OH!!" Applebloom ran out the front of the barn to her sister, Spinel held onto the side of the door and looked out, not so much freaking out cause the dragon was eating gems in front of her and more so that it could eat her and end her existence.

"...really fascinating," Rarity said as Applebloom came into ear shot "I've never heard of a Gem Golem before, I'll have to ask Twilight about it, I imagine that having a living gem around could help me when Spike is off playing with Gabby. Spike didn't respond as his mouth was full.

"Hey!" Applebloom said sliding to a stop, cutting off Applejack just as she had start talking.

"Applebloom it's rude to interrupt other's while there-"

"So Spike, you enjoying those gems?" the group looked over at Spike.

"Spike," Rarity chilled "You little sneak I thought we talked about this,"

"Snitch," Spike complained to Applebloom who added.

"So you know about out guest right?" She asked, Spike looked confused.

"The Living...gem?" The entire group went silence when the caught on to what Applebloom was saying and all looked over at the barn, Where Spinel was staring at them in silence, A long awkward silence fell over the orchard as Spinel slowly pulled out of view, dripping with sweat, The silence continued as the three ponies looked slowly over at Spike, who gave a guilty smile.

"So I'll just..." Spike put the half eaten gem back in the bag "...finish this later,"

"Spike," Applejack said calmly "I think we should, very slowly, go to the barn, and apology to Spinel for exposing her that,"

"Ok," Spike said in defeat before Rarity added.

"And maybe avoid eating populated areas, just in case Gem golems become a common thing in the future," Spike sighed as the group made their way to the barn,

"I'll go grab her," Applebloom said as she walked into the barn, she walked in and found that Spinel had fortified the small upper floor that was her room, a wall of random farm tools lining the top, Spinel's head poked over the top, a bucket on her head functioning as a make shift helmet. "You work fast," Applebloom called up, Spinel squinted at her.

"Is it still out there?" She asked.

"Just come outside and we can talk this out," Spinel squinted before walking over her wall.

"I'm trusting you on this," Spinel said shaking with Paranoia that she was gonna be handed over to the dragon.

"Alright," Applebloom said calmly "It's cool, It's chill, nothing to worry about," Applebloom and Spinel walked out of the barn door and Applebloom pointed to the side, Spinel looked over and met face to face with Spike.

"Hey..." Spike managed to say before Spinel started screaming.

"I've Been Betrayed again!" She screamed out before compressing her body and jumping to the room of the barn, the 4 watched as she hid on the roof.

"I think she may have trust issues," Applebloom decided before noticing Spike opening his wings. "Wait Spike don't..."

"Don't worry," Spike said as he flew up "I got this," Spike landed on the roof and more screaming followed as soon as Spinel saw him.

"You'll never take me alive!" She screamed as she placed her feet on the slant of the roof and turned her lower body into a spring before shooting off the roof and threw the air. "Suck it Gem eater!" She called as she flew off.

"And she's flying right towards Ponyville," Applejack noted as she flew off "Because off course she is, Come on, lets go get her before something stupid happens,"

Spinel landed on Ponyvilles main street leaving two small craters in the shape of her feet as she did so, dozens of Ponies froze once they saw her, She stood her ground, scanning the crowd to make sure there where no dragons when she felt a light tapping on her feet, she looked down at a smiling Pink Pony who was shaking with excitement.

"I've never seen you before!"

Oh son of a-

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Spinel kept her eye on the Pink pony as it ran circles around her, asking an abundance of questions so fast that by the time Spinel had answered the first one Pinkie had moved on to welcoming her to Ponyville, the question had been two in one, what and who are you?

"I'm Spinel and I guess I'm a Gem Golem," before Spinel could even try and remember what the next question had been Pinkie moved on and somehow managed to remove her from the snug craters her feet where in.

"So this is main street," Pinkie said as she began dragging Spinel around "It has sugar cube corner on it, the best sweet shop in the world,"

"I don't think I actually need to eat," Spinel said, immediately Pinkie switched from dragging her down the street to dragging her towards the pre-mentioned sweet shop.

"So you don't need to eat but one taste of Sugar cube corners food will make you want to eat every day!" Spinel was unable to make a suitable argument as the Pink pony pulled her into the Store, almost as soon as they had entered Applejack and Rarity turned the corner and made their way down the street,

"Alright she can't be that hard to-ack!" Applejack was interrupted as she stepped in one of Spinels feet craters and fell face first on the ground. "I think I found her landing spot," she said as Rarity helped her back up, the two looked at the holes and looked around.

"Oh darn it," Rarity said as she looked around "She must have ran down a side alley or something, we better get Twilight, maybe she has a tracking spell or something we can use," the duo b-lined it to the castle, meanwhile inside Sugar Cube Corner Spinel was standing in front of the counter while Pinkie made her the sweetest Cupcakes she could, Pinkie took this time to ask Spinel her question list much slower.

"So, have any friends in Ponyville? Moving here? Passing threw?"

"I might have friends here, Dunno I was kind of in to much of a panic over the possibility of being eaten to really figure out properly assess the situation, and I guess if the Apple tree ponies are my friends I'm living in their barn now?" Pinkie poped out from behind with a huge smile.

"Oh one of my bestest friends Applejack is an Apple tree pony, do you know her?"

"Yeah...she murdered me on accident earlier," Pinkie cocked her head in confusion and Spinel added.

"I can come back from that kind of stuff so long as this-" Spinel lightly tapped the upside down heart on her chest "-is not cracked or shattered,"

"What happens if it is cracked or shattered?" Pinkie gasped "Will there be a bunch of tiny you's running around?"

"Oh no I'd just be erased from existence," Spinel said simply, Pinkie frowned.

"Note to self, don't the gem," Pinkie smiled again and presented the Pink Cupcake in the shape of a heart, she offered it to Spinel so that from her view it was an upside down heart. "It's the little things that count" Pinkie said with a smile as Spinel took a bite out of the cupcake and almost choked on it.

"Oh wow," She said as she held back tears.

"What's wrong?" Pinkie asked as Spinel handed the Cupcake back.

"I think your Sugar's been replaced with salt," Spinel said in between coughed.

"WHAT!" Pinkie demanded, she licked the cupcake and had a similar reaction to Spinels.

"Oh Rainbow Dash is so getting a Surprise party at the worst possible moment!" Pinkie said as she ran back into the kitchen. "A getting out of the shower party, a bad mane day party, a you have a zit party!" as Pinkie listed off ideas for her revenge Spinel pulled her tongue out of her mouth and started scrapping at it, the salty taste burning a little.

"...and then she ran off screaming that we'd never get her alive," Applejack and Rarity looked at Twilight expectedly, she meanwhile looked dumbfounded.

"A Golem that only needs a single component to function?" Twilight asked in disbelief, "With Intelligence equal to or greater that a ponies?" Twilight shook her head "That can reform it's body if damaged?"

"Can you help us find her or not?" Applejack asked.

"Maybe," Twilight said, her mind still rushing at the idea of such advanced magic. "Did it have free will?" She asked.

"Nopony asked or told her to throw herself to Ponyville," Applejack replied "And she's certainly a snappy one that's for sure," Twilight tapped her chin before shaking her head.

"Do you know what kind of Gem she was using to function?"

"A Spinel," Rarity said simply.

"Do you have any laying around you Boutique?" Rarity raised an eyebrow at Twilight "Your right, that's a stupid question, Alright once I have a Spinel I should be able find your friends using the Echo spell,"

"Echo spell?" Applejack asked in confusion "How will...?"

"It's like echo location, use it on an item and any items not constructed from the outside world can be found with ease, if that doesn't work then she's either in a building or underground, and then it's just a waiting game," with a clear plan set in place the tree headed out, running past Applebloom and Spike, who had only just caught up.

"Oh come on," They groaned in unison before running after them.

Pinkie smiled widely as she watched Spinel eat the cupcakes with wild abandon,

"So your a living gem?" Pinkie asked, Spinel having told her story while Pinkie had hunted down the sugar.

"Purdy mush," Spinel said as she tried to swallow two cupcakes at once,

"So if your body like, super stretch rocky stuff?"

"My body is made of solid light," Spinel said once she managed to swallow her food, Pinkie opened her mouth to say something and Spinel added "Don't ask me what that means I can't explain it properly," Pinkie closed her mouth and watched as Spinel polished off the final cupcakes, Spinel had just swallowed her final treat when she Pinkie pushed her to her feet.

