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James Hortan is a boy who loves cartoons, and anything animation related.

He, like any normal boy his age, is a student in high school, and, like any normal boy his age, has a few friends. But, like many people, he has problems that he doesn't want to admit to having.

One day, after watching the Steven Universe movie that came out in 2019, he decides to go out and buy something related to it, and runs into someone referred to as "The Merchant." He buys a cheap, but well made replica of Spinel's gem.

But then, he suddenly falls unconscious, and wakes up in an anthro Equestria as the pink jester gem herself.

Beginning takes place at the start of Season 5

Cover Image edited by me

Image in cover found on Google, silhouette drawn by me, as well.

Also, yeah, I got into Steven Universe late, what of it?
Also Also, I feel the need to mention this, but I haven't actually watched all of the actual show, and I don't really plan on doing so. The quality of the writing was starting to take a nosedive.

This story is inspired by "Guess This Is Happening" by Silver Butcher, and I guess "Laughter" by TheLegendaryBillCipher. They're pretty good, so if you get the chance, go read them!

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Oh, it's Spinel. I hoped it would be Crystal Heart (artifact, not organic pony) isekai'd to Steven Universe' universe. With powers like Rose's, healing and repelling evil by positive emotions (like she repelled and shattered King Sombra).

That would be very cool, but i'm not exactly creative enough to make that a really interesting story.
But, since you just came up with that, I'm sure you could whip up something based on that idea.

So you chose Displaced, where being creative is a curse word (not literally of course. But very little of the genre is actually new between authors it seems, and people just copy-paste a lot of it.)

Love the first chapter can't wait to chapter 2 let's get this ball on the road

Well, I have nothing to copy and paste, so that's a start.

Great Story love it but what if it was Peridot instead?

I don't think so =(
Hoped someone else would do it

So few fanfictions about Steven Universe and MLP.
I hope and look forward to continuing!

I dunno, what if it was Peridot?

I really expect twilight to have the hundred and one questions not pinkie.

Oh yeah, that reminds me... :trixieshiftright:

Something's coming....
Something like this, but better...

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