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I am a Simple 18 year old girl.........Who is really freaking agressive and has a pretty messed up mind! Bet You'll see alot of interesting stories!


Zecora comes to Ponyville to tell the Mane 6 that she found a trail of some black liquid In the Everfree Forest. She asks them to join her incase it's a monster. What they found was truly something different.

BaTIM x MLP Crossover
=BaTIM belongs to the Meatly

[A/N: Currently working on fixing some grammar mistakes and changing some small parts, so just be warned there are probably lots of grammer and story mistakes in these chapters: 5-19? I will keep updating this note with every chapter i've fixed]

[Edit: New cover, drawn by me]

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Their luckily they're not anthro or otherwise Bendy will be making sexual jokes


And your lucky i don’t understand that term, all i know that it’s not kid friendly.

I wish I could say the same thing about Bendy and Alice

I hope Bendy doesn’t turn out to be a bad guy .


Care to tell me more about BaTIM?

Um....Don’ you know about Bendy and the Ink machine? If not then LOOK IT UP!!!!!

Great plot and stuff, but misspelled words EVERYWHERE PLZ FIX

I like it. Sure it may be short and both grammar and spelling Nazis are flipping their shit, but I like it.

Yeah, i saw that. For some reason whenever i write for this story my mind drifts to another world that i do not focus on the grammar. And i my Keyboard's soon broken.

Jokes about sex. Examples would be boobs, butts, and other sexual things, including fetish-like objects like ropes, gags, and blindfolds.
I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to explain things

Comment posted by DeadlyKDPonys deleted May 4th, 2018

I apolagize that this seem filler, but i want to take time with the Ritual chapter. Also it makes me feel that the story isn't rushed.

WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!?!?! yes.. i have declared this a yes...

i feel like bendy has the voice of a British Morgan freeman (if that makes sense)

Great work can’t wait for the next chapter

Hey I like your story

Are you gonna continue? I love this story!!!

A stragedy? Did you watch Rocky and Bullwinkle?

No...so Sorry that i don't understand the refrence

Comment posted by DeadlyKDPonys deleted Jun 24th, 2019

"Did he just call us 'His ladies'?"

Yes he did Applejack, yes he did.

"Angel, such language!!"

Bad Angel! *slaps him a thousand times in 2 seconds before punching him to the wall*

:flutterrage:: BUNNY CAT!


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