"Come on there are so many amazing places in Ponyville to show you!" Pinkie dragged Spinel out the door and looked around, "We can go to the castle and introduce you to Twilight, or we could go visit Fluttershy at her cot-" Pinkie was interrupted when a pink ring of magic flew threw the town and, upon hitting Spinel's gem, let out an odd sounding ringing, Pinkie covered her ear and the two looked at Spinel's now glowing gem.

"What just happened?" Spinel demanded looking around in a slight panic. "Why am I glowing?" Pinkie was about to rapid fire theories at her when a voice sounded out.

"Found her!" Spinel and Pinkie looked over and saw Twilight, AJ, and Rarity. Pinkie smiled and Spinel went on guard.

"Hey Applejack!" Pinkie waved and pointed at Spinel "I met your friend, You didn't tell me you knew sentient gems! Maud's gonna flip when I tell her!" The other three ignored Pinkie as they looked at Spinel, who looked like she was about to bail at a moment notice.

"Hey," Applejack said with a wave "I understand your freaking out over seeing Spike...eating Gems..." Pinkie cut her off with a gasp.

"What!?" Pinkie jumped up on Spinel and put her hooves on Spinels Pigtails, mistaking them for her ears "Applejack that sound super traumatic and is not at all a good way to say hello,"

"I don't think those are my ears," Spinel said to Pinkie who looked at her and began moving her hooves around Spinels head.

"Am I close?" she asked when Twilight walked forward.

"Listen, Spinel right?"

"Right," Spinel confirmed, Pinkie now on a mission to locate her ears,

"Listen, why don't you come with me to the castle and we talk this out in a nice calm-" Heavy breathing cut Twilight off as Spike and Applebloom caught up with them, Neither had time to say anything before Spinel began screaming again.

"It's Following me!" She once again attempted to bounce away, but realized to late that Pinkie was still on her shoulder, the extra wait resulted in one of her legs to spring in up in time sending her up and sideways before the second one set off and shot her and Pinkie across the street and into a wall.

"Sorry," Pinkie said as she shot to her hooves and helped Spinel up, Spinel rubbed her head and was about to thank Pinkie when a very unpleasant feeling spread threw her stomach, Spinel looked down and Pinkie followed her gaze and found a metal rod was now in Spinels stomach, the two looked up to see their crash had sent a crack up the wall and sent a piece of a fire escape down and into Spinel.

"Oh son of a-" Spinel exploded and her gem clattered to the ground.

"Oh no," Applejack managed to say before Pinkie began screaming.


Who's screaming now!?

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The 4 mares, along with Applebloom and Spike, had all joined up and where now in the cutie map room with Spinels gem laying on the map.

"Spike maybe it's best if you left the room?" Rarity suggested "so at to avoid Spinel jumping out the nearest window when she reforms,"

"It's fine," Twilight replied "I'll just hold her in place with magic so Spike can tell her he isn't going to eat her, right Spike?"

"I'm not gonna eat her," Spike said simply in his tiny throne "Tho She should probably avoid Smolder and Ember,"

"That's a talk for latter," Twilight replied.

"It feels like a talk for now," Applejack cut in "I'm with Rarity I think Spike should leave the room, then we tell Spinel she's safe, tell her where going to bring Spike into the room with a magic barrier or something between then and then they can talk things out."

"Applejack your over thinking this, besides that would take to long, easier to get it over with quickly,"

"And what happens if the second you let her go she jumps out the nearest window and high tails it into Everfree or something?"

"Then I just have to catch her before she jumps out the window and hold her in place until she gets that Spike isn't going to-"

"Personally," Pinkie cut in "I think it should just be Applejack, Applebloom, and Me, the ponies she knows,"

"She's known you three for like and hour at best," Twilight called back, "Listen, my way will-" Twilight was cut off when a loud roar cut threw the air.

"Of course," Applejack sighed "A Monster is attacking right now," Applejack stood up. "OK so now we go with Pinkies plan only with Applebloom alone,"

"Don't be absurd," Twilight said as she picked up Spinels gem, levitating a small box to her "I have a backup plan just in case something like this happens," Twilight placed the gem in the box and shut it.

"There, now if she does form she'll have to stay put,"

"Alright now your just being cruel," Pinkie said angrily.

"It's better than bringing her into the fight with us," Rarity said as she got up, the 4 headed out leaving Spike and Applebloom alone with Spinels gem.

"Why are you still here?" Applebloom demanded.

"This is my home, if anything why are you still here?" Spike shot back as he got comfy in his tiny throne next to Twilight's. Applebloom huffed at him.

"You suck," She said before turning tail and marching out of the room, Spike stuck his tongue out and waited for his friends to comeback, he has just found a nice position to sit in when the box started shacking. "And just like that Twilight-" Spike shut up as the top of the box burst open as Spinels Gem floated into the air "-is proven wrong," he said as Spinel formed and landed on the table, she blinked.

"That never gets any..." Spinel stopped talking once she saw Spike. Spike covered his ears just before she started screaming.

"Stop screaming," Spike demanded, Spinels response was to raise her hand, Spike watched as it tripled in size "Oh no,"

Applebloom sat in the hall, muttering in irritation at how stupid Spike was when she heard the screaming,

"And here come's Spinel," She said expecting Spinel to come running out the door, instead she heard Spike screaming and the sound of rushed movement, "What in the-" Applebloom jumped back as Spinel's giant fist destroyed the door, it pulled back into the room and a few seconds later Spike came running out in a panic.

"She's a lot scarier that I initially thought!" he screamed as he ran down the hall, Spinel slid out of the room laughing at him.

"Your turn to run," She said as he turned 2 dimensional and slid after Spike at an alarming speed, Spike bailed out the nearest window with Spinel following him out threw it, the halls where silent as Applebloom stood in confusion.

"hu," she said.

Twilight rubbed her temple as she and her friends made their way back to the castle, with Rarity no longer accompanying them.

"That was a huge waist of time," Twilight muttered as they made their way onto the castle grounds Spike landed in front of them.

"Twilight the box didn't work,"

"HA!" Pinkie laughed.

"Pinkie don't rub it in," Applejack whispered when Spinels laughter began ringing out, the trio looked up to see her standing in front of the entrance of the castle,

"She's freaking crazy!" Spike screamed out, hiding behind Twilight and earning a laugh from Spinel

"Who's screaming now?" She asked as she held her fist up, they watched as she extended her arm high into the sky before sending it flying down, Twilight put a magical dome up just as her fist came down. Spinel smiled as she brought her arm back.

"Alright girls let make this quick," Twilight said as she light her horn, only for Pinkie to jump in the way.

"You way hasn't really worked out so far has it?" She asked, "I think it's time to do this the Pinkie way!" She looked over at Applejack "or the Applejack way?"

"No I'm good," Applejack said as she patted Spike's head.

"Pinkie way it is!" She declared turning to face Spinel. "Hey Buddy!"

"Hi Pinkie," Spinel replied "Can you ask your...Stevenish friend to lower her bubble," Pinkie coked her head.

"Stevenish?" she asked.

"I dunno," Spinel replied "She made a bubble appear so I just...It doesn't matter can you ask her to drop the dome?"

"Alright, we'll drop the bubble but first hear me out," Spinel squinted at her before running her chin with one hand while wave the other in a circular motion.

"Go on?"

"Alright so I know that you think Spike is going to try and eat you, but I have a counter point that he can't!"

"Of course he can't-" Spinel said, Pinkie smiled before she added "-now," She looked at him "he's gonna wait for me be poofed then he's gonna come for my gem, yeah don't think I didn't notice that you where alone in a room with me hidden in a box you sneak!" Spinel smile "But I realized when he didn't make any move to attack me that he must not be that strong of a dragon, so I'm gonna take him out before he can take me out!"

"OK," Twilight whispered "so not my best plan,"

"No duh," Applejack replied as Spinel began laughing like a maniac.

"It's amazing how fast a solution comes when you stop and think for a second," Spinel's arm began twisting like a spring as her hand got bigger. "Now as a friend I'm gonna ask nicely, please move I'd hate to have to take you out with the dragon,"

"You know," Applejack said as she watched the event before them unfolding "Applebloom was right, she might have some issues to work threw," Spinel compressed the springs and began turning the arm towards the bubble when there was a knock from the inside of the castle, Spinel blinked and undid her arm, turning to the door.

"Who's there?" She asked in confusion.

"Got," Applebloom called form inside.

"Got who?" Spinel asked when the door swung open and clocked her in the face, sending her down the castle steps.

"Got you!" She called from the door, as soon as Spinel hit the floor Twilight enveloped her in her magic and made sure her arms and legs where firmly snapped into place.

