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While on a walk outside of Town one night Spike see's ends up with the Omnitrix on his wrist. now being able to turn into 10 super cool alien, Spike tries to become the hero he always wanted to be

Chapters (11)
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It's a great story and all, but things are going a little too fast. Aside from that, I hope this story continues on.

"I'm now on fire, good thing I'm dragon, I'll just....no....no I'm not on fire...I'M MADE OF FIRE!!!" Spike looked around at his new body.(he's Heatblast, if you don't know how he looks, then stop reading and go watch Ben 10) as he looked around he held out his hand and shot jets of fire out of his palms.

You want to avoid putting parentheses like this in. It pulls someone out of the story, which is not good at all

HAHA LMAO ghost are real

a bit fast, like the sudden knowledge of his powers when he decided to FLY AWAY, and definitely lacks descriptions, like what Cloverleaf pointed out, but other than that, I'm enjoying it so far

um... how did they know Spike left? Did he go through the front door, interrupting them? or did they invade his room while he was gone? and if they knew he left, wouldn't they be surprised to find him back? and as for the prank, couldn't he just turn invisible and make a statement like "try all you want, but there's nothing you can do"... but then again, that might scare them too much

He was hanging out with them when they turned on some horrible boy band music. He left to go for a walk to avoid having to listen to it

Twilight you can't have the watch!

oh, I thought it was a girls night sleepover, thus he'd be in his room

Did he have DNA scan or accident touch Omnitrix on his wrist just like old times .

🎵You got the touch🎵
🎵You got the power🎵

I'll start righting a new chapter entirely because you said please

Excellent!:pinkiehappy: can't wait more:moustache:

LOL that last line was funny.

Pretty great, liked and followed!

i love this story keep up the good work

poke poke* I think this ones dead
he ain't dead just feasting a bit
for three years?

I don't understand this, but it sounds really funny

Will you be using original aliens?

Probably not, but I might give spike aliens transformation that Ben wasn't seem using.

That was funny with the race, good work.

I think it just bubbled some funny

Next chapter will come out soon
like right now, now seems good

:ajsmug: I'm wondering if I should set up a table now on how long it'll take for things to come crashing down on poor twilight.

hopefully she can make it threw

that's something I should also put on the odds. thanks.:pinkiehappy:

To respond to you author's note, I'd rather it be the original Stinkfly, the reboot one doesn't even look like it would live up to it's name.

............. (has a bag of popcorn) now to wait for the fan wars. .............. should I open up a betting table now or wait till it starts???

I think you should open it now, just to be safe

(quickly sets one up) there.

Let's see it then. What have you got in store for us?

well sense they're 10 'hero's' spike can chose from.... with the up coming fan war for them I'd say.................. 10% on each of them winning.

got it. :pinkiehappy: any more takers??

hey, can I get in on this action?

sorry but authors aren't aloud to bet on they're own stories. its a rule I had to do.

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