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Solar Force

Watch out for the incoming Solar Force.


Due to Anon-A-Miss, Sunset Shimmer flees from CHS, but when she ends up being stranded, she seemingly finds salvation when she boards a train at a mysterious station in the woods. Now, along with new friends and fellow passengers from across the Multi-verse, she travels along the train, where the possibilities are as infinite as the train itself, trying to find a way to get off the train and return home, while discovering things about herself she never knew.

Big Multi-crossover.

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UUMMMMMMMMMMM I"m sorry but this feels super rushed.

Also, the million dollar question...

Is Anon-A-Miss gonna get resolved or will it be completely ignored?

Yeah I know I was going to make it longer but Mad Page basically said don’t bore people with too much detail. This was going to be just the build to her boarding the train, but I wasn’t sure how to stretch it to 1000 words, so I put the doll house in there too. Do you think I should rewrite it?

As for Anon-A-Miss, I was going save that for the end.

Up to you, but if the rest of the story has more details. Or are longer chapters ok.

Every passenger on the infinity is given a number so what is sunset’s?

I take her car was found while she still on the train right?
Oh on the Doll House was bit weird and random, but i never seen Infinity Train really. I going to try and correct that thou as soon as possible.

I thoroughly recommend you do watch it. It’s an awesome show. And the whole thing with it being random and weird is kind of the point. Every car on the train could contain literally anything, usually some kind of challenge that the passenger has to face in order to move on to the next car.

Yeah haerd good things about it. Will some of the random places be based off the show or you going for Original stuff, or both?

when will you continue? I really want to read more of it

I’ve started on the next chapter, just not sure when I’ll finish it, I’ve still got other stuff I need to write.

I watch it and they make season 2 of Infinity Train show and I have something you like:

splatoon/monster high 1 & 2/ever after high/a hat in time/enchantimals/dc super hero girls/winx club/Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir/five nights at freddy's/skylanders/shantae/skullgirls, big hero 6/mario/Equestria Girls/overwatch/totally spies/Senran Kagura/bendy and the ink machine, Hazbin Hotel, street fighter, digimon, sonic the hedgehog, mario, ARMS (video games for switch),

Rayman (Origins/Legends), Fairy tail, legend of zelda, One Piece, RWBY, disney, Descendants (2015/Wicked World), Mysticons, Ben 10, pokemon, Carmen Sandiego (2019 show), Strawberry Shortcake Itty Bitty Adventures, Regal Academy, Megaman, Kirby, Blazblue, fortnite battle royale, Red vs Blue (fanmade show), Wakfu, Dead by daylight, web show,demon king daimao, Bioshock, league of legends, star wars, girl genius (comics online), las lindas (online comics), Resident Evil, Tekken, outlast, Hyperdimension Neptunia, School for Vampires, dead or alive, queen's blade (franchise), sailor moon (Crystal),

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Bleach, Mass Effect, Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan, Maken-Ki, Keijo!!!!!!!, Medaka Box, ranma 1/2, Madan No ou to vanadis, Manyuu Hikenchou, Nauto, the qwaser of stigmata, Mortal Kombat, Highschool dxd, Ikkitousen, History's Strongest Disciplr Kenichi, godannar, Katanagatari, Grenadier, The Familiar of Zero, Seven mortal sins, Divergence Eve, Eiken, Attack of Titan, Highschool of the dead, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, witchblade, dumbo 2019. my hero academia, yo-kai watch, Chaotic, bakugan battle Brawler, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop, shine and shimmer, thumper (video games), star Darlings,

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Hope this help your new story crossover with Infinity Train

okay okay maybe this:

splatoon/monster high 1 & 2/ever after high/a hat in time/enchantimals/dc super hero girls/winx club/Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir/five nights at freddy's/skylanders/shantae/skullgirls, big hero 6/mario/Equestria Girls/overwatch/totally spies/Senran Kagura/bendy and the ink machine, Hazbin Hotel, street fighter, digimon, sonic the hedgehog, mario, ARMS (video games for switch),

Rayman (Origins/Legends), Fairy tail, legend of zelda, One Piece, RWBY, disney, Descendants (2015/Wicked World), Mysticons, Ben 10, pokemon, Carmen Sandiego (2019 show)

how that?

awesome it's being continued amazing chapter and story so far!

I loved Infinity Train. Can't wait to see who's next on the Girl Squad.

So seeing the concept to this via skimming...for some reason I have the outside hope of someone from Code Lyoko getting caught up in this.

Oh loving this! I am so pumped to see what happens next, and what other crossover characters will appear. Whether as friends or as enemies, and how these changes will affect and possibly change how the events of Infinity Train develop.

Also can I say that whole scene with Sunset and One One was a brilliant touch, and laughed when she called him her baby.

I thinking eathier Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, Lagoona, Ghoulia, Abbey, Ari from Monster high. Raven Queen, Apple White, Madeline Hatter, Cerise Hood, Briar Beauty, Cedar Wood, Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Cheshire, Blondie Lockes from ever after high. Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, Layla, Roxy from Winx Club. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, Zatanna from Dc superhero girls 2019. Shantae, rottytop, sky, risky boots from Shantae. Arkayna Goodfey, Emerald Goldenbraid, Piper Willowbrook, Zarya Moonwolf from The Mysticons or Mal from Descendants?

What you guys think of characters will appear next chapter?

FYI this won’t be an all girls squad, one of the future chapters will introduce Steven Universe from Steven Universe Future, and if you’ve watched Steven Universe Future you should know why.

I know what happens. And it was admittedly kind of sad. I understand why he would be there. So how soon can we expect an update?

And which Korra is this? Before or after she got poisoned?

If you couldn’t guess from how I described her appearance, this is early season 4 Korra, during her six month lone wondering, so this is after she was poisoned. As for an update I’m not sure. Me and Mad Page are going to take a week off from writing, and then we’re probably going to work on our other stories. Just please be patient.

I for one am voting that Sunset eventually returns to the train after she gets off and makes up with the girls.

I'd like to see Gir, Zim, Dib or Gaz from Invader Zim make an appearance.

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Sep 6th, 2021
Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Sep 6th, 2021

It's been so long since I've read my favorite story
For this infinity trains is kinda like a therapy itself to find solve their personal issue.

This was an amazing update can't wait for the next chapter!

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