"Alright let's go for a mixture of all out ideas," Twilight said as she picked up Spinel and the group moved inside.

I don't sleep unless I want to

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"Glad this part of my life is over," Spinel said as she and the Apples left the castle, after several hours an agreement had finally been made that Spinel wouldn't try and kill Spike so long as he didn't intentionally get anywhere near her.

"I don't really feel like anything was solved tho," Applebloom said,

"That is a problem for another day," Spinel replied, Applebloom was about to say something but Applejack cut her off.

"Alright," she looked back at her sister and added "At the moment the problem is solved," Applejack mouthed the word, later, before turning back forward. Applebloom frowned at that before moving onto another topic.

"What's it feel like to explode and reform?"

"Like exploding," Spinel replied simply "as for reforming it's easy but takes some energy to do, that said there are certain items that could prevent me from reforming," Spinel tough for a moment before adding "usually when A gem reforms they look different, but I've exploded twice in the same day so I've had no real life changing experiences to change the way I look." Applejack thought on that for a moment.

"So does that mean every aspect of how you look reflects you personality?"

"Sorta," Spinel said before Applebloom added.

"Like the eternal tears," Applejack raised an brow at that and looked at the now red faced Spinel.

"Last time I explain things to you," She said irritably as Applejack took a good long look at Spinels face.

"Those are tears," She realized in shock.

"Yes woo-who I have tear stains on my face," Spinel said spinning her finger "Let's talk about literally anything else,"

"do they have to do with your mental issues?" Applebloom asked.

"Applebloom!" Applejack said at once when Spinel locked her eyes on Applebloom, who noticed at once that Spine's pupils seemed to have a 2nd layer around them.

"I'm a perfectly fine individual with no issues to speak of," She said with a strain in her voice, "Now if you'll excuse me I think I can make it to the barn from here," Without hesitation Spinel turned her lower body into a spring and set herself off towards Sweet apple acres.

"And while we walk back how about I give you a lesson over what is and isn't appropriate to bring up in casual conversation," Applejack said, the tone of her voice telling Applebloom that it wasn't up for debate.

"Yes ma'am," she sighed as they began the walk home.

"What was that?" Spinel asked the empty space that was her room, as soon as she had gotten home she had gone to the area that was her bed, still decked out with a farm tool wall, and was now sitting on the bed in confusion, "I get what happened with the dragon, but the tear stains shouldn't be that heavy of a subject, I'm just a copy of Spinel, I'm not really her," Spinel looked at her hands and tried to think about what she had been doing the day before, save for her watching the movie and going to bed no memories of her past life came to her mind, her eye began twitching when she realized that the best she could get was that she hadn't brushed her teeth before going to bed, not even her old name came to mind. "Am I?" she asked in confusion. Spinel sighed as she rubbed her face.

"Alright the time for soul searching in not now, is time to put all this stuff back," Spinel turned and set to work putting the junk she had hurriedly shoved into a pile back, cleaning the mess took a while longer than making it as, by the time she had finished, the Apples had made it home, she noticed their arrival thanks to Applejacks angry voice

"...not to mention above all else that it's just flat out rude to blurt something like that out,"

"I said I was sorry," Applebloom muttered.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to," Applejack said simply, Applebloom sighed and, with her head lowered, made her way to the barn, knocking on the barn door before walking in.

"Spinel?" She asked, Spinel elongated her neck and greeted Applebloom at the door.

"Yes?" She said with a less than happy tone.

"I'm sorry about...commenting on your-"

"It's fine," Spinel said before whispering "Just keep the I tried to destroy a planet thing to yourself and all is forgiven,"

"Can do," Applebloom said hugging Spinel's head.

"OK, we good, you can go now," After a moment Spinel added "Leave please,"

"Right sorry," Applebloom said as she released Spinels head and headed into the house with Applejack, pausing to call out out. "Goodnight Spinel,"

"Goodnight small one," She called back as she lay on her bed "I stood in place for a few thousand years, I think, I can wait out the night." Spinel didn't know how long she waited for the night to end before it finally did just that. She heard noises and heard the sound of Applejack.

"Alright Big mac try not to wake out guest,"

"I ain't sleeping," Spinel called back, the sound of falling metal telling her she'd scared one or both of them "so make all the noise you want," after a minute Applejack made her way up the latter.

"Well not often there's an early riser on this farm that isn't woken up by me," Applejack gave an awkward smile "You sleep well?"

"Hmm?" Spinel blinked then shook her head "Oh no, I'm a rock Applejack, I don't sleep unless I want to, and I really didn't feel like it," Mentally she added "I'm scared of what I might dream about,"

"What?" Applejack stared at her in silence "You didn't think to mention that at any point yesterday?"

"I did not," Spinel said with a shrug "Why?"

"Just would have been nice to know," Applejack replied, mentally thinking "Now I want her to work for us, just the idea of a worker who never gets tiered," from the look on her face Spinel guessed what Applejack was thinking and said clearly.

"Hey you gave me a week until I have to work, you can't go making me do stuff for another 6 days," Applejack squinted at her.

"Oh you better believe I'm not gonna forget that," as Applejack made her way down she added to herself "Once I teach her how to properly buck apples I'll have her work all night, harvest times 'll be cut in half, maybe more if she's good at it!"

Alright I'll bite, whats a Cutie mark?

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Spinel was just kind of waiting for something to happen as she lay in her bed when she heard voices, one belonging to Applebloom with two new ones, Spinel moved for the first time in hours and looked over the edge of her living area and watched as Applebloom lead her two complains into the barn.

"...and she can jump like, super far," Applebloom said to her friends.

"I dunno," The orange one said scratching her chin "Jumping isn't that impressive, certainly doesn't make her a cool as Rainbow Dash,"

"Scootaloo I think we really need to talk about your worship of Rainbow dash," The white one said, with Applebloom agreeing.

"What? I don't worship her," Scootaloo snapped back.

"Hey Scootaloo did you like the movie?" the white one said in a mocking tone "Oh it was OK but I bet if Rainbow dash had been in that situation she would have won that race in half of the time," as the two argued over weather or not Scootaloo was obsessed with Rainbow Dash Spinel jumped down and startled Applebloom.

"Oh geez," She said taking a deep breath to calm herself "You scared me," Spinel looked down at Applebloom and silently pointed to her still arguing friends. "Oh yeah, Hey!" Applebloom screamed the last part and her friends looked over at her, shutting up once they saw Spinel. "This is Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle,"

"Oh wow," Sweetie said as she looked up at Spinel in awe. Scootaloo stared in awe for a second before coughing.

"Yeah, she looks kind of cool," Spinel raised a brow.

"Kind of?" she asked before Applebloom jumped in, looking at Spinel with puppy dog eyes and earning a squint back.

"What do you want from me?" she asked in suspicion.

"Well I just thought, since you don't seem to be doing anything, I'd be nice to come invite you to come with us while we help solve a Cutie mark problem," Applebloom shook her front hooves in what Spinel took to be the pony version of Jazz hands. "What do you say?" Spinel put her hand on her chin and put the other on her side before nodding.

"Alright I'll bite, whats a Cutie mark?" the three stared at her blankly.

"I can't...I can't...I just can't," Scootaloo said in disbelief.

"What do you mean what is a Cutie mark?" Applebloom demanded "It's what a pony gets when they find out who they are!"

"Once again I am forced to ask this," Spinel took a deep breath before pointer to herself and saying loudly "Do I look like a pony to you?"

"Well no, but even non-ponies know about Cutie Marks,"

"Well I hate to burst your pride in your own species but save the fact that your race seems to come in 4 variations I don't know jack diddly anything about Ponies," Spinel shrugged as she added "tho I assume your herbivores,"

"How can you not know anything about Cutie Marks? Eveypony knows-" Spinel cut Sweetie off with a simple.

"Not a pony," She patted the upside down heart on her chest "I'm a Gem," Spinel pointed at Applebloom "And you have peaked my interests so I shall be joining you on this Cutie mark thing on the condition that you give me a better explanation as to what they are," Applebloom grabbed the hand Spinel was using to point at her with and shook it merrily.


"...and that's about it," Spinel and Applebloom where sitting outside the home of the filly the CMC was helping, Appleblooms explanation had taken longer than she had thought it would, mainly due to the sheer number of ponies that had been gawking at Spinel.

"Alright I can see why this might be...important to ponies, seem's to represent maturity...I think," the two got up and walked into the home, inside was a filly who had a book for a cutie mark and was in mid dialog.

