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While going out for a drive, a young woman named Cassy becomes inexplicably lost in a strange new world beyond her imagining. The fact that she has also somehow been unwillingly turned into a weird spider monster is not helping either, especially as far as a few of the locals are concerned.
And she only has so many cigarettes.

This story is a comment-driven tale, wherein the events that take place throughout are decided by the readers themselves.
Conflicting tags: Adventure/Slice of Life. Potentially many others, but that remains to be seen as of now.
T rating for some tobacco use, particularly early on, though I don't necessarily endorse it.
Cover art by yours truly.
Also it is a Displaced

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 91 )

Promising start. Also when I saw the Undertale tag, this popped up in my head.

Good luck in this project:twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'll definitely need it.

so, just leave something to do here then?

Alright, uh, look at your phone and see if you have a signal. Maybe you'll get lucky and have service and can use your phone's gps to find out where the hell you are.

Wait, so she has no idea where she is, and she didn't think to grab any know of supplies? That seems rather stupid.

She'll prob run out of gas soon, microbuses don't get great milage. So shell prob break down and have to grab a bag and whatever suppies she had in her car and leg it back to that shop with the pone to get supplies. Perhaps she says fuck it and decides to head towards dodge

Better count your cigs. Who knows if they sell them here around.

Wouldn't it be interesting if she met a changeling who may or may not end up getting essentially drunk of the nicotine smoke of the tobacco and wants to tag along for the proverbial but also literal "ride"?

Credit for the idea goes to sleep deprived brain:trollestia::derpytongue2:

Remember guys and gals!

I love your writing! So seeing this makes me feel great.

I think she should run into Braeburn eventually, and maybe even stay in Dodge for awhile. I don't really have many other ideas.

>>>Take a second to investigate new form in detail

She should wind up at Appleoosa right when the mane 6 arrive, that'd be a hoot...or maybe before, so she's less likely to be bum rushed by Rainbow

Usually the first few chapters of a displaced story are the worst part. Making a costume blah blah blah missing a crucial piece blah going to convention blah "whatcha buyin' blah wake up in equestria blah. Really some dull stuff there, but I still feel like a truncated version of how she became Muffet is needed even in passing.

Not to worry, I do plan to address that little tidbit of information, when she actually gets chatting with folks and whatnot.

Unless that car is magic she may be about to run out of gas, and seeing as she'd been driving for 3 hours her best bet is NOT to drive back. Kludgetown would probably be more accepting of the now spider lady but they'll also be less willing to help. I think her best bet is dodge junction. Besides chamomile wasn't too perturbed by her appearance so how likely are the rest of the ponies to be less willing to help based on appearance?

I do love how she doesn't really give a shit about the fact that she's no longer human. I know some people will cry bullshit about that but I find it both funny and kind of believable if she's the type who just really don't give a shit about stuff like work or family problems and have that reflect themselves in regular life.

She seams quite calm for seeing herself turn into a Spuder Lady.

If she's gonna run into more ponies, she should probably practice not being intimidating.

oh wow I'm flattered my comment got through on the first chapter! also I love the art, I think it really adds to the story!
No important decisions this time though, not sure if there's much to decide on until she reaches dodge junction so wait and see I guess.
While she drives maybe figure out what else she can do? New spidery body after all so if she discovered sticky hands what else can she do?

hmmm, if a half-full pack of smokes can fill up a car with supplies than tobacco must be a luxury item. She should go into the farming business with for that. Make some good money that way.

Excellent job, please keep em coming.

Yes, with all those tobacco seeds and farming knowledge she has as a city girl.

Casey was short of glad she had extra hands and arms now; she could finally protect these three fillies from trouble and still have a spare hand and arm to jester vag motions.

Well, that sticky sensation gripping the wheel and phone....that might be helpful in the future. Perhaps it might be a good idea to figure that out a bit more....after getting the heck into Dodge first.

What seasons is it right now? Because the nights could get cold. She should put on something warm to not waste to much fuel by the heater, even if long sleeves might got uncomfortable with were her arms are.

The name of the town she's headed towards, Dodge Junction, sounds similar to the real world town of Dodge, Kansas, USA. In her shoes once I got there I'd try and get my hands on a map and compass so as to not be so lost. Would also either look for a welcoming tavern/inn to grab a bite of food, maybe a beer and a room to rest in for the night or at the very least a quiet place to park the mini bus to sleep in. Next day I would seek out cherry jubilee, and get it out in the open I was lost and stuck in a body that wasnt mine and get directions to someone who can help, most likely twilight, then book a train to ponyville from there.

Then she can get outa dodge lol

And que the season of Buffalo Stampedes.

How tinted are the bus's windows? Because if they're fairly tinted it might be a good idea to try to talk to the locals through a cracked window so you don't scare the locals.

The image of the pony reaching for a fly swatter of all things crack me up.:rainbowlaugh:

Unfortunately i am not particularly clever in suggesting things to go in a story. I feel like something should happen before she reaches her destination, like encountering a hitchhiker going the same direction. But any details escape me :/

Imagine that if she walked on the ceiling, you would just hear constant velcro

Well it is one of the most effective means of repelling bugs, right after a roll of newspapers.
Although I'm sure Cassy would prefer both of those over a can of raid.

You could put her in or before the Last Roundup episode and have her meet Applejack on the farm.

Or have her get chased out of town and forced to go to Klugetown and meet (and most likely sold by) Capper, and then systematically takes over the town replaceing whoever mole face is.(can't remember his name)

Those are the two things that I want to see right now, a breif mane 6 camio, or an interesting Klugetown arc where she ends up in charge.

keep a eye on Cherry

A small, short term employment, perhaps? Three pairs of arms equals three times work done in same time, assuming using all new limbs comes natural to Cassy. And she certainly will need some cash before even taking any further action.

Well if you need a place to sleep I guess you could rest in your bus as to not take up space. Hopefully that will make them more willing to let you stick around if you need to stay here awhile

She should probably go find a library, as She needs to figure out where she is in the world, the government, etc.

I wonder if she has any magic? Or web? Being a magical spider girl and all...

It may be a Little long term but maybe bake the spider muffin moster

Next step is to obviously explain what the he'll happened amd that youre stuck in a weird new body. Then ask for help or if she knows someone who can as well as a map and compass. Once thats done fond a quied place to sleep

You know Cassy could probably do pretty well at sorting cherries you know with having six arms and all

Would her radio even work here? Might want to try it out sometime.

At some point she’s gonna have all the spiders of Equestria flocking to her. She will probably not understand why.

Adorable picture in there chapter.:pinkiehappy:
Just wanted to say that,

I haven’t yet read the story, but I love the concept of the art! It is just perfect. It gets across what the story is about is one glance. Flesh it out with darker lines, and add in colour, and you’ll have a real winner.

OOOoooo... I hope this goes the Klugtown route. I love seeing how different authors handle the world outside of equstria.

Story keeps getting better and better, but I'm still waiting for a mandatory Spiderman joke.

Don't want to use up all of the good stuff right off the bat.:raritywink:

With the horse, the best thing to do is to ignore the awkward silence and ask her why is she kicking trees.

As for something to do later, you seem to have new... abilities with your new body. You should see if their's a nice quite, secluded place around for you to test out some of your new abilities. If it helps just pretend your spiderman.

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