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(Takes place in an alternate version of EQG)
Sunset has had enough. She has to get the Element of Magic. But, she can't risk getting recognized. So, she puts together a ritual to summon a certain demon to help her...

A certain deer demon...

Inspired by A Displaced Radio Demon by R-E-X

Now, onto the Content Warnings....

Profanity: Because I can't write anything without saying "fuck" or "shit."
Violence: Pretty self-explanatory, tbh
Comedy: Because my writing is so bad, it might as well be considered a comedy
Dark: I like dark humor, what's the problem?
Drama: It has Sunset before she was reformed, what do you expect?
Crossover: It'll have a few characters from Hazbin Hotel, that's all I'm saying.
Alt. Universe: because yes

Cover image is a screencap from Hazbin Hotel's pilot.

As you can see, I am trying something different.
I know, I know, "It's only your third story," I don't care, I've been wanting to try a crossover-fic since I joined, and I saw this as an opportunity.
Since Hazbin Hotel only has a pilot, and I absolutely refuse to use Twitter, I am going to go off of a lot of personal and fandom-made headcannons I thought were cool.

Anyway, read the damn story, and let me know what you think!

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 36 )

Hell yeah! There's not many hazbin hotel stories on this site

That is very true....

Stay tuned, I'll add the next chapter... at some point.

I don't think Sunset realizes yet how much she fucked up.


Because not only she has unleashed Alastor in Equestria, but by extension has put the mostly innocent realm into Hell's radar?

Interesting ... I don't know what this is, but I like it

I’ve been meaning to watch Hazbin Hotel since I found out about it last year.

Thanks for writing something to prompt me to watch it and I can’t wait to see where you take this.

Exactly Bacon is about to be crispy. Sunset Demons is on the way down.

Ps. Things go wrong here. No friends with hell! Hopefully!


Welp. Sunset probably DOOM both Equestria and the EQ. Girls Human World by the Great Alastor's antics, and possibly other Hell Citizens in the Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Universe. IF Alastor's wants to summon them for shits and giggles.

I'm very glad she didn't summon one of the True Demons/Daemons in the Doom Video Game Universe, Darksiders, or even the WH40K Universe. Otherwise, she totally F****** herself, every innocent Human, Pony, and other MLP Creatures in both Worlds times Infinity!!!!!

Plus, the Doom Slayer/Doom Guy, The Four Horseman ( Darksiders), the God-Emperor Of Men and the Imperium Of Men would be so pissed! That they will make Sunset would want to hid in the deepest part of Hell and shit her pants 24/7!!! :pinkiecrazy:

1. Sunset more than likely isn't capable of defending herself from the likes of Alastor. She is screwed herself and she probably knows it.
2. Equestria have no idea what Sunset unleashed on them. That too.

Well, I just added the second chapter.

Read away, young soul!

i LOVE THIS, also Al is best character form hazbin while, moxxi is best from hellova boss WHICH IS GET MORE EPISODES THIS YEAR

"What'd I miss?"

That’s my question

ah good more from the radio host with the most

this is very well written, can't wait to see more.

Alastor doesn't do scared.

nice putting the text edition so people dont take 'do scared' as an error

More. MORE!
(^that was a joke, dont wanna be rude take your time.)
really liked this chapter and wish this side-story to develop further. great job!

"That guy is still so weird." Twilight said.

He probably is a serial killer or something like that.

I cannot wait to see Celestia unleash the sunfire on him.

Do you know others fanfictions hazbin hotel/Helluva Boss with Sunset ? i decided to finally watch both shows yestersay (although the term is more fitting for helluva boss since Hazbin hotel only have it's pilot) and since i like it and i love Sunset (in human form) shenanigans, i really want to read it.

Specifically Sunset?

Well, there was one, but I guess the author deleted it, because it isn't there isn't anymore.

Hazbin Hotel in general?


Anyway, thanks for the comment!

Shawn, out-

Video of the day-

thank you for the answer.

I hope Sunset will keep her fire and not become a goody-two-shoes after recieving the friendship magic beam in this story, i don't want her to stay a bullying bitch, but not becoming a pushover who censor herself would be nice.

is there some intents of having Sunset doing magic fights ? I do have a certain love of Sunset in her human form with her magic.

You'll find out eventually, bud.

Don't worry.

Aww man I was hoping to see the end of this one

>two cinnamon rolls meet

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