"... this powerful force of death tried to take the princess souls and only failed because of a unnamed intruder," The Filly turned the page and was about to continue when Scootaloo spotted them and jumped at the sight.

"Oh look Applebloom and the living cartoon are here," Spinel squinted at that as Applebloom made her way towards Sweetie, who was talking to the fillies father.

"So what's the problem?" Applebloom asked as the filly in question flipped threw the book to what Applebloom assumed was the spot she had left off at before starting over for her audience.

"Code blue" Sweetie said, a look of irritation apparent of her face, Applebloom sighed and looked over at the father, sharing Sweeties look of irritation.

"The number of time's I've had to say this is ridiculous," Applebloom rubbed her temple before saying clearly "We help ponies find out what their cutie mark is or help them adjust to a cutie mark they didn't want, we don't help the parents convince their children that they got the wrong cutie mark,"

"But it's not the right one," The father said angrily "I've spent countless bit's on Piano lessons, my Daughter is one of the best Pianists in her school, she's suppose grow up and be a famous musician not a...a...a Librarian!"

"Well did you ever stop and ask you daughter if she enjoyed playing the Piano? or if she only did it cause you wanted her to?"

"Who cares if she enjoyes it or not, She's good at it!"

"Oh for the love of..."As Applebloom and Sweetie belle set forth on the long and repetitive task of a parent who had tried to live their dreams threw their child and failed Scootaloo and Spinel stared silently at each other.

"You really pink," Scootaloo said, breaking the silence.

"So is Pinkie," Spinel replied simply, "What's your point?" Scootaloo shrugged.

"Pink isn't exactly the coolest of colors, now blue, blue is a sure fire sign that your awesome, pink on the other hand..."

"I get the feeling your trying to start a fight with me." Spinel said leaning down and getting very close to Scootaloos face "I can assure you that a fight is the last thing you want from me," Scootlaloo scoffed.

"Please, if you try anything Rainbow Dash will bash you into the ground faster than Pinkie can say Party," Spinel glared at small orange Pegasus but before she could do anything Applebloom screamed out.

"We are leaving!" The two looked over to see Applebloom glowing red with Sweetie matching her as they left the Father who followed them with desperate pleas.

"There must be something you can do! I'll give you anything you want!" Applebloom turned on the spot and pointed to his daughter, who was to lost in her book to notice or care what was going on.

"I want you to ask her what she wants to do, not what you want her to do!" With that Applebloom stormed out of the house, once the CMC and Spinel had all filed out of the home Applebloom took a deep breath before deciding on what to do to take her mind of how much of her and her friends time had once again been wasted.

"Hey Spinel, want a tour of CMC Headquarters?"

Stop talking about Rainbow Dash!

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"Honestly," Spinel said as she looked at the small tree house while nodding. "I wasn't expecting a tree house, don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't a tree house," Applebloom blushed slightly before making her way up the ramp.
"This is the Cutie Mark Crusaders base of operations, the CMC Clubhouse, it's where we hold our meetings, and it houses in it a lot of Cutie mark finding activities, tho fair warning you might end up covered in tree sap during-" Applebloom cut herself off with a cough "Sorry, typical opening speech, kind of a habit at this point." Applebloom shook her head as She headed up the rap, "Sweetie can show you around the area while me and Scootaloo work out some...crusader stuff," Applebloom made her way to the house with Scootaloo following behind her, Spinel looked down at Sweetie and was unable to tell is she was worried about the task or about being left alone to deal with her, Spinel made her way up the ramp with Sweetie right behind her,

"We don't really have much going on around the tree house, we do have a stump but that's about it," Spinel looked around the baloney area around the house before turning to the door

"Well this is smaller then I expected." Spinel said as she squeezed her way inside the tree house.

"In our defense it really wasn't made with some creature of your proportions in mind." Sweetie belle replied as she moved past her to get to her other friends.

"I wonder though can seem pretty squashy and stretchy. couldn't you turn into a pony or something?" Scootaloo asked. Spinels response was to glow, the three watched as she shrunk down and, once the glowing was gone, found she was now a Pink Applebloom. "Oh what the!?" Scootaloo fell back, her friends having similar reactions. "I was joking!" Spinel looked at her hooves and tried prancing in place.

"Well I hate this," She decided before shape shifting back into her normal self "I'll just settle for being cramped over not having hands," Spinel looked at the trio and noticed their shocked faces "what?"

"You can just do that?" Applebloom demanded "You just turned into me, not to mention that you turned into light!" Scootaloo looked like she was about to say something before recomposing herself and saying.

"Yeah, that was kind of cool," she said coldly "But not nearly as cool as Rainbow Dashes sonic Rain-boom," Spinel looked over at Scootaloo in silence but before she could say anything Sweetie cut in.

"Why do you always do this?" She asked "no, oh wow you changed to shape of your entire body, no all you have to say is, oh but Rainbow Dash did this," Sweetie rubbed her temple "I don't remember you being this obsessed with Rainbow Dash!"

"I'm not obsessed with Rainbow dash, I just have a great appreciation for how amazing she is and I have just accepted the simple fact that she is the coolest pony in the world,"

"I am not a pony," Spinel said irritably "I have said this in your presence at least twice,"

"This is ponyville, and here we use the term everypony," Scootaloo replied "It's just a figure of speech,"

"Tho Twilight has been pushing that we switch to using everycreature,"

"Well I haven't heard Rainbow Dash-" Scootaloo was cut off when Spinel extended her neck and looked Scootaloo in the eyes.

"Stop talking about Rainbow Dash," She said angrily "I dunno who she is and frankly your constant blathering of how everything I do isn't as good as what she does is starting to tick me off just a little,"

"Alright Sweetie," Applebloom jumped it, sweating a little "Why don't you show Spinel around the room," Applebloom turned to Scootaloo "While I have a quick chat with Scootaloo," Scootaloo scoffed and made her way to their meeting area with Applebloom in tow. "Alright what's up?"

"I dunno what your talking about," Scootaloo replied stubbornly "I'm just being honest,"

"Well your honesty is starting to sound a little berating," Applebloom shot back "Just in case you forgot what I told you this morning before we went to get Spinel, while I don't know the details I do know that she defiantly has some issues to work out and all you seem to be doing is trying to set her off, It's like you want to set her off,"

"Well if she did go off-" Scootaloo muttered something and Applebloom stared at her friend in confusion.

"What?" She asked, Scootaloo gave no reply "Scootaloo I don't know what you think will happen if you push Spinel over the edge, but I can assure you that if you do, you will not enjoy the end results," Scootaloo rolled her eyes before looking over at Sweetie and Spinel, who was banging the gavel on the stand.

"I can see why you enjoy this," Spinel said as she began hitting it faster.

"Alright easy down on it, don't wanna break it," Spinel slowed to a stop before setting it down.

"Alright so what else do you guys do here?"

"Oh well sometimes..." Sweetie was cut off when a little coo-coo clock went off "...oh no I'm late!" Sweetie began rapidly tapping in place "Spinel I'm sorry but my parents are coming over for lunch today!" Sweetie ran towards the door "Sorry!" She called back as she rushed out the door, Spinel stood in silence for a moment.

"So do I leave now?" She asked,

"Oh no, no it's fine," Applebloom said quickly "I'll be right back, I'll ask Granny is she can make us a few snacks and then we can play a few board games," Applebloom ran out of the door, she was almost home when she realized what she had done. "Did I just leave those two alone!?"

Scootaloo sat in silence as she watched Spinel once again bang the gavel at nothing.

"You know we're not suppose to use that unless there's a meeting going on,"

"Sweetie belle let me use it," Spinel shot back as she kept going. "And Applebloom didn't really seem to care,"

"Look you seem like an okay...gem golem thingy," Scootaloo waved her hoof in a small circle "But I don't really get the hoopla about you?"

"Hoopla?" Spinel asked, no longer banging the gavel.

"I get Applebloom want's to make you feel welcome but past that you don't seem all that...special,"

"Not special?" Spinel shape shifted in Scootaloo "You don't think this is special?" Spinel turned back into herself and stretched one of her arms to say the word ,Cool, and the other to say the word ,Gem, "I'm at the very least unique,"

"eh," Scootaloo said with a shrug "Your OK, but Rainbow Dash is cooler than you in like every way," Spinel frowned at Scootaloo, her eyes gaining an extra pupil as she returned her arms to normal.

