Guess this is happening

by Silver Butcher

I already hate this

Lee watched the short credits roll by for what might have very well been the 100th time, he smiled as he rewound the movie for yet another viewing when his alarm went off, he looked over at it lazily before sighing.
"I suppose I should go to bed before the sunrises," He was about to take the headphones off when he smiled "I can squeeze in Other friends one more time," He decided as he skipped to the song, humming in almost perfect tune as his favorite song of the movie played, without thinking about it he restarted the song a few more times before finally giving in that he really needed to get to sleep, Begrudgingly he paused the movie, closed his laptop, tossed his headphones on the table and got into his bed, muttering about brushing his teeth in the morning as he curled up, the room was silent for maybe 20 or so minutes before a portal opened on the floor, Discord popping his head out of it as he flipped threw his notes, he looked around the room and shook his head.
"Wrong dimension," He muttered as he retreated, forgetting to close to portal behind him as he headed out, Lee muttered as the Magic of Discords world flooded into his room, Lee muttered as it invaded his dreams and rolled over in his sleep, his hand slipping off his bed and into the portal, the magic began sucking him up and Lee slid into Discords world, Spinels song still fresh on his sleeping mind.

Lee muttered sleepily as sunshine shone threw his eyelids, he muttered about his curtains falling down and waved his hand feebly at them and instead swung his hand through tree branches, the feeling of them confused them enough for him to open his eyes and investigate, upon opening them an apple tree was revealed to be the culprit.
"WHAT THE?" Spinel's voice demanded as she shot up, she blinked as soon as she heard her own voice, she scratched her head and looked around for the voice, catching sight of her hand, she stared at it in silence as she moved her fingers before screaming, her screaming at her hand quickly changed to her screaming about being in a tree,
"I have so many questions," She said as she clung onto the tree in fear, she looked around in silent shock, taking in the bright apple orchard, the barn not too far away, and the red and orange blogs that seemed to be getting closer. Spine took a few breaths before concluding what was happening, "I must be dreaming," She decided and without hesitation slapped herself in the face. "No I'm not," She decided as pain flooded threw her face "not even a little," Spinel rubbed her face as the blobs got closer to her, Spinel looked down at herself and finally realized who she was, she switched from freaking out to geeking out.
"I'm Spinel," She realized as she tapped the upside-down heart, she began laughing, her laugh making her sound a little unhinged but she could live with that, "Oh this is amazing," She was just beginning to try and figure out how to use her stretchy powers so she could get down when a voice came from below her.
"What the heck is that thing," an orange pony demanded as it and a larger Red one looked up at Spinel, who looked down at them, there was a long awkward silence with the three staring at each other before Spinel decided to just roll with what was happening.
"This your tree?" She asked the look she got back indicated to her that the ponies haven't expected her to speak.
"These are all my trees," She said standing her ground "so if you want some apple your gonna have to pay for 'em like any pony else," Spinel squinted at her, the orange mare staring back before Spinel spoke again.
"Any pony?" She asked "Do I look like a pony to you?"
"It's a figure of speech," The orange one responded.
"Eeyup," The Red one agreed.
"Alright whatever," Spinel said not really caring as she looked around.
"Well?" The Orange one demanded "Why don't you get out of my tree, out of my orchard, and back to your home them?" Spinel raised three fingers and counted the reasons why.
"I dunno how I got up here, I dunno where this orchard begins or ends, and I don't know where I live,"
"You expect me to believe that?" The Orange one demanded.
"I Dunno how gullible are you?" Spinel replied as she went back to trying to figure out how her arms worked, she had just managed to get it to extend a little when the entire tree shook, nearly tossing her to the ground as it did so. "Hey!" She called down to the orange pony who was kicking the tree.
"Get.Out.Of.My.Tree!" The Pony demanded, punctuating each word with a kick to the tree.
"I want off this ride," Spinel said as she grabbed onto the tree for dear life.
"Then get off," Orange called back as she gave the tree another kick.
"I think I'd get sick, but I'm not sure if I have a stomach," Spinel muttered to her self as he eyes bounced around like googly eyes with every kick. After what felt like forever Spinel decided she'd accept the face plant to the ground rather than anymore shacking, Spinel waited for a break in the shaking before jumping just as it was kicked, much to her amazement she landed on her feet, much to her terror she landed right behind the orange pony, with a painful twack the orange ponies hooves struck her stomach and pierced threw, hitting the tree one final time, the ponies stared in silent horror at Spinel as she looked down at the hooves in her stomach.
"I already hate this," She decided before exploding, her Gem falling to the ground with a soft thud.