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Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, more commonly known as Ben Ten, the former wielder of the Omnitrix, and current wielder of the Ultimatrix, has lost.

Even one of his most powerful transformations failed to defeat Diagon, a self proclaimed god and demon from a realm beyond his.

Instead of leaving Ben right after to fight George, and with victory soon at hand, Diagon casted Ben away to the most remote corner of the Multiverse it could find without care.

Now, the saviour of the universe must figure out where he has been sent to, and how to get back before it is too late, if it isn't already.

Story begins near the start of Season 2 Episode 4.

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and I gotta say, I'm a bit taken aback by the lack of Ben 10 stories on this site, or anywhere else. Thus, I decided to try my hand out in writing a half decent one. Hopefully it isn't too bad.

You know what, I am also disappointed in the lack of selection. Looking forward to this! Ultimate Alien was my favorite of the series, with the original a close second.


Ultimate alien was a favorite of mine too. With the original coming in second, and Omniverse in third place.

Omniverse got a lot of bad reviews because of the art style, but I still really enjoyed it nevertheless. I'm looking forward to introducing some of their new aliens to this story as time goes on.

Alien force wasn't all that bad either, but I never got much into it. IDK why.

The reboot will continue to remain on the bottom. It's a shame that they didn't just keep continuing the series as it was.

Didn't they also introduce some villains and characters that were not in the original? Even though it is SUPPOSED to be pretty much a reboot?

I think Ultimate Alien was a lot of people's favorite. A shame that we only got Ultimate Waybig for not even 5 minutes. Waybig is like, Ben's 2nd most powerful alien, behind Alien X. But then again, as Omniverse showed us, Alien X is capable of RECREATING THE UNIVERSE! And the Predatrix idea was pretty cool.

Atomix is actually Ben's second most powerful alien. But ultimate way big is cool as fuck. All I'm say is that he will definitely make an appearance in this story. And Alien X too.

And yeah, the reboot added a lot of new stuff that just didn't feel right. It's a bit frustrating.

Oh! A Ben 10 Crossover that ISN'T displaced. Niiice.

But was Atomix in Ultimate? I meant second most powerful in Ultimate.

Oh, and how did the idea of Gwen going from a young girl with magic powers, to those are not magic, they are more a mix of psychic and magic, to being a member of an alien race that has psychic powers and energy hair, because Grandpa Max's wife happened to be a member of that species, sit with you?

btw, how much of a Generator Rex fan are you?


Honestly, I preferred the idea of her being an Anodite. They look cool as fuck in AF and UA. Not so much in Omniverse.

And I used to watch Generator Rex a lot back when I was a kid. Haven't thought much of it since then though.

And while I am indeed enjoying it, I do think it could use another runthrough in the editing department; the largest issues being the use of periods where commas should be. In short, a bit more prereading on your part will go a long way.


I really do need to get an editor. Editing is a pain in the ass on mobile. I just need to find someone willing.

Ah, yes: editing on a phone is a bitch. I can totally relate. I'd offer to edit, but I've been quite out of it the past few months. Lethargic as all hell. I'd most likely make stupid, easily avoidable, mistakes.

Honestly, depending on how you handle this story, it might become one of the best Ben 10 story on this site, IMHO. No disrespect to Displaced stories, there are some DAMN good ones out there that I am tracking, but there is just some indescribable charm to having the actual character in Equestria, instead of just someone with their powers.

Nice to see an actual Ben 10 story, I swear the Ultimatrix is like the go to for many displaced fics.

This was an awesome beginning! Can't wait for more!

And then they said that magic DOES exist anyway, because some aliens have magic. Or are so far into Clark's third law that defining a difference between magic and technology is pointless.

man this story is so good i hope you are making more chapters

Please upload more chapters soon as u can I'll be waiting my friend

Wow a ben 10 story whit romance that is not a god dammed displaced. This must be my lucky day ! Now if the romance is whit Pinky Pie than i'm going to punch myself in the nuts multiple time.

Oh a crossover that isn't displaced!!

I saw the cover pic and two thoughts went through my head:

1. Another Ben 10 fic, wonder if it's any good.
2. Wonder if it's another Ben 10 Displaced.

Edit: Just finished the chapter. It's not bad, though it could use some editing. (I'm offering, if you're interested drop me a PM. There's a bookshelf of stories I've edited for on my profile page.)

The Ultimatrix symbol resting on his flanks for the last touch.