"I don't like you," Spinel said irritably "And I don't think I like this Rainbow Dash, mostly due to association I might add," Spinel leaned over and looked at Scootaloo in silence "I don't appreciate you shoving your worship of some random pony onto me,"

"Hey Rainbow Dash is not just some Random pony, she is the-" Scootaloo was interrupted when Spinel increased the size of her hand and picked up Scootaloo.

"Stop Talking about Rainbow Dash," before Scootaloo could say anything Applebloom burst threw the door, she look at the two of them and shook her head.

"Oh dang it,"

Lets see who's better than who

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"Spinel Ah've known Scoots a while and she can often say things without thinking." Applebloom said as she slowly walked into the room If Scootaloo had anything to say the pressure of Spinels grip stopped the words from forming.

"Is that so?" Spinel thought on that for a moment. "I knew a couple people like that back home, best to always have one around." She decided as she uncleaned her fist, Scootaloo drooped to the floor as Spinel added, "But one with a obsession is never good, Decisions made because of obsession can lead to serious trouble," Scootaloo grumbled as she walked out of the door,

"Alright, how about you come back to the house with me and-" Applebloom was interrupted as Scootaloo looked back threw the door.

"I don't have to worry about trouble form you, Rainbow Dash would wipe you to Manehattan and back faster than you could say ,don't call me a pony," Scootaloo went down the ramp and Applebloom looked back at Spinel, who now had three pupils.

"Nope!" Applebloom decided as she rushed out of the way "Scootaloo sorry," She called as Spinel ran out of the door, Scootaloo was now sitting on the stump smugly.

"I'm impressed at your stupidity," Spinel said as she jumped from the door to the ground "I expected you to either be heading for the hills or flying away," Scootaloo turned red and fluttered her wings silently.

"That's none of your business," She spat back, earning a laugh from Spinel.

"Oh what's the matter? Little bird hasn't left the nest yet?" she asked as she drew her hand back, Before Scootaloo could reply Spinel's hand sprung forward and she grabbed Scootaloo.

"Oh wow," Scootaloo said with an eye roll "What now you gonna shake me until I go limp?"

"I think I'm gonna see how high you can go before you start crying," Spinel smiled back as she turned her arm into a spring and made it so Scootaloo was looking down at her as she compressed it.

"Wait what are-"

"GOING UP!" Spinel screamed out happily as she released the coil and sent her fist with Scootaloo firmly in her grip flying high into the sky, Scootaloos scream ran out as she flew into the sky, Applebloom was panicking from the house.

"What do I do,What do I do?" Applebloom tried to think of something when she noticed something coming closer. "Oh no Spinel!" Spinel looked over and saw Applebloom pointing, she looked over just in time for a Blue hoof to hit her in the face, sending her flying into the tree that held up the clubhouse, the pony that had hit her flew straight up, catching Scootaloo before she could really begin falling.

"You OK squirt?" She asked.

"Thanks Rainbow," Scootaloo said breathing hard. Spinel frowned at the name for a moment before laughing.

"This is the famous Rainbow Dash?" She asked with a giggle "You defiantly don't look like much,"

"Oh we starting out with the trash talk?" Rainbow asked as she set Scootaloo down and flew towards Spinel "I've heard about you from Pinkie, she mentioned you tried to lay the smack down on Spike for eating gems, so what's your excuse for trying to do the same to my friend?"

"She was talking trash!" Spinel replied as she reeled in her arm "and hitting every one of my buttons!" Spinel extended her arm and struck at where Rainbow was standing, she intern took to the sky and moved out of the way, dodging as the onslaught of flying fists began, Rainbow flew threw the air as Spinel hit and missed after a fair number of punches she switched from punching to trying to snatch Rainbow out of the air. "Why don't you land and fight me like a-" Rainbow suddenly went from dodging to attacking and flashed forward, giving Spinel a hard smack across the face as she flew past her and into the tree's. Spinel stomped the ground angrily as Rainbow landed on the ground, leaving a long trail in the dirt as she skidded to a stop in front of the tree stump.

"Alright," Rainbow said calmly "How about we calm down, you apologize to the kid, and we talk this-"

"She started it!" Spinel said before turning her body into a twister and hurling herself at Rainbow, Rainbow flew up and over the twister, letting Spinel hit the tree stump and ending up with Spinel falling flat on her face. Rainbow landed and looked at where Applebloom had been and found she had ran off, meanwhile Scootaloo was cheering.

"Way to go Rainbow!" She called with a smile, one that melted when she saw the look on Rainbow's face.

"Kid," She said with exhaustion "Please don't tell me you actually started a fight just so you could watch me wipe to floor with somepony again, I thought we-" Rainbow was cut off when Spinels Hands clamped down on her.

"I AM NOT A PONY!" Spinel screamed out as she began twisted, bringing Rainbow with her "And you haven't wipe the floor with me!" She added before letting go of Rainbow and sending her flying into a tree.

"Ow," Rainbow managed to say as she picked her self up, she got up just in time drop back down as Spinel sent a fist at her face, instead it broke the tree that Rainbow had hit in half and sent it tumbling to the ground, Rainbow took to the sky.

"Alright time for the Rainboom!" Spinel mistook Rainbows increase in height as her running away and began screaming.

"Come back here and fight me!" Spinel turned her lower body into a spring and sent herself rocketing up. Rainbow looked down and stopped as Spinel flew past and above her. "Lets see who's better than who!" Spinel tripled the size of her fist and coiled her arm into a spring, before she could compress it she was covered in magenta magic, she blinked before frowning. "Oh not again," She managed to say before the source made itself known.

"Hello again," Twilight called from the ground, panting next to her lay a sweaty Applebloom. "I think it's time you and I sat down and had a serious talk,"

"Oh not again!" Spinel repeated as Twilight pulled her down to the ground, Scootaloo seemed put off when Rainbow Dash landed next to her.

"I think you and I need to have a chat to," She said looking down at Scootaloo with a serious look in her eye, Scootaloo sighed.

"Your not gonna tell me aunts are you?"

I am not a Pony!

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Spinel found herself once again sitting in the barn that was her home, only this time instead of being in her room area she was stuck to a chain with magic, Applejack had set up a small table and chairs, Pinkie had brought snacks and a banner that read ,Talking things out party, sitting next to Spinel was Twilight on her left and Scootaloo on her right, the later of whom seemed to be panicking slightly as she looked at Rainbow, who was currently standing outside the barn talking to two other ponies who seemed irritated.

"Oh I'm so gonna get grounded," Scootaloo muttered.

"Wow," Spinel said looking at her "I don't like you but burying you seems kind of harsh," Scootaloo and Twilight both looked at her and she smiled. "I'm joking," She amended before adding "Unless that was right, in which case that was the joke," Twilight rubbed her temple and wrote something down in a notepad, Before Twilight could explain what grounding was The two mares walked into the barn with Rainbow Dash following behind them.

"Hey," Scootaloo said nervously.

"Scootaloo," The Blue one said with a hit of disappointment in her voice "we've talked about this, how many times have we talked about this?"

"4 times," The 2nd Aunt replied.

"4 times," The first one repeated "Scootaloo we've talked about this 4 times, you can't go getting into fights just so Rainbow Dash-" the 2nd aunt jumped in.

"Not that there's anything wrong with Rainbow Dash,"

"Oh heavens no, Rainbow Dash is a great pony to look up to, but your taking this way to far, your gonna get yourself or Ms.Dash here hurt," Scootaloo scoffed.

"Rainbow Dash 'll be fine, she's undefeatable,"

"Hey!" Spinel chipped in, getting a jump from the aunts "I was about to win before Princess dearest froze me in place," Scootaloo turned in place.

"She was wiping the floor with you, if the Princess hadn't jumped in you'd be a crater in the ground,"

"Scootaloo," Twilight jumped in, noticing Spinel had developed an eye twitch. "Please stop before you set her off, again,"

"I'm just being honest," Scootaloo replied.

"More like lying to yourself," Spinel replied simply, Twilight turned to her.

"You are not helping," She said irritable, earning a confused look from Spinel.

"What gave the idea I was trying to?" Twilight fell back in her chair rubbing her head.

"The worst part about this is I couldn't bring Spike her to help me take notes so I have to try and calm things down while also keeping thorough notes of what set's you off," Twilight began muttering as Scootaloo's aunts continued.

"Scootaloo I'm sorry but you grounded for a month," The 2nd aunt gasp.


"Holiday we have to put our hooves down if we want this behavior to stop,"

"But isn't that a little much, how about a week?" there was silence for a moment before adding "two weeks?" Lofty sighed.

"Fine, Scootaloo your grounded for two weeks, but if this happens again It'll be a month," Holiday nodded.

