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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe

Well, the troubles had past; Tirek had been defeated, Nightmare Moon had vanished, Sombra imprisoned, and both Earth and Equestria are safe once again. Time to kick back, and relax ...


Summer had been full of surprises, yes, but that's just the beginning! Twilight, Steven and all of their friends had been going up and down with all sorts of adventures, and even with summer passing, it's only going to go even more, especially with more gems involved on Earth and Equus, no less!

Time to go beyond the stars!

(Fulgurite belongs to Nova Arc, and Flint and Jade belong to Runic_Soul ^^ congrats, you're on the cover! :pinkiesmile: )

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 243 )

It's about time.

Oh hey, great to see this here, and during a Steven Bomb, no less:pinkiehappy:.

Good chapter, although I wonder how Jasper is going to react to Steven and the fact that he has Rose's gem. If we recall she was actually rather disgusted by the very sight of him. Not to mention her views of "some lost defective pearl, an overcooked amethyst" and the "shameless display" that is Garnet. From what we have seen from recent episodes, gem culture is VERY rigid, and I feel you could ring out quite the story arc from that material alone.
As always keep up the good work.

6813737 development will suffice ;) have fun on the ride to come

6813747 I also wonder who that figure that Jasper saw was. She seems like she is going to be pretty important later on.

And soon after Diopside learned what a stomachache was. Upon this discovery she was introduced by Steven and Amethyst to the throne room of the Great White Round One.

Centipeedle... cured... ME WANT CANON!!!

Also, excellent choice using Diopside.:moustache:

6826435 The gem seemed too perfect for Centipeetle ^^


Much anticipation!:pinkiehappy:

"Oh, I'm not meaning to be a burden, I'm just trying to make myself at home out of Equestria, as all. It's not like you have plans on moving here or anything," Discord said with a smirk, one of his chips suddenly appearing like Peridot's head, the Draconequus purposely making it match.


Also. . .


Neat chapter, although I wonder how Garnet and Jasper were able to fuse. Typically gems cannot fuse if one of them is not willing. Although, Jasper called it a forced fusion, so maybe it had something to do with being in close proximity to the gem monster?

6842628 it was mostly accidental (like how Sapphire and Ruby fused the first time, only in a different way). But yeah, reference was a must x3

6843286 Oh yeah, I don't know how I forgot about that part. Clever.
On another note have you had time to read my SU fic?

Something tells me the vision isn't as good as Garnet believes

On seeing her, Lapis landed gently nearly, and her water wings went back in her gemstone.

Interesting fact, lapis lazuli gemstones actually dissolve in water. . . the more you know.
It's going to be interesting to see how everyone reacts to this new gem, and Garnet's vision. Although something is telling me that things are not going to be as pleasant as she thinks. After all, her future vision can only reveal so much.

May I ask, did you use some sort of reference picture for Diopside? I only found this to match her.

6856843 well actually no, but that does match her very well I must say ^^

6856720 that is indeed true ^^ we'll both see how this will go, eh? ;)

When It Rains with Jasper... that is probably the most accurate headcanon for that situation. And of course Discord had something to do with it.:rainbowlaugh:

On another note, I questioned Garnet's sanity the moment she said, "We're going to Homeworld.":rainbowderp: The home of the Gems trying to destroy you for rebellion and... treason... I guess... Welp, Garnet's future vision has only ever been wrong once.

:twilightsmile: All in all, I am very pleased with this chapter. I would have liked to see what would happen if Jasper was in Equestria a little longer, but Cloven's offer heralds the possibility for future visits. I am pleased.

6867997 thank you, I'm glad you liked it ^^

6867818 I'm glad I was accurate with Jasper and the storm.

That's true; Garnet's future vision has been pretty darn good for a long time.

We need a scene where Jasper and Peridot are sitting inside the house as another storm comes, Peridot deciding to explain it to Jasper, thinking she hasn't seen any before. Jasper instead tells her she knows and is grateful there isn't any lightning, confusing Peridot, making them compare notes on their experiences on Earth and such.

6874455 ah, that does sound interesting ^^

Jasper's starting to bond with the gems, now we just need her to spend time with Steven, and he'll get her to be an official Crystal gem.

All these fusions. I tried imagining the Gem OC I sent in fusing with Peridot... EquestrianKirin, think about where the gems for that fusion would be, and you'll see why I felt like facepalming. There was also the color and size to think about... It would make for an entertaining fusion. I do enjoy seeing what you come up with.

6882437 thank you very much, glad you liked them ^^

Yeah, bonding it's a healthy thing and jasper is bonding with other gems make me feel warm inside. :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

P.S. Since I Read all chapters of this novel Story I Really Fell in love with Saga story and all the gems OC's are a breath of fresh air I just Love it.:raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

P.P.S.S. For Peridot.

Peridot needed a minute though out of the others, sitting down by the tree.

a song is playing in my head when I slowly smile. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: Like a Virgin.:pinkiecrazy:

So much fusion... I LOVE IT!:pinkiehappy: Sandstone, Carnelian, and... Garper (???); I LIKED THEM ALL!!!:yay:

6882906 the saga's just gonna get more awesome :D

Aw I was actually hoping for a phycological damaging ghost:fluttershysad:, but Peridot's "daughter" is still a nice twist.

6903340 Damn, you're really forcing my imagination to run overtime here...

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