There's TWO Ultimatrix symbols? That's unique.
If there's only one, that'd be...unusual, for the local population.
Anyway, good luck explaining this cutie mark (or the accompanying flashes of light when you inevitably transform back to human), Ben - you'll need it.

Actually that's an inconsistency, in the just-transformed description it says it's on his flanks, but in the library, when he turns into Brainstorm, it's on his chest.

Then what's right? The flanks, or the chest?
If it's the chest, then what cutie mark does "Clouden Dark" have?



I decided to make the Ultimatrix symbol the cutie Mark for that transformation. I thought it was clever when I first thought of it. Idk why.

So the Cutie Mark is of the Ultimatrix symbol, but the actual Ultmatrix is on his chest, like always?

“My name is… Clouden Dark?” Ben finally answered.

only ben and horrible parents would name their colt that

No, he has no Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. Only his flanks.

Oh, ok. Then you might want to change that line saying it is on his chest when he deactivates it in the Library to turn into Brainstorm.
Follow up question: So how would he hit it to deactivate the Transformation? Pegasi wings don't reach that far?

Hey, this story got Featured!

Well that escalated quickly

Aside from some pacing issues this is actually quite a neat idea, and with the time zone in which you started it he can have easy access to an alicorn form... Careful how you handle that... Will definitely be keeping an eye on this one, very interested to see if it recognizes Pinkie as her own sub-species, lol.


His Alicorn form won't be OP. If current Canon Alicorns can't seem to 1v1 most big threats, they aren't really OP.

But how about an ultimate alicorn?:trollestia:


That caught me off guard. I didn't expect it to make it to the feature box.

Was less worried about the OP factor of an alicorn as that's half the fun. Was more worried about the omnipresent (lol, omni) cliche of "Oh he's so hot, sexy male alicorn" syndrome. Not that worried though, with that romance tag I'm hoping that he gets a single target and not Ben Tennyson's harem of tiny horsies, lol.


Who said he was gonna be a male Alicorn?

Don't worry, it's only a single romantic interest. I don't think Ben would be into Harems.

Lol, can't wait. That's sounding really interesting.

Would Ben being used to being other species make it easier to accept the concept of interspecies relationships, skipping (or at least shortening) the whole 'ewww, horse' phase of attraction?

His grandma's incorporeal, he's used to it.


He's around aliens, and he is aliens that are a lot less easier on the eyes than Ponies. Hell, in Omniverse he almost gets married to a female Tetramand. Against his will, yes. But still.

This looks interest. As for favorite series, I like the original. I feel they kept tweaking the franchise too much for its own good as time went on.

Haven't watched more than one episode of the reboot so I know how you feel about that.

Wow, this is off to a really great start, partially because it's not a Displaced story. I'm definitely looking to seeing the next chapter, especially Ben's interaction with Luna and eventually Celestia. Also, looking forward to whatever romance develops. Personally, I'm hoping for Ben to be paired with Luna and Celestia. Update soon, if at all possible.

And don't forget that Attea, the Incursean almost-Empress, had a crush on him. Oh, and she was apparently in Alien Force. She was captured by Sevenseven for ransom money in the episode X = Ben + 2. Go figure, huh?

Also, can I say, Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr, one of Ben's best Original 10 Aliens, one of his best Original villains, and the third best Omniverse villain. If you're wondering about the other two, the second is Khyber, because he is the coolest and most effective bounty hunter in any of the series, and the first is Malware, due to just how effective, powerful, and straight-up ruthless he was. HE ABSORBED FEEDBACK'S ENERGY/DATA/DNA, REDUCING HIM TO LITERAL DUST!

Wtf one chapter, a few likes and you get featured??? Gratz, man.

Definitely will be waiting to see what comes in subsequent chapters.

Are you planning on having a roll chance for any forms, to emulate the chance of failure for Bens chosen picks? Like, if the roll is lower than such and such, the alien he (and by proxy, you) were going to use gets switched to something else?

An interesting thought occurred to me. Are you going to be using any of the aliens from Omniverse? I'm asking because I remember an alien from Omniverse with powers very similar to Luna named Pesky Dust. It could put people to sleep and control their dreams for any purpose. It might be interesting to see how Luna reacts to this. Not to mention it's deceptively 'cute,' so that might be funny at the very least.

I agree with you on the fact that there aren't many Ben 10 crossover fics on the site. There are only a few that are good and this is one of them. I honestly can't wait for the next chapter. As a fan of the show since it came out I look forward to seeing more in the future. You have my like and attention.

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