"See now that's fair,"

"Two weeks!" Scootaloo demanded "How is that fair!?"

"Cause I can still bump it back up to a month," Lofty replied "And I will if you don't turn around and apologies for antagonizing Ms. Spinel," Spinel smiled at that, and looked down at Scootaloo who smiled back.

"I guess if I have to apology to Somepony if might as well be you," Rainbow ears shot up and she snapped her attention to Spinel, who had gone from a gloating smile to a three pupiled death stare.

"Oh no," Rainbow Said loudly as, with a crack, Spinel broke threw Twilight's un-concentrated magic, knocking Twilight to the floor as she did so and Screaming out.

"I AM NOT A PONY!" her arms sprung out to grab Scootaloo but failed as she was body slammed by Rainbow Dash. "Ground her for a month!" Rainbow managed to call out before Spinel's arm's wrapped around her and held her hard before hitting the ground, Spinel's legs turned into one large spring and just as she came to a stop she was launched out the front door of the barn with Rainbow in tow. Twilight picked her self up and shook her head as she watched Pinkie and Applejack rush outside to both help Rainbow and to try and calm Spinel down.

"Meet in the middle," Twilight suggested before rushing out with them, Scootaloo looked up at her aunts with a guilty laugh.

"I uh...I didn't think she'd do that," her aunts looked at her in silence. "I'm the full month aren't I?"

"You better believe you are," Lofty said as Holiday sighed.

"I deserve that," Scootaloo said as she and her aunts moved to watch the short fight, Rainbow had managed to throw Spinel off, the group watched as Spinel hit the tree, knocking all the apples off as she used it to bounce back at Rainbow. Applejack immediately lost interest in the fight and stating going nuts over how masterfully Spinel had bucked the tree without even trying to. Pinkie was running around below Rainbow and Spinel with the mattress from Spinels room tied around her middle to catch either Spinel if she fell or Rainbow if Spinel knocked her out of the air. Twilight however was writing something down.

"Aren't you going to stop them?" Pinkie demanded as she tried to stay under both of them at the same time, resulting in a strange figure 8 maneuver.

"I'll let Spinel cool off a little, I'll jump in when she does that giant fist spring, I'm worried that might do some serious damage." Above them Rainbow watched as Spinel launched herself at her for the third time, Rainbow dropped a little, and immediately realized her mistake as Spinel shot her foot down at her, with a squeaky thud Rainbow hit the mattress and splatted Pinkie.

"I'm OK," Pinkie called from under the mattress, before Rainbow could reply Spinel's arm shot down and grabbed Rainbow around the middle,

"WHOA!" Rainbow yelled as Spinel threw her up and landed on the mattress, Spinels laughed as pulled her free arm back and positioned Rainbow so she was facing her before pulling her arm in fast, her fist held out to meet Rainbow when she arrived, Rainbow was halfway there when Twilight used her magic and froze Spinel in place.

"I hate you," Spinel called back to the princess as her hand was forcefully opened and Rainbow fell to the ground breathing hard. "I win by default!" Spinel called out.

"No yo-t," Scootaloo was cut off once her aunts covered her mouth.

"Yes you do!" Every other pony called out at once.

Join us for dinner

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Spinel muttered irritably as she looked out the barn door, the sun was setting and there was a nice cold breeze, Spinel took a deep breath and sighed.

"I'm so unbelievably bored," She flopped onto the ground and she looked at the roof "Maybe I should try pretend sleeping?" she thought as she stared blankly at nothing "I didn't really have any dreams when I woke up in that tree after all," Spinel was laying on the ground thinking of what to do when a knock sounded at the door, Spinel extended her neck and looked at Applejack who waved.

"Grannies decided that since you live here now you should join us for dinner," She turned to leave before adding "and your not aloud to say no,"

"Of course I'm not," Spinel replied as her feet dragged her still laying body across the floor and after Applejack.

"Do that and Grannies gonna make you take a bath,"

"just poof me and I'll be fine," Spinel said before rocketing up straight "Don't actually do that it sucks,"

"Stop dragging yourself around and we got a deal," Applejack replied as she opened the front door, Spinel walked in and frowned.

"I haven't been inside an actual house all day," she muttered just loud enough for Applejack to here.

"You know we could set up the guest bedroom for you, it'd take a few minutes to set it up but..." Spinel waved her off.

"No it's fine, as a gem I'm made to spent day's to years outside, the barn's already a step up." Spinel gave Applejack a thumbs up "Besides I'd feel bad to let you guys go threw all that trouble when I don't even sleep," Applejack nodded as they made there way into the room where the rest of the Apples where setting the table for dinner.

"Spinel," Applebloom said as she put plates down "Your seats set up right here," Spinel stretched over the table and took her seat, sitting silently as the Apples finished setting things up, at the head of the table sat Granny smith, Applejack and Big mac sat on one side while Applebloom and Spinel sat on the other, Spinel was met with the problem on being bipedal in a non bipedal house, the chair she was sitting on was more of a step stool of her and her knees where above the table.

"Why don't you make yourself smaller?" Applebloom suggested.

"It takes a lot of energy to do that," Spinel replied as she looked at the spread on her plate, she was expecting something to do with apples, instead she found a plate of nachos.

"You came in on a good day," Applebloom added "It's Surprise Sunday, every other day of the week we have apple related foods but Granny mixes it up today," Applebloom seemed to be enjoying her meal Spinel looked at her plate and though on how to go about eating it when she heard whispering, her eyes shot over and she started at Big mac, who shut up the second she looked at him.

"Hey Spinel?" Applejack asked politely "Not to be rude or anything but-" Granny spoke up.

"You should probably take those gloves off, won't want to stain them," Spinel looked at her hands for a moment before looking back up.

"But I'm not wearing any gloves?" there was a moment of silence as the Apples looked at her. "What?" She asked, the Apples went back to eating at once and Spinel went back to staring at her food, as she did so Applejack continued whispering to Big mac.

"Why did you bring that up?"

"Technically Granny did," he replied pointing to Granny smith as she ate.

"It was your idea," She shot back.

"You where the one who was going to say it," Big mac replied before eating some of his food. Applejack went to her plate, after a few minutes Applebloom was the first to notice that Spinel wasn't eating.

"You have a big lunch?" She ask getting the attention of the rest of the table.

"No I didn't eat lunch," Spinel replied with a shrug "I was busying trying to beat Rainbow Dash,"

"That's a pretty good reason to miss lunch," Applejack said with a nod.

"Huge breakfast?" Applebloom tried.

"I think the last time I ate was right before the last time I poofed,"

"Yesterday afternoon?" Applebloom asked her eyes darting from Spinel to the plate "Are you felling ok?"

"I'm a rock," Spinel said tapping her gem "I don't need to eat or sleep."

"What!?" Applejack demanded making Big Mac jump "How? What?" Applejack rubbed her temple "Imagine how much work I could get done if I never had to stop!"

"That's the general idea," Spinel said before adding "Tho typical Spinels are used for entertainment not hard labor,"

"You mean to tell me," Applejack said now standing up "That your body is build better for labor than mine, and your not even the best example of it?"

"Pretty much," Spinel said with a shrug, there was a long moment of silence.

"How pray tell does one get a gem?" Applejack asked in curiosity "Some kind of magic,"

"You could say that," Spinel said as an image of an Injector came to her mind, "Lets just say that making a gem such as myself is very...damaging to the world,"

"That sounds bad," Applebloom said, the entire table now looking at Spinel.

"What kind of damage is done?" Granny asked "does it mess with the soil, make things grow slower, mess with the weather?"

"Well to make a gem,um...oh lets say these chips represent the magical energy of your world," Spinel picked put her hand in the food as she talked "This part where my hand is at is the place where they use the injector and pup the...magic that makes gems into the ground, the gem then takes the magical energy," Spinel took a large handful of chips off the plate, leaving a chunk of the plate exposed "To give it self life," Spine pointed to the empty spot "and the magical energy it took stays with it, as such anything that was living in that area like plants or animals, will wither away and die, and due to the magical energy no longer existing there nothing will ever be able to grow from that spot ever again," Spinel shoved the chips in her mouth and started chewing them before looking at the Apples, who where staring at her in silence.

"Oh don't worry," She added once she swallowed "that was like 6 thousand years ago I thi-"

"Your 6 thousand years old!?" Granny demanded "And I thought I was old!" There was a long silence before Spinel got up.

"Well I feel I've been my daily does of random education, I'm gonna go back to existing in your barn, See you to-"

"Wait," Applejack excused herself and made her way into the house, waving for Spinel to follow, "Here we go," Applejack had lead Spinel to the living room, it had Granny's rocking chair, a sofa, a bookshelf with books ranging from farming to a few action novels, there was a small TV with a Box of VHS tapes next to it. "Since you can't sleep, you can spend the night in here, you can read or watch Grannies favorite TV show from when she was younger, she has all 9 seasons," Spinel put her hand in the box and pulled out one of the tapes.

"Camp Pining heart," She blinked as she stared at the VHS for a long moment "I feel like I've heard that name before,"

"Here," Applejack said pulling one of the VHS tapes out "This is the first episode," Spinel watched as She put the tape in and started backing away "I hope you like it," She made her way out of the room before adding "I really do, Granny always makes us watch that with her," as Applejack made her way back to the table Spinel sat in silence as the episode played.

It's been three days

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Discord was floating down the road in a hurry, as per Fluttershy's request he was picking up an Apple pie from Applejack for their tea at noon and had attempted to teleport to the farm with a snap, only to end up in his own world, after several other attempts ended with similar results Discord had taken the novel approach and was now heading to Sweet Apple acres via air


"It's been three days," Applejack said as she and Granny looked at Spinel who now had a blanket wrapped around her. "And what's worse, I put the Color war 40 minute special event video in by accident and I don't think she'd changed videos since," Spinel proved her right when they heard her say.

""it's the color wars Paulette, doesn't that mean anything to you?" Applejack pointed at her while looking at Granny who nodded.

"I see, you're feeling bad that you didn't show her the first episode first," Applejack groaned and left the room.

"I can't deal with either of you right now," Granny watched as she left before walking over to Spinel. There was a moment of silence before saying.

"You know personally I think Percy and Pierre are the most suitable for each other,"

"Whaaaat!?" Spinel snapped up "There both garbage, Paulette has them both wrapped around her figure and distracts both of them to the point that the only reason she didn't win the war was because she wanted to make sure she kept them in line, heck Pierre even split the prize with her and her team!"

"Hog wash!" Granny said standing strong "She ain't nothing but a ditsy air head,"

"Oh you want to make this a thing?" Spinel demanded "Get me some paper and I'll illustrate my point,"

"Your on!" Granny snapped back.

"I don't need this today," Applejack muttered as she left the house, the sound of Granny and Spinel arguing filling the house just as she shut the door. "Maybe if I give them an hour It'll work it self ou...oh for the love of," Applejack sighed when she noticed Discord inspecting the trees along the entrance road. "What now?" She muttered as she walked over to him "Discord," She called, he waved at her without looking as he examined the trees, "I'd ask if your here for the Pie but it's never that simple with you,"

"Weird question," Discord said looking over at her "You haven't found anything weird in your trees in the past, oh 5 days or so have you?" Applejack stared at him in silence.

"I found Spinel in my tree,"

"A gem in a tree is odd, "Discord said as he looked back at the trees "but not quite the weird I'm-"

"What is the gem was also a functioning talking creature who might have some sort of mental issue," Discord turned to her and flew closer.

"That's the level of weird I'm looking for, How dangerous would you say she is?"

"Twilight's been able to stop her without fail with a simple levitation spell, tho I imagine she'd cause some serious damage if left alone for to long in a bad enough mood," Applejack squinted at him "Why do you ask?" Discord gave a guilty smile.

"Long story," He replied.

"I have time," AJ Replied.

"...and I was running late and really needed to find the last ingredient so I just started jumping from dimension to dimension and I...may have left one of those dimensional portal's open and forgot about it completely and your new friend may have fallen threw and ended up in your timeline" Discord gave her a guilty smile.

"You could have just said that I didn't need the first 90 minutes of story!" Applejack practically yelled back.

"You said you had time," he replied with a shrug as Applejack rubbed her temples.

"So your telling me that Spinel is from another Dimension?" She looked at him and shrugged.

"Possible side effects of forced dimensional travel may include having your memories scrambled and or night terrors," Applejack grumbled before turning back to her home. "Find your stupid portal thing and close it,"

"What about this Spinel?"

"She said she liked it better here than her home and Granny likes her so she's fine here, just do what I asked you to do please," Applejack headed back to her house as Discord tried to find the dimensional hole.

"You know," He said to no pony in-particular "Having a creature from a different dimension could cause chaos..." Discord smiled "Maybe if I brought one or two more over I could even bring in enough Chaos for me to have a fun time watching it," Discord noticed an small light in one of the trees and with ease pulled a small vortex out of it, it was less of a doorway and more of an exit only kind, Discord looked at it and smiled as he sent it to his home. "I'll look into that latter, but for now!" Discord snapped and the pie he had been after appeared in his arms "It's tea time!"

Applejack walked back into the house and froze, the halls where full of papers, she picked one up and found a scribbled out chart, the sound of arguing hit her ears and she snuck threw the paper and looked into the living room and found Granny and Spinel has set up smart boards, charts with strings hanging around them and even some crudely drawn art works. Applejack dropped into a sitting position in shock as Granny and Spinel debated who was right.

"As you can see," Spinel said as tho she was talking to a court, "by the scene before you," Spinel pointed to the TV "in witch Percy swims to the bottom of the lake to receive Paulette's friendship bracelet, witch might I remind you is the reason his team lost the canoe race, the very same bracelet that she put on at the beginning of the episode, not only did it fit snugly but it also barely went around her arms, but when Percy grabbed it it was undone, proving that it didn't fall off but that Paulette un-clipped it and dropped it into the water so Percy would come and be her savior while also losing his team the race! Proving once again that Paulette is the best,"

"But!" Granny jumped in "Paulette didn't win the race, Pierre won the race!"

"If you'll turn your attention to scene 14 I will prove how this was part of Paulette's plan,"

"I Can't...I just..." Applejack made her way up the stairs as the two continued debating on who's ship is the best"...I'm going to bed,"

Do literally anything to keep her away!

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Pinkie skipped merrily to the front door of Applejacks home and had just made contact with the door when it swung open and spilled out enough paper to cover the porch, Applejack had dark circles under her eyes and her mane was a mess.

"Oh thank Celestia," She sighed once she saw Pinkie, "I need your help!"

"I'm up for anything!" She said striking a pose "But maybe you should take a nap first, you look exhausted," Applejack shook her head.

"No, no I tried doing that first, but they just got louder and more out of hand," Applejack rubbed the top of her head and Pinkie realized her hat was missing.

"Hey where's you-"

"Somewhere in this mess," Applejack replied "I thought if convinced them to move to the barn it would make things easier but now there trying to move the TV while still arguing and...oh," Applejack pulled down on her face before shaking herself. "Pinkie I need you to take Spinel to Ponyville and do literally anything to keep her away from the farm until the TV has been moved to the barn and this mess has been cleaned up," Applejack shook Pinkie "Anything you hear me! if you have to take Spinel to Grindstone and meet and actress who probably isn't even still alive then do it!" Pinkie gave Applejack a smile when she heard that.

"She started watching Granny smith's VHS collection didn't she?" She asked "Is that why I haven't seen her in days?"

"She's only watched one episode!" Applejack replied "This disaster came from one episode focusing on three of the 9 main characters," Applejack shook Pinkie violently "Pinkie there are 9 season and 23 specials for Camp Pining hearts, the shortest season has 35 episodes and the longest on has 67!" Pinkie moved out of the way and Applejack started mindlessly swatting at the papers on the ground, Big Mac poked his head threw the door, dark circles under his eyes as well,"

"So I'll just go get Spinel then?" Pinkie asked, Big mac nodded.

"Eeyup," he said with an exhausted voice, Pinkie jumped over Applejack and made her way to the sound of voices, she found Granny writing on a board, looking as tiered as the rest of the Apples but still going strong, and Spinel who looked like she was trying to find a way to keep the TV running while she moved it while also arguing with Granny.

"Not to mention," Granny said "That Pierre is without a shadow of a doubt the strongest of the three,"

"For the 9th time!" Spinel snapped "I am not disagreeing that Pierre is the strongest, but that doesn't change the fact that Paulette is just using him as a pawn!" Before Granny could retort Pinkie jumped in.

"Hey!" She said getting their attention "I understand you two are deep in debate but I'm afraid I must call a recess,"

"Isn't that a court thing?" Granny asked.

"Well it's a debate thing now," Pinkie replied, "Spinel I haven't seen you in three days and I'm beating you haven't eaten anything yummy without me here to make sure you got something sugary," Spinel looked over at her.

"I guess I haven't eaten since the night I started watching-" Spinel was cut off.

"Great, I call a recess until such a time that I bring Spinel back!" with that Pinkie pulled Spinel out of the room, Granny waited until they where gone before going and collapsing in her chair.

"Oh thank the stars," She said in exhaustion "I ain't had a debate like that since Applebloom finished season one,"

Big Mac was helping Applejack up when Pinkie bounced past them with Spinel in tow, Spinel waved at them as she walked past and they watched as they headed out.

"Quick!" Applejack yelped "Move the TV to the Barn NOW!" The Two rushed inside before Spinel could turn around, Spinel dragged her arms behind her and Pinkie went from skipping ahead to skipping circles around her as they walked.

"So what do you want eat?" She asked "We have Cake, Cup cakes, Muffins, Pie, Cheese Cake witch isn't a type of cake, oh we have some candy, we also have Ice cream and Cookies! or if you really want to have some fun," Pinkie stopped skipping and Spinel stopped walking as she got really close.

"We could go surprise Fluttershy and Discord with a special tray of cup cakes!" Pinkie smiled in anticipation for Spinels answer.

"Should I know who either of those people are?" Spinel asked Pinkie let out a loud and long gasp and Spinel just waited for her to get to the point.

"You don't know who Fluttershy is?" She looked appalled at the very thought "She's like the sweetest sweet heart! She's helps animals big and small, and Discord is the living embodiment of chaos,"

"Sound like a fun guy," Spinel said as she started walking again with Pinkie now on her back.

"Alright lets go to Sugar Cube corner, get you some sweets, get some to deliver to Fluttershy and Discord while also introducing you to them," Pinkie held her hooves up "But first," she began poking around Spinels head "I shall find your ears! Tell me if I'm getting close,"

"Pinkie I don't think I have ears,"

"That is one thing I can't believe," she replied as she began rubbing her hooves all around her head in search of the missing body parts.

"Alright good luck," Spinel replied as she made her way to the bakery.

"I'm find them eventually!" Pinkie declared as she used her free hoof to rub around Spinel's head, the two had made it to Fluttershy's cottage after getting Spinel some snacks and making some for Fluttershy's tea Pinkie had managed to deduce that Spinel's ears where not in her hair. "Alright act cool," Pinkie said as she made her way to the door "I'll do all the talking," Pinkie cleared her throat and held her hoof in front of the door before beating on it madly.

"Fluttershy I brought a living gem and cup cakes and also Discord owes me 24 bits!"

"I only owe you 23 ½ bits!" Discord called threw the door before it opened on it's own Pinkie walked in and Spinel poked her head in after her. Pinkie put the tray down and it started floating in the air with Discord.

"Allow me to introduce you to...Spinel!" Spinel stayed where she was with only her head in the door way.

"Hey," she said before sliding out of view.

"Hello," FLuttershy said quietly before clearing her voice "I heard about her from Twilight actually,"

"Spinel come in a met Fluttershy," Pinkie said as she walked out and dragged Spinel in, Spinel looked less like she was shy and more like she just really didn't want to do anything at the moment.

"Hey" Spinel said before Discord made a chair appear underneath her and sent her into the air.

"Why hello," Discord greeted with a sparkle in his eye "I have been dying to meet you,"

No one can escape the calming void that is the stare

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Discord watched in silence as Angel made himself at home in Spinel's lap.

"I don't know what this thing is but I love it," Spinel said as she scratched him behind the ears. Angel stuck his tongue as she did so and blew a raspberry at Discord.

"Hate that guy," Discord muttered quietly before looking up at Spinel "So no memories at all?"

"None," Spinel replied as Angel began thumping his leg "Oh did I find the sweet spot?"

"I hope no one's missing you," Fluttershy said before blushing "oh but that makes it sound like you have no friends, I hope they are missing you, oh but..." as Fluttershy went on a tangent on witch was the nice thing to say Discord watched Spinel play with Angel.

"No memories is good, that means if I pull more gems threw I can make sure they behave enough so they don't trash equestrian but are rowdy enough to cause the occasional entertaining row," aloud Discord asked

"So Spinel any plans for the future? I heard you had a incident with Rainbow Dash a few days ago,"

"I had an incident with the tiny orange one...who's name I either forgot or never really knew," Spinel scratched her chin, doing the same for Angel as she did so.

"It was awesome!" Pinkie chimed in as she finished her 9th cup of tea "I got to catch Rainbow on a Matrices and Spinel accidentally bucked like 4 trees while trying to grab her and Twilight was just watching and taking notes,"

"Oh, Twilight was taking notes?" Discord asked "Why has something happened to Spike?"

"I tried to kill the little gem eater," Spinel said simply.

"oh I hadn't even thought of that!" Fluttershy said as she was pulled out of her confusion rut "Dragon's must be supper scary for you, I guess your lucky all you saw was Spike," There was a moment of silence as Spinel looked at her in silence before asking.

"Why is that lucky?"

"Casue Spike is just a tiny baby dragon," Pinkie said simply, they watched as Spinel went wide eyes "And you didn't know that,"

"How big do they get?" Spinel demanded.

"Oh I'd say Spike is about the size of a full grown dragons Pinky nail," Spinel sat in silence.

"But don't worry!" Pinkie jumped in "We don't have any adult dragons here and Spike will be the only one here for another month and a half, and when the students of the Friendship school come back I'll just tell Starlight to...hey have you meet Starlight?" Pinkie scratched her chin "I never threw you a welcome to Ponyville party!" Pinkie feel out of her own chair. "I MUST THROW ONE AT ONCE!" before any other words could be said Pinkie turned into a Pinkie shaped cloud and the door flew open, after a moment the cloud dissipated and revealed Pinkie was still there.

"What just happened?" Spinel asked as Pinkie skipped out the door.

"I have no idea," Discord said as they watched her leave, this resulted in Angel noticing he was no longer getting attention and attempting to get it again by climbing up to the top of Spinels head and pulling on one of her pig tails, this got him more attention than he wanted as Spinel's arm shot up and slammed threw the room in an attempt to strike her attacker, Angel drooped the Pigtail and ran for cover. Fluttershy had missed the events preceding the roof punch but Discord had seen it all. Spinel looked around wildly as she went from sitting on her chair to having one foot on the seat and one of the back.

"Alright who's picking a fight!" The animals in the cottage all did their best to hide from view as she looked around with her fists enlarged for a hard punch.

"Discord," Fluttershy said coldly making him jump "Did you-"

"Heavens no!" he said at once as Spinel looked back at him "It was Angel," Spinel turned on the spot.

"Your telling me you pulled my hair just to make the bunny look bad?" She demanded "what did you want me to scratch you behind the ears or something?"

"He does typically enjoy that," FLuttershy replied before noticing Spine pull her fist back to throw a punch, "Hey now," She said firmly ,getting Spinel to look at her "No punching!"

"But he-" Spinel started when Fluttershy used the stare and looked into her eyes, Spinel froze. "-I don't know what's happening but I don't like it," Spinel said as she her pulled back fist fell limp onto her seat.

"Now Discord," Fluttershy said "Apologize,"

"But I...oh Fine, I apologize for pulling your hair," Fluttershy nodded.

"Good, now Spinel apologize to Discord for trying to Punch him,"

"But I don't feel-" She started when Fluttershy frowned "-What kind of weird power is this!?" Spinel demanded as her other arm fell limp into her seat and her legs began wobbling.

"No one can escape the calming void that is the stare," Discord replied calmly as he sipped his tea, they watched as Spinel tried to fight the look in Fluttershy's eye before crying out.

"DicordI'msorryItriedtopunchyou!" She took a deep breath and her legs gave out, resulting in her falling into her chair, Fluttershy smiled and Spinel pulled herself back together. "Your the most adorably scary creature I have ever met," Spinel whispered just quiet enough for Fluttershy to not hear it, Before anything else could happen Pinkie ran threw the door and, once she got to Spinels chair, Started rapidly tapping on the floor.

"Hey Spinel wanna go-"

"I don't care where were going just make it not here!" Spinel replied immediately as she jumped onto Pinkie's back, Pinkie took off like a rocket and the two watched as she headed out.

"Fluttershy please do excuse me," Discord said as he got up "But I have a few questions I want to ask Spinel and I feel a party is the best time to get close without her going berserk and trying to kill me," Discord bowed before teleporting away.

Fluttershy took a sip of her drink in her now empty house before getting up and closing her front door.

"I'll have to talk to Spinel and Pinkie about closing doors," She said before going about her day.